Chapter 401) Wolf Moon

“Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history.”

– Ray Merritt
Windenburg Isle
Esmée's Home

Loud banging on the door spooked both Esmée and Michael out of deep slumber. Alarmed, Michael instantly jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs, Ezzy not far behind him.

“Stay back!” he ordered, before ripping the front door open.

Esmée saw Michael’s large, broad-shouldered frame relax, ironic, all things considered, as the nightly visitor was a Vampire. Not only would that have been scary to most people, but especially to a former Werewolf such as Michael.

“What the hell do YOU want from us in the middle of the night? Lost all track of time in your undead longing to see my fiendishly handsome visage again? Want me to turn around so you can feast your eyes on my firm ass too?” Michael wondered, generating a grimace and a groan.

“If only I didn’t have such good taste to know scruffy and hideous when I see it and I am looking at it now. I need you to come to my house right away. Urgent.”

“Why would I do that? You wanna make out with me in a dark corner? Can Ezzy at least come and watch?” Michael snickered.

“Like I said, this is serious, and it is urgent. Get a move on. I’ll be waiting.” Connell didn’t even engage in the usual bickering, which signaled Michael and Ezzy that he was serious.

Without another word, the next moment Connell was gone.

“I’ll get dressed …” Ezzy sighed.

“Ez, you don’t have to go. I am sure it is just some Vampire nonsense again; since those fuckers don’t need sleep he’s probably just bored. Maybe he stepped in a big dog turd thinks that was me and on purpose. To Vamps, everything is ALWAYS the Werewolves fault. Never mind that I haven’t been one for many months now.”

“I know Connell, he wouldn’t wake us up with such ruckus in the middle of the night for nothing. This must be something of substance. And I am not letting you go alone. Not letting you out of my sight.”

“Hmm, my sexy wildcat is all protective – RAWR! I have half a mind to keep the Fang waiting for a quick roll in the hay.”

“Get dressed. NOW! We’ll figure out what the problem is and then delights shall away you aplenty afterwards my fiendish demon.”

Windenburg Isle
The Hideaway 
Connell & Emmy's home with their 3 children and dogs

By the time they were let into Connell’s home just a few hundred yards away from Esmée’s, Michael stopped short upon entering, when he spotted more Vampires in the living room. An instant glance at Connell followed, who put up his hands, shaking his head, as he calmly said.

“Relax, Wolf, they are here in peace. Besides, you have nothing left to fear, remember? Come. Let me introduce you.”

Hesitant and uncomfortable, Michael and Ezzy followed. Caleb smiled at Esmée, careful not to reveal his fangs, while Connell made the introductions.

“Esmée probably remembers them. My father Caelan Vatore. And this is our Lordship, Grand Master Caleb Vatore, my grandfather and ruler over all Vampires on this continent. Grandfather, father, this is Michael Shaw, former Lycan and Esmée’s partner.”

Caelan had never been the social type, he just nodded his greetings, but Caleb stepped towards Ezzy, gallantly took her hand and implied a kiss, with a brief bow.

“Esmée, my dear, beautiful as ever. I am sure you don’t remember me; it has been a long time. I believe your sister’s wedding to my grandson was the last time we met. And you, Mr. Shaw, it is my very good honor to meet you. My grandson speaks highly of you, which goes a long way with me. I assure you, we mean you no harm, even though your hesitance is understandable, but you have my word, it is unnecessary.” Caleb spoke.

“Ah, yeah, likewise. Nice meeting you and … ahem … that one.” Michael pointed at Caelan, who still stood by like a statue.

“Hm. Subtle.” Caelan grumbled, pointing at the wolf motif on Michael’s shirt.

“Well, I didn’t know Ez and I would be going to a slumber party with Vamps, or I would have put on my Batman jammies.” Michael clapped back at him, but before this could become and escalation of testosterone, Caleb spoke up.

