Chapter 417) Girl Next Door

“And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.”

― Suzanne Collins
Silas Cameron's new home (Proprietor's Square)

On the mainland of Windenburg, Sophie’s twin brother Silas had been in a reminiscing mood, much like his sister Sophie had been of late. His twin toddlers were spending the night at their grandparents’ home and now the house felt eerily quiet. Stepping out onto the patio with his coffee in hand, Silas let his eyes wander … until something caught his attention.

Mesmerized, he stared right into what appeared to be the bathroom window of the house next door, at the form of a young woman with nothing but a white towel wrapped around her alabaster skin seemingly applying body lotion to the exposed parts of her body in a nearly sensual way, mostly just a silhouette due to the lighting, shadows and angle, but enough to remind Silas how long he had been alone now, despite his young years, untouched, lonely in the nights, only receiving the love of family, but not the romantic kind. Not since his fiancée Jane’s fatal accident almost 2 years ago.

Watching the woman continue her body care routine, staring but not even really seeing anything anymore, lost in his memories, Silas’ thoughts went on a rollercoaster ride, imagining things he hadn’t even really thought about in a very long time.

And then the inevitable happened.

She turned her head, looked up, their eyes met, Silas was pulled from his lala land and nearly dropped his coffee mug, while her face reflected genuine shock, then changed to an appalled – nay – disgusted disbelief, as she slipped out of sight clenching the towel that was wrapped around her slender frame while Silas turned away as well, blushing deeply.

Dang it!

Embarrassed, he went inside, cursing under his breath. What an idiot he was!

He had grown up with three sisters, he knew better than to do something so pervy.

Still cursing, he went to the kitchen to dump out the rest of his now cold coffee and rinsed the cup when someone was at the door. He answered and wished he hadn’t.

Mouth agape he looked at someone now vaguely familiar, even though they had never met before, while blushing in deepest shades of red.

“What is WRONG with you!?” the young woman from the bathroom next door laid into him.

“I … I … am sorry, Miss. I really am sorry, I was just staring at everything and nothing, didn’t even realize you were there until … well, until I did. I apologize. But I stopped looking right away.” Silas tried to explain the vichyssoise mumbled thoughts in his head, realizing how idiotic he sounded.

“You apologize?! That’s all you got?! You stopped gawking when you realized I saw you! If my brothers had caught you staring at me practically undressed, you would be TOAST! You’d be on crutches! And that’s only until my dad were to hear of this! Pervert!” the girl laid into him, and some passer-bys’ eyes got big, causing Silas’ cheeks and ears to glow red.

“Look, I know how bad this looks, but I swear it wass harmless. I grew up in a house full of women, I know this looks terrible, but honest to God, it wasn’t. I am truly sorry. Lapse in judgement. For what it’s worth, I didn’t really see anything. Just arms and towel. I am NOT a pervert. You wear less at a beach.” Silas tried.

“Are you kidding me?! You are lucky you are kinda cute and seem like a nice guy, in a slightly dorky kinda way. I have a pretty good radar for that. A sort of inherited trait, of sorts. No, you’re telling the truth, you’re not a pervert, and you don’t seem like a creep. Guess you’re just a dude doing dude-stuff, which are gross 50% of the time, I’d know, I grew up with brothers. Fine, I’ll file it under bad coincidence of circumstances. But don’t do that again! I MEAN it!” the girl wagged her finger at him as if he were a toddler.
But wait! Did she call him cute?
Okayyyy … cute was good, right?

“Why don’t you have blinds up anyway? There are men out there who would look on purpose .. and not look away of things went further, you know? Did you just move in? I thought the realtor told me the house next door had been sitting vacant forever. I didn’t even notice any moving trucks or anything.” Silas shrugged.

“Yeah, I did, was a bit of a quick overnight thing, me moving in. This is my first home, ever, I never lived close enough to any neighbors to need blinds before, so that didn’t even occur to me until now. Did you say your realtor told you my house was vacant? You are new in town too?” the girl’s proverbial ears perked up.

