Chapter 123) Father

“A father loves completely, gives quietly, teaches gently, and inspires deeply.”

Del Sol Valley 
Cameron Mansion

Blaine entered their living room

“Hey dad, I need to borrow my daughter now to put her down for her … never mind. Guess you both already decided on a nap.”

“I used to walk in on you two just like that when you were her age. Ah, this brings back memories, my sweet rainbow baby, you.” his mother appeared by his side and kissed his cheek.

“Ah. Please tell me I wasn’t in pig tails and dresses then though. What do I do now, mom? Pick her up or leave her?”

“Leave them both. It’s a form of bonding, I think. Vivien is in best hands with your father. I’ll get started on dinner, and you should go and sit back, relax and enjoy the quiet before the storm. When that baby wakes up, she’ll have tons of energy.”

Maeve would be right. Vivien awoke full of energy and seemingly famished trying to eat the toddler spoon or fingers, whatever she could get into her mouth.

Dinner was followed by playtime with Vivien till the little girl almost fell asleep sitting up. Once she was tucked in and fast asleep, Blaine found his dad on the patio, sat down next to him when he saw Rett pour a second glass of the lemonade in front of him.

“Hey, where’s mom?”

“Went with Bristol next door to the Camores’ house do that thing with Cheyenne and Jana that girls do whenever another girl decides to try to get pregnant. In case Kai hasn’t shared, spoiler alert, they are trying now. Please don’t ask me for details, I don’t speak estrogen. I mean, what’s there to plan? You stick tab A into slot B and see what happens. If the answer is nothing, you keep trying until it does. If nothing ever does, you go see a doctor. Duh. I don’t need to hug basic human reproduction and anatomy out with my bros over wine, so if you need to know what they really do while kumbaya’ing around a procreation fire or whatever, ask your mother.”

“Ah, yeah, that. Kai did mention that they started humping for the big prize. I’ll pass on those details as well, but it reminds me of a talk I have been meaning to have with you, the kind without any of our girls around. I need advice. I just don’t know what to do, dad.”

“I tell you what you NEED to be doing. After that kid of yours wakes up, you are going to work on the potty training with her. That’s what.”

“Dad, she doesn’t like me trying to potty train her. Gets really cranky whenever I try. I hate making her cry. Don’t want my daughter to end up hating me.”

“How do you dream up that kind of bullshit all the time? Do you hate your mother, or me? No? Vivien won’t hate you either. It’s called parenting, kid. That’s your job now, make them do the things they need to learn, even if they don’t want to, which ends up being pretty much everything you tell them to do. If we hadn’t, your lazy and defiant ass would have grown into some 25 year old parent-depending man-baby sucking on a binkie while shitting your pants, never leaving the house unless it’s to crash one of my cars because I pissed you off.”

“Ouch. Thanks, dad. That helps me a lot – NOT. I can see the writing on the walls. Baby fever everywhere, now Kai and Cheyenne have decided to start working on a little Camore. It’s just a matter of time Bri tosses wanting a baby with me at my doorstep, whenever she gets tired of ‘only’ being the step-mom. And she is already living out her inner mother with Vivien. I swear I heard that kid call her ‘mommy’. Scarlett is going to tear me a new one for that and I had nothing to do with it!”

“What do you need help with? Either you want a kid with Bristol or you don’t. What do you want from me, unless you forgot where to stick your tool to get there? Could always ask Scarlett to draw you up instructions, seeing how you figured it out with her. The proof of that still needs potty-training and – tag – you are IT, son! Your mother and I are not raising your child for you!”

“Dad, I am really new to that whole family planning thing here. I never wanted to get married, remember? I thought I’d have a kid really late in life, like your age or something.”

“My age or something? Late in life? Watch it son, that ice you are on is very thin! Yeah, and how did that work out for you? Do you regret Vivien? No. So there. Blaine, your dumbassery about some baby via anonymous donor mother was only ever some unripe idea that prematurely fell off the puberty tree and out of your mouth all along. Nobody ever took that shit serious. Do you love Bristol? Do you love being a father to Vivien? Those are the questions you need to be asking yourself. We have room for kids, in the house and in our hearts, and we can definitely afford more.”

“You’re right dad. I do love Bri, so much it hurts. And I love Vivien just as much if not even more. And I do regret missing out on that whole pregnancy thing with Vivien, I never felt her kick or anything. I really do want to be there for it all at least once. So, do I go initiate that talk with Bri or wait till she does? You know, sleeping dogs and all.”

