Chapter 136) Three On Thirty

“Not getting what you want either means you don’t want it enough, or you have been dealing too long with the price you have to pay.”

—Rudyard Kipling

Over the following months, one by one, the family and friends making up generation 3 turned 30.

Jenna was first, but the active, sporty daredevil that she was, she refused a big party and spent the money on an adventure trip to Selvadorada instead, with husband Jordan, toddler son Ethan and their dog Milo, while Declan and Rory watched their twin babies Everleigh and Eric.

Next in line was Blaine, he’d be followed by his twin cousins Jordan and Jamie, then Averie and last of all Bristol.

Blaine’s party, of course, was a main event, celebrity style – go big or go home. All the kids had been parked with friends so all the adults could let loose, and it was a party that lasted pretty much an entire day and most of the night.

Everyone was there. The gigantic mansion was almost filled, enough people to make up a small village, the local hotel booked up by overflow guests that didn’t live in Del Sol Valley and couldn’t find accommodation with those that did. Nobody would have to drive anywhere, drivers had been hired, everyone could just enjoy themselves without any inhibitions.

There was much music and laughter, reminiscing and alcohol.

Averie had found an old photo from college days, taken on Jenna’s 19th birthday party, spent bar hopping back then.
So they recreated it, this time with Bristol, who had been attending college in Del Sol Valley at the time, and Kai & Cheyenne, who had been on a couple’s vacation then.

As the day progressed, evening approached, the effects of alcohol flowing freely were becoming noticeable. Nobody was sober anymore, just the stages of drunkeness varied greatly. Some guests were passed out on the couches or lounge chairs on the patio, some left one of the many bathrooms with a greenish tint, some were even dancing atop furniture.

Most of the couples, new and long-term ones, were standing around smooching, some suddenly disappeared, only to reappear slightly disheveled a long while later …

Even Bristol was inebriated, as she suddenly clumsily pat Blaine’s back, who was trying to counteract his alcohol buzz by raiding the birthday buffet.
Bri’s hand missed his back and got his butt instead, giggling she squeezed it, not something she would ever do normally, let alone with people around.
Surprised, Blaine turned around, catching her hand before she could try to squeeze his cheek again, just this time she would have gotten the flipside. He now noticed she was hanging heavily off Scarlett, who seemed perfectly sober, giving Blaine a brief shrug, while Bristol babbled on, mostly incoherent things, then kissed him, before planting a big, sloppy wet kiss on Scarlett’s cheek, who forced up a nervous giggle, as she wiped the wetness off with a bewildered look.

“Now you kiss each – *hic* – other … we all kiss … KISS! MUAH!” Bri slurred and giggled.

‘Oh shit!’ Blaine thought frowning, realizing he wasn’t all that sober anymore either, but enough to realize this had turned into ground zero for his relationship.

“I think we’ll get you to bed, Bri. And I think you too, birthday boy, you are swaying like an Aspen tree in the wind. At least a little sober-up nappy, before you dive back into partying like it’s 1999.” Scarlett suggested, Blaine opened his mouth to protest, but Bri was faster.

“NO! I am not a … *hic* … little girl … I can .. be … up … hee hee .. up … I said up .. Blaine .. are you ‘up‘ too ….” snorting and giggling, Bri wiggled her eyebrows at him.

“Oh jeeze! Scarlett, help me get her to the bedroom!” Blaine urged, with more effort than normal picking up Bristol, swaying with her in his arms, so Scarlett stabilized them, before following him as he carried her out of the room.

Blaine was worried Bristol would say even worse things, stuff she would regret, with everyone here to bear witness, including her parents, brother Phillip and his wife. The Sinclairs weren’t famous for the same sort of ‘if you think it, say it’ attitude as the Camerons were, especially when under the influence.
Nobody would think too much about him misbehaving, especially on his big birthday, but her … yikes.

“You sure you got her? Don’t you drop her now. Blaine, just let me get her” Scarlett urged trying to take over.

“Quit it, I got her! I can carry a little woman, who weighs maybe 110 pounds soaking wet, thank you very much!” Blaine pouted, feeling emasculated by Scarlett’s attempts to help.

“I don’t wanna!” Bri sounded like a bratty little girl.

“Nah, girlfriend, we’re getting you to bed. NOW!” Scarlett insisted patiently, using the same tone as she did with Vivien when she was tired and cranky.

“Oh – OH! THAT … okay .. I am totally game. I always wanted to try that. With you … you are BEAUTIFUL …myster.. myst… well .. you know … maybe then I know why he is so addicted …” Bri babbled on.

“What?! Huh?!” Blaine wasn’t processing.

