Chapter 105) Voice of Reason

Temptation is the voice of reason without its clothes on.
Del Sol Valley
Club Scala

Smiling contently, Kai watched his Cheyenne walk off towards the bathrooms, when his gaze fell on Blaine again, who had Bristol pinned up against a wall in some corner, making out, Kai’s smile instantly went away, giving way to a frown. He had been watching the Blaine-Bristol situation develop all night, but felt it was high time to intervene.

He walked over to them, patted on Blaine’s shoulder, then yelled near his ear to overpower the loud music in the club.

“Hey, I need to see you outside for a second. Something with your car, I think someone keyed it!”

“WHAT THE FUCK!? If that’s true, someone is going to die tonight! Imma gonna run them over and drive around with them spread-eagle in my car grill till they fall off! Hold that thought, Bri!” Blaine ranted instantly.

Kai smiled apologetically at Bristol before both young men hurried outside. Once the cold, crisp nighttime air hit them, Kai held back Blaine, who was rushing towards the parking lot.

“Hang on. A word?”

“There is nothing wrong with my car, is there?”

“How would I know? I was in the club the entire time with my GIRLFRIEND. You know, the ONE I am steady with. Have been for many years now. Familiar with that concept? Here’s to hoping the cold air helps clear the cobwebs from your brain.”

“Ah, here it comes. Professor Doctor-Doctor Kai “Mr. Perfect” Camore, PHD MD Double-D and all the other d’s on ethical behavior in nightclubs. Bend over, Blaine, and spread ’em wide. Did you at least bring lube or are you just gonna dry fuck me with your lecture?” Blaine growled, sarcasm dripping off every word.

“Dude, I am trying to be a good friend here. I am your best friend and you are mine! Last time I let you do your thing and just stood by you ended up addicted to everything known to mankind and you had taken poor Bristol down with you! You seriously can’t do this, what you are doing now, it’s not healthy. You need to pick one direction and ride it out.” Kai reasoned.

“And again with that old addiction hat. Am I EVER gonna live that down? I was a dumb-ass punk-ass kid back then! Let that go, dude! And pick one what?! Man, I am not trying to settle down and shit, just having a little fun, that’s all. Didn’t hear Bri complain about it. Quite the opposite! She wants me, badly, or at least she did before you dragged me off for this lovely chat!”

“Blaine, we both know Bristol is not doing all this just because she wants to sleep with you so badly. She is still very much into you and you stringing her along as you do instills her with false hope that you feel the same, maybe that you’d change and be together again one day. That’s just not okay. There are reasons she is your EX. Even if I were to ignore the fact that she is not just your ex-girlfriend, but ex-fiancée, what about Scarlett? You keep messing with her again and again every chance you get, have been for years now. Not to mention all the one-night-stands you have along the way. That’s just wrong. No, it’s worse than wrong. It’s despicable and … I don’t even know what to call that.”

“Being young? Having fun? You should try that some time, Kai. Before you know it, you’re 40 and the best part is behind you. What have you had until then? Cheyenne and Cheyenne and – oh yeah – Cheyenne. YAWN! That’s how men end up doing weird shit in their midlife crisis!”

“Maybe Chey is all I need. All I want. You know, because love and all. When you know, you know, no need for testing the waters, I have absolutely no desire to. If you keep trying out new chicks plus bouncing between Scarlett and Bristol all the damn time, that just screams that none of this is what you need or want. You need to figure out what it is that you really want. Time to step back and rethink your approach before you seriously fuck up your life beyond repair.”

“You are so wrong, about everything! I know exactly what I want, I just can’t have it. So, I make the best of it and take what I can get. Bristol has been up my ass with some cookie cutter bullshit that’s just not for me, she hinted around about taking me back in a heartbeat if I decided on going the studio producer route. I say no way, Jose, I don’t want to rot away in some studio! I want to be out there for all too see, making music. I love performing. I love my fans! I need that kinda interaction. It’s like … like … a rush. I feed off it. So nah. Quitting that is not happening, meaning Bristol won’t be happening officially. And Scarlett, you know why she doesn’t want me. I have too much of a pulse for her taste, and while I personally am not opposed to changing that, she flips out every time I even bring that up. I am a man, I have needs, especially after I did a show somewhere and had to look at hot chicks in tight clothing, bouncing around to my tunes all night. I can’t sweat it out, so if I get a great offer, by ANY girl worth a second glance, I’d be an idiot to turn that down. I don’t even have to go catch fish, the fish come to me, ready to eat! So, what would you have me do?” Blaine ranted.

“FIND ANOTHER GIRL! A regular girl, one with potential to be something serious, not one of the two impossible ones or some one-night-wonder groupies, someone of substance, who can keep your attention long-term and who doesn’t put conditions on it. They are out there. I know, cos I have one. Look for someone in the entertainment branch. An actress or model or musician. They would get it and never ask you to stop. Chey’s father travels a lot especially during football season with his team, before that for training camp, after for PR tours and crap, has since she was little, her mother stayed behind and trusted him. Sometimes her mother is assigned a case and has to travel, weeks at a time. That’s why Cheyenne and I survived me studying in Britchester for over four years. Find someone like her.”

“I have found other girls and you still gave me your speeches – AFTER you cockblocked me!”

