Chapter 334) Adesso Tu – The Proposal

E ci sei adesso tu
Al centro dei pensieri miei
La parte interna dei respiri tu sarai
La volontà
Che non si limita
Tu che per me sei già
Una rivincita
Adesso sai chi è
Quell’uomo che c’è in me

(Loose transl.)
And now you
The center of my thoughts
The interior part of my breaths
The desire
No limits
You, who already are
the support for me
Now you know who is
the man inside me

Independent Kingdom of Tartosa
Just outside Villa Auditore

Giggling Nick pulled Adrianna with him.

“Nick, slow down, these heels were NOT meant for speed-walking …” she giggled, clinging to his arm to steady herself.

Nick indeed stopped, scooped her up, she let out a surprised meep, then laughed harder as he now ran down the path with her in his arms.

“Nick, what is with you tonight? Did you have too much Amarone with dinner?”

“The only drunk I am, is with love and desire for you.” Nick chuckled, making her giggle more.

Finally, he arrived at wherever he was going.

“Oh Nick, our spot.” she exclaimed as he was setting her down carefully.

“Yeah, our spot. A lot of memories here.”

“Good and bad. Mostly good. At least those I choose to remember …”

“Indeed. And there will be one more after today. We have been together for almost 8 years now, we have weathered many storms together, managed to do the long-distance thing at an age when other kids would have just moved on, we have managed your father and my crazy parents, and so many weird things that would have probably sent other couples running for the hills in different directions. But you didn’t run. You stayed. With me.”

Nick took a small step backwards, lowered himself to one knee, while pulling a small box from his pocket.

Adrianna inhaled sharply, while staring at the scene in awe.

“We don’t run, Addy. We are both strong, smart and we are very much in love, falling deeper and deeper with each moment that passes. Adversity has only made us stronger, together. So, here comes the drumroll and the most important part,” Nick smiled up at her with his intentionally dramatic pause, before he continued,

“Adrianna Maria Lucia Auditore, will you make me the happiest, luckiest man in the entire known galaxy and become my bride?”

“Yes! Si! Mille volte si! A million times yes, Nick! YES, YES, YES! I love you, Nick!” she exclaimed, kissing him excitedly.

Straightening up, she inhaled, holding back tears of joy, while holding out one hand for Nick to place the ring on.

With his ring on her finger, a perfect fit in size and visually, he stood up and they kissed. Something they did plenty, but this time felt different to both. As if opening an exciting new chapter in your favorite book.

Crying happy tears into the embrace that followed, Adrianna laughed while pressing herself tighter against the man she had loved since he was a boy, while he kissed her forehead.

As they came strolling back into Adrianna’s childhood home, Villa Auditore, a misnomer, as it was a sprawling estate with park and guest house and not just a villa at all, everyone looked up, Nick’s parents Liam and Vivien, his little sister Aria-Grace with her best friend, Adrianna’s younger sister Bianca and Nick’s best friend Rohan, Adrianna’s father Ezio holding his youngest son Ezio Junior in his arms, his young wife Meaghan next to him.

They all stared at them expectantly, until Nick raised Adrianna’s hand with the new piece of jewelry on it, when cheering and clapping ensued.

After the congratulations by all, the group had split up after celebratory drinks, and Ezio caught his daughter a little away from the crowd.

“Congratulations again. Are you happy, la mia tesoro? (my sweetheart)” he asked, taking her hands in his.

“Sì papà, molto, molto felice! Lo amo così tanto!” (Yes, dad, very very happy! I love him so!) she told him, smiling.

“I know you do. I am more than happy for you. He will make you a good husband, of that, I am sure. He even impressed me by asking me for your hand first. Another good sign in my book. Well, and should he dare fail you, I will chase him down like a rabid fox and shoot him myself, then have my security hide the body. BAM – problema risolto proprio così!” (Problem solved just like that!) Ezio told his daughter.

Adrianna laughed about the unexpected joke, most likely stemming from Nick’s grandfather Blaine insistently calling him ‘Mafioso’.

“Ti amo, papà! And I promise, we will come to see you often. Even once married.” (I love you, dad)

“Don’t worry about me, sweetheart. I have private planes if I miss you too badly. But now it is all about Adrianna first. You have waited long enough for the spotlight to be fully on you. Nobody is more deserving. Adesso tu, mia cara. Adesso tu.” (Now you, my dear. Now you.)

“Adesso io. To that I raise my glass gladly. Saluti, papà.” (Now I. Cheers, dad)

“Saluti, my beautiful little girl and now future Mrs. Auditore-Cameron.”

“Just gonna be Cameron, papa.”

“We’ll see about that! Now, where is the dang food?! I am famished! I don’t pay my people to starve me and let my guests run dry. There are two people with empty glasses!” Ezio ranted in usual fashion, before turning towards the butler, ranting at him.

“Ernesto, dov’è il cibo?! Stai dormendo sul lavoro?! Festeggiamo stasera!” (Ernesto [the butler – you can see him in a few of the shots], where is the food?! Are you sleeping at work?! Let’s celebrate tonight!)

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 334) Adesso Tu – The Proposal

  1. That was the sweetest and most heartfelt proposal ever. And Nick was right, they don’t run, they stick it out together. I’m so happy for Nick and Addy! ❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️🍾🥂. And Nick looked so handsome. He always does but he dresses up good too. 😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was definitely one of the most romantic chapters to date! They sure are a handsome couple, and have proven stamina, even at a young age. Chances are good that they won’t turn into Liam and Vivien 2.0. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Finally! Congratulations! Nick certainly brought the romance to a memorable day!


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