Chapter 375) Overruled

“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex.
Sex is about power.”

― Oscar Wilde
Del Sol Valley
Crown Plaza Hotel & Spa

With a smile he opened the door.

“Well, hello there beautiful, … oh!” ‘Bear’ stopped in his tracks.

The smile vanished.

“Aww, betcha say this to ALL the girls. Don’t mind if I do …” Blaine pushed his way in, despite being tall himself, he was of much lither stature than the career bodyguard, yet he sent the brawny man backwards with ease, even though it was clear how strong he actually was. Not stronger than a Vampire though. And ‘Bear’ knew that, so he treaded lightly.

With a worried expression he remained where he caught himself from falling, while watching Blaine now curiously look around the room, before turning to ‘Bear’.

“So, a room at some hotel is the best you can do for yourself? I know my one daughter pays you handsomely, yet you can’t swing your own place? Hmm. Sad, because my other daughter deserves better than some drive-by screw-and-bounce at a hotel! Even a fancy one like this shed just won’t get my nipples hard, man. Although, this one has Fallon’s favorite nail place & spa in it and her twin sis Blythe got married here, points for that. So, close but no cigar from me yet.”

Blaine picked up the bottle of wine on the table, looked at the label, sniffed the opening, nodded, then took a healthy swig of it, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, dropping the bottle back on the table, burping, while pointing to a large box of condoms, chuckling, he turned to face ‘Bear’.

“Nice touch with the raincoats for your little trouser-dwelling Bear. Guess you really do take safety seriously, huh? I applaud that, but a whole industrial size big pack? No offense there, I think that’s overestimating your stamina big time, you love machine, I can hear trouser-Bear crying for help already. So, what’s up, Big Boy, cat got your tongue? Nothing to say for yourself? Or is this your pouty face cos you realize I don’t put out on the first date? Well, to be fair, you didn’t even buy me flowers, but you did tell me I was beautiful so not all is lost yet. I give you a 2 out of 10 rating, only because you do look like you’d be great at lifting heavy shit and killing bugs.”

“Where is Fallon?” ‘Bear’ growled, bringing his face inches from Blaine’s, who chuckled, then pushed ‘Bear’ backwards with the tips of his index fingers, while spreading off his pinkies.

“Ack, get outta my face, will ya? Ever heard of the personal bubble? You owe mine dinner now, you’re in’er so deep. So, unless we’re about to make-out and put-out something fierce, I can see you just fine from well over yonder. And brush your teeth every once in a while, or is that your tactic, knocking them out with your puppy breath from hell? Smells like you had decomposing dick and balls for lunch. To answer your question, Fallon is practicing her pouty face at home, and no, she won’t be joining us here tonight. I know, sad face. Me too. I am such a sucker for a good love story. So, is that where you two are going, some happily ever after thing? Or is this all business and by business, I mean no-strings-attached fuckin’?”

“What? How is this any of YOUR business?”

“Take a wild guess, bubba! The girl you wanna fuck is MY little girl. So – problem!”

“She is not a little girl anymore, but a grown woman. She can make her own decisions!” ‘Bear’ grumbled.

Blaine arched an eyebrow.

“Ha. Who’d’ve thunk. Got some balls on ya there, Shrek. So, either you really like my little girl, or you are some dumb sunnovabitch! So, which is it? That is why I am here, my friend. To find out. So, spill already, girlfriend or do we need to braid each other’s hair first? I am so tempted to take yo ass to my home to peruse a certain sign with helpful information about dating my daughter. Definite MUST READ if you want to stick around long term.”

“Are you skinny clown threatening me now? What are you, 6’2″, 6’3″ and a buck and three quarters soaking wet, and you human toothpick now want to pick a fight with a guy like me who got quite a couple inches on you in any direction and is trained in ripping people to shreds for a living? I wonder how dangerous Vampire confetti could really be.” ‘Bear’ grumbled.

“No, I was hoping to interest you in my Christmas collection of facial moisturizers. You need some bad, your face looks like low grade sandpaper, friend. Yes, of course am I threatening you, moron! And call me clown one more time and see what fun shit that gets ya, with me as Vampire confetti or otherwise! One point of that ‘rules for dating my daughter’ sign I want you to read says that I am everywhere. I am. I see a LOT more than people think. And I saw you! You and my little girl outside Vivien’s place and I thought I was at the film set for some indie porn. My eyeball’s bled for two hours straight. She definitely wants to unwrap you badly, if she hasn’t already. Has she? Nah, please don’t tell me. Not sure how I feel about any of that yet.”

