Chapter 296) Butterfly

“I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.”

The Elysium
Home to Chase, Hailey and Connor Cameron & Colton, Maddie and Keira Vatore.

While putting down his glass, Wade Hanson looked at his daughter Hailey, her husband Chase, his father Blaine and Blaine’s wife Scarlett, then back at his son-in-law Chase. Chase and Hailey’s roommates Colton and Maddie were absent, visiting his family in Forgotten Hollow with their daughter Keira.

“Ahem, you want to turn my daughter into a vampire, Chase? Wouldn’t that kill her?”

“Oh my God!” muttered Hailey’s mom, Ella.

“Ah – come on now Wade – do I look dead to ya? Does Letty? Or Chase?” rumbled Blaine, silenced by a nudge from Scarlett, who took over.

“Ahem, if I may answer that, Wade. Ella. Yes and no. It’s not death per se, even though her mortal life would end as we know it, irrevocably, but it’s really more a … transformation. Like a pupa changing into a beautiful butterfly. First it is one thing, then another, who are not really alike, but then again, they are.”

“Hailey is plenty beautiful the way she is, Scarlett, she doesn’t need to transform! Wade, say something!” Ella nudged her husband now, who was still digesting the news himself.

“Ahem, yeah, I … just don’t know about this. Hailey, is that what you really want?”

“Yes, dad … mom … I do want this. It took me a long time to decide, this topic has come up many times between Chase and me, I had the same reservations as you, but I am sure now. I want it.” Hailey tried to explain it to her normally very open-minded and easy-going parents. That is, unless you talk to them about killing their oldest child. Understandable, in a way.

“Would you still even … recognize us after? As your parents. Your family. Your flesh and blood? Or better: will we still recognize our daughter? Will you be like you are now or …. different?” Wade worried.

Blaine answered from across the table.
“Bruh – come on now. Vamps not feral animals. My ass got turned without a plan and I still recognized the shit out of everyone, right after and now. Same with my mom and dad, they got turned and other than hitting some permanent second Spring of life, they are the same as before. I am one of the huggiest motherfuckers known to mankind, before and now. Basically, it’s just her palette and dental layout that will change. No more yummy homecooked meals by mommy, she won’t taste nothing, only get sick, unless she takes some obscenely expensive serum so she can sit there and at least swallow it without turning into a food fountain.”

“Oh – eew. Wait – but … you all have … a serum? You mean … to eat? I have been cooking for all of you all this time and you can’t even really eat it? All the seasoning and you can’t even taste it?” Ella’s eyes grew wide.

Scarlett, Blaine, Chase and Hailey nodded in unison, while the Hansons exchanged glances.

“Mom, I have known them all forever. As have you and dad. Vampires are not that different from mortals, they emote, feel, care just the same … sure there are black sheep you hear about in the media, just like the crazies among us mortals, serial killers, sadists and all. I know a lot of vampires – and so do the two of you – and none of them are emotionless monsters and devious fiends or such.”

“Maybe a little devious, sometimes …” Chase mumbled, side glancing at her with a little mischievous smile, winked, making her cheeks flush a little as she nudged him a little, giggling.

It didn’t go unnoticed by her parents, they exchanged glances as well. They knew their oldest child, Hailey, loved Chase and he loved her, treated her like a queen.

“Well, what are the risks? I am sure such a significant transformation isn’t without those. After the traumatic birth, I am not sure we are ready for more medical emergencies.” Wade Hanson said, his facial expression reflecting the worry about his beloved daughter. Blaine answered.

“None really. Chase being Chase, of course, he is wanting to go some sappy romantic route, but he’ll have my daddy-in-law on standby. In case something doesn’t go as planned, Caleb will be right there to fix it. He is our leader, literally knows everything and I can vouch that he can fix anything. He did it with my pops. His turning was unplanned and almost went sideways. But you’ve seen him many times, every bit the Everett we all know and love.” Blaine said with a shrug.

“Well, I don’t know what to say here, Hailey. You obviously do not need our approval; you are a grown woman. Twenty-seven years old. If you really want this, honey, your mom and I can’t and won’t stand in your way, so I am not even really sure why we are having this … this … intervention style family meeting.”

“I asked her to do this. I did not want this to happen without you knowing. And ideally, I would like to have your blessing, Wade and Ella.” Chase added.