“New in this house, not the city. I was born in Windenburg. Ahem – how about you come inside, and we’ll talk with more privacy rather than entertain the entire neighborhood?” Silas felt uncomfortable when more people walked past, staring at them.

The girl eyed him suspiciously, frowning, then seemed to reconsider, shrugged, then nodded.

“Okay.” she said.

“I should make you strip down, to get even.” she told him as she entered, and Silas shut the door behind her.

“Right. Not gonna happen though, sorry. I can take my shirt off, and you can look at my bare arms, shoulders and back, considering that is all I saw of you too.”

“No thanks. So, where’s your wife? At work?” she inquired.


“Girlfriend, baby momma … whatever. I saw you once before, just from the back, I think, with two toddlers going in this house when I toured my home before buying it.” the young woman said.

“Oh. Yeah … no wife, girlfriend or baby momma. Single dad. The mother of my twins is … she … passed on. Almost two years ago now. Yeah …” Silas felt instantly sad.

“Oh shit! I am so sorry! Wow. So, single dad to twins? Damn!”

“Tell me about it. Luckily I have a big family support system, they all help.”

“Ha, big family here too. Two brothers, one sister and helicopter parents.”

“Gotcha beat. Three sisters, one brother. But also got some helicopter parents. Honestly, I think I am on the way to be one of those myself. Poor kids.” Silas smiled briefly.

“Good grief. I think both our parents could have used a TV in their lives before outputting so many of us.”

“Well, in my mom’s defense, she was only pregnant twice. Multiples each time. First pregnancy was the jackpot with triplets, then my twin sister and me.” Silas told her.

“Oh boy. That’s why you have twins too. Thanks for the warning. I’ll keep a safe distance from you and better not drink the water!” she laughed; Silas chimed in.

“I am Silas, by the way. Silas Cameron.” Silas stuck out his hand, which she shook without much hesitation.

“I am Olivia. Olivia McCoy. Friends call me Liv. So, what do you do, Silas, when you are not spying on your new neighbors like a little perv?”

“Still NOT a perv. Was STILL an accident. If I am not raising my kids, or at some family event, then I am probably at work.”

“Aha, he’s got a job. Good. Then again, this house doesn’t look cheap, you’re dressed nice, hair’s cut perfectly, you smell good. You’re probably a manager somewhere. You look like the manager type.”

“Close. You are actually speaking to the mayor of this town. So, in the name of all Windenburgians I would like to welcome you to town and to your new home, Miss McCoy.”

“The mayor?! Get out of here! The mayor of Windenburg spied on me naked?! Oh boy, and I though Forgotten Hollow was creepy. At least its residents can’t help the creepy part.” Liv laughed.

“Forgotten Hollow?” Silas shook his head, wondering.

“Yeah. That would be my hometown. Long story. Let’s just say my family is not your average type. Wait .. hang on. Did you say your name was Cameron? Any relation to Blaine Cameron?”

“He’s my uncle Liam’s father-in-law, and somewhere, some couple lifetimes or more ago our family trees had the same roots, but it’s pretty diluted now, only the same last name remains, so before you get excited, I am not wealthy like he is, let alone famous, I cannot carry tune in a bucket nor act to save my life and we only really see him a handful times each year. Why?”

“No worries, I am not a fangirl. Blaine’s daughter Caitlin is my Godmother. She and my mom are besties. Even though she used to date my dad a long time ago.”

“Oh wow … I know Cait. Small world.”

“So, you are familiar with vampires then, if you know Blaine and Cait. Hmm.”

“You’re a … you’re ..” Silas just couldn’t get the word out.