“Mr. Shaw, I am a man of peace, which is why I condone the things that have transpired between you and my grandson, mostly because you are linked to Ezzy, who is my wonderful granddaughter-in-law Emmy’s sister as you know. Emmy has been nothing but a delight to my family, I care for her deeply, and for her sake and that of my great-grandchildren alone was I more than willing to make exceptions to otherwise firm rules regarding your former kind and mine. Plus, I value my grandson’s intuitions and instincts. He deemed you trustworthy, so out of respect for his judgement my son and I are here. Apologies for the late-night interruption, by the way. Timing could not be helped, unfortunately. This issue is pressing and needed immediate attention.”

“So, you got Ez and me outta bed just for a meet and greet or what now?” Michael had grown impatient at Caleb’s usual verbose explanations.

“Of course not. That is merely a pleasant side-effect of the real reason which brought us here. Caelan, would you be so kind?”

Caelan nodded and vanished. When he reappeared moments later, he was holding something, or rather someone, whom he set down on the ground.

“NATHAN!” Michael exclaimed wide-eyed, while the boy, who was slightly discombomulated by being ported now spotted his father too.

“DAD!” The boy pulled away from Caelan, who let him, to run into his father’s open arms.

After a few moments of hugs, Caleb spoke again.

“One of our patrols found him wandering alone in Forgotten Hollow. I am sure I do not have to explain to you on how many levels that was risky and could have been incredibly unbecoming for his wellbeing.”

“What?! Nathan, you know better! What were you thinking?!” Michael was torn between joy and worry.

“I got lost, dad. I was trying to come to you. Dad, Luke said he was gonna kill me. I heard him talking to the other wolves. Mom doesn’t know, but she is going to have a boy and now he thinks I need to be killed, because I am the former Alpha’s kid. He and the others said they would make it look like it was Vampires. So I ran.” Nathan explained.

“What the …?! Nathan, I am sure he didn’t mean it .. maybe you misunderstood something.” Michael was clearly bewildered and frightened for his son’s life, to the adults it was obvious he believed every word the boy had said, as did they. Caleb told him so.

“Mr. Shaw, I would not dream of trying to tell you how Wolves think or strategize, but as far as I am informed, this seems to be common practice among your kind.”

Michael was clearly affected.

“You are right. He’ll stay with me!” Michael muttered, which caused Esmée to pipe up.

“Michael! I don’t have the room. My house is barely big enough for the two of us, I have one small bedroom and not even enough space ANYWHERE to wedge in a camping bed. Even my own daughter can’t spend the night, she sleeps at the Estate. Maybe we can bring him there?” she suggested.

“I would strongly advice against that. Mr. Shaw, you, like me, know they will be looking for the boy and not give up easily. Near you is the first place they will search. We both know Esmée and Emmy’s father Jay can have a temper, I have a hard time believing an angry Jay and transformed wolves would end any other way but bloody. There are small children and women at the Estate, as well as in several homes near it. The Camerons are my family too, by marriage, so I cannot allow that.” Caleb interjected.

“I am not letting my son go back to a place where his own stepfather wants to kill him! Luke used to be my friend – FRIEND – first he tried to kill me, now my boy?! I have nowhere else to go with him. Ezzy was so kind to help me out, I STILL haven’t found a job yet, meaning I have no money, I depend on her kindness, but if I have to go live on the street with him, Nathan is staying with me. Clearly, his own mother can’t protect him anymore.” Michael ranted, but Caleb replied in a more than calm way.

“I understand that, and I would never suggest sending a child into what seems to be certain death. But they will be looking for him, and you will be the first address for them to look, meaning the boy cannot remain on the Isle. We both know we all have our scouts. We do, your kind … pardon … former kind, does. If they don’t already know where you are, they will soon.”

“Former kind? What does he mean, dad?” Nathan wondered.

“Oh, you see, Nathan … I’ll have to explain that later.” Michael struggled.

“You shouldn’t do that. This child has seen and heard too much already to be blown off like this. May I?” Caleb said.

After a moment of hesitation, Michael nodded, set Nathan back down on the ground.

Caleb approached, crouching down to eyelevel with the boy.

“Nathan, you are a big boy, are you not? Almost a young man.”

Nathan nodded proudly.

“So, the same people you heard saying those terrible things about you, tried to do that to your daddy. He barely escaped and had no choice but to leave you with your mother, then he had to break the curse, so they will no longer try to hunt him and hurt him. That means, he is no longer special in the way you are special and no longer perceived a threat, therefore they don’t need to hurt him. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

Nathan nodded, then looked up to his dad briefly, than back at Caleb.

