Chapter 85) Requiem

As I lay me down to sleep the final and eternal slumber
I feel the world’s weight lift off my shoulders, all my worries disencumber

I take the hand of him, who left just moments before me, my one, my all, my only
And follow him into the light, my heart never to be lonely

Cry not for us, for we are whole, together now forever
Two hearts, two souls, on to the next endeavor

We’re free to roam, to watch, to guide you
You’ll feel us, sense us, always beside you
Old restless gentle hands now lay still & idle
The wrinkled wise lips forever now silent

Remember us smiling for the joy we shared
Remember us fondly for how we loved and cared
Remember it’s best to have loved and let go
Remember this love you’ll never outgrow
Remember our names, there have been so many
Friend, lover, parent, (great-) grandparent, and nanny

We filled many lives with music, laughter and love,
Now we go into the light on the wings of the dove
Life’s rollercoaster, our love always steady
Over too soon, never truly ready
It’s been quite the ride
but now we must bide

Farewell to you all, to live out your lives, but never forget
The teachings of the purest of love you never will shed.

Requiescat In Pace beloved Blaine and Viktoria Cameron, the founders of the Cameron lineage. They will be sorely missed, always remembered and never forgotten.

Watch this little tribute video with sound please.
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5 thoughts on “Chapter 85) Requiem

  1. It was beautiful and so sad. 😭😭😭😭

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  2. I’m not crying, you’re crying! I’m so sad… oh my gosh.. it’s not going to be the same without Blaine and Babygirl! 😢 What a beautiful legacy they leave behind. Thank you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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