“You’re a good kid, Chase. I always liked you. Your entire family really, I mean, we have known you Blaine and Scarlett for just as long as we have known this young man here, Ella and I consider you close friends. Moreover, we’re all family at this point. I will admit the vampire bit was a bit of a tough pill to swallow and to be even more honest, most of the time I actually even forget you all are vamps. So, Ella and I appreciate the courtesy, honestly, we do, and we will respect your decision, Hailey and support you best we can. We can watch Connor while you … ahem … transform.” Wade looked to his wife, who nodded.

“Yes, I agree with your father, honey. And I also appreciate the courtesy of letting us know. And for answering our questions, Blaine and Scarlett. I am sure a lot of this sounds … ignorant to you.” Ella said, both Blaine and Scarlett shook their heads in unison.

“Thanks mom and dad. Hearing you both say this actually means a lot to me. A weight off my shoulders.” Hailey told her parents, smiling relieved.

“Aren’t ya glad the mean hubby made you do this now?” Chase smirked, nudging her from the side.

“I don’t know any mean hubby. Only my awesome, handsome, amazing one.” Hailey told him, then kissed him briefly.

“Oh jeeze, here they go again. Get a room already!” chuckled Blaine.

“YOU are not the one to complain about that stuff, dad.” Chase told his father, smirking.

“He’s right, Blaine. We all know better. We all have seen you and Scarlett just seconds away from X-rated things before. On that note … while we’re on topic, can we agree that the bathroom at our home is off limits to you and Scarlett for your … ahem … romantic bonding, when visiting at our home? We love having you guys over, but we do still have a teen daughter living there.”

“Yeah yeah, you got it, Wade-ster. Hey, look at the bright side though, buddy: that definitely should answer any questions you may have had about your daughter’s sex drive after being turned.” Blaine grinned at Wade.

“I can honestly say I didn’t have a single question in that regard, never even crossed my mind, but thanks anyway.” Wade chuckled.

The remainder of the visit was spent reminiscing, laughing and just enjoying the company.

Once both sets of parents had left, Hailey turned to Chase.

“So, that’s done. One step closer to the big moment.”

“If you could see yourself and knew how mortified you look right now. You’re not making this easy on me, Patches. And you do know I won’t just do it. This is not happening unless you tell me. This is 100% your call, babe. You are completely in control. We just laid some more groundwork; cos I knew you were worried about how your parents would take it. If and when it happens is still your call, Hailey.”

“Sorry. I know, it’s not about me being afraid that you’d just randomly attack me, it’s not. It’s more like, you were born this way, but for someone like me, the idea of transforming into anything is pretty scary. I mean, I do want to, but it’s kinda … ya know … uahh.” Hailey demonstratively shuddered.

“I get it. I was born a vampire, but I still had to transform, once I hit puberty, I just never had a choice, it was gonna happen, so I do know what it’s all like. Tell me what to say to you to make it less frightening. How about, you wouldn’t have to worry about aging. Never a wrinkle, a grey hair, no terminal illnesses, no old age diseases, you will see our son grow up and have children of his own …”

“Yeah, I know. You make is sound so easy, Gump.”

“It IS easy, Patches. I was scared to mess it up, but honestly, you know I would never risk putting you in harm’s way. I don’t even think I really need my grandpa there. I talked to several vamps who have turned someone before, and it really isn’t that hard if you remember a few key things. I would never be nonchalant about something like this. If .. no .. WHEN we do this, we are going to do this right. Promise.”

“I know.” Hailey leaned forward and kissed him, he returned the kiss, while picking her up and rushing to their bedroom with vampire speed, setting her down gently.

“Hmm, okay, this vampire speed is definitely something I could use badly, especially now that Connor is starting to walk. That boy is into everything. Add Keira to the mix and Hailey is at the verge of losing her mind on a daily basis.” she giggled.

“It really does have a lot of advantages, Patches. The only real drawback will be the food part. You may miss your destress pint of ice cream on the couch.” he kissed her, which she answered in kind.

“Maybe, but I won’t miss cooking. Oh, I HATE cooking so much! I definitely didn’t take after my domestic goddess mom in that aspect.”

Chase chuckled then trailed kisses up and down her neck.

