Chapter 358) Old Love & Old Friendships

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.”

–Oscar Wilde
Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

It was late morning, sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee, Blaine looked up at Kai walking in with a cup of coffee of his own, groaning, then plopping down at the table across from him.

“Oh my, my, my – I do declare – Kai, my man, look at you dressed all dapper and spiffy! If this is you trying to ask me out after confessing your love and burning passion for me, I do have to remind you that I am married, my friend. Scarlett won’t give me up without a fight. Seriously now, where have you been? Came by your room earlier to grab you for our daily morning coffee together and guess what, nobody home, I got stood up. I cried and cried. Did you sneak out last night to go pollinating the neighborhood, you old dawg, you?”

“Happy to see your tears have seized and given way to great amusement at my expense again. I wish I had been doing what you think. Then again, considering half the neighborhood is related to you maybe not so much. No, Blaine, I have been on yet another date, for breakfast this time. Woke up to a message from some lady and thought why not? I guess at my age I have to resort to online things, remember I told you that I joined this page for ‘hip singles over 50’ some weeks ago? The last batch of dates came from there. Hip, my foot! More like hip replacement. I mean, I know I am not the freshest, but come on! I didn’t think I would be the only old person who took care of themselves and kept fit! Half the dates I literally walked out on. Nothing to talk about, no common interests and I am not getting started on the lack of enthusiasm for personal grooming in women of my age group! This date started okay but took a turn to new heights of horrendous. I rather tongue-kiss your dogs before doing that to myself again!”

Blaine laughed hard.

“Poor dogs! Just do me a favor and kiss the female one, George is old too and easily offended. I piss that pooch off enough accidentally and then spend days kissing his ass to forgive me. Well Kai, why don’t you tell uncle Blainey all about your dating sorrows. Wanna sit in my lap? At least you’d get some one-on-one action that way. HAHAHA”

“Screw you, you gleeful bastard.” Kai tried to hide a smile.

“Well, let me have some fun before I tell you how it’s REALLY done. Better yet, I will personally take your wrinkly horny ass out and be your wingman. I’ll getcha laid. What’s your type these days?”

“Same as it always was and I don’t want to ‘get laid’, Blaine. I am looking for a partner.”

“Ah, so someone like Cheyenne was, just more alive?”

“Insensitive asshole! Leave my late wife’s name out of your mouth if you want to make fun of me! How about me wanting to date someone just like your daughter, except less fangy! There, how does that taste?! Doesn’t feel so good when the off-color jokes start hitting close to home, huh?” Kai grumbled.

“Hehehe – You think you would be the first old sack drooling over one of my girls? Sadly, for the horny old men out there, Letty and I raised good young ladies, who don’t want no sugar daddies and who definitely don’t have a daddy complex. So, nice try, kinda cute when you are trying to be mean you old fluffy teddy bear. MUAH MUAH MUAH” Blaine blew kisses at Kai.

“Can you lay it off with the ‘old’ references already? I know I am not fresh as the morning dew but come on now, for my age, I kept pretty well. Not to mention that technically, you are older than me!”

“Technically we all should be able to cross our legs behind out heads but tell me how that is working out for us.”

“What?! Gawd, I can’t with the Blaineisms today.”

“Never mind. So, what happened on the date. Did she bust out of her Mumu to date rape you, surrounded by her 51 cats? Or did the cats get frisky with you too? I guess try everything once, they say. Everyone who ever had a dog hump their leg knows that dogs aren’t above that logic. And I have been told I am an animal in bed anyway, so where does one draw the line, right? HAHAHA!”

“I am so glad my misery amuses you so, you bedroom animal. Well, this lady who messaged me is 65, so a very nice age, very nice looking too, invited me over for breakfast, while it wasn’t about the food, I learned that no matter how much I wanted to be polite, I do mind crunching on a ton of eggshells in between the mystery of partially burnt and partially still almost raw egg made in the same pan. I tried, but couldn’t down that crap or I would have hurled, naturally she eventually asked me if I didn’t like it, I tried to lie about just not being hungry, she accused me of being an impolite snob so I asked her if she didn’t realize she had to open the eggs and discard the shells before cooking, which was when she kicked me out.”

