Chapter 374) The Bad Girl

Villa ViVA
Home to Liam and Vivien Cameron

The door was pushed open with purpose and Vivien rushed in.

“Liam, honey, I can’t find the … oh my GOD! What the …! OH! NO!” she halted on the spot, eyes wide, her voice tipping over.

Instantly, two people in front of her sprayed apart and away from the desk they had been intimate on until Vivien’s interruption, both hurriedly covering themselves with their disheveled clothing.

“FALLON! BEAR! What the … OH MY … WHAT THE …!” Vivien had a hard time processing what she had walked into.

With a huff, the always borderline mute security specialist almost simultaneously buttoned up his shirt and pants, before he scurried past Vivien – or tried to.
She stepped into his exit path.

“We are going to have a chat about THIS later, Mr. Barrett!” she told him angrily.

“Yes, Ma’am.” he acknowledged, then rushed off past her like a bat out of hell.

“I told you not to call me Ma’am!” Vivien yelled after him, then turned to her younger sister.

“His name’s Barrett? For real?! Hahaha. Don’t tell me he’s got a normal first name too, something boring like Peter or Paul, how disappointing.” Fallon giggled.

“You slept with a man and don’t even know his real name?! Seriously Fallon?! Yes, he has a real name, first and last even! Of course, he does, ‘Bear’ is a nickname, or did you really think that was his real name? For heaven’s sake! Goes to show that you don’t have to be blonde to be stupid!” Vivien’s infamous temper surfaced.

“Whoa, retract claws, Viv. Honestly, I can’t claim I care much about his name, who would, have you looked at him? Plus, I didn’t sleep with him – yet, at least not this time, thanks to you bursting in like John Wayne killing the mood. Great job, thanks much! I wouldn’t call what Captain Hunk and I do ‘sleeping’ anyway. Plus, unlike you, I don’t need sleep.” Fallon giggled completely unimpressed.

“Fallon … do not test me. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are Vamp or mortal, what you were about to do is unacceptable. You are my little sister; ‘Bear’ works for me and that is my husband’s desk you two defiled! That’s disgusting and wrong!”

“Good Lord, relax, Viv. We all know what men do alone at computers. You should be more concerned about my butt than Liam’s desk. I wouldn’t go in here with a blacklight.”

“Liam would never! He doesn’t need to! Not like that is any of your business! How DARE you?!”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

“FALLON! I know how to keep my man happy in the bedroom and beyond. Quit deflecting! Why are you screwing my head of security in my husband’s home office!? That is disgusting and wrong! If you really cannot keep your panties on around ‘Bear’, at least have the decency to nail him at your own home! Oh, that’s right, you don’t have a home of your own, you still live with mommy and daddy at 24 years of age. Bet they would just LOVE to hear all about this!”

“Wow, someone had bitch for breakfast! You know there is no privacy at the Cameron Mansion. But if you want to tattle, be my guest! Do it! As if our parents were the type to fault someone for nookie! You’re the hypocrite in this family, considering YOUR history.”

“Take your lovers to your room, Fallon! Not even dad would just burst in on his kids’, especially not the girls’ rooms!” Vivien snarled.

“Right. And I explain taking your precious security dude to my room ‘how‘ exactly? You know dad lurks everywhere.”

“That should maybe give you your first clue! DO NOT NAIL MY EMPLOYEES! Fallon, you are not some ignorant teen anymore. Get a clue!”

“Wow! Slavedriver much? Glad I won’t ever be working for you! Employees are people, with needs and wants. Your employee just happens to want me. And I him. YOU get a clue, Viv!”

“Then marry him and move in with him and nail him at YOUR loving home, not MINE!”

“Are you done? Cos I am. On that note … see ya. Just hopefully not until you are in a better mood!”

“Oh, why? Are you suddenly in a hurry? Cos I have news for you, lil sis. You are gonna be scrubbing a desk till it just shimmers and shines! And do not even dream about pulling some Vamp trick to get out of it. If you are not scrubbing my husband’s desk in 5 minutes and until I say it’s pristine, I am telling mom and dad ALL about this. EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. Everything! Cleaning supplies are in that closet in the hallway behind you, third door on the left. Get crackin’! Chop, chop!”

“Yes … MA’AM!” Fallon saluted at her sister which Vivien acquitted by shoving her … sending her stumbling into Liam who had just come up the stairs following the commotion, catching his 24-year-old sister-in-law, chuckling and surprised.

“Whoa, careful there, young lady.”

“Aww! Thank you, Liam. Hmm .. you must work out a LOT. Your chest is rockhard .. bet so is the rest of you … hmm hmm ….” Fallon purred, running her hands across her brother-in-law’s chest, watching her older sister fuming.

“GET CLEANING!” Vivien hissed, pulling Fallon away from Liam, sending her stumbling towards the cleaning supplies cabinet down the hall with another push.

“What is going on with you two?” Liam wondered.

“Nothing. Just me, discovering my baby sister is a slutty HOE, that’s what.” she yelled louder to make sure Fallon heard her, who acknowledged it with a one finger salute at Vivien.

