Chapter 404) Battle of the Egos

Del Sol Valley
Starlight Accolades Award Gala

The gala was in full swing, VIPs and celebrities as far as the eye could see, when Fallon grabbed a glass of Champagne off a display, downed it, then grabbed another, moaning to herself

“Aaaah, sweet mommy juice. If I ever let that damn husband of mine talk me into more kids, there will be NO MORE breastfeeding. Best day of my life was when those kids were finally weaned off my poor lil sore tiddies and I could have booze again! OOF. Come to mommy, sweet sparkly friend, oh how I missed you.” she mumbled while downing that one.

As she was reaching for yet another glass, a voice behind her said

“Leave some for the other guests please. I thought I smelled something bad, Fallon, so I followed the stench and it lead me straight to you.”

Eyes narrowed, Fallon turned around, didn’t even bother with a fake smile.

“Did you try closing your legs, Alycia, to see if the stench goes away? Maybe the mouth too, if you are even capable of keeping that vomit hole shot for more than a few seconds? Yep, definitely smells like shit here now that you turned up. I think it’s you. Maybe early onset decomposition, we know that definitely can’t be me.” she said with the most acidic tone

“There’s the gutter mouth. How pedestrian. They really let anyone into these events now. Oh wait, I forgot, your claim to fame is a famous daddy. Pitiful. Leaning on someone like Blaine Cameron to get into prestigious events like this. Desperate. Pearls before pigs.” Alycia hissed.

“And your claim to fame was your famous mom before fucking yourself onto this guest list by way of a wedding band. Not any less pitiful, although clearly, yours took more effort on your part, I give you that. Oh, your famous mommy, ooooh aaaaah Judith Ward, whom nobody wants to be around, and nobody wants to work with because she is a bitch on wheels. Ironic you and I never got along then, considering that is your and my brand too. Ha, at least I never tried to bang your mom, so funny hearing you talk bad about my dad when everyone knows ever since we were teens if he would have given you the time of day, you would have spread wide open for him in an instant. As if your boney ass were to stand a chance against my mom. Talk about pitiful and disgusting! “

“You are NOT one to talk there, Fallon. You forget we grew up together. I KNOW your ways. Spread wide open was your middle name. Maybe you should start a YouTube channel giving reviews about luxury cars with the most spacious backseats to get laid in. I don’t think there are many men in this town you haven’t had.” Alycia snarled back.

“True. But I didn’t just screw rich guys with luxury cars, I was an equal opportunity whore and nailed my fair share of poor guys with old beater rides, some even al fresca. Rich or poor, all they had to be was cute enough to seem to be worth my time. Funny sidenote – including YOUR man. OUCH – the burn! Yeah, I had me some Eli before you contaminated him, and if you want my review, he’s like a painting, beautiful to look at, but kinda boring after a while. I can see why you two are married, you both have in common that your favorite topic is yourself. Yawn. Definitely couldn’t hold my attention for long, and no way I would have married him for a lifetime of Groundhog Day in the bedroom because of his very limited number of good moves. Speaking of husband, guess getting dumped by a loser like Stryker Hayes worked out in your favor after all. When I heard THAT guy gave YOU the pass, I was so glad I don’t need to breathe, cos I would have literally died laughing so hard. I mean, give me a gazillion breaks now! HA! An alcoholic, sex-addicted junkie who’s been perma-high most of his adult life with not even two pennies to rub together on a good day dumped THE glorious Alycia Brenner, who always thinks she is holier than thou. Oops, guess not, shown up by some strung-out junkie loser. OOOOOOOOOH ouch!” Fallon laughed.

“Laugh it up, as immature as it is. Just know I was about to give Stryker the pass anyway. He used to be my fun little project, my good deed for the day every day, most days just keeping him alive and out of trouble with the law was a full-time job. We all saw where breaking up with me landed him, almost in the cemetery, and to be honest with you, after all that guy put me through, had it been me there with him that night, I would have let him blow his head off and applauded while he was doing it. That chapter of my life is closed for good, I have Eli now, meeting him was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. So, please do take note, I am not Alycia Brenner anymore, it’s Stiles now. Alycia Stiles. It’s a solid name, after all, Eli is almost more famous than you precious brother Blake. And a lot younger.”

