Chapter 414) Fall Into Me

Windenburg Isle
Cameron Estate

The day that I met you
The world had just spit me out
On my way to the bottom
Sure I’d never be found

Then you saw me for me
Made me believe in myself
On the day that I met you
It all turned around

You said, “Close your eyes, don’t look down”

Fall into me, and I’ll catch you, darling
We’ll dance in the street like nobody’s watching
It’s just you and me, and the song on repeat in my head
Playing over and over
I’m drunk on your voice, high on the moment
I’d fall for you twice, if that’s what you wanted
I’d give you my life from now ’til forever
I’m falling in love with you over and over again

Until I had met you
There was no sun in my sky
No mirrors for monsters
And no love in sight

Then you walked down those stairs
And I knew my heart wasn’t mine
On the day that I met you
My whole world came alive

You said, “Close your eyes, I got you now”

On a beautiful, balmy, sunny day in Spring …

A man in his prime years stood anxiously under a wedding arch.

Jay Cameron.

He was going to officiate his youngest daughter’s wedding today.
His little girl’s wedding to a man which would make most fathers shudder at the thought, cos Stryker was a guy with many demons, who nearly had thrown his life away young, possessed by addictions, bad childhood memories and trauma.
Jay had been that young man once, and he hadn’t forgotten how the desperation felt, but also not how it had felt when someone finally believed in him, gave him chance after chance, acknowledged he was trying even when he failed several more times. His wife Abby’s grandparents had been those people for him once, and then Abby herself. Without them, he wouldn’t be here anymore, no doubt in Jay’s mind. Jay knew Stryker wouldn’t be here had it not been for Sophie, something that made Jay feel proud, that he had instilled in his kids the right values and now, via Sophie, he had paid it forward, the help he once received. Swallowing hard to keep from succumbing to emotion, Jay forced a smile.

Watching the young man who would be the new leading man in his little girl’s life approach, equally as anxious but twice as nervous, Jay relaxed.
He knew his Sophie had been this man’s angel, his saving grace and that man, Stryker Hayes, whom he would call son-in-law after today, had been his Sophie’s saving grace. She was the sweetest, kindest soul, but paralyzed by anxiety and debilitating shyness, always the dreamer, she never had to easy among her peers. Jay knew Stryker had already given her something she had never dared dream to have: a child. And now, they would be parents again before too long.

The decision to move forward with the wedding, even almost to the second trimester of her pregnancy had been an easy one in the end. Both knew they wanted to be official, for themselves, for their toddler son, for their unborn son and for the world to see.

In the background, behind Stryker Jay spotted his wife leading Stryker’s mother back to her seat after a bad sob attack. While Jay and Abby – and the rest of the family – had experienced Theresa Hayes as a demure, polite, but reserved person, today she had been extremely emotional. As parents it was easy to see how much she loved her son, no matter how many mistakes both had made in the past.

His oldest daughter Esmée now peeked around the corner to see if the wedding could start, when Jay quickly glanced across the filled chairs before him, he nodded at her, she gave a sign to the man at the piano, next to a beautiful young woman, and he began to play the couple’s song of choice, both of them singing the words of the song that describes Stryker and Sophie’s relationship so well, called ‘Fall Into Me’ (lyrics started out this chapter in the quote). They were Chase Cameron, and his wife Hailey, who had been key figures in Stryker and Sophie ending up together in the first place, and who had offered to cover the musical entertainment for the wedding.

The rest was a blur to both men waiting under the arch, Jay and Stryker watched the matron of honor, the bridesmaids, the best man, the groomsmen, make their way down the aisle.

A couple of stumbling toddlers as play-pretend flower girls, followed by the actual flower girls, Emmy’s daughters Jaymie and Fiona and Ezzy’s daughter Aryelle, then Emmy’s son Damon as a ringbearer who nearly dropped the pillow twice and had chocolate smeared all over his face.

Then came the vows.

Both repeated the standard sentences, their ‘I dos’, but then both looked at each other and said ‘STAY!’. Everyone in attendance had heard the stories a million times by now, how that little word had so much meaning all throughout their relationship. She had asked him to stay when they were still strangers. He had asked her to stay at his apartment, when all the world had opened up to him, and he had so many options on what to do but had chosen her. That word had made him stay in this life, when he was at rock bottom willing to end it all. Over and over, they told each other to ‘stay’.
And now again.

And then they were husband and wife.

Nobody remained in their seats anyone, the cheering reach eardrum popping levels.

The party had started before the wedding and lasted until well into the early morning hours of the following day.

Luckily it was a Saturday, nobody had to work on Sunday, and on Monday the new couple would embark on their honeymoon.

As you noticed, this was a shorter post that normal, but not much can be said about a beautiful wedding that pictures couldn’t say much better.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 414) Fall Into Me

  1. ❣️❣️❣️😭😭😭 You had me in tears with that song. Did you write that? My goodness, it was perfect for them. Jays thoughts at the beginning. *sigh*. The that one word at the end, it gave me goosebumps. This was by far one my favorite weddings. Yes, there were some that were grander and more beautiful, but this one will stay with me a long time. Well done. 😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, and the bride and groom were beautiful and clearly so much I’m love. ❤️💖❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Aww – I am so happy this wedding evoked so many emotions in you! Trust me, I was right there with you, I had to pause I million times through it.
      The quote is the lyrics to a personal favorite song of mine, “Fall Into Me” by Forest Blakk (
      Sophie and Stryker have become an epic love story (and couple).
      The little word, stay, has so much meaning throughout their chapters. Time for another tattoo? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG! Yes – matching “Stay” Tatoos! Perfect!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such a beautiful, touching wedding. Their relationship was never perfect, but perfectly them. I love them together.

    Liked by 1 person

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