Chapter 336) Big Bad Wolf & The Wildcat

Hey there, little Red Riding Hood
You sure are lookin’ good
You’re everything a big bad wolf could want
What big eyes you have
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad
I’m gonna keep my sheep suit on
‘Til I’m sure that you’ve been shown
That I can be trusted walkin’ with you alone
Little Red Ridin’ Hood
I’d like to hold you if I could
But you might think I’m a big bad wolf, so I won’t

Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
Cameron Enterprises

Without a knock her office door was opened, Esmée shot up to let the rude intruder have it as it was her way, but instead she found herself speechless.

Mouth agape, she could only stare at the man who had entered, and now stood there, smiling – no – smirking deviously at her.

“How did you get in here!?”

“Door.” he answered bemused.

“Where’s my assistant? MARY-BEEEETH?!?!?!”

“Don’t bother. The old girl went for a coffee break, and seeing how tight you are wound, probably with a healthy shot of liquid patience. What kinda stuff exactly are you selling here anyway?”

“Selling? We are not selling anything per se. We are offering services. Mostly Business Management related, but we have a few Interior Designers, because of my mom and sister, long story, basically a kind of in-house franchise, things you probably wouldn’t understand. Who are you? What do you want? Are you robbing me? I have no money, we send invoices. It’s all electronic transactions.”

“Rob you? Ha, no worries, relax. If I wanted to rob you, this – uh – ‘transaction’ would already be done and over with. But I am mildly insulted about you asking who I am. I am the man you had some pretty intense quickie – pardon me, ‘quickies’, plural – with at a club some weeks ago. As a matter of fact, that very club there right behind you out the window, in case you forgot. You were a hungry girl, quite insatiable. Tell me the bump wasn’t me though. Nah, can’t be, you are too far along. I work fast, but not THAT fast.” grinning, he pointed at her undeniable baby bump.

“No. I was already pregnant the last time I remember going to a club. It was either that or drinking myself into oblivion and as much as I don’t like this kid or my condition, I am not a monster. I don’t even remember you! You have the wrong girl. I don’t do such .. things. Quickies. Nope!”

“Oh, I have the right girl and you remember me just fine. Let me guess, your – uh, sudden-onset ‘amnesia’ – has to do with the baby daddy, huh? The husband, boyfriend, fiancé or what have you, the boring safe haven, YAWN, with the once a month scheduled sex just wasn’t doing it for you anymore. Hormones running wild – and so were you. That’s why you came to me for some real action in the sack because I can give you what no other man can. You are welcome. I heard pregnant girls get horny a lot. Let me know if you need that itch scratched again. I won’t tell your man. Our little secret. Shhhh!” he winked at her.

“You could not be more wrong if you tried. There is no husband, no man, I am definitely not some frustrated housewife, this pregnancy thing was a mistake, a regrettable accident, I don’t even want this kid, and you were a mistake too – you weren’t even that good.” Esmée told him.

“Ah, I see the amnesia is cured now. And yes, little Red Riding Hood, I WAS that good. Still am. Maybe you need a refresher. That desk would work.”

“Shut up! What are you doing here? How did you get in?! That receptionist and security guard will both be written up for failing their tasks BIG TIME, as will Mary-Beth! All because of you! I hope you are happy now, knowing you are getting a lot of innocent people in trouble!”

“If you think I care about other people, you have much yet to learn about reading people. I don’t give a shit about anyone but myself and my inner circle, so appealing to my conscience is wasted time, babe. Maybe I am the big, bad wolf, the Alpha, the Apex, and I slipped in without them ever noticing because that is what I do. Awoooo. Ha. Just like you like to play the boss lady, all strong and important I like to be strong, important and sneaky too. Gotta be, see, I have people looking up to me, to lead them, and you can’t do that if you show weakness, you lose credibility faster than you can sneeze at. And in my case, that can be terrible news.”

“Ah, so you are a criminal. How lovely. You see, I don’t play anything. I AM important. And strong! And the boss! This is MY company. I am the CEO.” Ezzy told him.

“Ah, so you are Mr. James Cameron? I must say, the photo I saw of you looked a lot less feminine. And significantly older. I read you have been married for over fifty years to a retired chef, three kids, ten grandchildren. Your genes are amazing. You look in your early twenties.”

“You are stalking me! What do you want? Money? A job? That won’t be happening! I don’t bend to blackmail, and I certainly won’t hire scruffy criminals! This is a well-reputed business!”

He laughed, and it sounded dangerous, but he didn’t move and kept smiling.

“Oh, I remember you bending just fine for me, now given that wasn’t for blackmail then but quite willingly. I definitely do not want to work HERE, sugar. I wanted to see you again. See, wildcat, you impressed me too. I like my women feisty and wild, or I get bored with them. So much so, that I would go to great lengths to find you. Consider yourself flattered. But this place makes me feel claustrophobic. So, pick you up at 8 PM sharp at your home? Be ready on time, I don’t like to be kept waiting. Especially not for tardy little girls.”

“What?! How dare you!? Who do you think you are?! And stop acting like you know me, you have NO IDEA who I am! And I will NEVER give you my address you moron! I am NOT a little girl, quit talking down to me! I am the CEO of this company!”

