Chapter 91) Welcome To The Jungle

While winter blankets the Cameron Estate in Windenburg in a sheet of fluffy white snow …

… two of its residents had just arrived at their vacation destination after quite a long trip to get there.

“Not too shabby our sleeping quarters. I expected worse. Much, much worse.”
“Well, too bad we will only see it at night. On that note, who’s getting the bathroom first?”
“Oh babe, we waited for this forever. Our butts are getting a shower, changed, pack our gear and get on out of there. Carpe diem, my love.”
“Declan, we literally JUST got here. There is a hot tub on the roof and …”
“Okay, I’ll go first …”

After showers and packing commenced.
“Ready baby?”
“You are lucky I love you and am so curious. I was this close to letting you take off while I wait for you in the pool, with a drink.”
“Yup, we are a great team. Let’s go.”

“I am coming, I am coming! Keep your panties on, Decs! Jungle’s been here forever, won’t run away now …”

After one hour of hiking.
“WHAT are you doing? A sandcastle, sorry, dirtcastle? Really?”
“I am not building a castle, Rory, that would be silly. I am excavating.”
“Excavating what? Some explorer’s trash?”
“Pretty sure this may be Mayan.”
“Oh good grief. I mayan be looking around instead of watching you unearth trash.”

“Hmm. Decs?! You may wanna take a ganter at this. Might be a fairly short trip for us after all.”

“Babe, this is nothing. This is why I got the machete. Observe!”

“Don’t cut yourself, Decs. I know how ‘attached’ you are to your fingers. Ha ha ha, get it? Attached?”
“Yeah, hilarious. You spent too much time with my dad, his dad jokes rubbed off on ya.”

“Ready to give up yet?”
“NOPE! Never!”

Eventually Declan made it through with Rory’s help and they soon found a scary, aging rope bridge spanning across dwindling heights over a steep canyon, with beautiful views.

“WOW! Just WOW!”

“Ah, Decs?! This map says we have to get up there. That is the temple we are looking for.”
“Did you happen to pack any Red Bull? Ya know, for the wings?”

“Oh my god. How in the world are we supposed to get up THERE?!”

“This may be a quest for another day, Rory. But speaking of ‘up’ …”
“Hmmm … best idea you had all day …”

To be continued …

A.N.: All lots and Sims featured are 100% my original creations.

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  1. No one can resist that beautiful view! 🥰

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  2. That’s gorgeous. Love the pics.

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