Chapter 255) Bumps

“The human mind thinks but to complicate.
As soon as one problem is solved, that solution introduces new complications, other problems that perhaps did not exist before.” 

– Nikola Tesla
San Myshuno
Da Mario Ristaurante

Liam’s frown turned into a smile, his heartrate accelerated as he watched the beautiful woman enter the restaurant, who now shook out her hair with a flair as only someone used to making grand entrances could, while she dismissed the eager host. She turned her head, Liam and Vivien’s eyes met, both smiled, a brief wave as she hurried towards him, while Liam rose up to greet her.

Quick kisses on the cheeks, a small hug and they both sat down right as a waiter already appeared, which made Liam smile. Nobody had been so eager with just him, so they definitely had recognized Vivien. He suspected they wouldn’t have seated her next to the restrooms either.

“Same as him, please.” Vivien smiled a trained smile.

“I haven’t ordered yet.” Liam said.

“Oh, not even a drink? I know I was running late. Ahem, just a sparkling water for me, please. I can’t eat anything. Our little secret is the reason I am late.”

“I am not hungry either but need something stronger than water. Bourbon on the rocks for me, make it a double, and the top shelf stuff, please.”

Nodding, the waiter rushed away, while Vivien smiled at Liam.

“Whiskey this early in the day? Celebrating or trying to get back to oblivion?”

“Liquid courage is more like it. I need to talk to you about something. Something big.”

“Uh oh, should I be worried? I don’t know if I can handle more drama. I was sailing through the first few weeks of this pregnancy like it was nothing, but this little bean is not happy with me right now. I get sick a lot. Just a fair warning, if I randomly start dry heaving, don’t take it personal.”

“I am sorry to hear that. Tell him or her they’re grounded, for at least another – what – six-ish months, if not more, daddy says.” Liam smiled.

“Not sure whom you are punishing here, the baby or me. So, what’s up?”

The drinks arrived, Liam emptied his in one gulp and ordered another.

“Liam! I am not in the mood to shower you again and drag you to bed like a big baby … slow down on the booze, please.”

“Okay. So, the easier shocker first. Went to see Eric for some job hunt photos few days ago and found out he has a brand-new live-in girlfriend now. Someone we both know, wanna take a guess who?”

“Ahem … no clue.”

“Lana Douglas.”

“What?! YOUR Lana?”

“She’s not my Lana. She’s his Lana now. Looks serious. I mean, I am happy for him, Eric definitely is in the best spirits I have seen him in for many years. And we both know he’ll treat Lana right, but you know …? I felt like I walked onto the set of a terrible soap opera with a script written by people on LSD.”

“Does he know? I mean, about you and her and all …?”

“I told him the bare bones version minus the tragedy. That’s for her to tell.”

“Is it some nefarious plot by Lana to get back into your life and pants, you think?”

“No, I think she is serious about him, and Eric is definitely serious about her. Jenna even likes her. Even though both deny any remote interest in marriage, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a ‘save the date’ card in my mailbox before too long.”

“Jenna likes her? Now I really have heard it all. Good for Lana, at least she’d have managed to become a Mrs. Cameron then, one way or another.”

Liam’s next drink arrived, he downed the alcohol again and ordered another.

“Liam! Slow your roll, please.”

“Sorry, I need it for what I am about to say next. Vivien … I have been thinking about everything, about us … I want you back. I want to try again. I don’t know how, and it’s driving me insane. All I do know is that I have been more miserable without you than I ever was even during our worst times. I tried everything I could think of to get over you. I can’t. And I realized that I don’t want to. Erasing my memories of you would mean erasing my entire life, you have always been part of it. And of me. And from what I hear from my family, everyone seems to agree.”

“Really?” Vivien’s words were small and feeble, then she started crying.

“Viv, you okay?” Liam was shocked by her reaction, when she could only nod, trying to calm her tears, then gave up, jumped up and plopped into his lap, kissing him hard, Liam only caught glimpses of people staring.

Once she calmed down, they smiled at each other, before she buried his face against herself.

“I take it you want to try again as well?” he mumbled into the crook of her neck.

She nodded intensely, but didn’t get to answer, as what was presumably the restaurant manager appeared.

“Miss, I must ask you to return to your seat. You are causing a scene … please.”

“Just tell them to mind their own and their drinks are on me. I need this right now.” Vivien sniffled.

“Miss, I am awfully sorry, but I will have to ask you to leave.”

“LEAVE!? Do you not know how long I waited for him to tell me what he just told me?! So can we PLEASE get our moment here?!” Vivien slid of Liam’s lap and glared at the manager.

“Viv, come on, let’s go.” Liam got up too, tossed some money bills on the table, which Vivien picked up and stuffed down the front of her dress, with a defiant pout.

Liam heartily reached into her dress in front of everyone, pulled the money bills back out, tossed them on the table, grabbed Vivien’s hand and dragged her with, while she was still giving everyone a piece of her mind, until Liam just picked her up and left with her that way.