Fallon cackled up.

“Ha! Almost … missed the mark by some million fans and buckeroos in the bank, but cute of you to think your pretty boy hubby would have enough talent to make it as far as Blake. And if you want a younger Blake, we have his son and almost look-a-like, my cousin Reed, so there is Cameron actors to go around for any age group. What a good wifey you are, all supportive and shit. The stuff daytime drama shows are made of you real housewife of DSV! How did you trade that Stryker benchwarmer for an actual celebrity? Goddamn that Stryker was always so strung out and nasty, not even I would have fucked him when I was at my drunkest, and you went and dated him for some years. And yet, you landed yourself Eli, who’s actually really not that bad, all things considered. Your milkshake REALLY must bring some boys to your yard. Then again, there are niches for every sex fetish, apparently one covers people like you and Eli is here for it.” Fallon giggled.

“Vulgar as always. It was actually my other qualities that caught Eli’s eye … and heart. Speaking of heart, eat yours out, at least I am married to someone famous. My sister Starling said you’re married too, with kids. OH MY GOD, you and kids, hysterical. And your husband and baby daddy is a bodyguard? And you try to lessen me for having dated Stryker Hayes? At least he has stood on that stage to receive an award before. And I’d be careful laughing at me too hard, last I heard, he is dating some Cameron chick now. Too much of a coincidence not to be somehow related to you and considering how your precious Camerons tend to breed like rabbits on Viagra, I am sure she is some distant cousin of yours or something. Besides, you talk at me sideways for Stryker, when you married your sister’s bodyguard? A BODYGUARD? Good grief! I mean, I agree Whitney rocked that old movie, but did you really have to try reenacting it in real life?” Alycia laughed up.

“Oh, you mean my hunky husband whom if you saw him without a shirt, you would just turn into a fountain drooling so hard while having some eye-gasms? He’s no bodyguard, he owns a personal security company, as a matter of fact, we both do. We just step in and help out when we’re a bit low on staff, because we get booked a LOT. Bear just has very strong feelings about treating his employees right and paying them very well even if it means he has to help out and when times were tougher, not pay himself. See, that’s how we connected. Through work ethics. Love came later.”

“Love? Work? Fallon, whom are you trying to fool? You nailed him over and over and eventually wanted to play business owner, probably because mommy and daddy kicked you out. Business owner. You. Laughable. You wanted someone with a build-in chance to be killed in the line of duty so your ‘forever after’ won’t be too long for ya.”

“You think I would let my husband die? If he were to ever get wounded bad enough, I have my ways to fix him up so he will remain around – forever after is right. And I pity anyone who hurts him. Happened before, didn’t work out well for them, when I got a hold of them. I play nice, cos I am supposed to, but I wouldn’t piss me off too much. I don’t mine gore, seeing or causing it, and obviously I don’t have a problem with blood. I am actually here on business. Mingled surveillance. Anything fishy going on, and I will alert the others – or just handle. Cos, you know, I can.”

“I bet. Perfect job with catering build in – and I don’t mean the buffet, which we both know you can’t touch. Someone’s out of line, you suck him dry. Oh wait – that’s your brand anyway. With pants or without, huh?”

“And you call me vulgar. Jealous much? Because I always had game and you … well … you always had to work so SO so hard to get any boy or man to even look at you twice. Aww. Well yeah, I screwed around, and now it’s out of my system I know I am not missing out, cos I had it all at least once. I know a good man when I see one, and I saw one and put that ring on it. I am a confident and modern woman, I asked him. And I decided we’re getting married, and I decided to give him kids. Best decision ever. You wouldn’t understand that feeling of real love, considering you are just an empty airheaded shell.”

“And you are a pot calling a kettle black. I am married, Eli and I are about to have a daughter too. Obviously.” Alycia pointed to her very pregnant mid-section.

Fallon had taken a sip and almost sprayed the mouthful out, laughing hard.

Alycia was not amused, less so when Fallon gasped

“I saw that, but I was so not gonna go there. You with a baby belly is even more hysterical than me married with kids. I was the whore with relationship anxiety who found kids nothing but annoying, but then there is you extremely vain anorexic bulimic posterchild with that ‘everything has to be about ME ME ME!’ attitude, trying be a parent and letting your stomach get this big and are about to get your lady bits torn to shreds? You do know that your undercarriage and your waistline will NEVER be the same, right? And I already pity that poor kid. Oh boy.”

