Chapter 409) Ready, Set, Launched

Del Sol Valley
Cameron Mansion

Gavin puffed up with some importance.

“Well, we were actually thinking about starting to work on a little sibling for Jake.” he proclaimed proudly.

Blaine’s eyebrows went up, then down, before grimacing.

“Well – unless you think up jobs for you and Bianca plus your own place to live to go along with that numbnutty idea – think again.” he said with a bone-dry tone.

“I thought you guys love Jake.” Gavin looked taken aback.

“We do! With every fiber of our being.” Blaine said, then took a sip of his coffee.

“Makes no sense then.” Gavin declared.

“Makes perfect sense. Your father is talking about how much we enjoy the VISITS with our kids … and grandkids, great-grandkids – agh, that hurts saying it out loud. Grandma Scarlett, yikes.” Scarlett shuddered.

“Still makes no sense, mom.” Gavin stated.

“I think they’re saying they want us to move out.” Bianca interjected.

“DING DING DING – THIS candidate has 100 points.” Blaine said, pointing at Bianca.

“But … we both were under the impression you loved having the three of us around.” Bianca sounded whiney.

“Sure honey, we do love having you around … for visits. Gavin’s dad and I never signed up to become 24/7 babysitters. You living with us was supposed to be to help out for a moment. We always thought you two would spread your wings and be a young couple. Instead, years have gone by, you two have gotten married and still live here. You need to be on your own to be a real little family. ESPECIALLY if you are going to expend that little family.” Scarlett used a gentler tone on her.

“But … we …. we spend a lot of time with Jakey! It’s just sometimes … we thought you’re his grandparents and want to watch him.” Bianca argued faintly.

“Yeah, what she said and besides, if we moved out, you’d be all alone in this gigantic mansion. It’s huge and already feels super-empty with everyone else gone. You’d be so bored!” Gavin argued.

“Son, if your mother and I will never be one thing together, it would be bored! We have many ways to keep entertained. And for all YOU know, maybe your mom and I are working on evening out the number of kids we have. 7 is neither here nor there, and it’s only 6 if you count out Blake, since she and I didn’t make him together. So, we need 4 more kids to make it an even 10. 6 more for a dozen. Dozen sounds good, don’t it, Letty?” Blaine told his son, whose eyes grew huge.

“Dreamy. I’d go for a baker’s dozen even. 13 has always been a mysterious number, perfect for Vampires.” Scarlett played along.

“Okay, now I KNOW you two are messing with us. Mom doesn’t want any more kids.” Gavin stated.

“Our point EXACTLY!” Scarlett told him.

“So … where are we supposed to go?” Gavin now sounded whiney as well.

“Kid – you are married, with child, you know how to work a computer – man up and find a place. If it’s reasonable, your mother and I will pay for it, but you need to find a proper career so you can foot your own bills, something OTHER than uploading yourself playing games and unwrapping presents.” Blaine told Gavin.

“I HAVE a career, dad! I’m an influencer and it’s call ‘unboxing videos’ – they are VERY popular!” Gavin argued back.

“Yeah, Prince Valium, and do you know WHY they are popular? Cos you are MY son, Everett and Maeve’s grandson and ViVa and 2Dark2C’s Chase’s brother, uncle to Princess Aria-Grace. That’s why they watch you, you little condom malfuction! They wanna see your room, our house, hope one of your famous relatives stumbles into your videos. That’s why. Besides – who bankrolled the shit you’re unboxing for the world to see? That’s right, I did. So, they’re GIFTS. Marry birthmas with an Easter bunny on top!” Blaine argued back.

Scarlett nodded in agreement.

“Fine! If we’re not wanted here, we’ll find a new home. Come Bianca. We’re going house-hunting!” Gavin grabbed Bianca’s hand and pulled her with.

After the two left the kitchen, Scarlett called after them

“Don’t forget to take your son! Your dad and I have plans!” and quieter, for only herself and Blaine to her she added “not sure what those are yet, but it’s not gonna be babysitting again.”

“Nice!” Blaine chuckled.

“You’re right. I was gonna stop you, thought you were a bit rough, but honestly, for years we’ve tried the nice route and got ignored. We barely dodged the bullet of Celeste moving back in, luckily she fell in love with Ethan and stayed with him instead – THANK YOU CHASE for playing matchmaker, we owe our son big time here. Then Blake and Mila thought they needed to come back even though they literally live down the street, thank God we talked them out of that, and it’s been many years that Vivien and Liam had any significant fights and luckily never bad enough for one of them to move out, let alone wanting to move in with us. Then we get Michael’s kid, Nathan, a Werewolf no less! Luckily he’s been cured, seriously that child reeked of wolf. UGH. I don’t mind taking in someone who needs help but give us a break please!” Scarlett shuddered demonstratively.