“If Cheyenne is working on it, you will get the talk from her bestie, aka. your wife, very soon, kid. Rest your mind – and your wanker – cos she’ll make both run hot once she decides the baby factory is open for business. It’ll be running 24/7, prepare for double-shifts. Now go and teach your daughter how to shit in a pot. I need a break from the nasty diaper situation. And as for refusing to learn, you did the same, until – in true Blaine Cameron II fashion – you decided shitting in a pot was a great idea, you amazed yourself so much with it that you burst into a very important meeting your mother and I were having with a very important music producer, carrying your pot of glory only to stumble and empty it onto that dude. Your mother and I ended up flushing your success pile along with the contract we were hoping to get down the toilet. But at least you had learned how to go potty and your mother and I were forced to suck it up and learn how to produce our own music, both ended up being very helpful later in life.”

Father and son laughed at Rett’s colorful reminiscing.

“You know what dad? I really wish I can become even half the father you have been to me, and still are, and even a quarter of the man you are. I cannot imagine a better father than you. Love you dad.”

“Ah, son, now we are doing that kumbaya thing anyway we just made fun of our girls for. Well, I love you too, obviously, cos nobody in their right mind would have put up with the bullshit you put me and you mother through unless they love you as much as we do. You were always special to us, one of a kind, and you have grown into a very decent man and a good father, plus I have to say, good job on that grandkid. Never thought I’d enjoy being a grandparent this much. But we need to start looking into shotguns for ya, cos when that pretty little lady gets older, you better hope there are no boys like you were around then. You’ll be in so much trouble with that little princess.”

“Excellent point, dad!”

And just as Everett had predicted, once Vivien had returned home to Forgotten Hollow the next day, Rett and Maeve had gone out together, leaving Blaine and Bristol to enjoy a beautiful Del Sol Valley sunset in the hot tub, Bristol dropped the bomb.

“Blaine, darling …?” she cooed.

“How much, and does it need room in the garage? We are starting to run low because of my dad’s knack for hoarding exotic cars.” he retorted.

“Stop it, silly, I don’t want to buy anything.”

“Then I bet I can guess what this is about.”

“I bet you can’t, my handsome, amazing husband.”

“I bet you’re wrong. You would like me to make you a mommy too, so whatever Kai and Chey have in the works has a playmate right next door, just like Kai and I were. So, how did your handsome and amazing husband do?”

“Holy cannoli! How did you know that?!”

“I am just that good, babe. And you know what else I am? Totally on board with it.”

“OMG! No way! Oh, I am so glad to hear you say that, because I had my IUD pulled and can literally get pregnant right away! I never expected you to just roll with it. Oh, I love you, my sweet, hunky hubby! OMG – I can’t believe you said yes! I am so excited!”

“Well, tally-ho, I say. All aboard the baby train!” Blaine smirked as he grabbed his young wife and their kissing turned heated, while thanking his father in his mind for taking the edge of this situation, which would have gone very different without Rett’s rugged prep work and most likely ended in a fight with Bristol.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 123) Father

  1. That was such a sweet bonding moment with Blaine and his dad. And that first picture melters my heart…. ❣️❣️❣️

    He was right on about the baby fever though! It happens…. 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was a bonding moment, sweet in a very Everett and Blaine kinda way, since that side of the family isn’t the sweet and sappy one. 😉
      It was very deep, carefully hidden between funny remarks.

      Well, the baby fever seems to have broken out. Not sure how I feel about it, but Bri’s feelings would be understandable and also why she wouldn’t want to wait longer than she has to. 😉 As Rett said, they can afford kids and have lots of room in the home and heart. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Bri’s baby fever stems from soooo many things. Blaine’s too for that matter. I hope they are happy with their decision and it was made because they truly want a child and not because the somehow missed out. Of course once a baby comes, you fall in love just like they have with Vivien.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, without wanting to give away a spoiler of things to come, but wanting a child does not always equal having one, and most definitely not right away.
          Bri’s wish for a baby with Blaine is genuine, she has always said that, even back when they were still in college, and back then the thought alone sent him running. He knew it was coming, and realized he was panicking, which is why he talked to his father about it. Rett, in his very own way, managed to take the edge off.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes. It seemed he did talk Blaine down. Spoilers huh? I won’t speculate, but that’s interesting! I knew she wanted a family all along, and Blaine made her very happy going along with it. I hope it works out like they expect. ❤️. They are so sweet together.

            Liked by 1 person

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