Chapter 11) Next Level

Fantasies can be great, but we shouldn’t make the wedding a fantasy, because the wedding is the gateway to married life. It shouldn’t be a moment of illusion; it should be a moment of preparation.

~Alain de Botton

Ah, weddings.

Love ’em or hate ’em, but something about them makes everyone act and feel differently. This one in particular was beautiful, incredible, romantic, and a true celebration on more levels than meets the eye.


Wait, what wedding, you ask?

Right, you wouldn’t know about that yet.

Better sit for this one:

Blaine and my wedding.

Yeah, I didn’t even jump ahead much in my storytelling since the last chapter, it really was one of those on-the-whim decisions. More on that later, first of all, let’s swoon for a while, shall we?

Here are Blaine and I after the cake cutting … Lilith Vatore’s poker face is about as bad as mine. Yeah, she looked like that all night, realizing her crush Blaine is not off the market for good. Sorry, not sorry.
Blaine in a suit at a wedding and all smiles. Definitely a Kodak moment.
Blaine being sappy. 🙂
Oh, we both were sickeningly happy and sappy.
Caleb Vatore was happy for us, told ya, a truly nice guy, here shown about to bro-hug our groom Blaine.

The wedding was small, but special nonetheless. And this time I wore a beautiful gown which I actually owned.

Yeah, this is how I felt all night. Swoon.

And Blaine, who always hated weddings and suits, attended his own wedding in a suit looking dashing and wearing a big smile most of the time.

The groom, Blaine Cameron, isn’t he just dashing?

Hmmm, that man.

Naturally Caleb and Lilith were in attendance, we basically invited everyone we knew, since we didn’t really have many friends and much to our surprise, they all showed up.

Oh Lilith, get over it and on with it.

Let me quickly cover the weeks following Blaine’s return. We groomed him back to his old self, he checked out well medically, some deficiencies that were treated with supplements, his mind was okay, thanks to his rough childhood I am sure, and we sued the music studio to get Blaine out of his contract and for a little money to replenish the grindingly empty bank account, then moved back into our old apartment in San Myshuno, which had become available again. We bailed our furniture out of storage and started over where we had left off before Del Sol Valley ever happened.

The true and very unexpected issue we faced was the one you would least expect. The first night after Blaine’s return he slept for over a day straight. The one after that we got intimate and right as it became hot and heavy, I had a total emotional breakdown and we ended that night with me sobbing in Blaine’s arms.
When we finally thought we both were re-acclimated with the situation, Blaine found himself unable to perform in the bedroom, sex had always been a big part of his persona, so this frustrated him to the degree that in his panic he convinced himself that sooner rather than later, I would leave him because of it.
Ridiculous, I know that you know that, but Blaine’s worry was spiraling out of control about this.

In order to prove to him otherwise, show him I was in for the long-haul no matter what, I suggested we get married ASAP.
I had been the one holding us back, only fair I would be the one taking my foot off the brakes and hit the accelerator.
I would love to claim having been one of those eager brides who had planned her wedding day to Mr. Right since childhood, but I would be lying. Weddings never once crossed my mind.
Blaine used to not believe in relationships, least of all marriage, and hated weddings – HATED them with a passion – about as much as he hated suits.

Evidently we both had a change of heart since, I suggested the wedding, Blaine happily agreed and decided not to wait a day longer than we absolutely had to. Seeing how we had no idea how to even begin to plan a wedding and on top of that very limited funds to work with, there was only so far we could take it all.

So we literally put together a wedding in less then a week.
Yeah, so romantic, I know.
At least we did it together sharing equal parts in it, and rarely have we laughed as much.

We ended up with a sweet ceremony at the Myshuno Meadows Park in San Myshuno, a lot more people showed up than we would have anticipated, of course sweet Caleb and his sister Lilith were there, we purposely had chosen an evening wedding so they could attend.

Let me just say this:

it was intended to be small and intimate, but felt spectacular. I felt spectacular, Blaine’s mood was soaring …

Just after dinner, once the cake was cut, he pulled me away with him, I thought to go take pictures, but no.

Prelude to other things than wedding pictures …

Our wedding seemed to have been an aphrodisiac for him, he was more than eager to fast forward straight to the wedding night part – with all wedding guest still downstairs.

Ah, who am I kidding, they all knew Blaine and his ways, and if during any party, let alone our wedding, Blaine made a hasty departure with me in tow, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind about what he was up to.

“You want to what?! With all the guests just a wall away?!”

In the groom’s suite Blaine nearly ripped my wedding dress off me before the door had fully shut.
As nice as it would be to claim to have been some goody-two-shoes, I am not even going to try and humor you by pretending I wasn’t fully on board with Blaine’s advances.
The express clothing removal was mutual, if you so will. Oh, I was just as hungry as Blaine, not gonna lie.

Never mind. Continue!

Let me just sum it up by saying, Blaine was all better, fully functional as advertised and thrilled about it. We both were.

And I was now Mrs. Cameron, something neither Blaine nor me would have ever thought would ever exist, let alone it be me.

Funny footnote: Learning to sign my new name was completely unnecessary, as I mentioned a few times when I was a teenager I had the biggest crush on Blaine and did what most teen girls do: I tried on his last name for size.
From the age of maybe 13 until long after he had run away when I was 17, I must have written my first and his last name thousands of times into the back pages of my school notebooks. I was lucky I always remembered to tear the pages out and toss them, as Blaine had the habit of snooping through my stuff and I betcha he’d’ve had a coronary as a teenager had he found my notes, knowing how he felt about relationships in general and marriage in particular.

Yes, I giggled like a schoolgirl as I was writing this.

Anyway, back to topic.
Other than my last name and Blaine’s reinstated bedroom vigor few things really changed. We were living paycheck to paycheck once more, I found an office job again, Blaine was back to tending the bar at the Skyline Club, where he also performed. Occasionally I would join him for a performance together.

But we had each other again, and we were happy. So happy!

AN.: All images were taken at the Myshuno Meadows park I uploaded to the Gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 11) Next Level

  1. That dress… was absolutely beautiful! 💖. And of course, I’m thrilled to see Blaine back to his old self and looking yummy all dressed up The wedding night was indeed hot. My fav was him carrying her over his shoulder! And Lilith, OMG girl – get over it already! So happy they are back to being Blaine and Vik, just with the same last name now! ❤️ I suppose his fear was something holding him back and now that they are married, he’s more secure in his relationship with her. That she wanted him regardless. No more pressure. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you! Oh yeah, he is sooooo yummy and I loved that dress. I plan to hand it down through the generations, maybe.
      While his terrible youth helped Blaine cope with the trauma, something had to have stuck and for him, it apparently were performance issues. No worries, he is all fixed and back to his old shenanigans again. 😉
      This – by far – was my favorite Sim-wedding ever. It was so much fun and so meaningful.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I could tell. It was beautiful and special. They waited and it had to be the right time and this was definitely the right time for them. It meant more than it could’ve otherwise. ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, the timing was perfect. They are nearing 30 years of age, adulthood, time to settle a little more.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. A lovely, romantic wedding! They both looked gorgeous and that dress was simply stunning! This made my heart happy 😍 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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