Blaine nearly fell off his chair for laughing so hard.

“Damn, smooth going there Cassanova! Maybe it wasn’t eggshells but kitty litter. HAHAHA” he laughed.

“There were no cats, Blaine! Overall she seemed like a very decent retiree. But unlike you, I still do need to eat, especially with my medications, so is it too much to ask to either admit you can’t cook – which for the record is perfectly fine by me – or make something you actually mastered?! I would have gladly taken her out to a restaurant for breakfast. Hell, I would have cooked for her. It was still a first date, whatever happened to impressing the other like back in our days?”

“Well, maybe her doctor told her to add more calcium to her diet, hence the eggshells. Anyway, we need to get you laid. You are about to lose every remaining sense of humor from being so tense. So, what’s your prey age range these days? Same as you, slightly younger, cradle robber or call the police on that old creep? What will it be? Gimme something to work with here.” Blaine burst into laughter.

“You do remember I used to be an attorney, right? So, a legal and logical age range for me. Seasoned, but fit, sense of humor, loyal, trustworthy, sweet, caring, loving, reliable.”

“What you are describing is a dog. Let’s try to zoom in differently then. Big tits, small, big ass or small .. tall, short .. skin so light you need to wear sunglasses or so dark you can’t see her in the dark or something in between? Long hair, short hair, no hair? What’s your flavor, old man? What does she need to have to get your juices flowing and bursting outta ya? Tell uncle Blaine everything.”

“Blaine, I am 78 years old. At my age it counts as successful sex if I get one up, keep it up and don’t die of a heart attack. I don’t care about visuals as long as she is groomed and clean. It’s the inside that counts. It’s not about sex at all, like I said, I am looking for a partner, not a sex doll.”

“Again, sounds like a dog. Let me think on that some, and then also make a call. I have someone in mind but need to check some stats first. Ah, looky there, the sun rises for us. Good morning beautiful!” Blaine’s eyes averted to someone behind Kai, who already heard Scarlett’s heels, then her voice.

“Good morning boys. Kai, I am terribly sorry, but I have to steal my husband away from you now. Blaine, we need to talk.” Scarlett’s initially friendly tone changed to an urgent one, triggering Kai to slide back his chair and head towards the door.

“I will be in my room. A hot shower and a good, long nap are what I need to digest my morning adventures anyway.” Kai said, then left.

“Oh Letty – Do you have any ideas on whom we can hook him up with? Some decent single women in your circle of friends maybe? I have one in mind but may want a few backup options.” Blaine asked Scarlett, who shook her head.

“Blaine, we have bigger problems than playing matchmaker for Kai at the moment. Gavin hasn’t come home last night. I cannot reach him, nor find him. And before you blow this off, or start cracking jokes, know that I am very worried and very much on edge and will respond accordingly. This is unlike him. He is not the type.”

“Agreed. Should we look for him?” Blaine was unusually serious as well.

“Yes. And Blaine … until we know what’s going on, keep your mouth shut. No details, not to anyone. I have a bad feeling here. We should split up. We need to find our little boy, Blaine. I have an idea on where to start too … just a hunch. Pray I am right. If I am not, I hope you have some better luck.”

“We’ll get him back, Letty. I promise you. He’s a smart and good kid, he’s fine. I will make sure he will be okay, whatever it takes. We will be okay, baby! I swear.” Blaine told her, still very serious. They kissed, then each ported away.

University of Britchester
Cameron On-Campus Home

A while later Scarlett entered a small room, after knocking briefly, slipping in and shutting the door behind herself, while Aria-Grace protested.

“I said I need to study and I don’t want visitors, Bia … oh, it’s you. Sorry, grandma. Really bad time.”

“Not a social call anyway. Where is he?”



“How would I know?! Why does everyone seem to think I am the keeper of all things Cameron?!” AG couldn’t hide the burst of panic under her anger. Lying to her grandma was one thing but lying to a very high-ranking Vampire heiress wasn’t something AG wouldn’t subscribe to. Yikes!

“AG … he hasn’t come home last night. I am very concerned.”

