Chapter 81) Change Of Plans

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

“Hmmm, this is so nice, Rett. I don’t want this to ever end.”
“It doesn’t have to. We make that choice now. All in our hands.”
Maeve sat up.
“You know, Rett, I have been thinking. A lot. About a lot of really weird things. Like … everything I thought was so dumb and old fashioned suddenly seems good, and all I thought was the way to go seems … childish.”
“Funny you should say that … I have been thinking a lot too. There is this one big question I have been meaning to ask you, just waiting for the right time and after what you just said, I think that time is right now.” Everett said while slowly sliding off the couch, while never letting go of her hands.
“Maeve, I know we had very different plans and we had many talks about this, but fuck it all. Maeve, I love you, I never want to have to go a single day without you, I want you to be the mother of my future children … so …. here goes the big one.”
Everett began digging in the pocket of his jeans, while Maeve started to understand what was about to happen.
“Maeve Reed, will you do me the incredible honor and make me the happiest, luckiest man in the world and become my wife?”

“Yes. YES! Yes, I will! I want to! I so badly want to marry you! I love you!”
“Maeve, this also means we are done with separate bedrooms. Your beautiful ass is moving back into our bedroom, I am tired of feeling like an in-house booty call to you!”
“This ring is painfully stunning. I have to say, you have great taste! It’s perfect!”

“Of course I have great taste! Look at my hot fiancée!” Everett chuckled.

But as fate would have it, right as they started thinking about weddings, more life changing circumstances arose. Oh yes, you guessed it …

This is the photo they sent to all of us via text message. Oh yeah, we all figured the riddle out instantly! The entire Cameron family’s cell phones rang off the hook minutes after that, while Blaine laughed so hard, I thought he was going to have lockjaw!
A few days after they came to Windenburg to make the rounds among the entire families and do the official announcement. Maeve was already at the 3 months mark at that point, so while you can never be certain, it was likely that she wouldn’t lose this baby. They knew it was going to be a little boy.
Blaine was ecstatic.
We both were. For some reason, while their child was by far not our first great-grandchild, and we honestly loved them all and were very involved with all our family, but their baby seemed special in a way. I could tell Blaine was relieved and eager.
And then we did a quick weekend trip to Sulani. My old wedding gown was let out to accommodate our future great-grandson, who had already thickened Maeve’s tiny waist very noticeably. The only sad news were that Maeve’s family refused to come. Don’t ask me why, but according to Rett, the future grandparents and aunt weren’t excited in the least. Sad, really, but Maeve was too happy to even really care. Honestly, that girl never once stopped smiling and giggling.

Maybe this wasn’t the ideal picture-book relationship and sequence of events, maybe with more time they could have planned the wedding of a century fit for two soaring celebrities.
Maybe with a little more time and structure the bride’s conservative family wouldn’t have been so put off by the news. But then again, all of the groom’s family came and let me tell you, our family was sizable by now.
Everett made Blaine his best man, and Declan was more than fine with his role as groomsman, next to the boys’ father Brendan, all well aware that this may well be the last family wedding Blaine and I get to attend, might as well do so in a role of honor. We were both in our 80s now and time, as they say, waits for no-one. Neither does death.

For the same reason I was the matron of honor to Maeve. She cried when she couldn’t figure out what style gown she wanted, and I offered her my old one, since Rory had not needed it and Claire eloped both times. Collin had to use the Cunningham heirloom gown. Now even the Cameron heirloom gown had been handed down to another generation. Natalie and Rory made up the rest of the bridal party.
The rest of our extensive family barely managed to squeeze onto the small dock style wedding lot, set over the turquoise blue ocean, as the sun began to set as the new couple said their “I dos”.
In literally the very same spot in which Brendan and Natalie had said their vows all those years ago, then too with Blaine as Brendan’s best man. So to them, this was another quiet nod and great honor.

We all left the next day since most of us had jobs to get to, but the bridal couple spent a week honeymooning in Sulani, just enjoying the unexpected, somewhat sudden, but definitely not unwelcome change in their plans.

And with a little luck, time and fate allowing, Blaine and I would get to see Everett’s son being born and grow into a wonderful little Cameron.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 81) Change Of Plans

  1. Oh my gosh. I got so emotional at the end of this. I was emotional in the beginning with Maeve and Rett finally working things out. But the wedding and Vik’s narrative nearly killed me. I can see why it was important to Blaine. He wanted to see his grandson happy and probably felt somewhat responsible for the trouble he found as a celebrity. Then losing the baby and almost losing Maeve. Now they were both in a much better place and ready to move on. It makes me sad to see that Vik and Blaine may soon be gone.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too, and in a way, albeit subconsciously, this has become a bit of a race against time. They are both healthy and may make it several more years, maybe into their 90s, but there are no guarantees. But this baby is going to be very special to Blaine, so we all hope he gets to see it born, and maybe even grow up a little.
      I was emotional too, hence to lack of more narrative. This is big.

      Liked by 2 people

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