Chapter 288) Bahama Drama

Windenburg Isle
Cameron Residence 
Home of Liam, Vivien, Nicholas and Aria Grace

Singing along to the Beach Boys’ famous “Kokomo” tune on the radio, Liam was dancing while finishing up some last-minute prep work.

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya, Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we goooo … la la la …. get there fast so I can take you slooooow …” Liam smirked as he ad-libbed the last parts, imagining hot nights with Vivien under the starlit skies on a balmy beach.

“Wow, yuck, eew dad, thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure to stay faaaaaaar away from your and mom’s bedroom door. Also: that ass-shake of yours should bring all the boys to the yard. Hope that’s what you’re going for. Just a heads up if you plan this routine for public places.” his son Nick appeared in the kitchen, bursting Liam’s romantic bubble, yawning.

“Language! And good morning, son. First off, it’s a legit song, you smart Alec, with some slight personalization. And I got the moves, can’t help it, don’t be jealous kid. Maybe one day when you are big and strong you can shake your goods like your old man. Go have some breakfast. Is your sister up yet? Your mother is taking forever in the shower upstairs, leaving me to coral you kids. It already took five times to get you upright. We have a little over three hours till departure.”

“How am I supposed to know if Aria Grace is up or not? I don’t sleep in the same room – thank God. After your and mom’s weird downsizing and relocation antics, I think I have to thank da Lawd for that. Can I get your keys?”

He walked over, grabbed his father’s coffee cup and took a healthy sip, before Liam took it from him, pointing to the coffee maker behind him.

“What keys? And get your own coffee, kid! Especially since you haven’t even brushed the nighttime gunk and drool off your lips and teeth yet! Yikes. Last thing I need is teen-son induced canker sores to ruin my much-deserved vacay.”

“Car keys. And there are always paper bags for the head, dad.” Nick shrugged, undeterred by his father’s comment.

“Nick, come on now, we don’t have time to practice driving now. We are about to go on vacation. If you behave and are nice to your sister, I may let you drive a dune buggy one afternoon.”

“I don’t need more practice. It’s not that hard, I got it down. I need to go to the B-Bay to say goodbye to Addy. Not gonna see her for a whole week now. One. Whole. Week. That is seven times twenty-four looooong hours, dad! Unless … maybe we could take her. I am sure if you were to ask her dad, he would totally go for it. I have my own room at the rental place and she could …”

“ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NO! You are fifteen! So is she! I have no desire to become my son’s teen pregnancy enabler! You cannot drive alone yet, especially not all the way out to Brindleton Bay, and I don’t have time for such moments of puppy love. Video chat her your kisses and outpours of sentiments, then send her some duck-lipped pics of you shirtless at the beach later for her to drool over while she eagerly awaits your return! Absence makes the heart grow fonder anyway.”

“That’s not the same! I can’t kiss a phone screen! Not even allowed to kiss my own girlfriend goodbye when I won’t see her for a WHOLE WEEK?! What kinda parental Nazi-crap is this now? And if I leave her for too long, Ewan may swoop in and take my girl. I know he’s into her.”

“Oh my gawd, you drama queen. Nick, seriously, if all it takes is you being gone for a week, I say let Ewan deal with her, you’re not meant to be, then find a girl who is worth your time. And I don’t want to hear about you kissing anyone that’s not family! If you want to kiss someone cute, go kiss your sister and make sure she’s up and dressed!”

“Eeew! YOU go kiss her, she’s YOUR daughter! I am going to take a shower now or is that forbidden in this Cameron bootcamp too?!”

Nick didn’t wait for Liam to answer, as he already walked off, slammed and locked the bathroom door.

With a grunt and a sigh, followed by an eyeroll, Liam went to his daughter’s room.

“Aria Grace, baby girl, you up?”

“Yes, daddy!”

With a relieved sigh Liam opened the door to find her playing with her dolls. In her pajamas.

“Aria Grace, I asked you to get ready. Why are you not dressed yet? Where are your bags?”

“What’s the rush? It’s Saturday!”

“We are leaving for Sulani in two hours and change! Aria Grace … seriously kid!”

“Oh, was that today?”

“YES, TODAY! Have you even finished packing? I know mom packed your bags with you yesterday.”

“Oh. I thought that was practice. I unpacked it when I was looking for my lucky teddy.”

“WHAT!? Where is that backpack of yours? I’ll pack whatever and we both pray it will be full outfits! You, little lady, put down the dolls and get dressed. NOW!”

“But daddy – that’s gross – I am not even showered ….”

“Then go and shower NOW! Oh wait, Nick’s in there. Darn it! Urgh. That’s it. Up and ante, you are coming with me! Bathroom upstairs, your mother is now officially done prissying herself up!”

Within minutes, Liam added a complaining wife to his assortment of complaining family members as he ruthlessly pulled Vivien out of their en-suite master bathroom, then sent his pouting daughter into it.

“Viv, babe, YOU deal with our daughter, then get BOTH of you dressed, while I make more coffee, I need it, and try to deal with our aggravating son, so we all get to be ready to meet Zeke at the mainland ferry landing for him to drive our hap-hap-happy asses to the fucking airport for our fucking family vacation! Where is my goddamn sister anyway, she was to pick up our damn cat and damn dog to watch while we are gone. Gotta do everything myself to get some fucking relax time in! If this morning in an omen on how that vacation will go, then bon fucking voyage to all of us!”

Liam turned and rushed out of the room, leaving behind a head-shaking Vivien, rolling her eyes.

“He DEFINITELY needs a vacation! Work must be busy for him, has him wound tighter than a Swiss watch … good grief. Our poor, innocent kids, if they can get him so over the edge, he really needs some R & R. Hopefully he chilled out by the time we get to the airport. Now, what was I gonna do? Oh, right … still need to pack. And what am I gonna wear that is comfy, but classy and says ‘vacation – here we come’, but in a very understated, yet appropriate way for a 5-star level world renown celebrity, without drawing too much attention to myself, but if someone were to recognize me, I would look the part on the photos, which will be all over social media. Oof, two hours are really not long enough. Hmm.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 288) Bahama Drama

  1. Oh my goodness! Typical pre vacation stress! And Vivian’s last musings cracked me up. Such a diva. Hopefully the kids will settle down when they get where they’re going. Also, such a respite from the drama with Chase and Hailey. Some ‘normalcy’ where everyone doesn’t really appreciate what they have in the present and take it for granted. Eeek. I was expecting to see a continuation of last chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, there will be a continuation eventually. For now, I wanted something else and I love Liam and Viv’s family.
      They all already have their own characters and I love them together and their interactions, straddling normal small-town life and stardom.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That worries me big time…. I’m gonna be sure I have tissues available if needed.

        Liked by 1 person

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