Chapter 282) Doubled Up

“We have three types of friends in life:
Friends for a reason,
friends for a season,
and friends for a lifetime.”

Willow Creek
The Elysium Roomies Home
Same day as the last chapter

Chase and Hailey made it downstairs, still in slight shock and awe about the discovery of Hailey’s pregnancy, so long anticipated, but it had eluded them for so many years. It felt surreal and scary, as did the warning of the doctors back when Hailey had her surgery, that they were at a higher risk for issues than other couples.

Colton and Maddie were already downstairs, waiting for them, Colton nursing a cup of coffee, probably not his first. The girls usually had breakfast together, the boys would keep them company drinking the coffee maker empty in the process.

“Ah, finally. Had some extra rolls in the hay to take care of? Sorry, we didn’t wait for ya.” he smirked.

“No, we have to talk to you guys …” Hailey started, while pouring herself a cup of coffee, which Chase quickly took from her, while handing her a glass of milk instead, meeting her irritated glare with a ‘you know why’ one.

Pouting she sat down, sipped on the cold milk, frowning.

“So, guys, Patches and I have some news. Big news. A bit unexpected too. Remember that weekend to Granite Falls she and I took about six weeks ago? Well, we just realized that we brought back a little souvenir from Granite Falls.”

“Oh shit! You just now realized that? Mads, they weren’t not telling, they didn’t know. Holy crap.” Colton blurted out in his usual ways.

“I told you!” Maddie said, shrugging.

“What?” Hailey said, irritated, while staring at Chase’s coffee mug, before she quickly tried to grab it, but his vampire speed foiled it, giving her an apologetic smile.

“It sucks, Hailz, but you get used to it. I would know. Trust me, I know.” Maddie told her.

“Wait … what? Are you saying … you?” Hailey deduced.

“Yup. Cole and I too.” Maddie beamed.

“OH MY GOD! NO WAY!” Hailey squealed, leaned over to hug Maddie, who had become Hailey’s best friend, before both girls settled down, slightly woozy with revolting stomachs.

“Dude – what?!” Chase stared at Colton.

He shrugged, smirking excitedly while Chase went to hug him too.

“Well, you weren’t the only ones who used that weekend alone to its full potential.” Colton grinned.

“You two got pregnant at that time too? Are you friggin’ kidding me, man?” Chase stated the now obvious. Whaaaaaaaat?!

“Had to be. You know us, she can’t take the pill, and we ran out of condoms. Were too drunk and too lazy to go buy some, thought ‘what’s one time unprotected, right?’. Well, one time was all it took. It’s all good man. We’re both good with it. We would never have done this on purpose, so this had to happen. We need a kid in our lives too.” Colton snickered.

“Wow …” was all Chase could get out.

“How long have you known?” Chase wondered as the boys sat back down.

“Me? Not long after. I knew Hailz was knocked up too, known for weeks. I mean, are you dumb and deaf, bro? Both puke at all hours of the day for no reason, both are super-emotional, they cry at every movie now, even at commercials, both are tender all over. You are still a vamp, right? Didn’t you sense it? I made mine take a test like a few weeks or so ago, figured since Hailz was constantly taking pregnancy tests you would know too, but when you didn’t say anything, knowing how much of a rough time with all this you have, we decided to wait for you to say something. Respect and shit, ya know.” Colton explained.

“Do your parents know yet?” Chase pondered a big question that was concerning him out aloud.

“Obviously not, or the birds would have been singing it off every rooftop. Have you met my parents? As soon as they find out their oldest and only son is making them grandparents all of Forgotten Hollow – ah, nix that – ALL the vampire community will know. I swear there will be a news bulletin printed or some crap. And have you met my wife’s parents?! They have been cirling this shit like vultures, every time we see them they both stare at Maddie’s mid-section like creeps. I promise you, as soon as they hear about this, I get buried in name changing paperwork, so they will have a new ‘Barlow’ incoming. But that ain’t gonna happen. He/she/it will be a Vatore kid.” Colton ranted.

“Right. That’s why we weren’t gonna tell anyone yet either. Too much ado and if something were to happen, …. you know … like the doctor’s warned us about … just in case, we wanna wait till around three months.” Chase tried to say it without saying it.

“Nah, bad idea. For one, our families are mostly vampires. Hiding pregnancies is hard, as you can see with me. But pissing them off by not telling them something so big is not hard at all. I know Blaine and Scarlett, they won’t like it. None of us wants or needs whiny parents or in-laws, I have seen Blaine pissy before and really don’t want him all up in everyone’s business with a bee up his butt, so I strongly suggest we make this a party. Invite them all over, the whole lot, everyone who can come, parents, in-laws, siblings, …. then drop the bomb. One discussion and done, plus they will all be so hung up on the fact that you and I are doing this together, like everything else since we were toddlers, it will be easier this way. We even got married to our girls together. Bruh, we need to tell. Your kid is a Cameron and at least part vamp. Nothing will happen. It will probably come out of Hailz holding a guitar and a cup of coffee.”

Laughing, Chase hugged his lifelong best friend, band member and at some point, most certainly godfather of his child.

“Another thing for you two to ponder. Maddie and I are using this development to take care of another thing we both have been pondering. She and I agreed that if the baby is like me, she will let me turn her after she recovered from the birth and all. Just something for you two to think about.”

Chase and Hailey exchanged a quick glance.

That would definitely be a topic that had been swept under the rug for a long time, but now needed to be pulled back out and dealt with.

Author’s Note:

I swear, I didn’t do this on purpose. I didn’t even know they were pregnant after Granite Falls, I had sent them to test out some new cabins I built. I found out Hailey was pregnant first, when she started getting pukey. Then the boys got nominated for Starlight Accolades and I went into CAS to dress Maddie and saw she was grayed out – pregnant. I can only assume it happened around the same time. I laughed very long and hard at this twist. Naturally, I had given up on the babies, for some reason there were some conception issues (I have Try for Baby turned off in my game and even without birth control in their inventory, and not flagged for no offspring, and supposedly during their fertile days, they weren’t getting preggers, so I just started getting used to the idea of them being childless. Guess instead I will be remodeling their house, as I didn’t build in any extra rooms as I often do, so I have to convert some balconies or something.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 282) Doubled Up

  1. Oh my goodness! That’s hysterical. It’s like they say when you live with another female, your cycles seem to sync up. Colton did have good advice though. Tell everyone now and don’t piss them off. Congrats.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I was thinking that too with the sync’ed cycles and yes, it is hysterical. I had no plans on another chapter so fast, just like I didn’t really plan to do yesterday’s, but this is the fun thing about the way I play and write. LOL

      Liked by 2 people

  2. No, actually I don’t recall you ever having two couples being roommates who then ended up pregnant at almost the same time. I don’t think that ever happened.
    If you are talking about something like a twins scenario, which is not quite the same, I think, but I have been there many times, as readers know, several sets of twins or even triplets through the three years my legacy storyline exists in this form now. Since I rotate through all households and always have, I had that scenario a lot, but I think the one from this chapter is different and very special and unusual.

    Glad you enjoyed it.


  3. I love this! Couldn’t be more right that things have turned out this way! Congratulations 🍾!


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