Chapter 388) Patience

“Patience is not the ability to wait,
but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Cameron-Camore Penthouse

Looking over at Bear made Fallon weak to the point that she almost feared dropping the infant she was holding, clutching her brandnew niece Zoe a little tighter, at whom she had been cooing and smooching around on. Fallon wasn’t much for babies, but these two infants in this nursery were her identical twin sister Blythe’s babies, which made a huge difference in Fallon’s book.

Bear was next to her holding Zoe’s twin brother Cai, looking so natural with the baby as if it were his, the scene made Fallon’s knees weak.

He noticed her looking at him and gave her a smile and that special look Fallon loved so much, the one she would do anything for, the way her brother Chase looked at his wife Hailey. The look that had made her put aside every single one of her formerly very strong convictions about love, life and relationships.

“What?” she wondered, feeling uneasy by the whole situation, him looking at her like that plus them being alone with two infants whose parents felt lightyears away to Fallon, even though Blythe and Jenson were just downstairs.

“Nothing.” he smiled.


Looking at her briefly, he kissed the forehead of the baby he was holding as if it were family, not just the child of the sister of the woman he was dating, then put little Cai back in his bassinet, before turning to Fallon.

Gesturing in a square around her holding her infant niece like a photo frame, he nodded, smiling, then said.


With an exasperated sigh, Fallon returned her niece Zoe to her crib as well, which the infant acquitted with an unamused tiny cry of protest.

“See. Even Zoe agrees. It’s natural. YOU are a natural. You say you don’t like babies, but they sure like you, Fallon.” Bear stated.

“You’re naturally nuts! She probably thinks I am her mom, Blythe and I look identical, and Zoe is a new baby, so not the sharpest tool in the shed yet. So yeah, nuts and confused, both of you!” Fallon pointed at Bear and the infant girl.

Shaking her head, she left the nursery, while Bear looked at the baby who was looking at him.

“Yeah. I know. Me too. Your aunt’s always like that, but she’ll come around. Sleep well you two. I know first-hand your auntie can be exhausting to be around.” he told the now simultaneously yawning twin babies, then left too.

Barrett/Cameron residence

Several weeks later on a wintery Friday evening Fallon found Bear in the living room, both were done with work for the day and were ready for some restful evening. She handed him a glass of deep red wine, against which she clinked hers.

“What the hell are you drinking? If we are celebrating my finalized divorce again, you need something better than that and besides, I thought adult Vampires don’t drink milk.”

“We celebrated that divorce plenty by now. And you are correct, we don’t drink milk and I am not gonna. It’s symbolism.”

“Symbolical for what?”

“Symbolical for this.”

Fallon pulled out the hand she had behind her back and held it in front of Bear’s face, a small blue and white wand between her fingers.

“What?!” Bear muttered, staring at the device, mesmerized by it.

“Yeah. I did a thing, Bear. Hope you like it, cos there’s no return policy now. Now don’t ask me gender or number, all I know at this point is that I am knocked up.”

“Fallon … don’t play me like this. If this is a joke, it’s not a good one.”

“No joke. Dead-serious.”

“Fallon … is this … I mean … this is … us, right? Mine.” Clearly shocked, Bear wondered while taking the wand from her to look at the little display more closely. Two lines. Indicating pregnancy. No error possible.

“I get that this is a shocker, so I will let this slide, but normally I would punch you into next week for that question. Yes, it’s yours, dumbass, you KNOW I have been nothing but immaculately faithful to you!” Fallon told him.

“Oh my God, Fallon. I am not dreaming this, right? Was this an accident? But how? You were always pretty adamant about that type of thing.”

“No. You are not dreaming, and it was no accident, but very much intentional on my end. It’s my gift to you, for your new beginning. The wand is also only symbolic. I did another one few days ago, then went to the doctor to confirm, then took another test today to do this little scene here. Congratulations, daddy. This is happening now. Strap in tight, hope you’re ready. Hope I am ready, then again, no way out now.”

“I don’t even know what to say … I am at a total loss for words.”

“Oh, you mean unlike normally where you just talk talk talk and won’t shut up. Oh, wait a minute, you never say much.”

Bear chuckled, then pulled her close.

“I speak when I have something to say, you impossible, beautiful disaster. I have a lot I want to say to you right now, just don’t have any words.”

