Chapter 134) Masquerade

“Behind every mask is a face,
and behind every face is a story …”

Now this is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 134) Masquerade

  1. Gorgeous pictures. ❤️❤️❤️ I went through it a couple of times. Blaine and Scarlett were absolutely stunning. Blaine looks damn good in a tux. I loved the different sized shots to show a closer image, instead of having to squish them into a smaller view. Because a smaller image would never do them both justice. There was just so much to see! The emotion and tenderness they have for each other came through loud and clear.

    Now … holy cow! When I saw the name of the chapter I clicked on it as fast as I could after seeing the teaser pics. I wasn’t disappointed. So much said without words. Blaine never has, nor ever will, have that kind of passion with Bristol. I have no doubt he cares deeply for her. But it’s just different from the love that he and Scarlett share. And Blaine knows this. He’s always said he would’ve chosen Scarlett, but she keeps pushing him away until she can’t stand it any longer. I would say that he and Bristol are truly best friends with benefits. I feel like she knows it deep down, but she has a good life, one that she wants with Blaine, so she’s willing to settle for best friend and fool herself into believing it’s more.

    Great chapter showing how those two truly feel about each other. But, where on earth do they go from here? *sigh*. Someone’s going to get hurt … again. And I suspect it might be a very sweet and very pretty blonde. I don’t think she’ll tolerate his infidelity a second time. She has a child now, not sure how that will play into the mix.

    And yes, ‘The end of the beginning’ is very apt.

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    1. First of, I adore your comment.
      So thoughtful, and you really ‘get it’. Things rarely are simply black and white, right or wrong, especially when it involves complex people, like these two.

      You are right. Blaine said it many times, he wanted to stop, but found that he just can’t stop loving Scarlett. And Scarlett tried everything imaginable to move on too. Yet, fate brings them back together each time. Eventually both are weak enough to not even bother fighting it, until something happens, Scarlett realizes the sad truth and backs away, hurting Blaine every time. Last time it was Blaine choosing Bristol over her and she finally got a taste of how that type of rejection feels. Maybe that was why she wanted to hear him say certain things last chapter after going through something very traumatic herself.
      Beautiful, sweet Bristol is bound to get hurt. Things have already been set into motion, too much has happened already to swipe it under a rug. It’s only a matter of time, Bristol is a lot of things that may not be to everyone’s taste, but she is not dumb.
      Now there are two children involved, which is not ideal at all.

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      1. I don’t necessarily say I would call them weak. Just very much in love. The pull is too strong. My heart goes out to Bristol. Cause I’m sure the sh*t storm is coming. And she’s really done nothing to cause it. She’s been too perfect in fact. It was so romantic for her when Blaine claimed her at her own wedding to another man. I can see how it’s easy for her to believe he loves her romantically. But it’s just not there. I was hoping he’d moved on because they are the ‘perfect’ couple, but it’s just not him. He was settling. We shall see. I need to stop now.

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        1. Maybe the old term “too good for him” takes on a whole new meaning(s) for her and Blaine.

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          1. Perhaps so. 😭😭😭

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  2. They are so stunning together.


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