Chapter 82) Frequent Travelers

“I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.”


Ding, it made, announcing a new email. I looked, then called out excitedly.

“Blaine! BLAINE! Where are you!? Come here, I am in my office!”

“I am right here! Whatcha yellin’ about babygirl?!” Blaine walked up and around my desk.

“Blaine, Declan emailed from vacation! Has an attachment, I am sure it’s pictures! Let’s look at it together! How exciting!” I told him, smiling.

“All right, all right, let’s see it!” he agreed as he bent down to better see the monitor, while I clicked on the attachment.

Hi all –

Declan here.

Greetings from beautiful Mt. Komorebi!
Bet you didn’t think you’d hear from us before we get back home, huh?
Well, so much is going on here, there is so much to tell, Rory and I couldn’t wait to share.
Since we are admittedly and proudly nerds, we decided to send you an email update with all the pictures and news from our long trip.



So, first of all the main reason for our trip back here.
Rock climbing.
Didn’t have time last time during our honeymoon, but this trip is longer and we are both bound and determined.
We started at the training wall.
Ha, training.
Looks so small from afar, but not when you are standing in front of it, and most definitely not when you are stuck to it like a moth in a spiderweb!
I swear several of my fingernails are now deeply embedded in the rocks there.
It only took a few hundred attempts, and a couple of days, but we made it. The instructor suggested moving on to the intermediate now.
WHOA! That is even bigger.
They also increase in size once you are dangling around on them.
Like, sheer endless.
Trust me.
Or ask Rory. She’ll confirm.
And once more the falling game.
Again and again.
Even our butts have calluses now, I swear it!
Few more days of that – and FINALLY …
We both made it to the top!
And we were both still in one piece. Ha, now back down the same way. OOOF. Yeah, that is right, there is only ONE way off the walls, namely the same you came up by.
Don’t think down is any easier. It is not.
No, Sir, no Ma’am!
But we made it.
Again, in one piece.
Then we were at the top of the bunny and intermediate ski slopes.
Since we were tough outdoorsmen (-woman), Rory suggested to practice our skiing rather than being lame and taking the lift down.
Yeah, so we did that too.
I felt about 80 years old! (no offense grandma and grandpa).
Rory did it excellently. Like perfect form, all upright. And was waiting for me at the bottom of the slopes while I was still at the top fighting the damn rental skis.
But once I had them on, I had good form.
At first.
That is me coming down the slope in the background.
I did well, until I tried to impress my girl with a jump. That was probably too much at my level.
Declan and Rory travel back to Mt. Komorebi to master rock climbing. They travel back home with lots of experiences and news.
As I was saying …. I ended up laying at Rory’s feet.
After sliding down the hill on my rear, as if that butt of mine hadn’t already taken enough of a beating from me sailing down the rock walls a million times landing on it.
Bonus points though, I made it before my skis did …
Yeah, I know, I crack myself up, too.
Once down at the base we both were famished.
Hmmm, yakisoba!
Met some people who already did the mountain excursion we heard about and highly recommended it. So … we were gonna do that! Oh yeah. The nerds. You betcha!
We happened to be there just when a festival started, it was very cool!
And then there was the day of the excursion. Armed with a detailed map, rock climbing gear, food and tents we set out to scale the highest mountain.
So much climbing! Why did this mountain have to be so HIGH?!
Almost to the top, after a serious blizzard which we weathered in a tent – ahem, snuggling – to forget about how scary it was, the weather cleared up and we continued the next day.
Oh, it was worth it.
Look at that!
There are no words!
And then we made it. Legs numb, hands and cheeks frozen, but here we were! We did it!
Look! That tiny dot atop the mountain is us.
Selfie on top of the world!
Oh yeah, we found that cave and … ummm … explored. *cough cough*
Very fond memories there!
That was almost more exhausting than the climb itself.
Once back down we hit the Onsen bathhouse to soak the sore muscles.
Oh, I told everyone about our trip! Even if they didn’t speak a word of English.
They had a pulse, they would hear about our success! Hard to believe that once upon a time I couldn’t get a word out around strangers, huh? Probably still true, whenever that adrenaline wears off.
Hasn’t so far.
Until Rory distracted me.
Suddenly I didn’t care about sharing tales about our quest anymore.
Even that other guy got a little hot under the collar.
Hee hee.
And then we kept up with that for a while.
At the Onsen bath, back at the cabin.
Oh, we were on some adrenaline high.
The next days were rainy, so we stayed home and … cuddled.
One of the following days, once rested enough, we decided on a hike.
Sadly, Rory wasn’t feeling good at all.
I suggested we should maybe take it easy and postpone the hike, but was informed she was absolutely fine.
She wasn’t.
But I didn’t want to argue with her.
She found more and more paths to explore, but was so pale with a greenish tint and kept throwing up, I asked about finding a rest spot.
She wanted to hear none of it.
Until I claimed it was for me, that I needed to rest up.
We went straight to one of the food stalls for some sustenance.
I tried to talk her out of the coffee she ordered, but she told me she was a Cameron now and Camerons live on coffee.
Well, maybe, but it didn’t sit well with her that day at all.
Instantly, she turned such a startling shade of green that even the lady working the stand pointed behind us and said in broken English
“Rest room there! Go, go!”
When she came back, she sat down next to me on the bench, her face eerily pale and serious.
This here was the exact moment that it dawned on me what was going on.
And I think same was true for Rory, but she was still partially in denial ….