“No. No, I am not. But my mom is. One of my brothers is, dad never got turned, and the rest of us got skipped by the curse, we’re just normies with a little enhanced skills sometimes, like my powers of observation. I can read people. So … yeah. Moved here from Forgotten Hollow because .. ya know, just because I grew up there doesn’t mean I like it. I don’t. Plus, my parents recently split up – again. Third time now, this time it’s final. Second divorce. Dad moved back to Oasis Springs, where he was born and grew up, took my youngest sister, she’s still in high school and oldest brother, he’s a carpenter like dad and like his dad before him was and dad’s childhood home has a shop. My vampire brother met some chick and took off – so if even the vampire doesn’t want to stay in Forgotten Hollow, neither do I. Mom totally understood, she moved back in with her parents. Besides, non-vamps aren’t really supposed to live there anyway. So, here I was, definitely didn’t want to move to Oasis Springs, I love my dad, but … yeah … just no. I needed a fresh start somewhere else, narrowed it down to either this cute tiny apartment in San Myshuno or the house next to yours. Decided after the creepy quiet life in Forgotten Hollow, San Myshuno might be a little too much action for me, Windenburg seemed to fall somewhere in the middle, so … here I am. Now, I am really close with my family, so be prepared to see some vampires around, visiting on occasion. Hope you’re not squeamish, mayor. No worries, nobody will nibble on you, promise.”

“I am not worried. One of my brother-in-laws is a vamp too, been around him for a decade now, so nah, I don’t care.”

“And who might your brother-in-law be?”

“Connell Vatore.” Silas said.

“Connell?! Caelan’s son is your brother-in-law!? You are Emmy’s brother?! WOW! REALLY small world. Emmy’s is super-sweet! Well, since my oddish family background doesn’t seem to matter, how about you owe me dinner, Mr. Mayor. To make up for your perv moment.”

“Dinner? For an accidental glimpse? You drive a hard bargain, Liv. Fine, all right, if you can be spontaneous. I am free tonight; my babies are having a sleepover with some of their cousins at my parents’. If not, we’ll have to schedule or you can come over and I will cook for you, but there will be toddlers around. They are very well-behaved, sweet kids, but they ARE kids. Depending on form, it can get noisy. Your choice.”

“Tonight is good. But wait. Are you implying you can cook?”

“I am implying nothing, I am downright saying that I am a very good cook, actually. My grandmother was a chef and she taught us grandkids well.”

“Well, Silas Cameron, I think you and I may get along after all. I can’t cook at all, my mom is a vampire and dad … well … dad tried. But … yeah … so, I am actually famished, I’ll go change. Pick me up at 7?”

“Sure. Why not? I will be there.”

“Good. Don’t be late. Oh, and Silas … stay away from peeking in my windows.”

“Hey Liv? How about after dinner I’ll take you to the shopping mile and introduce you to a wonderful, very useful, new invention called: CURTAINS and blinds? They are magical and keep people from looking into your home if you don’t want them to.”

Laughing, she turned to leave, but waved back at him as she was leaving, the door being pulled shut behind her was like an end to the strange scene.

“Holy cannoli – I have a date!” Silas smiled to himself.

Author’s Note:
The two lots featured in this post (and on this chapter’s cover image!) can be downloaded from my Gallery, OID is CameronLineage. Most of my lots are named after the original EA lot names, if not, I usually list the lot they were built on as all my designs are usually very lot specific to blend into the environment perfectly. Exception are storytelling lots (which are marked as such).

Silas’ Home is called “Proprietor’s Square”

The home next door where Olivia McCoy lives is called “Havisham House”

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 417) Girl Next Door

  1. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888 December 26, 2022 — 10:51 AM

    McCoy? As in Annleigh and KC? But didn’t KC get turned at some point? I could swear I remember that happening? Or is Liv a granddaughter?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. He did get turned and I unturned him and all but one of the kids as per my FB post about making changes to some occult.
    And yes, Liv is indeed KC and Annaleigh’s daughter, very good memory! I am really impressed! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Poor Silas, and lucky Silas! What a cute meeting!

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  4. Awww. So the first of the unturned. And He and Annaleigh split. How sad. But since he’s no longer a vamp, it makes sense, unless it was a game thing too. Anyway, yay for Silas! So happy he and Liv hit it off. Hopefully it will go somewhere, they seem to have some chemistry and a lot of ‘people’ in common. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, change is good!
      Silas is soooooo cute! So is Liv. Let’s see if this works out.
      If I were like most Simmers I wouldn’t worry about housekeeping and managing occults, but since I stick with my saves till the dinosaurs roam again unless some update sabotages me, every once in a blue moon I need to interfere to make sure there’s a balance.

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