“Cockblocked? Are you joking?! Try baby-blocked! I saved you from getting some random groupies knocked up, you dumbass! You admitted yourself you didn’t even have any protection on you! And this time it would be a helluva lot more serious than it was when 14 year old virgin you only dry-humped Karlie and she claimed it got her preggers, even that back then went fucking viral and you were almost destroyed by it! What do you think happens if you actually impregnate some chick you couldn’t even pick out in a crowd, HUH? My dad and I are lawyers, not magicians!” Kai roared back.

“It’s 2021, not 1621! Women take the pill, have IUDs and shit nowadays! Don’t be such a boomer!”

“What if they WANT to get pregnant by you!? Ever thought about gold-diggers?! That is an actual career out here in the Valley! Ask me how I know. Almost half our clients have been there with the paternity claims one time or another! If that test says you’re it, we can only do some damage control, but that kid is gonna be their kid. Is that what you want? A kid, now, with someone you don’t know? Really Blaine?!”

“Look Kai, I appreciate the concern, honest I do, but – and don’t take this the wrong way – you need to keep your nose out of my shit. It’s my life, and I am handling it. Okay?”

“THEN HANDLE IT! BUT HANDLE IT RIGHT! You are not handling ANYTHING right now, except your wanker, while trying to stick it into everything that doesn’t run away fast enough! Every time you do, you risk putting a bunch of mini-Blaines out in the world. You are creating an avalanche and you will get buried beneath it sooner or later.” Kai warned.

“Yeah, sure. Are we done then? I need to get back to see if Bristol is still all hot and bothered or if her lady parts slammed shut now for the night. I was actually getting somewhere good with her and Lord knows I am desperate to get my twig and berries lubricated again. A man’s got needs, you know?” Blaine retorted purposely snotty, after recovering from being startled by Kai’s anger.

“Thanks for oversharing. You’re insane. Nuttier than squirrel turds. Fine, have it your way then, go screw your ex, or every single chick in that club for all I care! But don’t come to me when you got your dick burned or one is pregnant or Bristol’s parents or brother come after you for treating her like some cheap hoe! Because – you know – what could go wrong, right?! YOLO and all …” Kai was dripping sarcasm now, his voice unusually deep and growly.

“Now you’re getting it! So be a good boy now, Kai, and let go of me so I can finally get my dick wet again. Save your pretty speeches for courtrooms and clients. I tried to be decent about this shit, but honestly, it fucking SUCKS being alone all the time! All I get out of it is maybe some lame ass pat on the shoulder about what a good boy I am. Fuck that, and most of all, someone PLEASE fuck me! Anything else, oh mighty all-knowing Kai, or can I go about MY life again?” Blaine’s cockiness challenged his best friend, visibly angering Kai to the core.

“Yeah, whatever, dude. You need help! Serious, professional help, but I am done trying here. I am taking Chey home. No need for us to witness your train wreck unfold.”

Blaine glared after his best friend, who stomped off, taking the dramatic exit Blaine had wanted to create for himself, now found himself left standing there like a fool.

What stung the most was the nagging feeling that Kai was right, but it was overshadowed by the bitter flavor of Blaine desperately wanting things he could never have. Or better put: that certain someone he could never have.
So, instead, he took whatever the heck he pleased. At the very least, it made him feel good for a while.
Was that really so wrong?


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 105) Voice of Reason

  1. Go Kai. The voice of reason. I thought nothing could be worse than Rett … boy was I wrong. Rett went off the rails but at least he had Maeve there with him. Blaine is trying to outdo his namesake as well as his father. And not with just one night stands, but behaving so recklessly. He has the issues of Ana and the loose morals the industry promotes so he’s a huge giant ass mess. I hope even a tiny bit of what Kai said sunk in. He’s just using sex as a temporary feel good. And poor Bristol is true, he’s just using her. She’s no different to him than any groupie that throws themselves at him. But she thinks she is. And the fact she wants him to quit, well that’s not going to happen. So he totally needs to keep away from her. *sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As usual, you hit the nail right on the head with everything you said.
      Except maybe how he looks at Bristol. He probably does care about her still, a lot more than those nameless groupies, but not enough to want to change for her.
      All his behavior is a sum of events which many others may never be exposed to.

      Wealthy, famous parents, all that media circus since he was little, plus the early realization that a lot of it only happens, and a lot of people only take interest because of that, his bad experience with his very first crush ever, at 14 and then … above all … Scarlett. His kryptonite and life essence at the same time. And without her fault or intend, the real reason he is choosing to behave the way he does. A way of toddler-like pouting, but on a very big scale.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep. I know he cares about her, but you’re right, not enough to change, so if he doesn’t nothing else he needs to cut her loose because he does care. But yep, he’s pouting.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. In a way he was more mature than others his age early on, but also is very immature now in many ways.
          Just a Blaine. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh boy, it’s like watching someone head for the cliff, warning them, and they just ignore you. Blaine, what are you doing?!
    Great chapter though. Kai is great. Good for him, chewing Blaine out and calling him to attention. Pity it’s supposedly fallen on deaf ears. We’ll see…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly it! Wide-eyed down the abyss, and Blaine seems to even be aware of it. Maybe he redirected his self-destructive tendencies from drug-abuse to more widely accepted (for celebrities) womanizing. Maybe it is the pain and humiliation of the constant ‘no’ by Scarlett – after saying yes to him first. All that mixed with his larger than life ego … Words may not be enough. Kai is frustrated for probably that very reason.


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