Chapter 39) Turn The Page

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. 

Dave Meurer

The big day had arrived.

The day on which our beautiful daughter would become the wife of Chase Cunningham.

She had already been living with him and his parents at their sprawling Brindleton Bay estate, moved in shortly after accepting his third and final marriage proposal, so he would be able to experience the pregnancy with her.

Fun by the pool in her third trimester.

She had decided to take Chase’s last name after the wedding and even seemed content now to first and foremost be a wife and mother, and lawyer only secondary.

Love times two. They love their twins, even if they hadn’t met them yet when this was taken. Ana was in her second trimester here.

No more talk of her own law firm, she still sometimes had to work late, but nothing to the magnitude it once had been. She completely refocused on her and Chase’s infants, twins Collin and Claire. Collin was exactly 15 minutes older than his twin sister.

By now the six of us, which aside from the couple themselves consisted of Chase’s parents, Blaine and me, all had looked and and considered dozens of wedding locations, one more beautiful than the next, but everyone agreed the most perfect location would be to have their wedding at the same location Blaine and I got married a long time ago now, Myshuno Meadows, and moreover, in the wedding gown I had worn then. Chase and Ana both had lived in San Myshuno for many years, it’s where they had met, while dating they had been to the park often for walks, they had officially become boyfriend and girlfriend here, shared their first kiss here. It was the perfect spot.

It was very pretty during the day, but became downright magical at night, with a million lights everywhere and the San Myshuno skyline illuminating the backdrop, giving it all an almost preternatural feel.

Speaking of kisses, about four weeks or so before the wedding date was set, Ana had a serious heart to heart talk with Riordan, which ended with them sharing one last proper kiss, with which they kissed their time as lovers goodbye, and like the phoenix from the ashes rose their new relationship, a deep, indestructible friendship, closer than a best friend or siblings, but no longer physical. Defiant and reluctant at first, once she shared the hell she had been through with Riordan about the pregnancy, he agreed. It really was too risky and there was no truly favorable outcome, they all had dodged a terrifying bullet. He was grateful that he would not lose Ana altogether.
It was bittersweet moment for both, but also a chance to turn the page, start over fresh and have another go at finding happiness. I wasn’t truly that convinced at that point that Riordan would really let go so easily, or at all – ever, but he seemed determined to oblige.

All three Vatores were of course invited to the wedding and even part of the wedding party, and because of them had the couple opted to have an evening wedding. Chase was still unaware of the truth, but he was so easy-going, he never questioned any of it, neither did his parents.

Last minute finishing touches and anti-wedding jitters pep talks.
Blaine came to get his daughter to walk her down the aisle, while I left to make sure all was on track and remained that way.
Blaine: “I can’t believe I am about to give you away, sweet pea?”
Anastasia: “I know daddy.”
Blaine: “Sure you wanna do this? Still time for me to just take you, grab your mother, and run for it.”
Anastasia: “I have two kids with Chase, remember those screaming twins you can’t get enough of that proved the Cameron curse is a real thing?”
Blaine: “We’ll pick those up on the way. Gotta stop for those damn dogs of ours anyway.”
Blaine: “Seriously sweet pea. If he ever not treats you right, if he ever makes you unhappy, you know where your home is. The door will always be open for you. No questions asked. Well, of course we’d ask questions, but … well … you get it.”
Anastasia: “I do, daddy. Chase is the best thing that ever happened to me. You love him.”
Blaine: “Yeah, he’s pretty good, but no man will ever be good enough for my little girl. Not even him. But he’s as close as you can get, I suppose. Still, if he fucks up, you tell daddy, and I will fuck him up!”
Anastasia: “Oh jeeze. Yeah, got it dad.”
The bridal music plays
Blaine: “Anybody want this one? Cleans up nicely, and free to good home!”
Anastasia: “OMG – daddy, shut up!”
Chase: “Ready to do this, Mylady?”
Anastasia: “Ready and very overdue, Mylord!”
Chase: “And with this here ring I probably signed away every chance to ever have sex again.”
Anastasia: “What the f….”
Chase: “Sorry, your dad and brother dared me to say that.”
Anastasia: “You pushover!”
Anastasia: “And with this here ring … the ball and chain are firmly attached to you and your manhood. Sorry, they dared me too!”
Minister: ‘May I proudly present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Chase Cunningham.”
Chase: “Excuse me, I am Chase, this here is still Anastasia. We didn’t pay extra for a name change.”
Anastasia: “Oh, good grief! No more alone time with my father and brother for you, Chase!”
Here’s everybody. The bridal couple in the center, Chase and Anastasia Cunningham, seated on the left the groom’s parents Gerard and Emma, on the right the bride’s parents Viktoria and Blaine Cameron, behind them the bride’s younger brother Brendan and his wife Natalie and on the left, standing, the Vatores, Riordan, Lilith and Caleb.
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 39) Turn The Page

  1. I had to laugh at the vows…. cracked me up! And Blaine. He loves his little girl. She looked lovely as did everyone. And I do hope that the friendship thing with Riordan holds. Chase is a trooper for having him at the wedding or maybe he just wanted to stake his claim.

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  2. Ha ha ha, the humor is just adorable! Lovely wedding photo! I know how difficult they are to pose and achieve! Loved this chapter as well 😊

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