Chapter 243) Episodes: Daddy’s Girl

“My father didn’t tell me how to live.
He lived and let me watch him do it.” 

– Clarence Budington Kelland
Del Sol Valley
Villa ViVa

Sipping her morning coffee, looking out the window at her son playing in the backyard, Vivien smiled, her heart full of love for the little boy, as she felt sadness wash over her upon realizing Nicholas was the mini-me of his daddy, who was no longer here.
Vivien also realized that she missed Liam terribly.
And she realize that no amount of Alex Montgomeries in the world would ever change that.

“Hey bae!” she heard a husky voice next to her, strong arms being wrapped around her as he kissed her neck and face, his hands found their way to her breasts and started massaging them, as she could feel his arousal when he pressed up against her, right when Nick turned and waved at her.

She waved back, then tried to push the man away, to no avail.

“Get off me! Why are you not dressed?!” she hissed, while still trying to struggle away from Alex.

“What’s wrong with you, woman? You PMSing?” he mumbled into her neck, still trying to get her into the mood.

“GET THE HECK OFF ME!” Vivien’s tone left no question she was fuming.

“What’s wrong with a casual morning quickie? Seems like you could use it, you’re tense AF!” he finally let go.

“My son is right there! He can see us through the window! What if your towel comes off?” Vivien pointed, shooting eye daggers at Alex, slamming her cup down so hard, it almost broke.

“That was the idea! And so what? Nothing he hasn’t seen before, right? He’s seen your boobies when he was baby and he has a wanker. At least I hope. His father sounds like a pussy loser, that accountant dude.”

“Liam’s an attorney, NOT an accountant, you moron! And Nick’s is a little kid, seven years old! He does NOT need to be exposed to ANY of that.”

“So what? Send him to his room then. Who’s the adult here?”

“I am wondering the same! I will NOT send my son away. HE lives here, YOU do NOT!”

He snorted dismissively then looked at the coffeemaker.

“How come you have all this fancy crap and no smoothie machine or a decent blender? Coffee’s bad for you, screws up the heart rate. I need my smoothies in the morning. When does your maid get here? Maybe she can pick one up on the way. And a jar of my protein powder too. You got steaks you could cook up for me?”

“I don’t like smoothies, I am NOT your personal chef, I do not eat breakfast, if you’re hungry you can have some of Nick’s cereal and some fruit – and my maid is not your errand girl. You want a fucking smoothie, then go home! You can bathe in smoothies there.”

“God, are you always in such a rotten mood in the mornings? What happened to hospitality and all? I remember why I don’t do relationships. THIS! No wonder your old man ran away!”

“How about you leave? Maybe the staff at your house will receive you with open arms and give you all the hospitality you could want. You have overstayed your welcome here.”

“Someone has sand in her vajajay. You should take something for that. At your age all that grumpiness causes frown lines. Tssk tssk. What are you now? 40? Getting close to expiration. Better start figuring out what you’ll do when that happens. We all need a plan B. Your husband already ditched, probably for a younger chick. You should really be nicer to me.”

“My husband didn’t ditch me, let alone for someone younger! Besides, I am NOWHERE even near 40! Out! NOW!”

“Who set your tampon on fire? If you don’t wanna screw, fine. No need to get all psycho on me. I’m going in the hot tub. You’re making me tense with your bitchiness!” he decided, while pulling his towel off, sending it to pool at his feet, him in his birthday suit.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Put your towel back on! My son will see you! You need to get dressed and leave!” Vivien picked up his towel, slamming it against his muscular body, but he didn’t take it, so it rained back to the floor at his feet.

“I am going in the hot tub. Join me or don’t, but I am not going to hide like a Catholic schoolgirl. Why would I? You know how much work goes into looking like me? So what if your kid sees what a real man is supposed to look like?! I got nothing he doesn’t have, and maybe seeing the size of my junk gives him something to aspire to! “

Vivien was fuming and slapped Alex, he grabbed her and pushed her into the nearest wall, pressing his body against hers, like a warning.

