Chapter 114) Sulani Moments

“One of the hardest lessons in life is
Whether its guilt, anger, love, loss, betrayal.
We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.”
Sulani Main Island
Rental Bungalow

What started as nothing short of awkward had turned into unexpected fun moments … and then into REAL fun.

Blaine carefully slipped out of bed, trying not to wake the blonde beauty sprawled across it and fast asleep next to him, as he dug through the pile of clothing for his boxers. He slipped them on, then headed for the kitchenette, grabbed some water and greedily downed it, smirking to himself, while thinking about some raunchy innuendos about where his dehydration might stem from.

He snuck outside to the patio, frowning when the door squeaked miserably, magnified by the silence of the night.

Once out there in the semi-darkness, he inhaled deeply, enjoyed the saltiness of the air, the warm light breeze, while enjoying the playful rhythmic sound of the waves crashing ashore. He was trying to keep his mind from wandering to that forbidden place. That sore breakup still loomed over him like a dark raincloud, no matter how much he tried to move on and ignore it, every so often it reared its ugly head but now instantly vanished when the squeak of the door announced that his nightly visitor was awake too, he turned to her, right when she looked up at him smiling.


“Hey …” he answered as she snuggled up to his side.

Both turned to towards the ocean, enjoying it in silence for a few moments.

“Blaine, I know I probably do not have to say this, but …”

“Nah, I know the drill. This never happened, don’t tell anyone, yada yada. No worries. My lips are sealed tighter than a frog’s butt.”

“Well, yeah, that goes without saying, but what I was really gonna say was … I need a shower. Wondering if you would be interested in … you know … lending a helping hand.” Bristol smiled inviting, Blaine smiled shaking his head.

“Man, you are hungry, girl! No need to ask me twice. I’ll scrub and rub anything you want me to, beautiful.”

She giggled, took his hand and he let her pull him along for yet another round. He had quit counting after their fourth time between the sheets, now they were well past that. Might be in the double digits already. Between the sheets was a moniker too. They weren’t partial to any particular location. Quite the contrary.

So she was his ex. So what?
So she was engaged to be married. So what?

Not his problem.
And he remembered how they had always had a lot of fun with the physical aspects of their relationship back when they were still together. While she caressed him in the shower cabin, she looked up and their eyes met, the bright unusual turquoise sending hot and cold electric waves all through his body, when he suddenly pulled her up to him and kissed her. Long, hard and … differently, which even she noticed.

“Are you okay, Blaine?”

“Fine. Why wouldn’t I be. Any better and I’d have sunshine and rainbows coming out of my bunghole!” smiling, he quickly played over the strangeness of the moment, before turning her around, pressing her into the wall and taking her hard and demanding, covering her mouth with his hand when she moaned and screamed loudly at the height of pleasure.

Not even 30 minutes and one deep, long kiss later she slipped out the door to return to her own bungalow to wait for the pick up for the airport.

Everyone besides the bridal couple would depart to go home again this morning. They all had just come here to celebrate Kai and Cheyenne’s wedding, a beach wedding with only the closest family and friends in their favorite vacation spot, Sulani. Blaine had been Kai’s best man since he was his best friend, Cheyenne had chosen her best friend as her maid of honor, who just happened to be Bristol. The first moments had been very awkward. Since the wedding was so small and rather casual there had been no rehearsals, most guests arrived just hours before the ceremony and jumped right in.

Blaine had just completed another tour, barely in time to be able to attend and flown out here straight from his last concert location. His parents had met him at the airport to pick him up, they had flown out the night before with Kai and his parents.

A knock on the door interrupted Blaine’s mental ramblings, Everett slipped inside, shut the door, then looked at Blaine.

“Yeah, just come on in, dad. You here at the butt crack of dawn before I even am awake enough to have brushed a single tooth, is already making my head hurt. Now I definitely need coffee.”

“Look, smartass, keep going like that and I’ll make your butt hurt too! I know you are 23 years old, a grown man, and do what you want. BUT – I just happened to look out the window early this morning and guess what I saw.”

