Chapter 268) DIY Man

“Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right”

— Henry Ford
Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

“Blake, I don’t give a fuck what you do with the cat! Glue that furball to something and get your ass over to pick up your sisters – PRONTO! Your mother is panting – she is having your brother soon! MOVE!” gesturing wildly, Blaine spoke into his cell phone as if Blake could see him.

“What?! Yes NOW! You think I am trying to schedule out for next week with you? I know it’s early, but what do you want me to do? Plop a cork in your mother till the official date? Get in that fucking car and come get your sisters!” Blaine’s voice raised up more and more, trying to ignore Blythe standing in front of him, staring up at him wearing her swimwear, leaving a little puddle, matching the one her mother was standing in since her water broke.

“Blaine … ooph … HURRY!” Scarlett groaned bending awkwardly.

“I want moooommmmyyyyyyyyy!” wailed Fallon miserably from the hallway, causing her high-pitched screeches to echo awfully.


“BLAINE!!!!” wailed Scarlett.

“I want back in my pool, pwease!” grumbled little Blythe, who had been incredibly patient so far by toddler standards.

“MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” screeched it from the marbled foyer.

“Yeah, are you catching all that. Circus is in town for me, and your ass better be hitting that driver seat right about now, or I swear Blake, I will retroactively abort you today and make your fucking cat into a fur hat!!!” Blaine shouted into his cell phone.

“MOMMMYYYY!” Fallon wailed in protest, after waddling closer.

“BLAINE!!! Do something!” Scarlett demanded with urgency in her voice.

“Okay okay … ” Blaine hung up and grabbed the hollering Fallon.

“Are you kidding me right now, Blaine?!” Scarlett groaned in between contractions upon realizing Blaine was playing with the toddler now.

“What do you want me to do?! Blake said he’s on his way over now. I cannot stand your daughter’s wailing any longer and we can’t leave till Blake gets here unless you want me to tie the twins to the mailbox!”

After what seemed like an eternity to them but really was barely a few minutes Blake arrived to pick up Fallon and Blythe who reluctantly went with their big brother, as Blythe still rather wanted her kiddie pool and Fallon still demanded ‘MOMMMYYY!’, Scarlett managed to get dressed and head to the garage …

“Ahem .. Blaine?!” she exclaimed after the garage door slid open and revealed only Everett’s exotic babies.

“Oh fuck!” Blaine cursed.

“Blaine? Where is the SUV? The others are all two seaters! You know you are not supposed to port with a newborn. They cannot handle that stuff yet; it can hurt them! Am I seriously supposed to deliver a baby and then hold the carrier on the way home?! ” Scarlett complained.

“Oh no, of course not, cos the baby carrier thingy is actually in the SUV which is probably somewhere around Oasis Springs with Chase, Colton and the girls and all their band equipment for that charity thing …. sorry, please don’t hate me. I thought we had two more weeks! I love you, Letty.”

“Well, doesn’t matter now anyway. It’s too late. You’re gonna have to deliver your son. Help get me back inside and we’ll figure out the rest.” Scarlett moaned defeated.

“What?! Me?! I cannot deliver babies! I know how to make them but delivering isn’t my ZIP Code!”

“Well, it is now! Shut the fuck up and carry me in!” hissed Scarlett.

“Letty …..”

“What do you want from me, Blaine? I cannot stop this now, I can feel the head trying to come through, I shouldn’t be standing. So get me inside NOW! And then help deliver your son! I am already gonna be doing all the heavy lifting, I am sure you can manage to be present and assist where needed!”

“What .. .what … what what what?!”


“Okayyyyy … I’ll do it … After this, I am cutting my balls off with a butter knife, I swear it. It’s just not worth it!”

“Tell me about it! I may help you with the pruning! At least you don’t feel a small percentage of our son already trying to exit through a much too small opening inside of you RIGHT THIS MOMENT! I AM! GET ME INSIDE!”

They got Scarlett situated, then called in a doctor, by the time he arrived, Gavin Cameron had already been born, all that was left to do was check his vitals and record the birth, after congratulating the parents.

Some hours later Scarlett was already upright again, snuggling her youngest son. Being a vampire didn’t save you from all of the pregnancy woes and pain, but definitely helped recover much quicker.

“Yeah, that’s right world, that’s how amazing I am. I delivered my own son. Yay-yeah ME! Who’s your daddy, kid .. yeah, I am your daddy! And how I am your daddy, you have no clue, but I will tell you often, that I promise you!”

Scarlett just groaned, trying to ignore her husband’s one-man celebration of himself.

“Who knew I was that super-duper-special? I fucking amaze myself!”

“Yeah, you amazing man, go feed your child. I am taking a nap. In the guest room, since Gavin is bunking with us because his daddy didn’t get the nursery ready yet. That’s what you get for procrastinating!”

“But we thought we had two more weeks … I could have gotten that done twice over by then. How was I supposed to know that this kid would be the one Cameron on record ever to get somewhere early?!”

Scarlett left, so Blaine walked over to the crib, staring at the baby in awe, before quickly getting a bottle ready.

“Well, look at that face. The exact face I make in the morning when I see my first cup of coffee …. Oh, and just so you know, as soon as you are old enough, you are GROUNDED for all you put your mom and me through already! Not cool, kid, not cool! You got me in trouble with your mommy. No worries, I am in trouble with her all the time, once she had some rest, I’ll kiss up to her and she will forgive me. She always does. Thankfully. Cause I tell you what, son, I royally screwed the pooch here today. Man .. “

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 268) DIY Man

  1. Lol. I never get tired of Blainisms. Poor Scarlett. But those twins are sooo cute. With your ages, Al they wind up with 3 toddlers for a short while? Yikes. But dang those girls are cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, my age is set as baby from birth to 1 year, then they are toddlers, as they learn skills (walk, talk, etc) I age them visually through the toddler days until they age to child as 6. I know there are height mods, but I find them cumbersome and don’t use them, except one that is automatic applied when they age to teen making them slightly shorter than adults. So, yeah, for a couple years they will have three toddlers. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Blaine is hilarious – though Scarlette wasn’t thinking that at that moment! Lol
    Welcome, little Gavin!


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