Chapter 157) Paternal Interruptus

“Whatever one does, someone is always happy…then again, someone else is not pleased”

Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

Chuckling and giggling mixed with the sound of kissing as the towels they had been wrapped in fell carelessly to the floor, the female gently shoving her partner into the soft cushions of one of the couches before straddling him as the two lovers intertwined, trading hot kisses, moans and guttural groans of pleasure to their unified rhythmic movements.

It wasn’t long until they were nearing the crescendo of their couple’s union which they had been building up to steadily since leaving the hot tub where all this passion play originated, when suddenly the female stiffened with a shriek.


Blaine halted instantly, staring at Scarlett atop him, discombobulated, as she already reached for her towel on the ground while pulling away from him, covering her nakedness in said towel, he turned to find a man in the room, causing him to jump up as well. The mood was long gone.

“Caleb! Dafuq man!?” Blaine blurted out, stumbling backwards, first covering his manhood with his bare hands before replacing them with the second towel wrapped around his slender hips, joining his wife in staring at the new arrival.

“My apologies for the intrusion on this … more than unpleasant scene, but I need you to come with me right now, Scarlett for some very urgent Vatore family business. I’ll explain all one on one later. Vampires only, sorry Blaine.” Caleb said in his usual matter-of-factly demeanor, though visibly taken aback by what he had ported himself into.

“Dude, seriously?! I thought that’s not allowed for you vampire crowd to just show up in a man’s home unannounced! We were in the middle of fu..”

“BLAINE!” Scarlett stopped his rant.

“Oh, I can see what you were in the middle of with my daughter and let me assure you, I wish I didn’t have to bear witness to that, and normally, you know I would NEVER just show up, but this is a downright emergency. Scarlett, if you please … make haste! I will explain all later. I need all hands on deck.”

“Sure. I’ll get dressed and be down in a minute.” Scarlett said and instantly vanished.

“I can wait for her outside if you would prefer.” Caleb offered politely.

“Nah, you already cockblocked me, might as well hang out, if only to make sure the grandfather of my kids doesn’t turn into a pile of dust on my doormat. Want a drink? You do look like you need a real stiff one, ha, no pun intended. What’s your poison, Vatore?”

“I do not appreciate your crudeness, but would appreciate a drink, very much actually. I do not care what. Turpentine would do well now even.” Caleb said, slightly distracted by Blaine’s unsuitable state of clothing as he followed his mortal son-in-law to the bar in the same room.

“Don’t know about turpentine, but I got just the medicine you need, no worries. You showing up here like your hair was on fire and being so desperate for a Vatore family meeting sounds like your lil boy got caught with the hand in another cookie jar yet again, am I right?” Blaine snickered, heading to the bar to pour.

“You have no idea.” Caleb sighed.

“I think I do, I am making your binkie extra strong here. Means a lot coming from an ex-addict like myself. If I say strong, I mean it will put hair in places you never had any before. That’s why I keep Scarlett on the wine. I prefer my girl to be smooth. And smooth she is … hmm hmmm.”

“You think it wise taunting me like this after what I just had to witness? I am still your father-in-law! And a high ranking vampire, not some guy next to you at some shady bar by the docks.”

“Yeah, and I am not telling you anything you didn’t already know about me, now, am I? My timeline of glory from when I could barely walk to O.D.’ing as a teen to my present day adventures can mostly be read up in any cheap ass gossip column, Caleb. As for the behind the scenes stuff, I know you are a smart man and already figured your daughter and I fuck a lot. Yet, ironically, I turned out to be the least of your problems after all. At least your daughter is more than happy and stays out of trouble and it got you a nice vampire grandson as well, not to mention the mortal granddaughter who has you wrapped tight around her little finger. Who knows if we’re even done yet with that grandkid production line. Don’t go buying any onesies just yet though, just talking out of my ass here, no actual plans with the Misses to that effect, just me saying who knew parenting could be so much fun? And who would’ve guessed I’d be any good at it. Ha.”

“YOU never were a problem for me, Blaine. If you remember correctly, I have always been in favor of your relationship from the start, it was Scarlett who was the reluctant one, but that does not mean I want to have front row seats when you consummate it, nor do I need reminders that or how often you engage in private marital activities! Speaking of, there are 4 children in this home. Should you be doing this … adult activity out here on the couch? There aren’t even doors to this fish tank of a room, windows everywhere, anyone could walk right up and spot you doing your filth on the couch … which even I have sat upon before.” Caleb shuddered.

“Oh chill about the windows, daddy-in-law, dearest. This house is sealed up tighter than a nun’s legs on three sides, the rest faces the cliffs, someone would have to be 20+ feet tall to peek in this bitch from there and in that case, them staring at my pecker and where it may go regarding your daughter would be the least of my worries! Give us at least a little credit here. First of all, currently there are only 3 out of the 4 kids living here, Vivien is still at college as you know, one more semester to go, then we have that brat back too unless you want her. The rest of the brood are visiting with my parents in Windenburg right now. As for the couch, we get that shit professionally cleaned every two weeks, and definitely before and after parties, so I assure you, you haven’t been sitting in rancid old Blainey fun juice before. Yeah, not the best idea to have kids and light furniture. Do not recommend in combo, in case you ever plan on remodeling ye olde castle shed.”

“Even YOU should realize how little that bit of unnecessary verbal oozing even applies to my situation. Where is that daughter of mine!? What’s taking her so long?!”

“Well, if I had to guess … considering you were our last minute coitus interruptus, she is most likely showering first. It’s what good girls do. Or so I hear.” Blaine chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Frightening how comfortable you have grown around me. And how well you know my daughter. And how much you are more and more like your great-grandfather. Ha. That part is actually rather amusing. But I am not in the mood for amusement.”