“Daddy’s just a regular man now, so the Wolves don’t fear him, I get it. Do me too! Can you make me un-special too? I don’t want to be special anymore, Mr. Vatore. I want my dad. Mommy can’t fight my stepdad, he used to be nice, but now he is a big fat meanie, and he doesn’t like me – I don’t like him anymore either – but mommy can’t leave because of the baby, and she really hates my dad now for speaking to your kind. I guess now she will hate me too, because I did too. I guess Vampires aren’t so bad anyway. And I missed dad so much. He did all the cool stuff with me. Luke just always made me do homework and chores or training. Booooooooooring! I want to be regular too. Can you make me normal?”

“That is a very sound choice, young man, but for your daddy to decide. However, you do understand you cannot stay with your daddy, right? It will be the first place they will look for you, so we need to hide you where they will never find you. Makes sense?” Caleb explained calmly.

“Yeah, but I want to stay with my dad. I hate them all! I want my dad! I missed my daddy!” Nathan started getting whiny.

“Shh shhh shhh … I know, my boy, I know. But for now, we sadly have no choice, so how would you like to spend some time at a really cool and big place in Del Sol Valley? With a BIG pool and its own basketball court, they have foosball tables and video games and so much cool stuff. And your daddy can visit you as much as you both want.”

“Whoa … Del Sol Valley?! Like where all the singers and bands and the movie stars are?! Oh yeah … can I dad?!”

“Ahem … what?” Michael looked confused.

Caleb rose up, ruffling the boy’s hair while addressing his father.

“My daughter and son-in-law have a really big mansion there. Lots of empty rooms with their kids all grown by now. It is as secure as the Tower of London. Vampires as far as the eye can see, a private security firm on property, and if any Wolf were to dare it, my daughter would turn them into nothing but flying fur, while my son-in-law probably would make their heads explode with his crude nonsense.”

Caelan snorted a laughter in the background. His love-hate feud with Blaine was legend and had meanwhile lasted many decades.

“Del Sol Valley? That is far … very far … but if it is safe … of course I have no choice but agree.”

“Mr. Shaw, I assure you; we have our ways to make visits with your son as frequent as feasible. You have my word. Please do acknowledge this situation for what it really is, an act of kindness, an olive branch from my kind to yours – or in your case what you used to be, but your son still is. I do not have to help you. Had my men eliminated this child as an intruder, which was well within our rights, you would be none the wiser. But my men are fathers too in most cases and prove that while I will not claim Vampires are saints, we are not the monsters of mythology either. All things considered, when I look at the big picture, I see not enemies, but a young child and a father, both in danger and distress. I see it as my civic duty to assist. Like I said, I pride myself in being a just leader. But please know, my alliances and loyalties are with the Vampires and the mortals associated with them. If worst were to come, I will not hesitate to eliminate any of your kind shall they prove a threat. Including the boy’s mother.”

“No worries. I’d fucking kill her myself for letting her hatred for me allow my son having to go through all this. And if I were to ever see my former so-called friend Luke again, there won’t be anything left of him.” Michael snarled.

Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion
Just a few hours later

Blaine grimaced at Caleb.

“You want me to do what with a what-what now?! Like hell nah! A Werewolf? That’s the shit you get nightmares about, not what you tuck in next door to your own bedroom at night. Especially considering we are all Vampires here – well, except the daughter-in-law and the dogs – but we’re supposed to be arch enemies with the Wolves. I think the big 500 did you in. Alzheimers for Vamps!”

“My memory is fine, no need for insolence, Blaine! I am WELL past 500 years now, clearer than ever, and I am still your leader! As such I have now tasked you with fostering this boy. We are working on the cure, so his … condition … is only for the interim. Commissioning some of the necessary ingredients has proven to be more finicky than anticipated. Good luck in working your magic with another emotionally scarred child that could use some stability and TLC. Your specialty.”

Next, only a black cloud remained.

Blaine looked at the confused looking boy, then yelled into the hallway.