“Mr. Cameron, I don’t take kindly to threats or rude behavior. At the moment, I am staying in a guest room at your daughter Vivien’s home, that is temporary, I am sort of in between homes right now, so getting a hotel room was the only way I could see for Fallon and me to have some much-needed privacy. Mrs. Cameron – or rather ViVa – has a new stalker, might be a harmless obsession, or a real threat, so rather than pull some of my men from their personal life for 24/7 surveillance, I combined the kindly offered temporary living with it, I admittedly don’t have much of a personal life, tonight being an exception. I am explaining this to you as a sign of respect, because you are Fallon’s father. However, I am a firm believer that respect is always earned, Mr. Cameron, and requires adequate behavior to keep it. Hope you get my hint. If not, I can be clearer.”

“Let me be clearer too, Lurch, since we’re trading hints now. I get that Viv needs personal security to keep those horny male fans from fondling her on and off stage and paparazzi from snapping pics of her on the crapper, but here’s a reality check for ya. If Viv really were worried about some dangerous stalker, she has her uncle Caelan, who would find that creep in no time flat and have him put out of his misery for a permanent 6-feet-under dirt nap faster than you can piss your name in the snow. That’s how we handle threats. Look, I get it, you are some big bad motherfucker, with your own personal security company, but far as I can see, you ain’t boyfriend material for Fallon, cos you don’t really check off many of my happy marks, so unless I am missing some big ass redeeming shit here, it would appear we reached an impasse here. Spoiler alert: I am stronger, I win.”

“How dare you come into my private space and judge me? You know NOTHING about me.”

“Oh, is that so? Okay, let’s see, shall we? Temporary housing, in between homes, I will confess I was in your room at Vivien’s place first, so that situation wasn’t news to me anyway, no worries I didn’t touch anything, but couldn’t help noticing that you have zero decorations up. Not one measly picture of you with some hap-hap-happy family, not even your ugly mug drunk-grinning with 3-5 of your closest and equally wasted buddies at some cheap-ass bar. Nothing, nothing at all, like a ghost. As if someone shit you out fully grown and put you in Viv’s home, pristine with no history like a newborn baby. So, you are neither a family man, nor some freedom-loving, relationship-fearing Butch Cassidy of personal security. I’d say, some unpleasant shit went down in your past, you up and left trying to start over completely from scratch and forget everything prior, and here we are. Pretty good, huh, for what you probably thought was some ignorant, brainless dumbass whose only talents were music, drinking and fucking – although, shameless plug here, I am amazing at all those too. What I haven’t figured out yet is if you are after our money, her pussy or actually really like her – or all the above. How am I doing?”

“Mr. Cameron, if this was some invitation for me to tell you my entire life history, while I sob at your shoulder, I’ll have to disappoint you, but will say that I am impressed at what you already put together about me. I am sure you can just ask your daughter Vivien or her husband about all that, my company, me as a person, as well as all of my men went through some pretty intense background checks.”

“Nah, I don’t need to bug Viv about this shit. I don’t care about your criminal record, buddy. Vivien isn’t a rat, she wouldn’t tell me shit, and she still hasn’t told me about you and Fallon, which I must say got my feelings hurt a little, but I can see why she wouldn’t. Seeing how I’m the big, bad, dark, scary Vampire though, Imma gonna go with MY will be done and unless you give me some sound reasons to reconsider, the verdict here is that you stay the fuck away from Fallon. I don’t like your attitude, so that’s my decision.”

“The only thing big about you is your immense ego and arrogance, Skeletor! You being a Vampire and Fallon’s father is ALL you have going in your favor, far as I am concerned, and I still wager I could take your scrawny Vamp ass for a lesson on not taunting a man if you can’t play in the big leagues! Besides, you can’t threaten me. I am not afraid of you! And how dare you think you can decide for Fallon?! This is HER life and HER choice, not yours. That prerogative of being involved in whom she can and cannot date ended with her turning 18, which was over 6 years ago! Your right to make decisions FOR Fallon has long expired!”

Blaine’s eyes narrowed, the men stared at one another, then Blaine smirked, wagging his index finger at Bear.

“Good one. Looks like the Grinch has a well-hidden sense of humor I tickled out of him now. I see what you did there, clever, clever. Skeletor, because of my girlish figure, huh? Or because I am technically already dead? Both? Hella funny, Herman Munster. Now let me be crystal clear here: I know a lot of people don’t take me seriously, but I suggest you don’t make that mistake. Don’t let my size fool you, brother. One last time for big gorillas with all brawn and no brain: hands off my little girl. Don’t make me tell you again. Over and out!”

With that Blaine vanished into the usual black cloud.

‘Bear’ huffed angrily, then grabbed his keys and left the room.
“We’ll see about that, you lanky fool! If he thinks threats impress me, he’s got another one coming!”

Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

When Blaine walked into the lobby of his home to see who arrived, he halted, then growled when he saw ‘Bear’.

“Oh – HELL NO! I think my eyeballs need in for service, I can’t be seeing you here! You got some nerve showing up at my very own home after I just had a talk about this shit with you! Did I stutter?! What the fuck’s your ass doing here now? Or didcha come to look at that sign I mentioned. That’s right over there! Lemme know if you need me to read it to you, brawns for brain.” Blaine ranted.

