Chapter 213) Let’s Wait A While

Waiting is a sign of true love and patience.

Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.

— Unknown
San Myshuno 
Skyline Club

On shaky legs Abigail followed Vivien onto the stage of the club, where Vivien with great familiarity got them set up, then told Abby some hint and tips, before selecting their song. It was the famous Skyline Club, remodeled and now managed by Vivien herself, after her dad Blaine handed over the reigns of this family heirloom venue, which many decades ago put the Cameron name on the map.

“You’re not gonna leave me, right?” Abby worried, a quick glance down at their table where her older brother Liam and Jay were chatting while awaiting Vivien and Abby’s performance. God, both were so handsome. Why couldn’t she have Liam’s poise, confidence and amazing genes making him look great effortlessly straight out of bed – and his musical talent. Abby nearly lacked all of that, she was pretty, but nothing exceptional and looked like a scarecrow after getting up in the mornings after a night spent running to the nursery at least once, if not half a dozen times to soothe a screaming triplet. And then Jay … oh man, Jay. Scars or not, he was a looker. OOF. She felt like a fraud on this stage, especially next to Vivien.

“Of course I won’t leave you, silly girl! You only worry about remembering what we practiced and looking cute and sexy. You got this. And I got your back all the way, girl.” Vivien smiled her million dollar smile, looking as perfect as a model, like she always did. Vivien was the girl everyone loved, and everyone loved to hate. That girl was born for greatness and while she may have stepped down from actively performing, it was in her blood. She was still larger than life and while Abby loved her sister-in-law, she had always envied her greatly.

The song started playing, slow and romantic, Abby got nervous, tucking around on the short, sexy, yet sophisticated haute couture designer dress borrowed from Vivien, as Vivien took the first lines, with her amazing stage presence and great voice got the audience warmed up right, which encouraged Abby and when Viv signaled her to be ready, she felt confident and ten feet tall.

The idea was as simple as it was romantic, bordering sappy.

Abby had driven herself nuts about the date with Jay, pushed it out again and again with lame excuses, unsure what to do, until she couldn’t even think straight anymore. She went to talk to Liam, to get advice, but when Vivien let her in at their upscale penthouse, she changed her mind and talked to her sister-in-law instead. If anyone would understand Abby’s dilemma, it would be Vivien. And she had understood and presented Abby with something she didn’t have before: a plan and some clarity.

Now here they were and Abby heard her own voice sounding strange over the loudspeakers, but somehow for reasons unbeknown it sounded great, whenever some lines had her voice shaky, Vivien would chime in and it sounded intentional and amazing.

The song choice couldn’t have been more perfect, the lyrics seemed having been written for Abby and Jay

“There’s something I want to tell you
There’s something I think that you should know
It’s not that I shouldn’t really love you
Just let’s take it slow

Remember that special night
When all of the stars where shining bright
We made our first endeavor

But on that very first night
It wasn’t quite right

Let’s wait a while before we go too far
Let’s wait a while, awhile before it’s too late
You know you can’t rush love, love

You don’t have to be frightened with my love
Because, I’ll never give up on you”

Abby could tell that the intended message was well received by Jay, his eyes had gotten big, he looked flabbergasted, confused and amazed all at once.

But when the final chords of the music faded out, Abby did what Vivien had told her was the very important icing on this cake.

With a soft, raspy voice Abby sung-spoke the words into the microphone, and it sounded just as intended, running shivers down her own spine, while Jay rose from his chair.

“I promise, I’ll be worth the wait …”

Standing ovations, the music now over, Liam held out his hand for Vivien to help her off the stage, then did the same for his little sister, but was gently slid aside by Jay

“You mind leaving one for me, you pretty girl hog?”

Liam opened his mouth to respond, but Vivien pulled him close and kissed him just the right way that he forgot what he wanted to say to Jay, who was visibly wondering how to react to Abby’s sung message.

“Wow.” Jay said, filling Abby with relief that he didn’t copy Vivien.

“You liked it?”

“The performance or the message? That WAS a message, wasn’t it?”

Abby nodded.

“Then I’ll wait. Forever if need be. At least I got some hope now that it won’t be in vain”

“You would wait? For me?”

“Forever and always. You really are worth it to me and I already made my choice, just waiting for you to make yours. You and the trips. And those crazy dogs too.”

He sounded sincere, the fact he did get what she was telling him and wasn’t trying to push her meant the world to Abby. He really was so much more sensitive and emotional than Elliott had ever been, and right now Jay just seemed …. supernatural to Abby. Like the personification of the perfect man. He smelled perfect.

“Oh, screw it!” Abby said then lunged forward and kissed him.

Just before she closed her eyes she saw her brother and Vivien look surprised, Vivien turning Liam’s face to her and away from Abby and Jay to make sure he wouldn’t blow a gasket and interfere.

Then Abby felt only Jay’s lips, pressed herself against his firm body and just felt great. Jay responded to her kiss and it made her feel like a woman again, not just some robot functioning for everyone else’s sakes.

When they finally separated, both overwhelmed with emotions, they noticed Liam and Vivien were getting ready to leave, so Jay and Abby did too. All of them had little ones at home and parents to relieve from babysitting duty.

Windenburg Isle
Abby's current home

With her parents seen off and on their way home, the triplets fast asleep, it all went just as planned in her head, sexy, romantic, just like in the movies, but once in her bedroom with Jay things came to a screeching halt. All courage left Abby the moment she was alone in there with him, staring up at him in awe and horror.

Oh gawd. Now what? Say something smart. No, something seductive. Something cool. No, sexy. And by all that is holy, don’t let on how inexperienced you really are. You have three babies, how hard can this stuff be, right? But once you go there with him, he can’t be sweet goofy Jay ever again. He’ll always be … OH GAWD!’ Abby thought and frowned.

“Not quite the face I expected. You okay, Abs? You look ready to panic-puke.” his tone sounded genuine.

“Can I be honest with you, Jay?” she responded, her voice shaky.


“I really didn’t plan beyond you walking through that door … I don’t know what to do now.”

Jay just put his hands on the sides of her face, then leaned his forehead against hers, feeling her tremble with nervousness, but him holding her like this calmed her, she clenched his sportscoat as if never to let go again. Why was this so hard? Humanity didn’t just invent sex, obviously, and it wasn’t like this would be her first time. Not even their first time together. ARGH!

“Then we’ll wait until it comes to you. I have done a lot of waiting in my life, always waited for something, I can definitely wait for you. I have a nice comfy bed downstairs, so don’t you worry. You have all the time you need, cos my angel, you are traumatized. I’ll just say this, I owe a lot to you and and your family, I won’t ruin this by being a dude, but will be a man, just as your grandfather taught me. I’ll patiently wait. Forever and always …” with those words he kissed her forehead.

One more gentle stroke with the back of his hand across her cheek, and Jay left the room, shutting the door softly behind him to go to sleep in his own bed downstairs.

Abby sat down on her bed, reliving the entire day in her head, then went over to her mirror to look at herself.

“Oh, screw it!” she decided for the second time that evening, then ran down the stairs in to the home office …

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1 thought on “Chapter 213) Let’s Wait A While

  1. That was a cute performance by Vivien and Abby. So sweet.
    Jay is raking up the points, being a gentleman. Hope Abby doesn’t regret her decision to join him downstairs, in the morning!


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