“Oh jeeze. Blaine – just shut up and keep walking. She’s obviously totally trashed.” Scarlett told him.

“Ya think?!” Blaine turned down the hallway as they had reached the top of the stairs, almost running into Riordan and Layla on their way back downstairs. Bri saw them too and instantly slurred

“Oh hello! We’re going to have a THREESOME now!”

“Huh?” Riordan made, shocked and surprised.

“Never mind that Ri, just ignore, and keep walking. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. Sorry Layla, this is totally normal behavior for Camerons. Best to just move on.” Scarlett explained.

Nodding, Ri waved, signaling he understood, put his arm around his fiancée Layla’s waist and left down the stairs Blaine, Bri and Scarlett had just come up by.

“Scarlett, you’re gonna tell Ri we are .. you know … NOT! She’s gonna be so embarrassed. Me too.” Blaine slurred.

Scarlett giggled “Suddenly worried about your rep? That’s new.”

“Hillarious! Glad you are having fun being a bitch at my expense!” Blaine said. It was just the way they had always talked to each other.

“I’M BITCH, I AM A LOVER, I AM MOTHER I AM A .. UH … FATHER …” Bri started singing an old earworm, loudly, off-key and totally wrong, her words echoed embarrassingly off the walls as Scarlett finally pushed open the door, Blaine slamming it shut behind them all with a kick of his foot after all had passed through.

He put Bri down on the bed, lost footing and almost fell atop her, nearly rolling off the other side, it made him dizzy, he remembered Scarlett keeping him from hitting the ground, then didn’t recall much after that.

The next morning though, Blaine would have a kind of awakening he wouldn’t ever forget …

To be continued …

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 136) Three On Thirty

  1. Holy cow! It seems like all of my comments anymore start there. Lol. But yes. This looks baaad. Come morning it’s most definitely going to be a new reality. At least Bri a happy drunk. 🤷‍♀️ That’s the positive…. But we are for sure closer to a Blaine/Scarlett/Bri come to Jesus meeting.

    Bri was big time drunk, and Scarlett out and out refused to participate in a threesome before. So I have to wonder if Scarlett finally said screw it. Pun intended. However, they may have all just passed out cold (except Scarlett who was sober) and nothing happened except an adult slumber party. However, I expect it is likely something did since no one is dressed anymore, but then everyone is sorta dressed too, so maybe they just didn’t get to the big finish.

    Trying to figure out this cliffhanger….did they or didn’t they? Only their vampire knows for sure. (Sorry lame joke). Because I doubt Bri or Blaine would even remember one way or the other. Bri suggested this before, but she was desperate, and then Blaine (Scarlett) shut it down and things got better for awhile.

    Now Scarlett is clearly back in Blaine’s bed and his life, so she’s desperately trying to figure out what Scarlett has that she doesn’t. To me it’s that there are no pretenses between Blaine and Scarlett. Scarlett and Blaine can be a Scarlett and Blaine with each other. However, Bri’s identity is tied to Blaine – Blaine’s wife and Blake’s mother. Pure and simple. I feel for her if that is taken away because she’ll likely jump on the first man to show interest, as long as he’s wealthy. I think that’s very important to Bri. Status. She was raised wealthy and Blaine is wealthy and popular. She didn’t want that life but she wanted the perks so maybe she compromised her values already a little to become Blaine’s wife. But maybe I’m not giving her enough credit. I like Bri, she’s been nothing but patient with Blaine. And Blaine always seems to try to protect her, which I think she loves, but if he yelled at her, I feel like she’d break.

    All of that to say, I don’t think Bri really wants a threesome. It’s her wanting to stay Blaine’s wife. She’s gotten comfortable with her role in his life, and now they have a son and she’s taken to that role as well. Deep down I’m sure she must hate Scarlett for giving her husband something that he clearly needs in his life and sadly she doesn’t know what it is. She thinks it’s because Scarlett is beautiful and mysterious. I don’t think I that’s it at all, besides, Bri is also beautiful, but in a different way. It’s the passion and soul deep love they share that’s different.

    So the brown stuff may hit the fan, or they’ll handle it like adults and someone will kill the other one. 😬

    Can’t wait for the next one……. Sorry if I said too much. You’ve gotten me emotionally involved in these characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All I can say about your comment is WOW.
      It does a writer’s soul good to see someone so interested, invested and involved in the little tale I spun. Also, you are so dead on with a lot of things, it’s not even funny.
      You will see in the next chapter, which is written and finished and likely will post in the next few days.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Eeeek! I cannot wait! Thank you for writing such great characters!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my characters! So it’s easy. And I love that you do too.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh boy, this is definitely a party to remember!


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