Chapter 233) Future Rebels

“The future is meant to be a secret for those that can’t handle life. Premonitions and the ability to see into the future, are only given to those that have the wisdom to make the right decisions, from which, accepting happiness is the most basic one.”

Cameron Mansion
Front Door

The teen boy with a year round tan, acquired by working outdoors and not lounging by pools, contrasting his bright blue eyes and ready smile, his full warm brown hair always slightly messy, strong build, smooth Southern drawl making up for his always slightly too loud voice was talking intensely to Caitlin trying to convince her of his idea.

His name was Kieran Carver McCoy, called ‘KC’ for short, and he wasn’t a DSV native, he didn’t even live here, hailing from Oasis Springs, born and raised, but when he was little his father had been hired in for a work assignment at the local Film Studios, which would occasionally call him back here, he would always take his son with him. KC’s father Martin McCoy was a simple man, but also a very skilled handyman and woodworker, who often recruited his son’s help, probably to give him a taste for the business, hoping one day KC would follow in his footsteps.

While KC and his parents couldn’t afford any of the fancy life of Del Sol Valley, they would come here frequently together for Martin’s work, which is how KC and Caitlin met many years ago now. KC was 8 then, Caitlin was just about to turn 6, when they ran into each other in the shopping mile. KC had gotten lost, Caitlin and her mom had been out shopping, so they took him to his father. Cait was such a social butterfly even then, so she invited him to her birthday party. They had been friends ever since and KC would visit her at the Cameron Mansion every time his dad came to town and she would sometimes be taken to see him in Oasis Springs.

“It’s only for a couple days, Kitty Cait, only one weekend, just don’t tell your parents it’s just us. Say you’re staying over at one of your girlfriend’s homes. You have so many, no way they’d call them all to check on you.” KC tried hard.

“She’s not gonna lie to her parents for this, she is not going anywhere, especially not with you and most certainly not alone! How naïve do you think she is?!” the almost exact opposite of the first teen now said.

This boy, Heathcliff Grainger, called Heath, named after his late father, was pale, of very slender, almost wiry build, his intense eyes were an almost indistinguishable shade and seemed to change color by mood, but there was always a hint of purple in them, all framed by eyebrows as black as his hair.

When he spoke it was exact, properly enunciated, never too loud and with an ever so slightly English influenced accent, like someone who spent a lot of his youth in elite British boarding schools. He was Blaine and Scarlett’s current foster child and had been since Caitlin was 10. Nobody knew exactly how old Heath was, so they just guessed he was around Caitlin’s age and they just celebrated their birthdays together. His transformation had started just a little before Caitlin’s, so the assumptions seemed correct.

“Whaddaya want, Caspar? Did I yell ‘pound cake’ that ya lil crumb think ya needa pipe up? Nobody was talkin’ to ya?! Go spook around some old castle ruins!” KC growled at Heath.

“BOYS – stop it! You are so stupid bickering like old ladies.” Cait interfered.

“But Caity Cat … ya know you can trust me and …” KC pleaded again.

“Hey name is Caitlin! It’s a beautiful, meaningful name, so quit butchering it, you ape!” corrected Heath.

“Which eye do ya want the Caitlin on, you moron!? I’ll punch it into yer head!” KC roared, raising his fist, taking an offensive stance, but immediately relaxed when Caitlin gave him that type of look.

“Do not dare KC! Touch him and I will NEVER speak to you again! Heath is right, I don’t want to lie to my parents, besides. if mom and dad were to find out I would be locked up in a dungeon till I am 30. Oh, don’t look at me like that. Maybe I can swing by for like an afternoon or so, but definitely not the entire weekend.” Cait told him, smiling sweetly and apologetic, which made Heath frown.

“Caitlin, a campground is the very last place on earth for you. You are … just not the type for that, remember?” Heath interjected, his expression giving her the ‘you know what I am talking about, but HE does not know our secret’ look. They were both vampires, something that KC still did not know about. Caitlin and Heath had just recently finished transforming, which starts when a vampire child enters puberty, and that transformation came with a lot of training and skill building, so they could function not only as vampires, but also among the mortals without raising suspicion. Weekends away were out of the question until they had both completed training.

“Yeah, you’re right. KC, Heath is right. It’s not a good time for stuff like that. Raincheck?” Cait said.

“Cait, does that gnat ALWAYS have to buzz around you like white on rice? Take a hint, Q-Tip and go away! I am having a talk with MY girl Cait here!” KC snarled at Heath, giving him the ‘I saw her first’ look, while thinking he could have convinced Caitlin if it hadn’t been for Heath interfering all the time.

“She is NOT your girl! She is MY friend. I am staying right here! I LIVE here. YOU do NOT. So YOU can leave if you don’t like it! Would probably be better anyway, or the neighborhood watch might call you in for panhandling.” Heath told him.

KC inhaled air through his nose, obviously fighting the urge to punch his nemesis into next week, but too afraid Caitlin would really not talk to him again. Instead he stood there, his lips pressed into a thin line, while shooting eye daggers at Heath. Even Caitlin realized the tension was building up too much.

“Heath. Why don’t you go change. I’ll talk to KC alone and catch up with you in a minute.” she tried, smiling sweetly at Heath, which only poured more oil into KC’s fire.

“That’s NOT happening! No Caitlin, I am not leaving you alone with HIM.” Heath shook his head, and didn’t move.

“She said git, so git you shithayed!” KC pressed out between gritted teeth, fuming.

This was when the door suddenly opened and Caitlin’s grandmother Maeve appeared.

“Gentlemen! I believe you both have been raised better than all that!” she said.

