Chapter 398) Rush

Willow Grace Medical Center

Upon their arrival at the hospital, everything momentarily turned into a total blur. Sophie was rushed off to a room to be checked out, received her last-minute epidural, waiting to be moved to the delivery room as soon as it was prep’ed, Stryker was with her.

“Call my mom!” Sophie told him with urgency.

“What’s her number, I don’t have it!” he shrugged, trying not to panic as Sophie was frazzled.

“I don’t know all my family’s phone numbers by heart, especially not now! In case you missed it, I am in labor! Barely know my own name! Use MY phone then!” she instructed.

“Where is it?” he shrugged again.

“In my coat.”

“Did you even have one? Didn’t see one in your pile of clothing.”

“Are you serious?! YOU carried me to the car running around the outside of the house and YOU put me into the passenger seat. When was I supposed to grab my coat? I thought you grabbed it! OMG – I need my mom here! I can’t do this alone!”

“Alone? Hello! I am here!” Stryker corrected, eyebrows drawn.

“You can’t be in the delivery room with me!” she exclaimed in between some heavy panting, during another contraction.

“Why not? I was there when we made him!” Stryker argued.

“I hardly even know you!” She whisper-yelled at him.

“Are YOU kidding me right now?! I literally just spilled my biggest secrets out to you. And if you hadn’t been so pregnant, we would have totally done it right there in your backyard less than two hours ago. We already went there once, or you wouldn’t be about to have my baby! MY baby! I’d say we know each other plenty!” Stryker ranted back.

That got the doctor’s attention.

“Sorry to barge in here, but we are a bit in a time crunch. Sophie he probably should be in the delivery room, it is easier on the mother-to-be to have someone there, and I mean, as a father myself, I wouldn’t want to miss such a key moment. Since he is here already anyway, might as well … By the way, I know we’ve met once before, Stryker, at one of the Cameron Sunday dinners, but you probably don’t remember me. I am Dr. Rohan Sharma, Aryelle’s father, who is Sophie’s niece. Well, one of them.”

“Oh yeah – right – the gay guy! You were there with that other gay dude. Thought you looked familiar.” Stryker blurted out.

“Ahem, yes, that was pretty offensive, but yes. That would be my husband Harrison and I. Footnote: I get things are a bit topsy-turvy right now, but for future reference, I don’t identify myself as my sexuality, neither does Harrison.”

“Right. Sorry. So, are you delivering Spencer?”

“That was the idea, unless you are going to.”

“Wait, Soph, lemme get this straight, you don’t mind your sister’s gay ex all up in your girly business down there, but I can’t be in the room even though I MADE that baby with you?! What kinda logic is that?!” Stryker ranted at Sophie.

“Still offensive …” Rohan grumbled.

“Rohan is my DOCTOR! He’s here for business, not pleasure. That’s different!” Sophie argued.

“You think this is pleasure for me?! I MADE the baby with you! THAT was the pleasure part – well, at least for me it was. This is not fun for me either. But you are about you give birth to MY baby, our baby, and I want to be there for that. Look, I get that you are shy, but your downstairs and I are acquainted already!” Stryker argued.

“Maybe, but we are dating now, and I know you would never want to go anywhere near my ‘downstairs’ again, if you see what is about to happen there from front row seats! So, NO! You are NOT going to be there.” Sophie insisted.

Rohan interjected again.

“Ahem – guys, sorry to interrupt again, but you two do realize that I am gonna be the only one with front row seats here, right?

Maybe some nurses, but Stryker would stay at the head with you, and we can easily put up a modesty curtain. He can hold your hand and talk you through and such. Maybe that helps sort this out? Because Sophie you were almost fully dilated when you arrived. As soon as I get word that the room is ready, we’re going in. I called your parents, they are on their way, but I don’t think they’ll make it in time. You’re lucky, normally first-time moms are in labor for many hours, days sometimes. You won’t be. You need to get this sorted quickly. This is happening now!”

“So – I get to be there too, right?” Stryker wondered in Rohan’s direction.

“That’s for the mother-to-be to decide, not me. I am here for the medical side of the birth, not couple’s therapy.”

“Okay fine, Stryker can come, but I told my mom I wanted her there. She’ll be heartbroken, I can’t just dump her at the altar, so to speak.” Sophie pouted.

Rohan sighed then told her

“Sophie, Abby has had five kids and seen a lot of births of her grandkids. She was there for Aryelle’s to comfort Esmée, since I was at the other end delivering her. I don’t think she would mind if Stryker stepped in. And like I said, it may be either him or nobody at this point.” Rohan told her.

Then suddenly everything went REALLY fast. The room was ready, so was Spencer and off they went.

After everything was done and over with, mother and child both well, healthy and resting up, Stryker and Rohan met Sophie’s parents near the waiting area. Laughing, Jay slapped a pale-looking Stryker hard on the shoulder.

“At least nobody can’t say you didn’t dress for the occasion. Nice giddyup, kid, I am impressed. Not what I expected from ya at all. Even I didn’t dress up to welcome any of my kids’ into this world.” he chuckled.

Stryker realized he was still in his button-down shirt and tie from the visit at his mother’s.

“Oh, right … yeah, that wasn’t intentional. Sophie and I had plans … I mean, other than having a baby a month early.”

“Rule number one, Cameron-babies NEVER care about plans. They ALWAYS do the unexpected. Glad you were with her though. Poor Soph. A whole month early, that Spencer was in some hurry. Rohan said he’s fully baked though, can go home with mom tomorrow, no NICU necessary. That is one big and strong baby, nice set of lungs on that kid too, that is one noisy baby already. He had a lot to say when Abby and I went to meet him. Nice work kids.”

Cameron Lake House

Some days later Sophie and Spencer were well enough to have the family over to meet the new addition. As several times before, Stryker had stayed at the Lake House, to enjoy the limited time he would have with his newborn son, as ‘Stryke 3’ were getting ready to continue their tour after the brief break. The next break would be much shorter and in several weeks from now, so the boys could attend the Starlight Accolade Gala, hoping for their first win.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 398) Rush

  1. I’m glad it was Rohan again to deliver! Was that planned or is he just the Doc there now? Anyway, it made it easier for him to talk to Stryker Even though he was crass, and I’m very glad he was able to be there to welcome Spencer into the world and hold Sophie’s hand so she wouldn’t have to be alone. I hate he has to leave so soon. *sigh*. We’ll see how they fare apart for so long. Crossing my fingers. I do have to say Stryker looked very happy in that last shot of him looking at Sophie holding little Spencer. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He was one of the docs at the hospital and we asked him for the epidural and to be the one delivering (Mod).
      Everything did work out for everyone … for now. As you already touched, it remains to be seen how they fare apart. Stryker CLEARLY has a LOT of emotional baggage, affecting his mental state a lot.
      And what Sophie said wasn’t as stupid as it may have seemed, they are still basically strangers in many ways.
      Plus, they are polar opposites. If both don’t work on it, he may get bored by waiting for Sophie to work past her shyness and inhibitions and she may be appalled and turned off by his crassness and extreme energies in various directions. They are definitely not the perfect match, but clearly, both are drawn to each other.
      Now we wait.
      And yeah, he seemed happy about Spencer and probably is, but raising kids isn’t easy, especially not for someone with so many issues that haven’t been worked out like Stryker and one can’t help wonder how much of his drive to be there for everything concerning the boy is spite – for lack of better term – because his own father rejected him. Or maybe he really only needed a nudge to live for something bigger than himself.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, they are definitely on shaky ground.

        Liked by 1 person

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