Chapter 265) Forever Encore

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

Del Sol Valley
Crown Plaza Hotel & Spa

The day finally came.
Long awaited, much anticipated.

Ever since they were toddlers, Chase Cameron and Colton Vatore had been best friends, lived together while attending college, and even after graduation they moved in to Chase’s older sister Vivien’s vacated Del Sol Valley mansion together.

When Chase was fifteen, Hailey Hanson joined the friendship, and eventually she and Chase fell in love with each other. They have been officially dating since they were sixteen, got engaged at eighteen and now, at twenty-three were finally ready to tie the knot.

Colton had to kiss a lot of frogs that didn’t turn into princesses for him to find the yin to his yang, the one, but he did, in a chance encounter when he met Madilyn “Maddie” Barlow. Inseparable ever since, the trio became a quartet – equally as inseparable – the girls even made their boys’ band ‘2Dark 2C’ their career too as band manager and PR girl, respectively.

Living together since college days, now working together, spending all their time together, it seemed only natural that they would get married together.

The blushing brides and their dads. L to R Maddie Barlow and her dad Gary, and Hailey Hanson and her dad Wade.

Without further ado, we proudly present

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Vatore

There was dancing, and so much fun and laughter. Here are the two bridal couples, and the parents of the brides on the dancefloor letting loose.

The grooms, their fathers and the fathers of the brides.

L to R: Colton Vatore, Gary Barlow (Maddie’s dad) and Colton’s dad Riordan Vatore, Wade Hanson (Hailey’s dad), Chase Cameron and his dad Blaine Cameron.

While most of the other guests started socializing, checking out the generous buffet tables, dancing or tasting the expensive champagne served, two went to the podium. They were the oldest sister of groom Chase, Vivien and her ex-husband and recent fiancé again Liam, Vivien now grabbed the microphone.

“Sorry to do this but I asked the four newlyweds and they were all cool with it, so grandpa, if you wouldn’t mind officiating one more wedding tonight … Liam wants to make me an honest woman again and I am so ready to fix what I broke last year.”

Applause and cheers sounded as Caleb handed his champagne flute to his wife Breana, then made his way back to the podium to marry a third couple that night.

Technically Caleb had officiated to eliminate the need for two separate weddings, a mortal one and one acknowledged by the vampire community, since the first two couples were mixed. Liam and Vivien were both mortals, but luckily was Caleb certified for both species.

“… and with the power vested in me by all the places there be, I herewith pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride, son.” Caleb addressed Liam, but didn’t have to tell him twice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the second time today I introduce to you yet another Mr. and Mrs. Cameron – although, I guess they never stopped being that, but either way, now they are official yet again, hopefully this time for good. Congratulations, kids! Boy, that sure is a lot of Camerons here tonight. Is ‘Cameronophobia‘ a thing yet?” Caleb chuckled.

“You’ll think Cameronophobia, daddy-in-law-dearest, when you hear the latest Cameron nugget!” a voice echoed from the audience.

“I beg your pardon?” Caleb wondered, confused.

By now Blaine had made his way next to him, smirking.

“May I borrow that for a hot sec?” he pointed at the microphone Caleb was still holding.

Nodding and shrugging, Caleb handed Blaine the microphone who chuckled into it.

“Well, dearly beloved here present tonight, we were wondering how best to drop our latest secret bomb on all of you. As Caleb pointed out so gallantly there is a shit-ton of us out there now spread to almost all corners of the world, most with busy schedules, so I figured since tonight we got literally everyone who would give a fuck about this news here under one roof already, might as well seize the bull by its horns. So, I’ll make this short and sweet: I knocked my Letty up! Totally intentional this time. Congrats soon-to-be grandparents, aunts & uncles, siblings, nieces & nephews and so on and so forth – and congrats to Scarlett and me! Oops, we friggin’ fraggin’ did it again! To curb everyone’s enthusiasm: just one this time.”

Blaine chuckled at the shocked faces, followed by dull roar of voices, then applause, as he put the microphone back in its stand, since Caleb didn’t look like he had any words left. Others already flocked around Scarlett to congratulate her.

A little away from all the action were Everett and Maeve, he now whispered into her ear.

“Holy fuck, another kid! Do you still have the realtor listing for that mansion you wanted us to buy? I think I am ready now. I cannot do another kid by our son, or my nerve endings are gonna be wound so tight I can play them like a guitar! We got a new lease on life, Maeven, I don’t want us to spend that tending to a never-ending stream of grandkids and great-grandkids, I want us to seize the day, have fun, be a couple first, do what the heck we want. I love our family, it’s a fine bunch, but I want us to go visit them on our terms. As much as I will miss Del Sol Valley – I am ready for a serious change of pace and scenery WITHOUT any relatives nearby. We’ll have room for them to visit, but make sure they’ll find their way home in due time.”

“No kidding! I have it on my phone and I am gonna go call the realtor RIGHT NOW! We’ll make them an offer they cannot refuse and then start packing as soon as we get home, lover! I am so over being a free nanny too – about time we’d be balling Rett & Reed style!” Maeve giggled.

Author's Notes: So, the latest Cameron in the making was neither a Cameron curse, nor my direct doing, it stemmed from this game-generated phone call from Scarlett to Leeora per my FB post. I think by now it is obvious which recommendation we did NOT choose. 
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3 thoughts on “Chapter 265) Forever Encore

  1. Oh my goodness. Three weddings and a baby announcement! Yes Cameronaphobia is most definitely a thing now. Be afraid, be very afraid as Maeve and Rett have already decided. Good for them for getting out now and doing their own thing. Everyone looked lovely as always and the men – oh so handsome. 😍❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! They sure are easy on the eye. 😉
      What a perfect solution for Vivien and Liam, to jump aboard while the whole family was already assembled. And officiated by her grandpa, too.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. That was such a perfect family celebration on many levels! The brides all look so gorgeous, as did the grooms and dad-to-be.

    Liked by 1 person

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