“You think they come up with something? Twiddledee and Twiddledumbo I mean.” Blaine wondered.

“I am afraid to imagine what that could be. Watch it, they’ll try to get us to foot some insanely priced mansion on prime property in some uber-prestigious area now. I’ll keep smelling salts handy.”

“No shit! We raised 8 good kids with sound minds … one had to be a dud. That would be Gavin. Cute kid, but dumber than a box of runny dog shit.” Blaine chuckled.

“Wrong. Our Gavin is not dumb at all. He’s actually pretty smart, just lazy. Pains me to say that, but it’s true. Chase was a messy kid, but not lazy otherwise. Blake was just perfect. Heath did anything to please us. And our girls all were edgy, testing our patience, especially Vivien when she was a teen, but they were tidy and busy, most already had careers or an outlook for one before they were even finished with high school. Gavin … I don’t where we went wrong. He’s just so uninterested in achieving anything for himself.” Scarlett shook her head.

“Typical DSV kid. Lazy, entitled, thinks he’s the world’s dick and balls … I would know, I was that kid once.”

“Was?” Scarlett smirked.

“Hey woman – one person can be bullied a day and we both picked Gavin. Stick with the program.”

“Oh yeah? Says who?!” Scarlett challenged smiling.

“Me. I am the man of the house and make the rules. You are the obedient wifey. By the way, where are my slippers? Go fetch them. Chop, chop.” Blaine added as much oil to the fire as he could.

“Sure honey, I’ll get your shoes, if you bend over and spread wide so I can put them where they will go if you keep this shit up.” Scarlett didn’t even change her tone.

“Ooooh, we’re getting straight into the kinky stuff.” Blaine grinned, pulling Scarlett close then kissed her.

“Oh my God, you guys are really going to make more kids? Lord have mercy!” Gavin appeared in the kitchen again.

“We are, and if you don’t get out, you’ll get a first-row seat to applied sex ed. We’ll make sure you get good views on everything. Any input? Brother, sister, or one of each?” Blaine grinned at their son.

“No, thanks. Bianca and I already know how all that works.” Gavin frowned, then turned around and rushed out again.

“Wonder what he wanted.” Scarlett said.

“Probably kiss our asses so we take it back. But we won’t. They need to get real jobs and adult now. What does Bianca even do, other than lay by our pool?” Blaine asked.

“Ahem … you know Blaine, that actually beats the hell out of me. I have no clue. I know she never finished college, I think she was a business major until daddy pulled that plug, but would have to phone a friend.” Scarlett told him.

“Maybe they’ll move in with Aria-Grace at the castle. AG is Bianca’s best friend … I can see it already, Prince Valium the first and Princess Duuuuuh. HAHAHAHAHA!” Blaine laughed hard at the thought.

“Ha ha ha, oh I don’t know about that. The royals are quite nice, but the King even kicked his own two younger kids out by getting them hitched. I am certain there is nothing that could convince him to replace his own well-mannered grown-up kids with our little Neanderthal Gavin and his head-in-the-clouds-sidekick, plus child, no matter whose best friend she is.”

Some weeks later ....

Gavin and Bianca had found a fairly reasonably priced but roomy and modern new build in Newcrest, just a few streets over from Avalon Park where their don had been conceived some years back. The property was fully fenced to keep out anyone who might potentially catch on who they really were.

Blaine and Scarlett were surprised to see how well both handled the preparations for the move and were very supportive, while Gavin and Bianca realized this had been the best choice for them. Bianca started working with her sister Adrianna at the branch of their father’s business, Auditore Financials, which Adrianna had inherited, while taking evening classes to finish her degree.

Gavin continued his influencer career, while actively looking for a more solid alternative career that would suit him.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 409) Ready, Set, Launched

  1. An empty nester! Wow. I do wonder if they’ll embrace it or wind up with number 8 or would it be 7? Lol. Anyway, Blaine just seems to know how to bully-steer everyone to where they need to be when they can’t see it for themselves and it usually works out for the best.

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    1. It most certainly does, his love with feeling approach. 🙂

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  2. Some times the little birds need a shove out of the nest! Lol, great chapter.

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