Wellllllll … you know.

Mom, dad, remember that talk we had about Rory and me wanting to get a puppy, and recruiting you to puppy sit on days I cannot work from home?

Yeah, nix that.

Change of plans.

We wanted to be certain and not wait till we get back home.
So, here goes, like pulling off the Band-Aid, so you all had time to simmer in it and digest the news by the time we land back home.
Needless to mention this wasn’t quite planned but once the shock wears off, I am sure we will be ecstatic.

Congrats, you all have been promoted to grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt and uncle.
Start thinking about names.
Also, input welcome regarding housing. Our loft house is too small, even for the cribs.

More when we get back home. This will be the longest flight ever, Rory has round-the-clock morning sickness. Wish us luck and we’ll all go out to officially celebrate once we are back in the country.

Love and miss you all,

Declan, Rory and the two souvenirs

Let’s just say after the initial shock moment, Blaine and I laughed till the cheeks hurt.
Actually, we laughed till the phone calls started.

Oh yeah, the Cameron grapevine had been activated by the receipt of that email. Once everyone got it, read it, and recovered from the shock, they called us.

And of course were we all happy and excited. After the initial shock, that is. You have to understand, both Declan and Rory are planners and literally the last people ANYBODY would have expected to get hit by the Cameron curse.
I guess with the time difference all her birth control got out of whack and … voila.
And not just one, like Everett and Maeve were expecting, but twins.

Well, if anyone can handle it, it would be those two.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 82) Frequent Travelers

  1. The pictures were amazing! Especially the top of the mountain ones. Wow! I love Rory’s hair too! It looks good on her. But wow! Twins! Oh my! Twins are definitely a thing in the Cameron household! Congrats to Declan and Rett. ❤️ Great-Grandkids incoming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it was such a fun trip, with a very unexpected souvenir. Twins really seem to be a theme for the Camerons.
      As unplanned as it is, I am relieved that Blaine and Vik live to see that happen too. For that, I’d even figure out how to juggle three lineage babies at once. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. No doubt! I hope they do get to meet them. Somehow I see Maeve and Rett as the new Vik and Blaine of the story. They’ve experienced a lot of life in a very short time. So have a lot of wisdom and experience to share.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I am not so sure who is really the new leading couple. Clearly it will have to be either Everett & Maeve or Declan & Rory. They all have a lot of Blaine and Vik about them.
          We’ll see.

          Liked by 2 people

  2. What a great vacation 😂


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