Chapter 253) Model Dad

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

– Thomas A. Edison
Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

Vivien burst into the studio, startling Blaine, who grumpily ripped his headphones off his head as he pushed the button.

“Goddamn it, Viv! Your preggo hormones affecting your brain!?”

“Dad, you HAVE to see this – look!”

“You want me to look at your shit when you didn’t even look at the fucking bright red light on outside the studio? Pretty huh? Did you forget what that means?! I AM RECORDING, kid! Or I was until you and your screeching ruined the take.”

“I don’t care, dad, LOOK!”

Blaine glanced at the fashion magazine Vivien was holding up, rolling his eyes.

“Cute, but bet they don’t have my size, those bitches never do. I sure as fuck hope you didn’t ruin my recording to show me what you want for your birthday, or I swear I will put you over my knee right now and spank the Cameron out of you.”

“Look at the model, dad! Not the outfit!” Vivien had tossed the magazine onto the control panel of the mixing station.

“You wanna get me in trouble with you mother?! She’ll de-man me if she catches me looking too closely at half-nekkid babes now. I am rather attached to my little Blaine, pun intended.”

“Dad, shut up and just LOOK already!” Vivien insisted, getting agitated.

“WHAT THE FUCKBALLS?!” Blaine had looked and after the initial annoyance, recognition washed across his face, followed by a shocked expression.

“Yeah, right? That’s her, isn’t it?”

“Under the fifty layers of makeup, could be. Hard to recognize that way and without the usual Heath shadow! Why is my teenage daughter in a fucking magazine half naked?! This is gonna leave a mark!” Blaine growled, then leaving only a black cloud in his wake.

“Argh, one of these days someone will have to turn me too. This is ridiculous.” Vivien sighed, then left the studio, but didn’t have to wonder where her father went, she could hear him upstairs, so she headed that way too. The long way. The non-vampire way.


“You gotta be more specific, dad …”


“Blaine – for heaven’s sake! Do you have to scream like an oxen in heat at poor little Caitlin?! Please consider you have two little ones asleep only a few rooms over! When those two start crying again, I am not going to deal with it – YOU are!” Maeve was shaking her head, frowning at her son.

“Mom, currently I feel like bursting into tears if I weren’t so pissed that I also want to yell. Your UNDERAGED granddaughter here found a way to get her ass half naked into some fashion magazine without asking first!” Blaine flashed the offending image at Maeve and Rett whose mouth fell open.

“You got some ‘splaining to do! This is you, isn’t it?!” Blaine had found his daughter, slamming the magazine at her feet.

“So what?! I look great!” she retorted defiantly.

“CAITLIN! You are fucking 15 years old! I don’t remember signing a consent form for you, doubt your mother did! So you are grounded for a MONTH for that and I will make sure the people responsible for this shit will BURN in a Cameron hell fire!”

“Oh, I most certainly did not sign anything like that! What were you thinking?! Faking our signatures to leave yourself exposed to THAT!?” Scarlett now also laid into Caitlin.

Heath did the same as usual, stepping in front of her, but Caitlin, pulled him aside. She wasn’t afraid

“Expose me to what mom? Designer clothing?! Grandma and Vivien are head to toe in it.”

“Don’t get smart with me, Missy!” warned Scarlett and her daughter’s courage dissipated right away.

“How could you allow that, you numbnuts?! I have no doubt you knew about this, probably were even there with her! Are you in lingerie a couple pages further?! Were you hoping for your own career modeling some fang cleaner? If I don’t calm down, you won’t need to worry about your fangs ever again!” Blaine directed his anger at Heath.

“I … I … I … no …”

“Blaine, leave Heath out of it! Not his fault! But you are so grounded, Caitlin!” Scarlett interfered.

“Why mom? For thinking about my future? So I can have a job other than Cameron heiress?!”

“You will be a musician, like the rest of us, like a proper Cameron should be! If not, you go into acting. After college. There, career chosen. Anything else I can help you with?” Blaine roared.

“Dad, I don’t want to be a musician. Or an actress. I want to be a runway model! I am perfect for it! I will never age, I don’t have to diet since I cannot gain weight – IDEAL person for the IDEAL job. And it can pay mucho dinero!”


“And why not?!”

“No daughter of mine will run around a stage flaunting some designer’s idiotic outbursts. I have seen some of them things, some leave nothing to the imagination!”

“Oh, you mean like Vivien wears on stage where her everything always hangs out? And it is called a catwalk in modeling dad, get with it!”

“Now you sound like Liam …” Vivien mumbled.

“Stay out of it, Viv, while I murder your little sister! What the hell kid?!” Blaine yelled.

“I want to be a model, dad. The end. Do you need that in interpretative dance?!”

“Room, now! This conversation is over. You are grounded for two weeks, unless you defy me and you will get the four weeks your father threatened you with. And since you don’t seem interested in acting anymore, like you said you were, I’ll just cancel your Drama Club membership. Should give you an abundance of free time to figure out a proper career!” Scarlett grabbed her, dragged her to her room and shut the door.

“Don’t you dare come out until I tell you to. And you, Heath, do NOT go in there! Clear?!” Scarlett instructed.

“Ok.” he said, then plopped down in front of Cailtin’s room door, generating an annoyed eye roll by Scarlett.

“Why did you make me have so many kids?!” she growled at Blaine, then disappeared.

“Yeah, great, now it’s all MY fault. Nobody told me when exactly to pull out to nix the model wish option in female offspring.”

“Well son, if you had pulled out in time, we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place.” snickered Everett, receiving angry glares from Blaine and Maeve.

“Daddy, you know this is not gonna work, right? Yelling at her, forcing your idea on her and locking her in a room isn’t gonna do much good long term.” Vivien told Blaine.

“She’s right.” Heath confirmed.

“Who called cake that you crumb speak up, now of all times. Get up off the floor, you’re not my daughter’s guard dog, will ya?” Blaine gently kicked the bottom of Heath’s shoes, causing him to jump up and stand around awkwardly.

“Dad, don’t be mean to Heath. Poor Heath. Such a sweetheart.” Vivien said.

“You want him? Take him! All yours. I’ll even staple a big red fucking bow into his damn skull!”

“Ah, no thanks. I already have plenty of other problems.”

“Ah yeah, didcha figure anything out yet? ’bout damn time!”

“Figure what out, dad?”

“Why men have nipples. Jeeze kid, your fucking mess of a situation. Figure that out and quit reading smutty fashion magazines?! Or are you gonna do this fucking lame soap opera shit with Liam till that new baby you are hatching turns 18!? FIX YOUR FAMILY VIVIEN!” Blaine roared, his words resounding in the black cloud left in his wake.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 253) Model Dad

  1. Whew! When Blaine has had enough, Blaine has had enough and still manages to make improper quips with no filter. I would NEVER want to be on his bad side. Maybe everyone will indeed sit up and rethink their actions. Poor Heath seems to have just got caught up in the cross fire. And Vivien probably deserved his outburst too, not for telling him what he was doing wasn’t working, but for being there in the first place – reading fashion magazines.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. But as a 15 year old without parental consent?!?!?!?!? The fashion industry is known to be shady and can be dangerous to young girls without proper guardian present …. Blaine had a solid point being so worried and angry.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Phew! Even I wanted to run for cover! Lol


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