“Blaine …” Scarlett said quietly.

“I am here to speak to Fallon, please.” ‘Bear’ requested calmly, directed at Scarlett, while ignoring Blaine’s insolent reception, which upset Blaine more.

“Like hell you will! I thought I told ya to stay the fuck away from my little girl.” he rambled, but Scarlett put an instant stop to it.

“Blaine! Enough! I invited ‘Bear’ in, therefore he is MY guest, he is staying, and he would like to visit OUR daughter, who is a young woman, not a teen or a toddler, so please go down that hallway and get her, if will I have to do that myself as well, even though I am already raising everyone’s kids, putting out relationship fires left and right and dealing with everyone’s BULLSHIT non-stop, it will not end well for you, as all I will hear is that you doubt me as a mother, and don’t see me as an equal partner. Trust me, that will have consequences, none of which you would enjoy! One of many being you sleeping anywhere, except near me for a VERY long time!”

“But Letty …” Blaine tried to argue.

She glared at him.

“Damn, Letty, you are so fuckin’ HOT when you are this mad. Okay babe, I’ll go tell Fallon the oversized vibrator is here to see her.” Blaine acknowledged his defeat.

“Thank you, darling. And ‘Bear’, I am sure are just one lovely gentleman and I don’t have to say this, but my daughter is not a toy. Treat her accordingly, otherwise you will find out what hell on earth is really like. Enjoy your evening.”

With just a black cloud left in her wake, Scarlett vanished.

“That’s one helluva lady.” ‘Bear’ said with sincerity in his voice.

“Now THAT we can agree on, smartest shit you spewed all night. You got lucky, punk, my girl likes you, so I guess I have to suck it up and tolerate you, but know I really don’t like you one bit, so tread lightly, and know, I am ALWAYS watching you. Plus, now my wife put you on notice, so if you screw up, it WILL be hell on earth for you, cos she is the daughter and apple of the eye of the highest-ranking, meanest and baddest Vamp of all on this continent. So, there is that. Now, go read that damn ‘Rules for Dating my Daughter’ sign while you are already here, while I’ll go tell Fallon you are here, before I’ll go kiss some serious Letty-butt! Can’t have her mad at me. Remember well what you saw here tonight, that’s how it will be with Fallon. All my daughters are like their mother!”

“I know.” ‘Bear’ smiled.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 375) Overruled

  1. Oh Lordy. Blaine was indeed in rare form. He’s not a happy camper at all. And I actually respect Bear foe standing up to him and not letting Blaine intimidate him, although, I’ve no doubt Blaine is right and he could take Bear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dang it. Hit enter again. Anyway, Blaine would most definitely win. Who he won’t win against is Scarlet and probably not Fallon either. Lol. She has all the power in that relationship in spite of how Blaine behaves. And Bear has respect for her. I think this whole chapter says exactly how he feels about Fallon without him answering even one of Blaine’s questions. He’s also very handsome and those baby blues kill me. That man is falling fast. ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You got all that so right. Any Vampire is much stronger than any mortal, always, except of course those who haven’t fully turned yet, like kids. So no, ‘Bear’ wouldn’t have a prayer, knows it, just has balls of steel. Or – he knows Blaine is just a bigmouth and won’t ever hurt another person, unless his or a loved ones life was threatened. While the men haven’t hung out much, ‘Bear’ has been around for a couple years in Vivien’s employ and she is Blaine’s neighbor. So, he knows him without “knowing” him, if you know what I mean.

        Scarlett is a very powerful Vampire, and has VERY powerful allies in her father and brother, she is what Caleb would describe as a Swan. Graceful and calm on top, but paddling like crazy below the surface to keep everything afloat.
        I think it is pretty clear that Bear’s feeling for Fallon are genuine, now the question is, what about Fallon?
        She seems to be the “Bad Girl” type. Maybe she just wanted him because he is a lot older and such a mountain of a man? Brooding, talk, dark, handsome.
        After all, she did fondle around on poor Liam, but maybe that was just to piss of her sister more (which worked).

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes, let’s hope Fallon isn’t just using him because I think it would hurt him. 😔

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Agreed, and I honestly can’t say at this point. Her twin sister – like 100% lookalike – has a completely diff character. Already happily married to a handsome young lawyer, has a good job herself ….. Fallon can’t be bothered with any of that. Never even had a real boyfriend, just a bunch of dates and … ya know … such. Every time I thought something was going somewhere, next time I switched to them she had sent that boy off to greener pastures and was DONE with him.

            Liked by 2 people

          2. Hopefully he’s the one.

            Liked by 2 people

          3. At her rate – not many more left to try out. HAHAHAHA she’s got quite the quota, esp. at her age.

            Liked by 2 people

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