“Don’t go there, Vivien, or I will show you some rough ways. You won’t be able to walk right for days!” he snarled near her ear, then let go.

Vivien knew he would make good on the apparent warning if she pushed him again. Last thing she needed to add to her list was another attempted rape. She’s had that before, many years ago, as an aspiring young artist touring with some entitled musician who thought she was up for the taking. Back then she had mace. Today she didn’t, but she had a young son to look out for. (re-read that chapter HERE)

Unable to stop the strong, tall quarterback on his way into her hot tub, naked as the day he was born, Vivien ran out and ushered Nicholas off to the side of the house and from there to the front, telling him she lost her car keys and needed his help, eagerly the boy wanted to be the one to find them for his mommy.
With him occupied, Vivien called her father, who appeared seconds later, Blaine took one look at his daughter, realized the high level of anxiety she was trying to hide, kissed her forehead and noticed her trembling.

“Did he touch you? If he did, the DSV Devils will need their backup quarterback, effective immediately, cos this one is gonna have both his ass cheeks pulled over his head!”

“No, not really, he did get a bit rough with me and scared me, mostly he’s just entitled and obnoxious, but I cannot get him to leave. I just need him out of my home, preferably without getting the cops involved, creating more fodder for the press. I need him to leave quietly.” she said, then gave him a brief rundown of what happened. When she mentioned him exposing himself around Nick, Blaine’s full lips became thin lines from pressing them together so hard for anger.

“Got it. You stay here. I’ll handle.”

“Daddy … don’t break him.”

“No promises.”

Blaine stormed inside, straight to the patio where he found Alex in the hot tub.

“Dafuq you doing here now, daddy?” the athlete wondered nonchalant, smirking arrogantly.

“Dafuq you doing in my little girl’s hot tub without a thread of clothing? There are no fish in there so why the heck you got your lil worm out?! Speaking of out, that’s where you’ll go right about now. You get exactly ONE chance to march your own ass out. See, I was an arrogant asshole long before I became one of the fangs. I wrote the book on being an entitled, big-mouthed, troublemaking prick and I am very self-aware. Now as a vamp, I am just a delightful bouquet of dicks for days, brother. Don’t test me, I am not fucking around. Final warning!”

“Ah, come on dude. Be cool. It’s all good. Did she really call you over this? Good grief, what a daddy’s girl, no wonder her hubby didn’t want to compete with that shit. All this drama just because I dropped my towel with her lil spoiled brat digging around the sand like a girl. When I was his age, my old man was already working me out, prepping me for this. Anyway, I just want some R & R, everyone’s so friggin tense over nothing. You should join me in here, old man, the view’s insane. Or are you gonna bite me now? Have at it, maybe your skinny ass builds a muscle or too from it and I wouldn’t mind living forever looking like this.”

“So, you admit you pulled your junk out in front of my grandson?!”

“He didn’t see anything, and he’s a boy. If it were a little girl I wouldn’t have. But he’s got the same shit I do, so chill man. Nothing to be ashamed of. You got it, flaunt it, amirite?” Alex laughed.

“Oh, is that so? In that case, I’ll hook a brother up. Let’s go flaunt your shit something fierce! I warned you, you lil dingleberry, now we’re gonna ride!” Blaine reached into the hot tub and with one arm pulled Alex Montgomery out, then disappeared in a black cloud with him.

When he reappeared out front, he smiled at Vivien.

“All clear, trash’s been taken out. He didn’t have a key, did he?”

“Oh god no. No way! Thanks daddy!”

“You’re welcome, my pleasure. He shouldn’t bother you again. If he does, let me know and I’ll make good on my promise to him.”

“What promise? Dad, what did you say to him?”

“That if he dared to bother you ever again, I’d come for him and tie his Wiener in a knot. He may not have believed me before, but think he would now.”

“Oh god. What did you do with him? Where is he? You didn’t bite him, did you? You didn’t kill him, right?”

“Feed on that nasty dude? Oh hell no! Give me some credit, my angel. He is unharmed and very much alive. Oh, you’ll know. Turn on the TV, I am sure it will be on soon.” Blaine smirked devilish.