“Granma …” Caitlin exclaimed.

“Caitlin and Heath, did you both forget your keys or why are we all loitering outside? You, young lady up to your room to finish your homework before dinner, NOW, and with the door wide open, if you please.” Maeve decided.

Caitlin took a breath trying to argue but knew there was no way she could win this battle with her grandmother.

While Caitlin went into the house, Maeve addressed Heath.

“You, Mr. Grainger should already be changed into your nice suit, I most certainly hope you weren’t planning on going to a fine dining establishment such as the ‘Toujours’ looking like this! And you, Mr. McCoy, I am sure you have noticed that my granddaughter is dressed up. I know you are almost a fixture at this house, but I am afraid not tonight. You see, we have overnight guests from Windenburg, whom we are taking out to dinner in just a bit and I am sorry to say the reservation doesn’t allow an additional guest. Do you need our driver to drop you off at your father’s hotel?” Maeve smiled, belying her very strict tone.

“Naw, that’s all right, Mrs. C. I can hike down and take the bus, keeps my girlish figure.” KC told her.

“I beg your pardon? You didn’t seem in such a big hurry, so why wouldn’t you have the time for 6 additional letters now? Just because you insist on being addressed by two letters doesn’t mean the whole world enjoys that.” Maeve told him.

“Sorry, Mrs. Cameron. I’ll be seeing ya around, mothball! And then we’ll continue this conversation.” the tone made clear it was a warning and a promise.

“Sure. I’ll be waiting, right NEXT to Caitlin, where I will be at the dinner as well. Too bad you can’t join us, but I think the risk might be too great that you cannot even chew with your mouth shut, you trailer park king!” Heath’s usually gentle voice dripped poison.

This got Maeve to turn her anger at him.

“I never want to hear something like that from you EVER again, Heathcliff! Like it or not, but you are being raised by the village in this household, which I happen to be part of and I will hold you to our standards. We do not raise entitled Neanderthals. You can be such a well mannered, kind and smart young man, so why stoop to dismal levels? Caitlin is being raised as a modern young lady and will know how to make the right choices WITHOUT needing YOU to make them for her. Same goes for any other lady you may ever decide to get closer with. This is not the 18th century. Please refrain from mansplaining and acting as if Cait were your property, and reduce your attempts on chivalry to opening doors and such. Understood? Great. Inside with you then and get changed! Chop, chop, sweetie. Don’t stand here sprouting roots.” Maeve opened the door.

After a second of hesitation, Heath went inside without argument and Maeve turned to KC.

“Mr. McCoy, my dear KC, sweetheart. I have known you for a long time now, I genuinely like you a lot, I do, but lucky for both of us am I not part of the village responsible for raising you. So let me tell you a little secret. With your ripe old 15 years you are the oldest of this bunch, and should be wiser than to plot dubious camping trips with my still very much 13 year old granddaughter right underneath our video doorbell device. Let this be a lesson for you now and any potential future date planning involving the need for a level of smoke and mirrors. I may be old, but I know how to work modern technology. In other words, there are very few things I do NOT see and/or hear. Plus, between you and I, whatever crooked thing you think you can pull, I have been there, done that and worn the T-shirt long before you were even a shimmer in your daddy’s eyes. My husband and I have not always been old. We both were rebels and I can smell rebels from miles away. You are one, my granddaughter is one and I have an inkling that our Heath is not as sweet and innocent as he likes to make us think. Spells trouble, and I am ready. Are you?”

“Uh … well … what … ahem … Yes Mrs. Cameron. I mean no, Mrs. Cameron. No trouble.”

“Splendid. Off with you then. Bye bye KC, have a wonderful afternoon and should Heath return home with even the slightest idea of a bruise or a single hair out of place, you will quickly learn one of the most important life lessons any given person could ever learn. Pardon my French: but that lesson is: DO NOT FUCK WITH A CAMERON. Heath may not be one in name, but he is under our guardianship, which is the same as having been born into his family. Are we on the same page, KC.”

“Holy crap, you are one fierce grandma. I see where Cait’s got her temper from. I won’t touch him. I’d be afraid if I’d breath hard on him, he’d fall over and shatter into a million pieces.” KC smirked.

Maeve smiled, rubbed the back of her hand against the teen’s cheek.

“Oh, my sweet ignorant child. If only you know how sturdy our Heath really is … But enough banter. You run along, I am sure I’ll be seeing you again soon.”

“Right on … bye Mrs. C … ameron. Cameron. Bye.”


Author's Note:

Since it is simply impossible to keep everything that goes on in my game as part of the story, here is proof that KC didn't just come out of nowhere, he really has been around for many years as have many other friends, Caitlin is quite the social butterfly. KC is the tan boy always next to her. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 233) Future Rebels

  1. Oh oh, I predict a showdown between these two boys of epic proportions!
    Sweet chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. No showdowns yet, since Caitlin is still too young to even mentally grasp why the boys have become so much on edge and even the boys may not realize it fully yet. In a year or two, that will definitely look different.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better and I hope poor Caitlin survives it. I loved the feisty Maeve in this chapter and yes, she’s definitely been there done that! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caitlin’s fine. I don’t think she even really realizes that the hormones of the boys are already starting to work overtimes, she may not have arrived there quiet yet, and maybe even the boys don’t realize what is going on.

      The worst thing is, there are even more boys her age interested, not to mention all the female friends she has that she hangs out with, so she is always hanging out with someone. I think her parents and grandparents are bracing for impact, but she is still blissfully unaware of the whole romantic potential that is possibly coming her way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha! You’re so right. She’s just at the cusp of thinking boys are cool.


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