“You don’t need to give me shit, sweetheart; I already know where you live. And babe, I know EXACTLY who and what you are. Who do I think I am, you ask? Well, funny coming from you, considering you didn’t even stop to ask my name when we disappeared in the club’s bathroom that night, but I told you anyway, consider that a great honor, as I usually wouldn’t, I prefer anonymity. I take you forgetting me as a compliment though, in lieu of a glowing Yelp review, I’ll just assume I literally banged you senseless that night. I’m Michael. Try to remember it this time, I won’t repeat myself. Next time you forget my name, I will etch it into your skin.”

“CREEP! I don’t CARE who you are! And your scare tactics don’t work on me, you crazy person! Get out of my office and my company! My grandfather’s company, which I run now. So, out with you, or I will be calling the police!”

Michael chuckled.

“Oh no, not the police. Oh my, I am so very VERY scared now.” the sarcasm was dripping from his words with him still smirking. Clearly, this guy was no stranger to trouble with law enforcement.

Esmée had run out of words and courage, just stood there staring at him, stepping backwards as he came closer, until she couldn’t go any further, her back now against a wall. Michael put his arm on one side, and it was clear there was no escape now.

“Don’t be afraid of me, little Red Riding Hood, all I want is a little taste. I won’t hurt you. No matter how much you might want me to.”

“I am not afraid of YOU!”

His face neared hers, he inhaled her like you would the scent of a delicious meal, then his lips grazed her cheek, sending shivers down her spine, until he whispered in her ear, his lips just barely touching her earlobe with each word he spoke.

“I can smell your fear, Esmée.”

He seductively flicked his tongue across her cheek, just briefly, Ezzy was sure he would kiss her now, maybe more, and she succumbed to the sensation, the idea, making her weak in the knees, she closed her eyes, her breathing now fast and shallow as she was bracing herself for the feeling of his lips on hers, taking in the sheer masculinity he was oozing … but she felt … nothing.
Blinking her eyes open she saw him just standing there, watching her.

Chuckling, he pushed away from the wall and left her office with long strides. Just before he disappeared from view, he looked over his shoulder, his back still to her, as he said

“Don’t forget, 8 PM sharp. I’ll be at your front door, but I won’t knock. You want me, you come out. Wear something sexy, wildcat. Your boobs are as big as they’re gonna get, put them to good use. And I don’t mind you being pregnant, as long as you are not trying to cast me into a daddy role. That will never be me, sorry, pussycat. Not the nurturing kind.” he winked at her. Then he was gone like he never existed.

It took her a while to recover sufficiently to think again.

“How did he find me? How did he know my name? He was so … unnormal. Surreal. OH MY GOD, maybe he is a vampire! One of Connell’s buddies. Oh shit! Mom and dad will faint if two of their daughters drag something like that to their doorstep. Oh no, he didn’t have fangs. I would have noticed those. And Connell is always icy-cold to the touch. Michael is warm, very warm. And so tan. That’s not fake-bake, that’s outdoorsy-tan. No, he’s definitely not a vamp. Wait, what?! What am I thinking!? I am not dragging that guy anywhere, least of all to my parents! I am not going out with him! Who does he think he is! If he thinks I find such machismo attractive, he’s got another one coming! Asshole!”

Windenburg Isle
Esmée's Home

The door opened and Esmée stepped out, dressed in a very revealing dress, which earned her a wolf whistle by the man already waiting, casually leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette.

“Look at you, mamasita! Yummy! You have me salivating at first glance, impressive.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, this has nothing to do with you, I was just …. ahem … going over to my brother’s. He lives here too. On the isle. Not in my house.”

“You go visit your brother like that? How Borgia family of you. Well, lucky for you, I don’t judge. Anyway, joking aside, I am tired of playing fox and hound here.”

While talking, he had carelessly flicked away the cigarette, reached behind himself, probably his back pocket, while Ezzy was unable to take her eyes of his dangerously rugged yet sexy looks.

“You are so arrogant and misogynistic! And that was littering! I don’t like that! I don’t like you!”

Michael now handed her a single red rose, which she didn’t take, but instead slapped from his hand, he then stepped closer to her again, once more his face neared hers, this time his arm wrapped around her waist, pulled her in as he kissed her, not a sweet peck, but deep and demanding, Ezzy couldn’t help thinking ‘Nope, definitely no fangs and not a vamp!’ as he whispered in her ear while releasing her from his grip.

“Your body says you do!” seductively slow he ran the tip of his finger across the front of her dress, right over her hardened nipple, making her blush, as strong waves of different sensations washed over her, making her speechless, but luckily still capable to slap his hand and push him away from herself.

“You are … how dare you? You are so full of yourself! Don’t touch me!”

“Well, I wanted you to be full of me too, but you are playing hard to get instead, wasting both our time. And how often do you want to ask me that drivel? How dare I, how dare I? You know I dare things. And I dared you. I dared you to go out with me and look at you dressed all slutty and delicious, ripe for the picking.”