“He’s a Vampire. Isn’t that what you guys do? Spook through the nights and sleep during the day? At least, theoretically?”

“Aria-Grace, I am not in the mood for jokes, quit deflecting! This is important and urgent, time is of the essence here, I am not one of your college friends, nor am I some gullible feeble nitwit! Your friend let me in, and I couldn’t help but notice two very distinct bite marks along with bruises. When I asked her about them, she told me some cockamamie story about bugs and falling off ladders. I already know you know something; I know Bianca broke Gavin’s heart and I know he has been here. So, let’s try this again, please. Cooperate with me or I will force it. AG, I am trying to protect my son from himself and any repercussions him going off script could have. I admire that you are trying to protect your uncle, but he really needs his parents right now before it’s too late. You are not helping him by keeping secrets, quite the contrary.”

“Fine. But I promised I wasn’t gonna rat him out, so you don’t have Caelan hunt him down and punish him and … stuff. It’s Gavin! He had a dumbass moment; he didn’t mean to.”

“I know it is Gavin! Do you recall he is my son? My little boy? My youngest? My baby? Caelan can be dangerous, but he is my brother, and he would never hurt any of my children. Nor would my father. But if his transgressions go public among my kind, something would have to be done or it could cause discord. I do not want my son to be made into am example, not even for a light sentence of any kind. And Gavin didn’t compel Bianca, I know he would never think of that, especially not under stress. So … who helped? Let me make this easier on you. Was it Chase or Caitlin? I know my children, AG.”

“Ahem … grandma … okay fine. Gav was here. I didn’t know, I missed most of the drama, it got loud, too loud for me trying to study, so I went to the living room you tell Bianca and what I thought was her boyfriend off, instead I walked in on Gavin biting her neck. So, I screamed, then punched the shit out of him, he let her go, shoved me to the ground, realized he fucked up and did the black cloud thing, while I tried to make sure Bianca was okay. I didn’t know what to do, was afraid to call you or grandpa or Caelan, so I called Chase and he did this Men In Black thing to Bianca after figuring out she won’t turn or die or something. Then he went to find Gavin. That’s all I know. Honest. Gavin will be okay, right?”

“Of course, he will. Sometimes young, inexperienced Vampires have a hard time controlling themselves properly, this is not a sign of evilness, but a place for his dad and me to apply more intense training. Please don’t fear him, he is a sweet boy. Thank you, sweetheart.” Scarlett stepped towards AG and kissed her forehead, then she was gone.

“Oh boy. That’s what I get for having Vampire relatives. All fun and games until the fangs come out. Literally. I seriously hope granma wasn’t just feeding me some BS. Poor Gav. He’s one of my favorites.”

Some hours later, Aria-Grace’s phone buzzed with a text from her grandma Scarlett.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 358) Old Love & Old Friendships

  1. First, poor Kai, I felt so bad for him. It must be hard watching Blaine be so vital and full of ‘life’ while his own mortality and priorities have changed. And then Blaine seemed to really not get it and thinks he just needs to get laid, so he had to listen to all of the Blainisms. Not complaining, they were hysterical, but glad he said enough. At least Blaine did finally listen to him and is trying to find someone for him to spend his last years with.

    Then Gavin. I’m glad Blaine took her seriously, he does tend to make light of things, fix it and move on even though I think inside he is seething. Lol. Just his way. Yay for Scarlet forcing AG to fess up. And then once they found him, she had the courtesy to thank her and let her know everything was okay. ❤️. So glad Chase and Blaine are going away with him to do whatever it is they need to do to help him. I have to say he is just so cute, I want to squeeze those cheeks. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gavin is cute! And sweet – normally.
      Let’s see what the boys trip does for him. Chase used to be very shy and nerdy once upon a time, a marriage, a kid and a career in the public eye ago. 🙂 And Blaine just steamrolls problems. LOL
      Aria-Grace and her grandma Scarlett are close, which is why lying to her was uncomfortable (and the part that she can be a scary Vamp – lol).
      Poor Bianca … completely oblivious to all the drama and why. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Steamroll is the right word for how Blaine deals. Just deal cut to the chase and move on to better things.


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