“Well, we could celebrate in the no words needed kind of way … while I don’t have some gigantic bump yet that gets in the way everywhere.”

“Is it … safe?”

“Are you kidding me right now?! We have been having sex or do you think I just got knocked up last night? You had two kids before! Yeah, it’s safe. No offense, no complaints, but you are not THAT well-endowed, my friend! I am only around 10 weeks along, dude! Was gonna wait to tell you until that magical 12 weeks mark which is around Christmas as a special present, and I know you probably can’t tell yet, but as of today my belts already need to go three holes wider and at this rate, I think I am not gonna be able to hide it too much longer. But sex is gonna be the same as it always was. And just a heads up, we’re not stopping nookie, not now and not when I get big, so you better desensitize fast. I am not gonna sit on dry land just because I am pregnant. If you won’t put out, I’ll find someone who will!”

Bear said nothing just put the test wand and his glass down, took hers and sat it down then pulled her up, pressing her against him while carrying her to the fireplace.

There they began to kiss in a certain way while both started to peel themselves and each other out of their clothing.

After the celebratory act they were laying together in front of the fireplace.

“Why are you looking at me like you are smithing some evil masterplan?” Fallon wondered, while he was gently stroking her face, taking in her beauty.

Bear chuckled.

“Because I am.” he took her left hand and kissed the tip of each finger, folding it down, until only the ring finger remained outstretched. He kissed that one much lower …

Fallon got the hint, pulling her hand away, glaring at him.

“So typical! I give you my little finger and you want the whole arm!”

“No. Just that one finger … for my ring. We’ve come this far … might as well go all the way, right Mrs. BARRETT?” Bear said calmly.

“I’ll show you how far I’ll go!” she hissed and bit his arm, not breaking the skin, just inflicting discomfort to demonstrate her own anger with his insolence.

Pulling away from him roughly, she jumped up.

“Yeah, love hurts. Take what I am already giving you and don’t get greedy, Bear! I am MISS Cameron, if you please, not Mrs. Barrett or Mrs. anything else! Not now, not ever! NEVER!” Fallon stormed off.

Smirking, while rubbing his aching arm, but not concerned about her outburst at all, Bear watched her leave while muttering to himself.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. That would never happen. Just like you would never date a simple bodyguard. Nor move in with him. Let alone be faithful to him. Work with him, share the same bed with him every night, go through a mind-boggling divorce from his bitter ex-wife with him. Have a baby with him … I said it before, and I say it again. Lucky for us, I am a very patient man. Who has been given a second chance at love and fatherhood by the most amazing and unique woman anyone could ever meet.”

With a sigh he laid back down, unable to stop from smiling.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 388) Patience

  1. I loved that! So dang sweet. She really, really loves him so much to give him the gift of fatherhood. I think after seeing her sister’s babies and feeling comfortable with them and more importantly seeing Bear with them helped her decide to move forward with it.

    However, in the back of my mind I keep thinking about his mortality and have to think It’s niggling at Fallon’s consciousness as well but she’s ignoring it. But that might be why she doesn’t want to get married. She’s still a very young vampire and those things may not have hit her in the face yet, I bet when their child is born, that may come up. Interesting twist I hoped might happen for them, but didn’t count on.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I love your comment.
      This reaction is exactly what I was hoping for.
      Yeah, she really does love that man, enough to keep pushing herself further and further outside of her comfort zone.
      I don’t think his mortality has at all registered with her as a potential future problem, not even when he got shot at work. She acknowledges it as a fact and moves on. Maybe that will change after the baby is born. Then again, this is Fallon … it may not hit her until he’s already on his deathbed as an old man. No telling with her.
      I didn’t count on this either. But it happened and I have to admit I am not hating that development.
      Let’s see if Bear manages to talk her into marrying him after all. He clearly wants to the full deal, while Fallon seems to want to keep what may feel like an exit door available, as strange as that probably looks to us.

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888 October 10, 2022 — 12:52 PM

    I want Bearllon-boos so badly! Can’t help but wish they have twins too!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh my goodness! That was so adorable! What a very pleasant surprise!
    We’ll wait for the proposal. It’s coming. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right. At this point, we all know it. All, except Fallon, of course. 😉


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