Chapter 76) Fiery Friendships

Love is friendship that has caught fire.
It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.
It is loyalty through good and bad times.
It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.     

Ann Landers
Avalon Park
Saturday early afternoon
Declan Cameron & Rory Flynn, both 25

Declan and Rory strolled through Avalon Park, which had always been one of their favorite places to go for walks, just a young couple holding hands, exchanging smiles and glances, talking and laughing, working up an appetite for dinner. They had a reservation at one of their favorite places for later.

Both of them felt happy, carefree, as they enjoyed and savored the balmy day, the sun peeking out from the slightly overcast skies. Life was good.

Near the fountain where she had asked him to become her boyfriend almost 3 years ago now, Declan stopped Rory, inhaled deeply and hit one knee. She could do little besides stare in awe as he now produced a small velvety box, when he opened it there was a ring. A beautiful, special ring, sparkling in the sunrays.

“Rory, you know I love you more than life itself, you are the most perfect, most beautiful, most patient woman in the entire world. Will you marry me, my angel?” Declan asked softly, looking up hopeful at Rory.

“Oh my God … OH. MY. GOD. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! This is really happening. And it’s happening here, how romantic! I think I am going to pass out. It’s not at the Star Wars theme park. I was so worried about that …” She crouched down, overwhelmed with feelings, smiling, giggling, shaking.

“Oh, of course not! Which man in their right mind would propose there. No way!” Declan grinned playing off his almost faux pas, in his mind he was thanking his grandparents for setting him straight just in time. Phew! He’d take both of them out for dinner soon for sure!

“Yes! Yes Declan, I will marry you.” she giggled excited.

Rory stood up again, holding her breath she watched Declan slide the ring onto her finger, looking down at it, wearing a smile that didn’t want to go away, as did Declan.

“It’s perfect, Decs. I love it. And I love you. So very VERY much!””

“No, you are perfect. But the ring isn’t bad either, I guess, especially for a nerd like me. Come here you!” he winked at her. They kissed, then he lifted her up, both now giddy, their hearts overflowing with love and joy.

“Decs … are you up for something totally stupid and crazy and fun?” Rory asked smiling as they sat down on the edge of the fountain.

“I’m up for anything that makes you happy. You have been putting up with so much of my oddness and weird obsessions, I never realized it until recently, so we are doing whatever you want. Now and every day after. I can do better, angel.” smiling Declan spoke with sincerity.

“Anything?” Rory asked, grinning.

“ANYTHING!” he confirmed.

“All right – let’s go. Into that fountain – and I better not hear a single complaint out of you!”

Rhapsody Café & Dining
Saturday evening

Once it started to get dark, Declan took Rory to the celebratory dinner at their special restaurant, a place they both loved, but since it was a little on the pricy side, they usually saved it for special dinners. After each semester they celebrated being home for a little while here, they went here for their anniversary, birthdays, raises and promotions. And now to celebrate their engagement.

“I still cannot believe we did that! We are engaged!” Rory swooned.

“I know. I was a muttering, stuttering fool when I went to see your dad last night. Luckily he is used to it and could figure out what I really wanted. Even though I think I asked him to marry my daughter, instead of the right way around. Oof. That wasn’t pretty. Your mom couldn’t stop laughing and finally ran into the yard. Yeah …”

“You went to see my dad? Last night? I thought you just worked a little late.” Rory wondered.

“Oh yeah, to ask for your hand in marriage. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”

“Oh my God, you are incredible. I don’t know if that’s still a thing, but I love it and I am sure dad did too!”

“To us, to love and to forever.” Declan said, raising his champagne flute.

“I’ll toast to that. To our love, forever! Oh, and Decs … I don’t want this to sound weird, but thank you for not proposing at Star Wars World. I am excited to go there with you, really, I am, but … this was absolutely perfect just the way it was. Like you are absolutely perfect just the way you are.”

Once the waiter found out what they were celebrating, they brought out a giant cupcake with a candle on top of the food the two had already ordered. Half-way through finally both gave up.

“I cannot eat another bite! First the salad, soup, main course, then tiramisu and now this .. I am beyond full.” Rory groaned.

“Funny story about tiramisu … it’s a running gag in my family, after my grandma read some book about it being code for … stuff.” Declan chuckled.

“What stuff?” Rory wondered, so Declan leaned in close and whispered into her ear.

“Oh! THAT stuff! I am totally up for more tiramisu then! Lots of it! At home!” Rory giggled, her cheeks slightly flushed, but a very amused sparkle in her eyes.

“Waiter! CHECK PLEASE! Hurry!” Declan yelled, raising his arm, to Rory’s hysterical giggling.

“Oh my God, whatever happened to you not being able to talk to strangers?” Rory laughed.

“Hey, I may have issues, but I am also a Cameron. Given the right incentive, I can overcome anything!”

“Good to know! If we ever need you to speak, I’ll just bribe you with ‘tiramisu’ from now on.” Rory giggled.

San Myshuno
Inky Dinks Tattoo Parlor
Also Saturday evening
Everett Cameron (23), Maeve Reed (20)

“Hi! I am Lyriq, welcome to Inky Dink’s. How can I help you folks?”

