Chapter 270) The Unravel

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

― George Bernard Shaw
San Myshuno
Photo Shoot Location

Exhaling air to relieve some tension from a very intense photo shoot with many wardrobe, hair and makeup changes, Caitlin enjoyed the crisp breeze.

After some moments of silence, she spoke up.

“Are you just gonna stand there like a creep?”

KC spoke up.

“I keep forgetting you have vampy senses now.”

“I don’t have them now, I had them for a long time. You just didn’t know I did. Besides, none needed. I can hear you breathing, smell your cologne and the beer is intense on your breath. You came here trashed. You disgust me.”

“Right. Finally some truth into the many lies.”

“I never told you lies, KC! There were things I couldn’t tell you, because it was before the big reveal and there were misunderstandings. You know I cared about you, but you are making it very hard for me to even like you anymore.”

“Doesn’t make a difference anyway. We both moved on.”

“Have we though? Sometimes it feels that one of us moved on, the other is just waiting for his opportunities to REALLY jab at the other! Getting exhausting, your constant subliminal accusations, those glares, … whatever THIS is.”

“Guilty conscience much?”

“A dick much?”

“Does your current boyfriend even have one of those? Do you know what those are? I am borderline insulted that you replaced me with that guy of all people!”

“Screw you, KC!” Caitlin turned to go back inside, back to the shoot, but KC pulled her back to him, then sent her crashing backwards into the large glass window by the door, pinning her up against it with one hand, the other forming a fist.

“Really?! You think that would work on someone like me? I wouldn’t recommend it.” Caitlin wasn’t afraid of him, she could feel it was sheer frustration, not a real threat. He wouldn’t hurt her.

“Oh, threats now from the fang? So, what are you gonna do, vamp? Kill me? Suck me dry? Make me into one of you? Go ahead then, you are not walking away from me again, leaving me standing there like a fool!”

“Nope, but I could kick you in the balls. Oh wait, you don’t have any, hence this jerk-like behavior. My bad.” Caitlin tried to wiggle free, but he blocked her in.

She glared at him, waiting for his crude comeback, as usual, but he said nothing. She could see the frustration in his face, in his eyes …

“What is this supposed to be?! What are you doing? What has gotten into you, KC?”

“I don’t know.” his tone had changed to a deep, husky one, matching his glazed over expression … and then he kissed her.

Hard, longing, firm, demanding … as he pushed her hard up against the glass with the entirety of his body, she could feel the muscles move beneath his clothing, leaving Caitlin too surprised to fight any of it. A bad move, as unbeknownst to them, they had an audience now, watching from the other side of the glass.

What happened next was what always seemed to happen in moments like this; they walked straight into the terrible scene.

Leeora screamed, which made KC stop, as both he and Caitlin sprayed apart, while Heath just stood there, seemingly in shock, and appearing even paler than usual.

“You bitch! How could you?!” Leeora screeched in a painfully shrill tone.

“I didn’t! He did!” Caitlin pointed at KC

“And you just stood there and let him?!” Heath exclaimed, looking disgusted.

Fights ensued. Physical ones. The girls attacked each other almost at the same time the boys did.

It all had to be broken up by several staffers who had been called onto the scene by the increased noise level, everyone ended up humiliated, blaming everybody else. By the time the photoshoot resumed, none of the four were on speaking terms.

KC went home right away, he had only been there because of Leeora, Heath had been hired as one of the fashion photographers and Leeora and Caitlin were two of the models for a large design house’s fall/winter collection campaign shoot.

San Myshuno
Spire Apartments Penthouse

The fight didn’t end with the shoot. None of them spoke, as soon as they arrived home, each went to their own rooms.

After hours of trying, Caitlin had finally cornered Heath in the kitchen, when Leeora appeared, dragging bags with her, then slammed keys on the dining room table next to Cait.

“I am moving out. I can’t live with a whore like you!”

“I am not a whore! KC came on to me! Why don’t you believe me?!” Cait looked to Heath for help, but he just stood there, so she resigned with a sigh, while Leeora already laid into her, verbally.

“Because you are the spoiled brat who always gets what she wants. You wanted KC back the moment you saw him again. That’s why you didn’t tell me you had an affair with him before.”

“We didn’t have an affair; he was my first boyfriend and we were teens! And we broke up because of a misunderstanding! I didn’t tell you because it was a long time ago and awkward – we have been over that and I apologized profusely!”

“Yeah, everything is always a misunderstanding in your life and if you get caught you are just so sweet and sorry and innocent! How convenient for you. And you wet dish rag are too dumb to realize she is just using you.” Leeora hissed the last part at Heath.

“I see a lot more than you give me credit for, Leeora. She isn’t the one using people here!” he growled the words at her, the insinuation clear, proving that even in a fight, Heath would stand up for Cait.

“Fuck you both!”

Leeora grabbed her hastily packed luggage, clearing not even scratching the surface of all she owned, and rushed out, slamming the door.

“Shit. What about the boutique now?” Caitlin wondered, which caused a frown with Heath.

“The boutique?! Are you joking?! We are in the middle of a serious crisis, and your main concern is the fucking boutique!?” his words were harsh, his voice deep, and his facial expression dangerous.

Caitlin had never heard him use foul language, never seen him so angry, and then she didn’t see him at all anymore. He had ported away. She ran up to his room, searched the rest of the penthouse for him, but he wasn’t there. No telling where he went.

A feeling of hopelessness, fear and worry washed over her.

How did everything derail so fast?

Why did nobody believe her?

Why had KC done what he did?

Where was Heath – and – was he coming back?

Caitlin couldn’t remember a time he wasn’t near. It felt like a part of her had been taken, she felt like she couldn’t function without him.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 270) The Unravel

  1. Oh wow. That’s one bitter man … KC that is. He never really got over Cait. And maybe he was using Leeora just like she was using him. Now things are indeed in a big mess. And really, Caitlin didn’t encourage him, but I’m sure it looked like she was a willing participant. I think given another few seconds she would’ve forced him off of her. Dang…… poor Heath and maybe Leeora. Not sure how sorry I feel for her in all of this yet. Caitlin and Heath though. She’s realizing how much she does love him now that he’s gone.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Exactly. Cait misses him already and probably wasn’t a willing participant but just standing there didn’t exactly up her stock in the situation.
      Leeora is incredibly hard to read.
      Technically she should be one of Cait’s closest friends, her cousin, who has spent much time at Cameron Mansion growing up, playing with Cait, even though Leeora is 2 years older. But it just really never feels like a good friend scenario, does it?
      Even Heath called her out on it.
      KC is bitter. In a few chapters he will probably explain more, unless it ends up on the cutting room floor again like it did last time. 🙂 One day we’ll hear his side, but first, other things have to happen.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Well…. it was a matter of time really. KC has been heading for a meltdown for a while. So sad to see things go this route though.

    Liked by 1 person

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