Once outside the doors, he started running, her still in his arms, until they reached Myshuno Meadows Park.
Both were laughing hard when he put her down, once they calmed themselves a little, their eyes met again, and Vivien just kissed him. They stood like that, making out for a while, until Vivien grabbed Liam’s hand, pulling him with her behind some bushes and trees out of view, where she pulled off her panties, unbuttoned Liam’s pants while never stopping their making out …. that’s how far they got until a deep, commanding voice pulled them back into the present.

“Folks, this is a public park, not a private garden. I need to see some ID please!” a uniformed officer before them didn’t look amused in the slightest and was not one bit impressed by Vivien trying to pull her VIP status card.

Greater San Myshuno Metro Police Precinct

“Well, long time no see, Vivien. Hello again Liam.” smirked Eric after he had used his connections to get them out of their latest conundrum.

“Quit grinning, or I’ll piledrive you and your arrogant smirk into a trashcan.” Liam growled as he passed him.

“You wanna get booked for a longer vacation at Club Fed, cousin, for insulting the Police Captain? You two are welcome for me rushing down here to off-the-record your little sexy time at Myshuno Meadows in the brightest daylight. HAHAHAHA! Is that what the kids do these days for dating their exes? Naughty, naughty, even though, not really all that unexpected considering Blaine is Viv’s dad. HAHAHA!” Eric laughed heartily.

“You are really NOT that funny!” Vivien snarled, humiliated.

“I may not be, but this here is gold. Classic Liam and Viv. Definitely still the same old horny bunch we all know and love. Well, my little lovebirds, I’ll set you free then, but please try to land in some private location before you go at it again.”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks Eric.”

San Myshuno
Grand Skyview Hotel

Once back at Vivien’s hotel room, both looked lost, exhausted.

Chewing on her lower lip, Vivien kicked off her heels, then pulled her dress over her head, revealing her sexy underwear and a tiny bump, which sent hot jolts of electricity through Liam and even more so when Vivien suddenly set in motion, shoved him backwards onto the bed, then straddled him, kissing him, he responded in more than one way, feeling hot and electric all over now, as she whispered near his ear.

“Come back home, baby. I miss you so much. I need you home.”

Initially engrossed in the treatment, Liam froze, Vivien stopped to look at him.

“What’s wrong?”

Liam lifted the lithe frame of his ex-wife off himself, depositing her onto the bed, then got up.

“This. This is what I mean whenever people wonder why I don’t want to just rush back together. THIS. How you automatically assume the place YOU consider home should be my home too.”

“What? Liam, I didn’t assume anything. I just want you back with me.”

“And THAT. You want me back with you. Why not say that you want to be back with me? It always seems like I am the plus one in your life while you decide everything important. I know you are used to that, but in a relationship fame shouldn’t matter. And once more you are trying to patch things with sex. We haven’t learned anything!”

“Liam, you know that is not how I meant it. And of course, I thought you would want to move back to the largest home we ever owned, and where your son goes to school. If not there, where would you suggest? Squeeze the three of us plus the new baby and the cat into the Lake House? I get that you love that place, but that just won’t work, it doesn’t even have a fence, as soon as word gets out about me living there, we won’t have a single moment’s peace, fans and paparazzi staring in the windows. And I miss you, all of you, including the sex. I wasn’t patching anything, I desire you, heart, body and soul.”

“And THAT is why I have no answers. I really don’t know what to do here. An unsolvable problem. We may have to find a new place somewhere … I really don’t know where. Sorry Vivien, I need to go. I need to get out of here. I’ll see you and Nick for breakfast tomorrow then like planned?”

“Okay.” Vivien was disappointed, but knew better than to push him, so she just sat there and watched him leave …

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 255) Bumps

  1. Haha! They got caught! Good thing Eric was there to bail them out and keep it out of the media. So the ugly part of Liam and Vivien is already front and center. Hopefully they can come to some equally satisfying compromise. It was either all what he wanted them it was all what she wanted and she is still just thinking it’s going to go right back to that? I thought she’d learned. But she did let him leave without pushing. And the last minute suggestion to find a new house was probably a good start. I hope they can figure it out.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They got caught, in a park, in bright daylight, like randy teens. Vivien could at least blame pregnancy hormones, but Liam … yeah … At least Eric got a good laugh out of it all! He knows them and he knows Blaine, and he was right about the relationship showing.
      As for the more serious part, they are working on a solution, or better I am with the next chapter. But in a way they are growing up. Vivien assumed he’d come home, since that is where Nick’s enrolled for school. This would have been easier if he were still a toddler but now school is a consideration.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah. Nick’s welfare definitely has to be considered in their solution. It’s hard to be the new kid at school and losing your old friends.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Ha ha ha, I was just thinking they’d be needing a good lawyer, when Eric pops into the story, lol 😂
    That restaurant meeting was both sweetheart and then disappointing when the living situation rears its head.

    Liked by 1 person

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