“Hi. I am Maeve, this is my fiance Rett. We need something better than engagement or wedding bands … something permanent. But special, unique and cool.”

“Oh, I can certainly get you two there. You’re in luck. Usually this is by appointment only, but I just had two back to back cancellations, so we can do it right now, if you are ready. If not, I am booked solid for months.”

“We’re ready. Right? Or do you need to think about it?” Maeve asked Rett.

“NO! Let’s do this!” he agreed.

“All right, let’s talk ideas and then look at some samples … then I’ll draw something up for ya.”

A while later …

“You are a brave girl, but usually the girls go first. I don’t like it … for certain reasons You’ll see here in a little while.” Lyriq said, winking at Rett.

“I just want it done. Rett, hold my hand, don’t you let go!”


Then it was his turn …

“Maeve, I need a break. Maybe we can come back tomorrow. I think this is in a really bad spot, it’s hitting something sensitive … like a nerve or something.” he moaned and groaned half way through.

“Chill, bud, the only thing sensitive I am hitting is this redhead here. They brought out studies that say that redheaded people are the most pain resistant. Apparently that rule skipped you, bro. See now why I don’t like the girls going first? The dudes are all tough until they realize it hurts and get super sensitive.” Lyriq told him unimpressed.

“I am pain-resistant! It’s just … maybe I could come back tomorrow …”

“Look friend, I am booked solid, like I told you, you two just lucked out. Either we are finishing this now, or you will be dating – sorry – be engaged to ‘Mae’ until at least 4 months from now.”

“Just finish then!” Rett growled.

Maeve tried all she could to stifle laughter, keeping a straight face, holding Everett’s hand while he grimaced as if Lyriq was removing internal organs without anesthesia.

When he was finally done, Lyriq was adding up the totals while the lovers snuggled.

“My hero! Look at us! Now nobody can tear us apart anymore and we won’t have to justify not wearing stupid rings!”

“Yeah. I love you, babe!”

“Love you more. Now, are we telling your parents or mine first that we made it sorta official without making it officially official?”

“I don’t even know what that means, but I’ll always pick my family over yours. The last time I saw your mom and dad they both looked like they were measuring me up for taxidermy.”

“Ha, relax, right now they are too busy with Cordelia and her wedding circus. She’ll have a heart attack too, I am pretty sure my tattoo will show with the maid of honor dress Cordelia picked out last time, at least as far as I recall it was some strapless, bright, candy-colored number. I have another fitting tomorrow morning, so she and my mom will definitely see it then. Let’s go out and have fun tonight, I may not live past tomorrow … hahaha …” Maeve laughed as they both admired the new tats in the mirror.

“Jeeze, how many more fittings do you guys need? They’re fucking dresses, not prostheses!” Rett complained.

“Well, we’re in limbo with her own dress now. I mean, of course she has one, now she hates it and wants to shop around again. That was even too much for my mom, so she was gonna talk sense into her about that. We have three more weeks till the wedding and she is STILL making major changes. I cannot wait to fly back home to Del Sol Valley once my part here is done, I swear. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Well, at least you already know what to do whenever we decide to get hitched.” Rett grinned, receiving a hard shove.

“Fuck you!” Maeve grumbled and stomped out of the tattoo shop.

“Hey, how about a double-wedding … hahahaha …. or maybe a lovely fall wedding.” Rett laughed, while she flipped him off with both hands.

The next day at the fitting ...

And here are the official engagement photos:

Declan and Rory with his parents on the left and hers on the right (Harry and Cheryl Flynn).

Everett and Maeve with his and her parents, Doug and Helen Reed.

A.N.: Avalon Park as featured in this and several other chapters is on the Gallery under the name ‘Twin Oracle Point Park” after the lot in Newcrest I built it on, it’s really beautiful and perfect for family outings (has playground and BBQ section), but also for romantic dates (and obviously proposals). The Gallery images are awful, but it is very versatile and allows for great shots. LINK HERE

The restaurant is also on the Gallery, called “Rhapsody Café & Dining” LINK HERE

Both lots are 100% CC-free.

If you do not know, but are curious what tiramisu is code for, here is the link to Audrey’s story, specifically the chapter where that is discussed. LINK

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 76) Fiery Friendships

  1. That was the sweetest thing with Declan and Rory. I’m so glad he followed grandmas advice. It was perfect! The park is amazing. And then Maeve and Everett. Getting matching tattoos! So like them. Cheaper than a rings they can’t afford! And I assume you probably made them. So very cool.
    Of course Cordelia threw a fit! Lol. Well, I like them! And they put them where they would show a lot. And right over their heart! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YES! I did make them and you noticed the placement! 100 points!
      The tattoos will function as engagement and wedding bands, if they ever decide to get wed. They may just do what Everett’s aunt Anastasia and Riordan did, who are still not officially married. Their twins got a hyphenated last name and they are still all happy together.

      Declan is such a sweetheart and we are all glad he listened to the grandparents.

      And of course the tiramisu nod … no, I could not resist. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Declan’s proposal was perfect and I laughed at Rory’s relief that it not Started Wars themed 😂
    Loved the tattoos!! Was that an edit or cc?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I made the tattoos specifically for them, so they’re CC. Glad you enjoyed them and the proposal. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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