Chapter 252) Truth

“Love and trust, in the space between what’s said and what’s heard in our life, can make all the difference in the world.” 

San Myshuno
Grand Skyview Hotel

Vivien stood there, looking at Liam sitting on the bed in her hotel room, he had finally calmed down. After finding out that she was expecting his child, Vivien thought he was losing his mind while having a heart attack as he was screaming for joy. Concerned bystanders started staring, so she quickly took him to her room in the same hotel.

“We may have created the baby in this very room.” he mumbled, in awe, as he got up to face Vivien now.

“No, first of all, different room, and second, I know for a fact that’s not when or where it happened. I was already pregnant when we did what we did then.”

“Then when did it happen? And how can you be so certain?”

“The only other time we had sex since the split. Back when I had my nervous breakdown and dad just kidnapped you from Granite Falls, when we ended up making love in the shower. Once dad got back from dropping you off, he confronted me with the fact that he knew what we had done, said something about protection, I nearly had a coronary. We both know we didn’t. Scared me, so the following week I had the blood pregnancy test done. Positive. I had another one a few weeks later, same result. They did a test at the hospital when I had my stomach pumped and I wasn’t pregnant then, now I was. In other words, it’s yours.”

Liam laughed, hard, once more Vivien worried the news might be too much for him so soon after the terrible loss. Maybe he was literally losing it.

“Liam, look, I was going to tell you a million times, I swear, but there was never the right time for it. Plus, I wanted to wait until I am out of the first trimester. You know why.”

“You mean you knew you wanted to keep it? Just asking cos Lana kept talking about ending the pregnancy from the get-go and we both know you were always very outspoken about your feelings regarding another child.”

“Yes, Liam. There was never a shadow of a doubt in my mind. I am doing all I can to assure a healthy baby and a successful pregnancy. I want this child, more than anything.”

“Wait, I went camping almost three months ago.”

“Almost. I am almost at 11 weeks. Another delicate matter considering that’s how far Lana was when … and another reason I didn’t want to tell you yet.”

“So, we’re almost out of the woods, pun intended.”

“As much as we can be. Doctor said despite my age – which I am still choking hard on THAT comment – everything looks great for this to be a healthy, uneventful and successful pregnancy. I am eating so many pre-natal vitamin and mineral supplements and what not, plus I am getting injections, I hardly need real food anymore. This is a lot different from when we had Nick, but I am doing it.”

“Do you know the gender?”

“I didn’t do that test yet. To be honest, I don’t even really care as long as it is healthy. We can have that done; you can come with me if you want. We can do a prenatal paternity test then too, just for your peace of mind.”

“I want to, so bad. Lana never let me come along to her appointments. That was hard for me, I was there with Nick every step of the way. But I just started a new job, no way could I ask them for a day off already to fly to Del Sol Valley now, and I am not asking your parents for the vampire express, that’s just a little too much too soon, doubt your gyn is open on the weekends.”

“She’s not, but I happen to remember a very good gyn here in San Myshuno. I am not above playing the VIP card to get her to see me, even though I am technically not a patient anymore.”

“The one from when we had Nick.”

“Yup. I am willing, if you are.”

“Name time and date. You know I will be there. Just like last time.”

“Consider it done. I’ll text you the details as soon as I have them. Ahem, Liam. Keep it under wraps, if you can. I haven’t told anyone yet. Cait is going through a very rebellious phase, then the divorce and the Lana thing. I wanted to tell you first, now that the cat is out of the bag, I am gonna have some tough love coming from my parents. I can already hear dad ….”

“Got it. My lips are sealed until you give green light for me to tell my parents. Attorney-client privilege.”

“You’re not my attorney.”

“On that note, have you considered retaining local counsel, seeing how you travel to the region a lot, and someone so notoriously in the public eye as you are …”

Vivien giggled, lunged forward and kissed Liam’s cheek.

“Whoa! Are we leveling up already?”

“No, I just couldn’t think of a better way to distract you and shut you up. I can’t believe you are pimping your services out to me. Always the workaholic.”

“You know Viv, after barely making it out of the worst times of my entire life, I feel like I just won the damn lottery. I am finally gonna be a father again … a child, with you. Just like I always wanted. This is a dream come true, despite the fact that everything else in my life is fucked.”

“I know, Liam. For what it’s worth, the heartbreak has really opened my eyes. I know I have said that before, and I meant it then, but I guess somewhere along the way I started taking you for granted again. Losing you – again – and the divorce really was a reality check for me. I see clear as day now every single mistake I made; I was so selfish. So very selfish. You did all those things for me, sacrificed, and I didn’t even realize how much of yourself were giving up for me, denying yourself, giving up your dreams. And how did I thank you? Ugh. I don’t know if I can ever redeem myself for all of that, but I am determined to try.”

Liam listened, amazed, then his lips curled into a devilish smirk.