“I am not going out with you, and I am not slutty, thank you very much, I am just limited on things that fit right because of that damn baby bump! I was going somewhere else. With someone else. So please leave me be. Get lost! Off my property!”

“I know. Your brother. Dressed like that. You know, for a CEO and daughter, slash, granddaughter of politicians, you are a remarkably terrible liar. Luckily that probably doesn’t matter much in this small town. Word of advice: don’t ever play poker.”

“I am no liar! And my dad and grandpa are not politicians!” Esmée nearly shouted back at him.

“Ex-mayor and current mayor.”


“So, dear smart CEO, what do you think mayors are?” he smirked.


“Finally we agree on something! Let’s, then!”

“No! GROSS! Not like that … stop doing that! The word twisting! You are NOT as cute as you think! And I am not as desperate as you seem to think either!”

“Oh, I know I am not cute, not trying to be. But you are cute, and desperate, but very sexy, especially when you get angry. MEOW, wildcat. Unleash that fury on me – and those claws, kitty. At least I can take it. I like things wild and rough. More than you know.” he smiled.

“I want you to leave! NOW! Or the only thing you will feel is my heel up your ass!”

“Aww. My heart breaks. You tease me with such implied violence, all that energy, wasted on being rude to me, when it could be put to good use during very intense nookie to get the anger and frustration out of your system and your head on straight again. But sure, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

“Yeah, right, that’s not the read I am getting from you! You are the kind of man who just takes whatever he wants, whenever he wants it because you think every woman wants you. Aka. douchebag and loser. Your kind is a dime a dozen!”

“You got me all wrong. I assure you, I am quite unique, you have no idea. All that talk of you not wanting me isn’t what I remember. Back at the club, it was YOU who came onto ME. YOU told me that we were going into the bathrooms NOW and YOU tore MY clothing off. I just let it happen, mostly to see how far you would actually go. Who knew the uptight little girl had so much fire hidden away, a vulcano ready to erupt – and would go all the way? Several times actually. And I have no regrets. Obviously not, or I wouldn’t be here now for another helping of your deliciousness. But if you don’t want a repeat, I’ll leave. My father always told me there were two things to never chase: a departing train and a woman leaving. Guess you left your interest in me in that club bathroom that night. Your loss, kittycat. I am done chasing you. It quit being fun for me. You are wrong about that too, you know, I don’t force myself on women, don’t have to. I might be a little forward in offering, but I never force anything.”

He turned to leave, but before his foot could leave the front porch, with a quick movement, Ezzy grabbed his arm, redirecting the momentum of him walking off to send him crashing into the wall – hard – where he bounced forward right into her, as she plastered herself up against him, kissing him hard.

After a few moments of making out outside her front door, she opened it, shoved him inside, then followed, while already pulling her dress over her head …

As you probably guessed by the not-so-subtle hints, Michael isn't just your friendly neighborhood rake, but has a dark secret, albeit unbeknownst to Ezzy, even though even she seems to be suspecting some occult influences already, just looked in the wrong direction. Spoiler alert: definitely NOT a vampire.
Another thing worth pointing out is that in my storyline, vampires, lycans and witchfold do not mix well, period. And as we know, Esmée's sister Emmy, who lives next door to her, is married to a very high-ranking vampire, Connell Vatore. It is also quite obvious that Michael is extremely confident, between that and some of the things he told Ezzy it is safe to assume that he is some sort of leader as well. 
So, unless this will really the final encounter Ezzy will ever have with Michael - doubtful, considering how she reacts to him - it will eventually and inadvertently lead to confrontation with the 'enemy' next door.
Ezzy isn't easy to please, I literally sent her on dates with over a dozen men (and women, but I already saw she wasn't into those) and it was like pulling teeth, she actually finds the father of her baby, Rohan Sharma, repulsive (don't ask me why she ended up pregnant by him then, I worked that into an explanation best I could already). Guess she likes the bad boys, as my attraction system mod went bonkers for both of them when he randomly walked into my shot with her for a previous chapter. 
Obviously, neither Michael nor Esmée are the romantic type, so don't count on any sweet dates, cutesy moments, let alone sappy proposals.
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3 thoughts on “Chapter 336) Big Bad Wolf & The Wildcat

  1. That was hot. She definitely likes bad boys. She is strong willed and needs someone else that’s strong willed to keep her interested. She likes squaring off with him. I cannot wait to see how this goes. And Michael is indeed a yummy bad boy. I so love how you baked werewolves seamlessly into your story. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, yeah, I had to test them in game first to see if I wanted to. I still have a love-hate relationship with merfolk, which is why they never made the storyline, but the wolfies have great potential. And when Ezzy finally showed some emotions towards one of them, I went for it.
      I did need them to be logical and believable (as much as occult can be) and think this works for them. I just can’t see them sweet, calm and composed, esp since they tend to go on rage rampages in game.
      He IS yummy for sure, probably the reason he gets away with his misogynistic, arrogant, {insert long list of rude, crude, annoying behaviors here] ways and why Ezzy still has the hots for him. He definitely is on the very opposite end of the spectrum from Rohan. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I get the merfolk being harder to incorporate, but the werewolves, not at all.

        Liked by 2 people

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