“It is not nice to laugh at actual mental illnesses like that. And knock it off with the nasty remarks, people can hear you. Yes, I am 39 weeks pregnant and very close to giving birth to a daughter, who will be a loved and spoiled little girl. Eli wants a son, so we are going to be trying again, once it’s safe.”

“Alycia – you are not ill, you are a bitch and so vain, you MAKE yourself not eat. I mean, I think I have eaten – and kept down – more in my lifetime than you have. And I am the Vampire here and 2 years younger than you. I get that anorexia and bulimia are real things and serious – IF you actually have them. You do not. You just want to fit in size 00, to match your IQ.”

“Well, we can’t all be Vampires who never gain weight because they can’t. My therapist thinks my mental illness is very much real and I am better now. Thanks for caring. I never understood why my sister would have YOU as a best friend. Drink up, the entire Champagne reserves if you must, hopefully you drown in it!”

Alycia stormed off.

“Hm, how am I to drown, you bleached braincell? I am a fuckin’ Vampire, we don’t drown. What a pretentious dumbass. Literal emaciated pig with expensive lipstick pretending to be high society.” Fallon muttered, while reaching for another glass of Champagne, downing it in two gulps.

A deep, calm voice now came from behind her, one that still gave her the most pleasant chills, and she recognized the speaker by the scent of his aftershave.

“Making friends again?” he asked.

She turned to him and draped her arms around Bear’s neck, who pulled them off, kissing each hand while putting them down by her side.

“No PDA while working, my lil enchantress. And please, you do not have to finish off the Champagne display. I’d prefer your head clear and sharp.” he reminded her.

“You know, Bear, I am a daughter from one of the most influential families here in Del Sol Valley. If I want to kiss my husband at an event that usually has more Cameron presence than a Scottish family reunion, then I will. They are lucky I didn’t rip your clothing off and have my way with you right here. And I AM all clear and sharp, forget Vampires take a LOT more booze to get lit? I am fine.”

“You are not here as a Cameron daughter, you are here as Mrs. Barrett, co-owner of Barrett Security LLC, we get paid to watch for threats, not to mess around or drink up their entire booze reserves. So, as your boss I tell you to get back to work and keep your hands to yourself. You wanted to help with this job, you know my rules, so get in position or go home.” his voice was calm, but firm.

“You will pay for this.” she purred, not offended in the least.

A small smirk crept into the corner of his mouth.

“I know, and I can’t wait. AFTER this job, once we’re back home you can take out all your frustration on me. Now get your sexy ass back to your assigned position. You are messing up the entire team by going off script just to steal free Champagne and antagonize your best friend’s sister – AGAIN!” he smirked, winked then walked off.

“Sir, yes Sir!” Fallon called after him, watching his broad shoulders vibrate with a chuckle.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 404) Battle of the Egos

  1. Oh my goodness. That was too funny. The two of them trading insults with a fair amount of gossip interspersed. Alycia’s sister is Fallon’s friend? So she knows Alycia. Who knew? And clearly the two women hate each other. Also, somehow it’s common knowledge that Stryker crashed and burned and almost killed himself with a gun. I loved we got a peak at Bear and that Fallon said she would turn him if it came to a life or death situation, which means she might try to talk him into letting her turn him before anything like that happens. Interesting chapter with lots of little tidbits.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, the Cameron twins have both known the Brenner (Ward) sisters high school days (maybe even grade school). Alycia’s younger sister Starling is Fallon’s bestie.
      Alycia and Fallon are both hard to get along with, no wonder they can’t be in the same room. LOL
      Stryker’s drama made the news, everyone knows. At this point, it’s already been a couple months or so since the fact.
      Bear has a stoic way in which he just let’s Fallon do her thing unless he deems it wrong and he reels her in, completely unafraid and unimpressed.
      I think Alycia called Fallon out on a lot of things too, among them the reason she still prefers Bear mortal. Eternity is a long time to be with the same guy … for someone like Fallon, with her self-admitted old bedroom-gypsy ways not necessarily too enticing. But maybe she changes or has changed. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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