“How about we destress on the bed, without clothing, and celebrate your step closer to my world?”

“Hmm, tell me more, you beautiful fiend.” she said, after pushing him backwards onto their bed, following him instantly, straddling him.

“Fiend? I don’t recall forcing myself on you.” Chase protested.

“Maybe it’s my secret fantasy? The big bad handsome – and famous – vampire ravishing me against my will….”

“Against your will? Since when? Besides, that just sounds like rape to me. Not really my thing. Definitely doing nothing for my mood …”

“And there goes my mood, too, you crybaby. Thanks, vamp. I’ll go to bed then. In my flannel pjs!” Hailey’s tiny smirk told him she was only playing.

“Whoa whoa whoa wait a sec. Not so fast here.” he grabbed her and gently flipped atop a giggling Hailey, as they began making out more and more passionate.

Once their clothing had been shed and they were in the midst of their love making, Hailey’s eyes found Chase’s.

“Chase … now. Do it now. I am ready.”

“Babe, we just started, I am a man, not a machine, not ready yet, just a little more and I will be …”

“CHASE – I am not talking about … that. I am saying do it. Turn me, right now.”

Chase halted in mid-thrust, torn between the amazing feeling and her request …

“Now? I am not prepared … I … my grandpa … this is a bit sudden …”

“We don’t need Caleb. I trust you. And if … he can be here in seconds if needed. So do it already. Right now.”

Chase pulled away from her, wrapping his arms tight around her, shaking his head.

“No. Not like this. I love you, Hailey, and I love making love to you, and I want nothing more than you turned so I needn’t worry about losing you ever again. But not like this. I can’t do it like this. It needs to be deliberate, planned. I don’t want you to have a single regret afterwards. I need you to tan as much as you can, to eat everything you love before we go there, because after we do this, you will lose that ability fast. Maybe a day or two until your taste changes, then you’ll collapse and will be out for a few hours, maybe days till your transformation is completed. After that, you can only eat after taking the serum my dad was talking about, but the food tastes like nothing. Just something flavorless that you chew and swallow. And I warn you, it looks the same coming back out, we don’t have a working digestive tract anymore.”

“Eeew. Urgh! Way to kill the mood, Gump. I thought you would be happy that I want to be turned now.” Hailey mumbled into the pillows.

“I am beside myself, this made me ecstatically happy, but … not like this. Let us plan something special. Just us, we’ll have Colton and Maddie or my parents take care of Connor, so we don’t run the risk – knowing our luck – that you keel over right in front of him, scarring our son for life.”

While talking, Chase peeled his pouting wife off the bed, made her look at him as he pulled her into his lap.

“Fine. It will just extend the anxiety though for me, Chase. Like someone on death row, ordering their last meal.”

“I will just work harder to put your mind at ease and not worry about that.”

“Why do you have to be so cute? Not fair. I wanna be upset, but I can’t be. Fine. We’ll plan something. I really liked what your mom said to my parents about turning someone being like a pupa becoming a butterfly. That does make it sound nice. Makes me want a butterfly tattoo now. Hey – maybe we should do the turning in your old room at the Cameron Mansion, next to another condom pyramid your dad lovingly built for us … hahahaha” Hailey laughed.

Chuckling, Chase kissed the tip of her nose.

“Let’s not, my beautiful butterfly, but how about the cabin at Granite Falls. That was romantic last time. And it’s very private. I was originally thinking Avalon Park, since we have so much history there, but we don’t have the best track record of flying under the radar there, I remember our first attempt of having open air sex and some paparazzi found us and put my naked rear end on the covers of all magazines.” he said, and they both fell backward on the bed laughing about that drama.

“Tell me about it. I came home from high school to my mom showing me my famous boyfriend’s exposed derriere in her magazines. Oh, she had questions. Ha ha ha.” Hailey laughed as tears ran down her face.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 296) Butterfly

  1. I loved the way Scarlet explained getting turned. That romanticized it for Hailey and took the fear out of it for her parents. I am glad Chase waited though. He’s so dang sweet.

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    1. He is a sweet center in a rough looking shell. Scarlett is often the diplomatic mediator, cos Blaine sure isn’t the one for that job. Lol.

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  2. These two are so adorable. What a great gesture to get her parents blessing even though she’s old enough to make that decision. Love them.

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