“Daddy?! What did you do?”

“I gotta get home before your mother turns on the TV. Oh, and also, I owe you a lipstick. We’ll make it a daddy-daughter day soon. I’ll take you to pick out a new one and then take you to the spa for all that girly shit you like. Anything to get your head back on straight. No more like that Alex. The next man you let into your personal bubble and around Nick needs to have a functioning brain and an ego small enough to fit through the door. There is only room for one arrogant bastard in your life and that will always be me.”

Vivien watched her father disappear, she collected Nick telling him some white lie about her keys, so the boy immediately begged for cartoon time which Vivien allowed, Nick ran ahead, excited, while Vivien stayed behind for a moment, exhaling and collecting herself, thinking about the close call.

“Vivien Vatore Cameron, your dad’s right, you REALLY need to get your shit together.” she mumbled to herself, shaking her head.

When she finally went inside, Nick called for her

“Mommy, your friend Alex is on TV!”

Vivien looked up and saw the breaking news, depicting a completely naked Alex Montgomery in the middle of the most touristy part of Del Sol Valley, with ‘FLAUNTING OUT LOUD AND PROUD’ written in lipstick across his chest which suspiciously looked like her favorite shade, while he was trying to cover up best he could what the TV stations had to blur out, as herds of tourists were recording him, snapping photos, blowing up social media.

“Oh jeeze daddy …” Vivien couldn’t help giggle.

“Mommy, what is he doing? Why does Alex not have on clothes?”

“I don’t know honey. Maybe he was hot. Or maybe his coach told him to. I don’t think he will be visiting us again. Mommy realized she really doesn’t have much in common with him.”

“Oh good, because he was really dumb. I don’t like him. Mommy, what does ‘indecent exposure’ mean?” parroted Nick from the TV reporter.

“Oh, some adult mumbo jumbo. Something boring. Didn’t you want to watch your cartoons?”

“Oh yeah!” Nicholas’ face lit up as he flipped through the channels until he found his show.

Vivien’s cell phone buzzed with a text from her brother Chase with just Emojis.

Vivien had to laugh, then found a gif clip where a chef roughly and energetically chopped up an eggplant, followed by a bat Emoji and a heart. She knew neither of her brothers liked Alex, Blake was just too sweet to say anything. Chase wasn’t. Obviously.

He replied with a thumbs up, making Vivien smile. Her family might be everything but normal, but they were the best.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 243) Episodes: Daddy’s Girl

  1. Well, I can’t say that I’m sad that happened. I really hoped for the best but was pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be. Now, Vivian has a whole other thing to work through. Her feelings for Liam. He seems to be moving on while she’s still figuring herself out. I think watching Nick and knowing how much he’s like his father hit her pretty hard. Then realizing all the Alex’s in the world wouldn’t replace Liam. Geeze Vivian. She’s still running from conflict isn’t she? But I love the way she took up for Liam when Alex called him an accountant. She knows Liam is a good man and a good father. Not sure if she wants to crawl back again and if she did, it might be too late this time. And not just because Liam may have moved on, but because he’s done. They are just so different. I thought they’d reached a happy compromise, but apparently not.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You really totally summed up their decade-long conflict in this comment. That’s exactly it. They are too different to be happy together, but care too much about one another to be apart.
      Liam does seem to be the less emotionally controlled here, trying to actually move on, while Vivien is still flip flopping between what she wants and what she needs. Nick looking like a mini-version of his father definitely is only oil in the fire.
      Plenty of other men out there, even though she will most definitely strike Alex off her list of possible candidates. If not, I foresee Blaine bending her over his knee at some point. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to see Blaine put her over his knee. 😂😂😂 I think she needs it sometimes.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ha ha ha – maybe in an upcoming chapter he might. I don’t think Vivien has outgrown that phase just yet. LOL

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Goodness what a douche that Alex is! Blaine is brilliant when he’s charging in on to the rescue! Great prank he pulled on that insufferable man!

    Liked by 1 person

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