“Viv! Come on now, calm down. Jeeze.” Liam tried to mediate.

“You have NO idea what nugget she landed this time, Liam. Not the foggiest, or you would be yelling too!”

“I have two younger sisters too, remember? I KNOW they can be testy and aggravating.” Liam chuckled, watching Fallon pass them with a bucket full of cleaning supplies, confusing Liam further when she disappeared in his home office with it.

“Ah yeah? Do you Liam? I am telling you; your sisters are NOTHING like mine and I am not talking about fangs here! Having a hard time imagining Leonie or Abigail screwing our employees on your desk, like that one did when I walked in on them!” Vivien snarled then walked off.
Liam followed Vivien to the stairs.

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me.”

“On my desk. Like … ON it …? Like full on … nookie? Without clothes?” Liam wondered.

Once downstairs, Vivien turned around to him.

“Do you know anyone who screws fully dressed?! YES Liam, yes to all the above. Smack dab on your desk, both ready to plug part A into slot B! Would you like me to draw you a lovely picture of it for better understanding?!”

“Wait – you saw ‘Bear’s’ twig and berries?!” Liam grimaced.

“Are you friggin’ serious now, LIAM! Figures THAT is all you heard just now! It is completely beside the point here! Plus, I didn’t exactly stand there to take in the beautiful scene before me. It was a glimpse at best, and that was more than enough! How would YOU feel walking in on one of YOUR sisters doing the dirty?! I doubt you’d have stood there admiring all the little details to one day tell our grandchildren about!”

“Pardon me for not liking the idea of my hot wife looking at another dude’s tool! Well, hopefully they didn’t get anything on my files. Or the keyboard. Do you remember by chance if they moved any of that out of the way before they … ya know, got busy?”

“Are you kidding me right now?! Can you NOT be a workaholic for ONCE?!”

“I am not! I am being practical here, Vivien! I would hate having to explain odd sticky stains on legal documents to a judge! Don’t get me started on my keyboard, especially knowing what any unexplained sticky keys would likely be from. Keyboards are really hard to deep clean. Ugh, that is just .. yuck! I have to touch that to type! I may be shopping for a new keyboard ASAP, deducting the cost from ‘Bear’s invoice next month.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am making her clean it all.”

“Clean it? How?”

“Argh Liam! Rotating scrubbing motions, I would guess, as one cleans. Stupid question. You saw her with the bucket and rags.”

“Cleaning sprays and scrubbing near my files?! They are PAPER! And important. Or my keyboard! My computer. Oh, hell no! Not offense but your sister wouldn’t know the first thing about cleaning! I’ll be right back!”

Liam ran back up the stairs, while Vivien rolled her eyes.

A long while later, outside, Fallon stepped out of the shadows near ‘Bear’.

“Fallon …” he said in his deep, husky voice, she silenced him by seductively running her hands across his face, before planting a kiss on his lips, the intense kind, that clearly got juices flowing.

When she ended the kiss, a little smile curled the edges of her lips upon realizing HOW much it had affected him. Purposely casual she said

“That was a thrill ride I could have done without. You okay, big guy?”

“Fine. Hopefully still employed. I would hate for this incident to have cost my men this engagement. Say what you will about your sister, but she does pay well and is a pretty decent employer.” he said.

“Don’t worry, you’re fine, Viv’s happy, she got to play big, bad sister swinging her proverbial dick at me while taking her Menopausal anger out on me, she won’t fire you over this bullshit, nor will Liam, he’s a teddy bear anyway. At least you didn’t have to play personal maid, scrubbing that damn desk. I definitely had to work hard for my reward today. But luckily, you’re worth it.”

‘Bear’ chuckled. A rare sight and sound.

“When does your shift protecting Viv the dragon queen end tonight?” Fallon wondered.


“Got any plans tonight?”

‘Bear’ shook his head, so Fallon stood on tippy toes and kissed him, in a way that was a promise for more, then whispered near his ear.

“You do now. Clear your schedule. This will take ALL night ..” with a seductive smile Fallon winked at ‘Bear’.

Next, she disappeared into a black cloud, leaving behind a smiling ‘Bear’, who may be a highly trained and skilled specialist, but he was blissfully distracted and unaware that he was being watched at that very moment …

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 374) The Bad Girl

  1. Oopsie. Fallon may have bitten off more than she can chew being so careless with Bear. I hope he is as devoted to this relationship as she is because one or both of them are clearly going to get their asses handed to them. Vivian will no doubt go after Bear. Liam and Blaine are also very likely to get in on the ass chewings. And how did daddy dearest know where his daughter was? My guess is Vivian called him anyway. Can’t wait to see how this goes!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nobody called Blaine. Fallon mention it in her showdown with her big sister that “You know dad lurks everywhere!”.
      That’s just what Blaine does, keeping tabs on his family, using his handy, dandy vampire powers.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. 😂 Fallon, such a beauty and a female mini-Blaine!


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