“Cooking lessons would be a good start …”

Vivien laughed, he joined in.

“Asshole! I tried to do something nice for you. No good deed goes unpunished, right? It was an honest mistake, that could have happened to ANYONE.” she heartily gave him the one finger salute with both hands, which made him laugh louder.

“No, it really could not, as most people with the brain power higher than a common amoeba know to taste-test the food they are cooking, WHILE they are cooking it, especially when adding seasonings. I told you that a million times back when. Nobody puts salt in sugar jars either.”

“What I am hearing is you offering me one on one cooking lessons.” laughed Vivien.

“I can, but I warn you, I am a demanding teacher. I don’t stand for slacking. Your cute ass isn’t gonna get you out of the dirty work.”

“I am sorry, was that sexual harassment? It sounded like it. I think I better talk to my lawyer.”

“Wanna sit on your lawyer’s lap while you tell me all about it?”

“No, and you are NOT my lawyer anymore. But I see you are still wearing your ring. I never took mine off. Weird I know, but just feels so naked and wrong if I do.” Vivien annotated, pointing.

Liam looked at it as if seeing it for the first time.

“Dafuq, which asshole put that on me? Take it off me, quick! Viv, help!” he acted scared.

“And to think once upon a time I married you without a gun held to my head. Liam … serious now. Is there a chance for us? I mean, not some half-ass getting back together BS because of the baby, but something real again?”

Liam’s smile vanished, his expression got serious, chewing on his lower lip he looked at Vivien, his gaze was soft, gentle, then he nodded.

“I hate to try and pull predictions out of my ass here about things we probably both want to hear, but I will say I am hopeful like I haven’t been in a long time, even though I have no clue how to even start. All I know is that we cannot just fuck our problems away until they are too big to overcome anymore, like we used to.”

“Oh yeah, absolutely no fucking for us. Wouldn’t want to get pregnant or something.”

“Were you always such a smartass?”


“And I still married you?”

“Oh yeah, you even proposed twice, because I am not only a smartass, but also a dumbass and pissed away the first proposal. Real overachiever, me.”

“Wow, my taste in women is terrible.”

“So is my taste in men. You know Alex Mo….”

Liam quickly placed a hand over her mouth, shaking his head, he told her.

“I do not ever want to hear that name again. I mean it. I will give you a real spanking if you mention him again. And if I ever see that fucker near you, I will pound his ass into the pavement until there is nothing left of him.”

“Not to point out the obvious here, but YOU are the one bringing him up all the time.”

“Bring whom up?” Liam tested her.

“Nice try.” Vivien smirked.

“Ah – smart girl. Counters the rumor that the dumbest ones are always the best lays.”

“Yeah, that man I cannot mention would definitely prove that point very wrong.”

“You do as well. You are smart AND a great lay.”

“Ahem … thank you, I think?”

“Oh, it’s a compliment, Viv. A real nice one. And honest, too.” Liam winked, smirking.

“If you say so. How did we get here, Liam? We fought so hard to even be together in the first place. All in vain.”

“I don’t know, Viv, I am more interested in figuring out where we are going from here. If we don’t want that to be another fresh hell, we really have to do this right. Rebuild trust, listen and hear the other, while we talk – a LOT – so we can find fair compromises, cos, we are gonna really need those, considering I live in Windenburg in an about 30% remodeled home and you in far-away Del Sol Valley, a place I am not moving back to, especially not into that house where that fucking football asshole ruined my life. And that is only the beginning of the list of questions and problems I see that I don’t have easy answers to. This is gonna be a mess to sort out. All I know is that I realized I am neither willing nor ready to let go, and that was before I found out about the baby.”

“I agree, and I don’t have answers either. Like you, I am not really keen on trying to live in Windenburg. As soon as word gets out – which it would, as something like that just won’t fly under the radar – there’d be more people than trees in that entire town, you don’t even have a fence up to keep them from staring into the windows. Other than that, I am all in, Liam, if you are willing to give this, us, me another chance.”

“Let’s leave things with Nick as is for now, let’s not tell him we are trying, just in case we cannot make this work after all. No need to confuse him.”


When Vivien came back to San Myshuno about a week later ...

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 252) Truth

  1. Liam was right, they can’t fuck away their problems until they are too big to ignore. Good for them doing it right. Talking and talking and working through the nearly insurmountable issues they have to figure out. They are both still very different, but still belong together, because together they are both better – somehow they complete each other, and I know that sounds cheesy but, in their case, it’s true. Apart they are messes, really hot messes, together they are so good.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I cannot agree more. Insurmountable issues is right though. However this plays out, as positive as the prognosis may look, there are some giant hurdles to be taken before there is even a sunset in view for them to ride into.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Probably one of their most mature ‘conversations’ in a long while if not ever. Rooting for them and super happy about the baby!


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