Chapter 116) Dream Life

“I have this dream life where I get to be a celebrity but I get to navigate the world fairly easily because I’m always in character.”

Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

The following months found Blaine in their home studio, with his parents, writing and producing songs like a madman.

Whenever he was not in the studio, he was going out with Kai, Cheyenne … and Bristol.
Yes, Bristol had broken off the engagement to Lucas, moved back in with her parents and brother Phillip into their Del Sol Valley home and was seeing Blaine again.

Baby steps, a complete relationship reboot. Literally inching closer again. Bristol helped Blaine’s heart heal, was understanding and sweet.

Hanging out together with their families, like they used to do when they were together the last time.

Dating and rediscovering how to be a young couple again – together.

Then followed vacations together, with Kai and Cheyenne.
To Sulani. To Mt. Komorebi.

Anywhere you could think of that was worth seeing, these two probably have been there at least once.

At the six months mark of their rekindled relationship just so happen to coincide with Valentine’s Day and for that, Blaine had a very special surprise for Bristol.

“Wonder what this could be … shall we open it and check?”
“Yes … open! OPEN!”
“Oh boy, it’s a ….. RING! Now what? Oh, I know. Marry me, beautiful!”
“Oh my god, Blaine! Am I dreaming this?!”
“Yes! YES! YES YES YES! I’ll marry you, handsome! I love you so much, Blaine!”

Both knew they were going to take it slow from here. No rushed wedding for them. They agreed to not even discuss it before they both were at least 25, and whatever they decided then would be slowly and carefully planned.

All that was a ways out, both had just turned 24.
Of course there was still a big celebration with the closest family to commemorate the engagement.

Unlike the last time they were engaged, this time Blaine asked Bristol to move in with him. She agreed to that as well and Blaine’s room got a severe makeover – and a distinct feminine touch. He didn’t care. It was a place to sleep for him … and a private place for other things, couple type things, which were distinctly more intense the happier his fiancée was.


And then the biggest landmark yet came for Blaine.

Along with a nomination for a Starlight Accolade award – ironically for the very song he had written about none other than Bristol, aptly named “Bristol’s Light” – came the highest award any musician could get.

His very own tile for the walk of fame!

Blaine felt as if he was going to have a heart attack at the news, both of his parents downright cried, screamed and kissed each other and Blaine.

Some time later, at the dedication ceremony, Blaine was barely able to get through the carefully worded speech his best friend Kai, the lawyer, had written for him, as he watched his very own tile, with his very own name on it, go down next to the one of his great-grandfather and namesake, the original Blaine Cameron, and next to his father Everett’s and mother Maeve’s tiles.
Bristol was right there by his side, calming him, something he was more than grateful for.

Then followed the award ceremony for the Starlight Accolades – Everett and Maeve were nominated as well – and all three of them won.

The whole family up on stage, one by one, raking in awards! Hell yeah! Dream life!

Blaine did what his namesake had been known to do with the main lady in his life back when, called Bristol up on stage, to proclaim to the entire world that he had found the love of his life and that she had agreed to marry him. Until that moment the engagement had been kept on the down-low in order to keep Blaine’s many female fans hoping. Blaine no longer cared about that.

He was on top of the world.

That was the moment the boy became a man, standing there for all to see, reaping the benefits of all his hard work, and for once in his life not alone in the crowd. Dream life.

Blaine was dead-set on enjoying being young, his soaring fame, being wealthy and being in love and loved again. Unapologetic. Out of hiding. A life in the sun and the spotlight.

Over the next few months they took the world by storm. Blaine seemed to grow up before everyone’s very eyes. Having a woman at his side, one who cherished and enjoyed his life as much as he did, did wonders for his enthusiasm, productivity and energy.
He was better than ever.
Popular, famous, desired and in high demand.

A life being looked at, adored by many, the life of a performer, with a beautiful woman always by his side representing in style.

Bristol loved the spotlight as much as Blaine did, and cameras loved her, she looked nothing short of perfect every time. Without even trying at all, they became the new “it” couple. Everyone wanted to be them, everyone wanted them. The beauty and the beast, coined after Blaine’s rough, rugged, often crude behavior and Bristol’s always perfect ways, clashing so much that it worked.

She traveled with him now whenever he toured, always backstage, the best groupie deterrent imaginable.

When touring, they usually tried to add some sightseeing in whenever, wherever possible, which she then used on her YouTube channel, which had skyrocketed to the top of the popularity and trending lists after her connection to Blaine Cameron became public. Everyone wanted a glimpse into their life, regardless that whatever she would show them was heavily staged and censored.

A life both of them had always dreamed of.
Jet set together.
Dream life.
A never ending party.

At some point though, he and Bristol were taking a break from the fast lane to step into the slow live in Windenburg, visiting with Jamie and Jordan and their partners.

Yes, Jordan and Jenna were back together as well, after Jordan spent months trying to move on, one disastrous date at a time, until Jamie couldn’t watch it anymore and during a brief visit Blaine came up with a masterplan.
With Jamie and Blaine as his wingmen, as well as Bristol and Averie to help coral Jenna to the Skyline Club during amateur mic night, Jordan belted out a classic that said everything he wanted her to hear. Music was in every Cameron’s blood, and just minutes after the boys took the stage … Jordan had taken Jenna’s heart by storm with his buttery soft voice.

Once more it had been music for the win for the Cameron family.


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 116) Dream Life

  1. That was such a great episode!

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    1. Thank you! Finally something upbeat again!

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      1. Ha ha, you can’t help that. This family are drama magnets, lol 😂

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        1. You have NO idea. I just had some more unexpected drama dropped on me that I didn’t expect, which caused me to trash 4 full chapters since they are now irrelevant. Argh. Lol. But I am not changing a single setting.

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          1. Oh my gosh! 😂 Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s so typical of sims and that’s also what makes it interesting! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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  2. Wow! I guess B&B are a big time thing now. Who woulda thunk it? They look so cute together and I love Blaine’s new look with longer hair. It suits him and his music. And he looks even more like his namesake. He does seem to be living the good life. Clearly Scarlett has stayed away. I can’t help but wonder about her well being.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can answer that for you, she has been miserable since the break-up and even more so after seeing the wedding crashing story on the news.

      And yeah, Blainstol (or Brilane?) is a thing now, big time. They are going strong and living the good life.

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      1. My heart is breaking for her.

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