Chapter 132) A Shared Birthday

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”


After Jenna and Jordan had found out they were expecting twins, the cards got shuffled again.

Stressful weeks of planning, house hunting and talks with realtors followed, but once Everett, Maeve, Blaine and Bristol heard about it, they insisted on helping out, and with their unlimited funds things moved ahead significantly faster, smoother and a lot bigger and better than they could have managed on their own, so by now calmness returned and with it a comfortable sense of routine again.

The Cameron Cliff House – brand-new, large home in Brindleton Bay with beautiful views and room to spare.

Jordan, Jenna and – now toddler – Ethan along with puppy Milo, one of the descendants of the original Camerons’ dog, had moved to coastal Brindleton Bay just about 30 minutes away from Windenburg, into a large and gorgeous home near the cliffs by the bay, a new build, they were the first residents ever, the house had beach access and good schools in walking distance.

And more importantly, abundant room for three children once the twins were born. A perfect childhood home to raise happy and healthy kids.

Rather than share one location for their companies, and having Jordan commute out to Windenburg from Brindleton Bay, Jordan and Jenna’s entity of the marketing branch was split up, and now had an almost identical building in downtown Brindleton Bay near the harbor. Once more the Del Sol Valley Camerons were to thank for that idea and the financing of it.

Jordan and Jenna’s company, C-Genix in Brindleton Bay, one of the two Cameron legacy businesses. The other is Cameron Enterprises, located in Windenburg and owned by Jordan’s twin brother Jamie.

The original building in downtown Windenburg was now only the business consulting firm run by Jamie, he and his twin brother still worked hand in hand, sharing many clients for the different aspects of the work they did. Not a day passed without them at least facetiming, if not meeting up, business-related or just socially.

Jamie’s company in downtown Windenburg, just a ferry ride and 10 minutes walk from his home on the Windenburg isle.

Jamie and his wife Averie had finally confirmed that they were expecting again as well. They remained at the stunning Cameron Estate on the Windenburg Isle.

With two small children and another one on the way, plus another Cameron descendant canine, puppy Mika, Averie would be a full time mom and homemaker now, giving up her culinary career. She didn’t mind too much as she much rather cooked for her family at home than in the fast-paced and stressful environment of a restaurant.

The Cameron Estate on the Windenburg Isle

Jordan and Jamie’s parents, Declan and Rory had since moved out of the Cameron Estate and into the Lake House with the puppies’ mother, dog Bailey.

The Cameron Lake House on the outskirts of Windenburg, the oldest of the legacy homes, and where the legacy first started a looooooong time ago now.

While they were only in their early fifties and very active, often going on weeklong hiking trips, or skiing and rock climbing in Mt. Komorebi, living with two toddlers, Liam and Leonie and another baby on the way was too much for them, so they bowed out.

Leonie and her older brother Liam
Declan with his granddaughter Leonie, grandsons Liam (Leonie’s older brother, dark hair) and their cousin Ethan.

Declan still worked from home, which was a lot more productive without two toddlers around all the time, Rory was still working at the science research center in Oasis Springs and was often tired when she got home, while both enjoyed being grandparents and loved their grandkids, they preferred it on their terms and on a visitation basis, with the exception of course of occasional babysitting, but not around the clock.

Declan and Rory at their new residence, the Lake House in Windenburg, holding their three grandchildren.

They thoroughly enjoyed the silence now and didn’t mind the smaller home at all.

Especially since many decades ago, back when Declan’s grandparents still lived here, he and she had enjoyed many sweet moments here. They had found closer to each other here, back when Declan still suffered the worst social anxiety and shyness, causing him to not being able to talk to most people, only incomprehensible stuttering would happen.

He had come a long way with the help of Rory. Both were still deeply in love and were each other’s favorite company.

Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion
Everett Cameron's birthday party

Now all of them were visiting in Del Sol Valley to celebrate Everett’s 55th birthday with him. He and Maeve still looked no day older than 35, the music business was rough, so they kept young but the number on the paper didn’t lie. He didn’t care. He was still the same Rett he had always been, crazy, funny, active and still a high demand act on stage, still stealing awards from artists half his age with ease.

Into the midst of much casual banter, eating, laughter, suddenly Blaine noticed Bristol clenching on to one of the chairs, her face a grimace.

“Baby…?” he asked worried.

“Blaine … I was hoping I could hold on until after the party, but I think we have to go – now!”

“Are you sure? We got almost three more weeks! Maybe it’s those … whatever they are called again, those fake contraction things. Wanna go and breathe with me outside till it stops?”

“No Blaine, my water just broke. I literally cannot move. This is happening NOW.”

“Holy shit!”

Blaine scooped her up into his arms and screamed across the table where his parents were – as usual – making out.

“Mom, dad – we have to go! I am having a baby NOW!”

Everything that followed was just a blur ….

Bristol: “He is beautiful, Blaine …”
Blaine: “Takes after his mama.”

Blaine: “I love you, baby. Thank you for sticking it out with me through all my idiocy to give me this masterpiece of a son. Blake is absolutely perfect.”

The next day back at home

Everett (typing on his phone)
Dear social media world –

Ladies and gentlemen:

Blake Everett Cameron

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 132) A Shared Birthday

  1. How fitting he was born in his Grandfather’s birthday. ❤️❤️❤️ I loved the picture of Bristol holding onto the chair and then Blaine driving to the hospital! And the newborn baby in her arms looked soooo good. Great screenshots capturing the emotions of the moment.

    But not to overshadow the beginning of the chapter with Declan and Rory at the lake house. ❤️❤️❤️ They were so dang sweet. They earned babysitting on their terms! Lol. It’s time for them to enjoy each other. And catching up with Jordan and Jaimie and their lives was great. Blaine and company are so generous. I love them. Nice chaoter bringing everyone up to date.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And sorry about the typos! 🙄


    2. It was fitting!
      Got him a middle name for sure. 😉
      (Well, that and the fact that he was conceived there – sorta on purpose as a hail Mary since Bristol has such a hard time conceiving).
      Thank you for the sweet words about the screenies and for noticing. They did turn out great, made me happy.

      Oh, I love playing Decs and Rory. They are so much fun. Back to the place where it all started for them … wondering how long till Everett and Maeve flee the Mansion … Ha ha ha

      Blaine is generous, he never forgot all the times his aunt, uncle and cousins had been there for him when he was going through really rough times, he’d probably give them all his money and organs if they needed it.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Aw, I loved this chapter. Beautiful screenshots!


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