Chapter 241) Episodes – Vivien

“A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.”

 Robert Brault
Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion (Blaine & Scarlett's home)

“Can I go throw some hoops, grampa?” Nick asked.

“Sure, knock yourself out. Not literally though this time, my ears are still ringing from your mother screaming when you got creative with it last time you guys came over, when you ended up taking a ball to the noggin and went down like felled timber. Luckily you inherited my hard head and not even a scratch on ya. Think you can handle that without drama this time, buddy?” Blaine winked at the boy he was holding.

“Yes, grampaaaa … that was just a little bad aim … and I didn’t even really cry … much.” Nick said.

Chuckling, Blaine set the boy on the ground.

“I’ll go with him!” Cait offered, and both ran out, followed closely by Heath.

“Not sure how much of an improvement Twiddledee and Twiddledum are to Nick’s situation, but hopefully one of them will stay conscious long enough to call for help. They were definitely all bred for beauty, not brains.” Blaine chuckled.

“You’re great with those kids, man! Totally the hip dad and grandpa! Very woke and uber-cool.” Alex said, while patting Blaine on the back so hard it made him stumble forward.

This was the final straw, Blaine snapped around to him.

“Listen here Bubba! If you do that one more time, I will rip that Yeti arm off ya and beat you into next month with it.” Blaine roared.

“Daddy! OMG – STOP!” Vivien exclaimed, holding back her father.

“I have been sweet as fucking pie to this chimp, but that dude is off his meds! If it’s not his mouth rubbing me wrong, it’s his food-shoveling-paws! What you want with such an ape is beyond me and your mother! Why do you think she fucked off half an hour ago? She’s been watching the toddlers sleep cos she couldn’t take this overrated garbage disposal anymore. Vivien, I hope he’s worth it. Better be a great lay.”

“Oh, I am, Mr. C! Never had a single complaint so far. I might well be the best your little girl ever had!” Alex smirked, undeterred.

Blaine got up in his face, and snarled his response at him.

“One more word and my little girl will have to put you in a douchebag to run you through one more time, cos there won’t be much left of you! Got that?!”

“Daddy, please. You too Alex, stop. Dad, he’s just trying to get to know you and be nice to you. And Alex, seriously?! Can you just NOT!? Just take it down a few notches. No need to try to be extra-suave with my dad.”

“Spoiler alert: Beating my insides out of me isn’t the way to my heart and not what I would call suave! This is my home, not the football field, dick-for-brains! If you don’t know your own strength and how to control it, you need not be around my daughter and grandson. If you ever bend one single hair on either, for ANY reason, you’ll be grinning that smug smirk all the way into the furnace of the crematorium!” growled Blaine.

Caelan appeared in view; he had come by for a visit to see his youngest nieces, toddlers Fallon and Blythe and just happened to stumble into the ‘meet the parents’ scenario with Vivien and Alex. Like Scarlett, he disappeared upstairs not long after the introductions and the following dinner. It was evident he wasn’t a fan of the new situation, but then again, Caelan wasn’t the cheery type to begin with.

“Everything all right down here?” he wondered, noticing the tense situation.

“Yes, Sherlock. All that was missing on this steaming pile of bullshit was you. I am just making small talk with my little girl and her new life-sized dildo, if you don’t mind.” Blaine grumbled at him.

“He’s a salty one, isn’t he, huh uncle Caelan?” Alex laughed off the tense moment, while giving Caelan the same intense pat on the back he had given Blaine, but Caelan with cat-like reflexes snapped around and had Alex by the collar.
As strong and athletic as the quarterback might be, he was no match for a vampire like Caelan, and now hung dangling laboring for his next breath.

“Never, ever call me that again. NEVER touch me!” Caelan snarled at Alex.

“CaeCae no! Let him go! You guys are all impossible!” Vivien rushed to free her date from her uncle and closest friend’s grip.

Blaine grabbed his oldest by the arm and dragged her with him into the kitchen.

“Vivien, I love you, I respect your choices, normally, but not this time. That fucker ain’t right for you! If this is the best you can come up with to replace Liam with, your mother and I are gonna buy you a fucking vibrator and call it quits. At least that thing wouldn’t talk bullcrap or take up seating at the table! He is a waste of skin. You can do better! Try harder!”

“Dad! Stop it!”

“What? Am I supposed to pretend this is real love? You don’t think I am dumb enough to buy that you are REALLY into him for one microsecond, do you?! He’s real easy on the eye and has a lot going for him physically, I’ll give him that. But you are way too smart for him. That guy can’t hold a fucking conversation if you spell it out for him in alphabet soup letters on his spoon, I think he is either on something or took a few too many hits to the head and he is not the new man for my little girl, let alone someone I want around Nick. You do not need arm candy. Release him into the wild and try again!”

“Pains me to say that, but your dad’s right. Get rid of that asshole, or I will put him somewhere and forget where that was!” Caelan said, who had followed them.

“Wow. You both are so …. unsupportive! Don’t you dare touch Alex, Caelan or I swear …!”

“If you want support, I’ll buy you a bra. I am your father and supposed to protect you from bullshit. That dude is bullshit on legs. Take him home, get laid good one last time – but for all that is holy TRIPLE UP ON PROTECTION – and then send him out to the pasture! Throwing passes, grinning for cameras, looking good shirtless and fucking seems to be all he’s good for! Scratch that itch and MOVE ON! You do not need to be dating publicly until your divorce is final anyway.”

“Yeah, what he said! If that tool’s what you dumped Liam for, you need to go back to the drawing board, angel. Maybe take a nice long vacation until you see clearly again. I don’t know where he came from, but he needs to go back there and you need to stay far away from there. Yikes!” Caelan told her.

Vivien looked somewhere between ready to blow up at them and ready to cry.

“I’ll go talk to mom! You both are being impossible! And you both leave Alex ALONE!”

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 241) Episodes – Vivien

  1. He was cute. Until he opened his mouth and started talking. Lol
    So much testosterone in the room! 😂


    1. Lots of testosterone and no room for more. And if even Blaine and Caelan agree on something, it has to be bad. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. And I thought he was hot. Yep, sex on a stick, but dumb as a box of rocks…. I have to agree with Blaine and Caelan on this one, and probably Scarlett too. Dump him and move on. Probably not back to Liam, but someone as devoted as he was until ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe dumb, or maybe just nervous around someone like Blaine, who is legend and now a known vampire. Meeting the parents is always rough, but in this case, maybe it was extra hard.
      Or maybe he’s really not all that.
      Blaine and Caelan definitely do not seem to be fans. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm. Well he was a bit too arrogant for my taste. Even when Blaine warned him he just piled on. We shall see. I’ve been wrong before.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe you have been, but not very often. 🙂
          Yeah, he’s a celebrated quarterback, full of testosterone and it shows. And it clashes with men like Blaine and Caelan. And if those two even team up and agree on something … yeah.’nuff said.

          Liked by 1 person

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