Moments later Scarlett materialized, looking at her husband, then the little boy, then back at Blaine, who huffed a joyless laugh then told her.

“Congrats baby, it’s a boy. Or another puppy, not really sure here. I know, I know, you made it very clear that you don’t want to raise any more kids, and we’re not getting any more pets, but if you want to thank someone for this new pile of steaming bullshit at our doorstep, direct it at YOUR father, I told him no, but he pulled the ‘I’m-the-leader-so-my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours-now- STFU- and-turn-around-so-“… well, you can guess. In a nutshell, this is a Werewolf pup, his evil stepdaddy tried to kill him, so this here kiddo ran away straight into the arms of some of your daddy dearest’s patrols, who dragged him to Caleb and he dragged him to us. So until they got that Lycan-cure shit together, we have another puppy in the house. I’ll go get a room and some squeaky toys ready for … what did you say your name was, kid?”

“Nathan. Nathan Shaw-Cantrell.”

“Oh jeeze, at least he already has a name that’s Del Sol Valley-ready …”

“What? His own stepdad? Oh, you poor boy …” Scarlett chirped and went to hug Nathan, who seemed to not mind that one bit.

Blaine rolled his eyes.

“Yup, there she goes … Well, welcome home, son. Or, as your ancestor’s would have said: Woof Woof – Awooooooo!”

“You’re silly.” Nathan told him.

“Nah, kid. I am a friggin riot of hilarity and insanity. You’ll figure it out. Come on, you’re still little now, in a couple years you’ll learn a new rule, which is ‘hands off my wifey’. Let’s go upstairs to figure out which room you like the best. Then I’ll show you around. Hey, are you housetrained yet or do we need puppy pads for ya?”

“Funny, Mister. I use toilets, just like you, but if I were you, I’d not leave my shoes out, I may just pee in them.”

Blaine laughed, putting his arm around Nathan, steering him to the stairs.

“Yah, we’ll get along just fine.”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 401) Wolf Moon

  1. What an ass. Luke that is. Plotting to kill a child, but I understand that is the way of the wolves that are less than civilized. It’s all about power and power goes straight to their head and allows those in power to have a better life. I never dreamed this was what Connell wanted when he showed up at Esmee’s door step. By the way, I like her new look.

    Caleb taking Nathan to Blaine totally cracked me up and Blaine’s reaction was standard Blaine. The way he explained it to Scarlet was cracking me up. And then when Nathan got him back with the pee in the shoe comment, I was like you go Nathan! Lol.

    Now, the issue that hasn’t really been addressed is how Esmee feels about this turn of events since she is mostly an absentee mom to her own daughter. Michael has already said, he’s keeping Nathan with him. He would have done that before except Nathan was a werewolf but now he’s going to be turned human.

    I hope Esmee can come to terms with Nathan being a bigger part of their lives.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You found the hidden nod to more trouble. Ezzy did pipe up right away when Michael said that he was keeping Nathan with him. Of course, she wrapped it nicely with a bow as not enough room, which is true, there is only one small bedroom and no place for a rollaway bed at her home. Never mind that part of the company she runs does exactly that, remodels (Interior Design), her very own mother and sister (Connell’s wife) are Interior Designer. So, the topic WILL come up to just remodel her home, adding not just one, but two little bedrooms so Aryelle can stay with her mom too when she comes visit …
      Ezzy is kind and good … but just does not do children for longer than a visit.
      Well, for now our beloved pottymouth Blaine and ever-patient Scarlett have the boy. Maybe they won’t give him back 😉 Or maybe he doesn’t want to go “slumming” it in middle-class homes after living at that huge fancy mansion … 😉
      Luke is an ass. Former friend to Michael, whom he mentored into a strong Werewolf – only to end up usurped by him (actually happened in game, just a little less cruel as I describe it, since to me, Werewolves are raw, feral almost, and very high temper creatures.). In nature real wolves do NOT kill a displaced rival’s pups, they adopt them, lions do that, so I took some artistic liberties here, assuming that the boy’s loyalties still lie with his dad, whom he clearly misses, so as he grows up, he would pose a potential danger for Michael to either get his top spot back or get revenge, or for the boy to take over.

      Liked by 3 people

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