“Pretty sunrise?”

“More like the sun going down on your mind, son! Bristol?! Really?! What the fuck, kid?!”

“Daaaaaad! Not another lecture.”

“Don’t you ‘dad’ me now! You are going to listen to me! If she were single, you wouldn’t hear a single peep out of me. You do you. If she were engaged to some random dude, even then … nothing from me, not my construction site, that would be between her and her fiancé. But she is engaged to be married to someone we are related to! Maybe only distantly, but related nonetheless and we Camerons don’t roll that way. No Sir! I will get that into your head .. or heads … the one on top and the one from the basement!”

“Dad, stop it! It was just … a … well .. I didn’t make her. I didn’t even invite her. SHE came to ME. Just showed up.”

“Really, THAT is your excuse to justify that? So that petite girl came here and forced herself on you, you poor #MeToo failure?! What is she, 95 pounds soaking wet?! Oh dear me, I shall cry all my tears for you. Maybe I’ll have to teach you the many uses of the term ‘No, thank you!'”

“Dad, you know what? I am grateful for you trying to keep me on the straight and narrow here, appreciate the concern, but honestly, if Lucas were that great of a guy, he should have not make his wife-to-be travel to the wedding of her best friend all alone. And the way she jumped my bones makes me think that ole Luke there isn’t just quiet and boring when dressed.”

“Blaine, son, none of that matters! That’s neither a sound reason to get physical with your ex, nor are you and your below-the-belt-unicorn the savior of every female who’s bored in the bedroom. He can fall asleep on top of her, that is none of your business and also not an excuse! If she wants you, she would have to break the engagement, we both know she is well capable of that. Until she does, you and your trouser-noodle stay away from her! Am I clear?!”

“Why do you care, dad?! You know am not a monk, I nail chicks by the dozen in each city I stop at during a tour, yet, you never had a problem. Suddenly you do have problem and only because she is engaged to some super-diluted relation of yours whom you barely ever even speak to?!”

“First of all kid, it’s not MY family, it’s OURS. You are not getting out of that one, and you can’t pin them on me like toilet paper under a shoe. And yes, because of that, and because she is your EX. You tried with her, it didn’t work, MOVE ON!”

“Why? Because you are afraid that the McKenzies are never gonna talk to us, as opposed to – hmm – never talking to us, like they do now?!”

“We talk. They sent us Christmas cards and shit.”

“Christmas cards? Seriously dad, if you are that desperate for a fucking greeting card I’ll buy you a fucking Hallmark store, if that makes you feel better about all this. And honestly, I am more than done hashing through this! Not like I can unfuck her now anyway, so just let it go already! Jeezus, and all that before the first coffee.”

Blaine turned around to start the coffeemaker, when he heard the squeak behind him and turned he saw his dad had left.

As soon as he the pot had run through and he filled himself a cup there was another knock on the door.

“What now?! I need a revolving door up in this bitch!”

He didn’t get to open the door, again, the visitor already just entered, again, it was his mother this time, who saw the coffee in his hand and took it, drinking it, after planting a quick kiss on her son’s cheek.

“Yeah, hey mom, just come on in and take whatever you like. Want my boxers too?”

“What’s on your schedule, baby boy?”

“A great big fucking month of nothing, then some quality time in our home studio recording some new pieces I wrote while touring, and a little bit of local PR. Why?”

“Good. Dad’s on the phone with the airline now, getting us rebooked. The three of us are going to Brindleton Bay. We’re gonna meet that little baby Liam. I cannot WAIT! Are you excited? I am excited!”

“Da hell’s wrong with you mom?! No more coffee for you! Did you get some wires crossed? Since when are you into babies so much?” Blaine pulled his coffee mug over to himself, while shaking his head.

“Not just any baby! Sweet adorable Jamie and his gorgeously cute fiancé’s baby! Oh my god, that must be the cutest baby EVER! Aside from you, of course. You were always stunningly handsome, my sweet baby boy. Okay, you go pack, my sweet man-sized baby, and get ready, I’ll go check on your dad! Expect to depart shortlyyyyyyy …” she sing-sanged the latter and rushed out.