“I can tell. You’re about in the same mood as a bobcat with his balls caught in an electric fence. So what did Caelan do this time? I already know it’s about him, gotta be. You can tell me, I got two sons of my own, one with and one without fangs, and most likely, I myself have been there, done that whatever you caught Caelan doing. In my past life, of course, before Scarlett. Were I to step out of line now, your daughter would not hesitate to apply medieval torture instantly. All that aside, father to father, maybe I can offer advice …”

“It’s too late for advice, my family needs to come up with some sound remedial measures. Besides, the only advice that could prevent what my son is guilty of in the future would probably be to remove his manhood … and possibly his head, both with my own bare hands, seeing how he seems to use the first too much and the latter not enough!” Caleb growled, his words causing Blaine to frown.

“Eesh! Baby boy really done gone piss daddy off good this time. Sounds like your crown prince rode that high horse he usually looks down on me from deep into shit lake for you to be that graphic. Just about made me crap my Wiener. Here’s to hoping you don’t follow through with that plan. Not the biggest Caelan fan here, but man … yikes.”

“Believe you me, Blaine, for what he has done now, my graphic depiction would in reality appear to be the mildest punishment yet!”

Scarlett appeared.

“I am ready, papa. Sorry, for the slight delay, took a quick shower. Seemed appropriate.” she said with an apologetic smile, which caused a knowing smirk and a shrug in Blaine as he winked at Caleb, who frowned before turning to his daughter.

“Finally. Thank you for the drink and the … talk, Blaine.”

“I’d say ‘anytime‘, but know now to be careful with such wording around the likes of you. You took that a little too literal for my taste.” Blaine smirked, then diverted his eyes to Scarlett who had stepped closer, now wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck.

“Bye baby. I will let you know as soon as I know how long this may take.” Scarlett kissed Blaine, then disappeared in a black cloud with Caleb.

“And they think cold skin and fangs are the worst about being married to a vampire. Nope, it brings you in-laws who can literally pop up anywhere at any moment. THAT is the worst part. I am not looking forward to having Chase grow into a teen and figure this pop up shit out. How the hell am I supposed to ground that kid? And let’s be honest, he is a son of mine, and a son of Scarlett’s, so there will be grounding.”

Blaine poured himself another drink, then stepped closer to the big panorama window overlooking Del Sol Valley.

“Well, here’s to you, Caelan, my old pain in the ass. May your father take mercy on your head and balls and let you keep both. And I cannot wait to tell my own father about this shit here right now. He will literally keel over laughing, I swear it!” Blaine mumbled to himself, amused in anticipation of his father Everett’s reaction, imagining his face lighting up before bursting into one of the familiar infectious laughters.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 157) Paternal Interruptus

  1. Embarrassing! Lol. But Blaine just laughs it off and rubs it in as much as he can to get back at Caleb for just popping in. Oh man…I can’t even imagine what’s getting ready to happen. And I guess Blaine has no idea what Caelan has done except possibly expose himself as a vampire to some girl or get one pregnant. I don’t recall if he has any idea about witches or not. But I can tell you, I know who’s going to be there throwing a huge fit to protect him. Vivien! And probably Scarlett too. He is her brother. I know they agree to disagree and just coexist with the witches. What I hope is that Caleb can bring them in as partners and friends instead. He’s powerful enough and smart enough, as is Scarlett, to figure it out. Crossing fingers that Caelan keeps both his heads. 😂😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A nice, humorous diversion to show the other side of the family, with the “runaway” Vatore. It is a very different life for Scarlett, just as she always thought, yet, never had she thought she’d swing it so well with Blaine or they could have probably omitted all their decade of drama.

      Vivien doesn’t know about any of this yet. She is the ONLY mortal who knows about witches at this point and likely, that will not change much, unless Scarlett decides to trust Blaine with it.

      Meaning, Vivien can’t fight, she doesn’t even know anything is amiss, too wrapped up in her final year of college.

      Scarlett will fight for her brother, but holds no real power as far as decisions go, same as her mother. Her old beef with the male dominated vampire power thing, each band the world over a trifecta of three most powerful males. In other words, other than chew her father’s ear off, which Breana certainly has done and will do to great lengths, there isn’t much she can do.

      As for a union between species, that is a topic for the next in line post. 🙂 Spoiler alert though , things are never as easy and straight forward in life or in this storyline.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I knew she wasn’t aware he was in trouble but that can’t be kept secret for very long. Somehow I would think she’d know. But maybe not. And I know it wouldn’t be easy! In fact I’d think it’d take a while to even decide that’s an idea that might work! But a baby makes all the difference! ❤️

        Liked by 2 people

        1. You are getting so far ahead of yourself. 🙂 Vivien is away at college, nowhere near Forgotten Hollow, and I think it was mentioned in one of the last chapters that she and Caelan don’t have as much contact at the moment as they used to, so it may take a coincidence or some time for Vivien to even know something is off. 🙂

          Unless of course someone were to tell her, but she isn’t a vampire so ….

          And if an “illegally conceived” baby would be a sudden means for two species who have been at serious war for centuries to just kumbaya around a fire is debatable. Seems a bit too oversimplified and why wouldn’t previous generations have simply done then. LOL 😉

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          1. Ahhh. It sounds bleak for Caelan…..n

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh boy… that was a scene to behold. Not sure who I feel more sorry for, Blaine and Vivien or Caleb! 😂
    I’m feeling really worried for Caelan..

    Liked by 1 person

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