Chapter 281) Into The Woods

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

– John Muir

Granite Falls
Riverside Retreat Cabin

During the long drive of their long-distance move from Del Sol Valley to Newcrest, mainly for Hailey and Madilyn to be closer to their families again, in an old rental van carrying all the expensive recording equipment the four didn’t trust the moving company with, Chase, Hailey, Colton and Maddie ended up rescuing a German Shepherd who had been left abandoned tied to the side of the road, now named “Charlie”, who was a sweet young dog but in need of serious training. As soon as the quartet was settled in a brief tour followed – the band “2Dark 2C” was still their career and main source of income. Now, Chase and Hailey were taking a weekend away in the woods for some extra R&R.

“It’s beautiful here, Chase. Magical.” Hailey sighed.

“Yeah. Kinda glad I didn’t blow Liam off when he told me to take you here. His side of the family is really big on camping and hiking and forests and as you know my sister really is not. I am still shocked Liam managed to get her prissy butt to agree to move to Windenburg with him and the kids. Well, she seems unexpectedly happy.” Chase chuckled.

“So weird, that the most opposite couples usually work out the best. Maybe it’s because everyone learns to compromise, gets pushed to their limits, to think outside the box. Liam and Vivien, your dad and your mom, Colton and Maddie … we …”

“We’re not really so different, are we?”

“Are you kidding me, Gump?! We’re not even the same ZIP Code. I mean, I like food, you don’t, I like the sun, you don’t, you are a nightowl, I am a morning person, …”

“Well, maybe that is why it works. We complement each other. I got the night covered, you the daytime. Perfect whenever we may become parents.”

“You still haven’t given up on that? On me? We’re already 27 years old now. Still, no buns in my oven. Not long until that oven dried up completely and is gonna be closed for business forever. All I want is one child. One measly child. My high school friend Hadley has three already, two of them in school, she would have four if she didn’t lose one. I didn’t even have one to lose – still! They can barely make ends meet and we could afford 50 kids and don’t even have one.” Hailey sighed.

“That’s bullshit, Patches! I never give up, least of all on you. We’re both still young, 27 is nothing. One day, when we least expect it, we’re gonna be expecting. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because you are so tense about all this, still. I wish I could make you relax.”

“Oh, I have a few ideas about how you could help me relax …”

“I like where this is going … come here, babe. Dr. Chase Cameron, M.D. is in and ready for ya!”

“Hmm … less talk, more action, Mr. Cameron.”

“Chase – stop! Making out in the woods is one thing, but for the rest we should go back to the cabin! What if someone were to come? Or some wild animals show up, I don’t know what all lurks around here. Yikes!”

“Oh, you better believe someone is definitely gonna come. Two people, actually, if I know what I am doing at all. And I am all wild animal already – RAWR! Besides, back when we were still just dating I already had my nekkid ass plastered all over the media thanks to some stalkerazzi catching us in the bushes in the park by your old home, and an honorable mention goes to me getting dragged off you atop your bed by your dad, don’t you remember? I have nothing left to lose, babe. Let it all hang out in the air, flop around like I just don’t care .. cos, I really don’t if it comes to making nookie with my hot wifey!” chuckled Chase.

“Oh my God, you ARE your father’s son! Blaine Junior! Terrible, you!” laughed Hailey, not even trying to stop him as he now nibbled on her neck. Most mortals would be mortified having a vampire so close to their main arteries, but after knowing him for over a decade, Hailey trusted Chase with her life. Literally.

“A wise woman told me ‘less talk, more action’, Mrs. Cameron.” mumbled Chase into her neck, as he began to unclothe both of them on the forest floor …

The Elysium Roomies home

About six weeks later

“Patches! Step on it, I need my morning coffee … how much longer do you need in that bathroom? Oh crap. She’s got one of those devil sticks again.”

“Chase! Oh my god, CHASE! It’s not a devil stick anymore, it’s a magic wand!”


“CHASE – we are pregnant. I could feel it. I felt different again, this time for real. Then I kept getting nauseaus the past few days and this morning I finally had the balls to take the test. Chase – you’re gonna be a daddy!”

“I am gonna be a daddy!”

“You’re gonna be a daddy. And I am gonna be a mommy. Finally.”

“You’re gonna be a great mommy. And a damn sexy one. But one who needs to learn to listen to her hubby. I told you, once you relax, it’ll work.”

“Well, technically this is all because of Liam. He kinda almost forced us to rent that cabin at Granite Falls. So technically this is Liam’s doing.”

“Okay, I am too excited to get mad, but we are not crediting my brother-in-law for my baby. That man already has two obscenely gorgeous kids. This one is all us, babe.” grinned Chase.

“Chase – we need to keep this under wraps for now. We need to get an ob/gyn to officially test and we should wait till at least three months to be more on the save side.” Hailey had gotten serious, with a worried expression on her face.

“You really think we can keep this a secret from Colton and Maddie, when we’re on top of each other all the time? Really? Have you met them?”

“Argh – fair point. YOU tell them.” frowned Hailey.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 281) Into The Woods

  1. :The Cameron way, in the woods au natural! Lol. I’m so happy for those two…. Chase has grown up so much and Hailey has turned into a beauty. ❤️.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. She is a beauty! Both have grown together, hopefully enough to be ready for the next chapter of their lives. No way back now. And absolutely the Cameron way. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888 February 11, 2022 — 8:42 PM

    Chailey-boos for the win!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha ha ha – “Chailey”! Love it!


  3. I’m insanely happy for these two! 😁 🥰


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