“What the hell was that just now? Okay, so first a wedding, now a baby thing … are they trying to beat that family stuff into me? I am sick of it already! URGH!”

Windenburg Isle
Cameron Estate

Later that same day found Everett, Maeve and Blaine in Windenburg at the Cameron Estate, in the new nursery, Blaine watching his mother hold little Liam, his father behind her, both glowing and cooing at the baby, such a fragile tiny creature up close, and like a bolt of lightning it hit Blaine. He could see both of his parents, younger, about his age, like on all the pictures scattered throughout their Del Sol Valley home, cooing at him when he was that fragile little baby, both of them looking so happy. He had always assumed the happiness was faked for the camera. Now he could see into the past. And into the future. The future without Scarlett, without Bristol, and it seemed cold.

His mother now looked up at him, this strange smile on her face.

“You wanna hold him, Blaine-y?”

Blaine noticed everyone looking at him, his heart began to race, he felt panic, turned and ran out.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 114) Sulani Moments

  1. Bristol came to him? She’s still holding onto hope that he’ll change, because she must love him still if she risked everything to spend the night with him. But the fact that he didn’t ask her to break it off and be with him probably said all she needed to hear. That last kiss they shared, it was him realizing he wasn’t going to have her anymore and he didn’t like the way it felt. It seemed like a goodbye kiss. That’s sad, because he won’t give up his music for her. I just don’t see it happening. He’d feel smothered and resentful. And she won’t change for him either so they are at an impasse. When he saw the baby and ran, that broke my heart. He’s a huge mess of emotions right now. He saw how much his parents must really love him and each other. He wants that too and knows he won’t have it with either Scarlett or Bristol, who was always second choice anyway. I feel like it has to be someone new. Someone that makes him say Scarlett who and clearly it wasn’t Bristol. My heart is breaking for him. I feel like his parents decided to go see the baby, not only because they wanted to see him, but because they wanted Blaine to see him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how you really got the chapter. At first glance it was a womanizing, arrogant rich young man living it up in Sulani, pouting over a break-up, but the reality was so much deeper and you got it all!

      It is all too easy to point fingers, wagging them at things someone shouldn’t do, when not understanding WHY that someone is doing it in the first place.
      Blaine *IS* a mess right now. He had his mind made up about what he wanted, and now keeps getting confronting with the harsh reality of how unreasonable and unsustainable any of that really is, and all that while already down for the count.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There has to be something going on between her and Lucas that’s causing her to come running back to Blaine. Otherwise, why would she? If she’s happy in her engagement.

    I feel like Blaine is very confused about what he wants in life. Which hurts my heart for him. He wants the love, and the affection, but the commitment part is where i feel we lose him, maybe because he lost Bristol in the first place, and now he lost Scarlett too.

    It was beautiful getting them with the babies though, and i truly hope Blaine’s okay ❤️

    I’m feeling pretty emotional towards this chapter 😅

    Beautiful chapter, friend ❤️


    1. Woops, typo. Seeing* not getting LOL


  3. She still loves him, wants him. Lucas isn’t the type to beat people, so we are safe there.

    Everett is hilarious! I love that guy so much!

    Blaine is not himself right now, in too much pain to be able to think straight.


  4. I have to keep pinching myself to remember that Blaine is not Blaine Snr. They’re so alike. Love Rhett’s humor as well.
    I think the realization is beginning to not home that he wants and needs the kind of love his parents have and thatching cousins have found. I agree with an above comment. Someone new needs to come into his life and break the Scarlett/Bristol cycle, for good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, this Blaine 2.0 is a dead ringer in more than just looks.
      There goes the notion that the original Blaine was the way he was because of his broken childhood home and rough youth. Blaine II couldn’t have grown up more sheltered, and yet, same odd patterns of arrogant, yet self-destructive behavior .. and of course the big mouth, but I attribute that to his father (and mother), who probably picked that up from hanging around the original Blaine so much.

      Liked by 1 person

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