Chapter 452) Love & Friendship

“All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand.”

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox
San Myshuno, Financial District
Cromwell Penthouse

Aria-Grace placed the obligatory cup of coffee down in front of her brother, watching him loosen his tie and pull it off, then unbutton the top buttons of his shirt, as she sat down across the table from him with her own coffee, studying his face while he took a few deep sips.

“This isn’t just a social call by my favorite brother, is it? I can see it in your face, something is wrong. You still got your work-face on.”

Nick grimaced at her while cracking the hint of a smile.

“I am your ONLY brother, you joker. And what the hell is a work-face?”

“Work face, aka grumpy face, you got it just like dad does. It is when you’re physically present, but mentally still in the court room arguing some case with a judge. And yes, you are my favorite brother, no matter how many siblings I have or don’t have, I love you SO much, Nickster! What I don’t love is the suspense. What is it? Why are you here?”

Nick exhaled deeply, sighed, then looked at her.

“AG, first of all, don’t act like me coming for a quick visit is so unusual, we always hung out a lot and still do, plus now we literally live across the plaza from each other, on a clear day we can look into each other’s homes, takes 5 minutes to come over from my place to see ya, and that is if I have to wait for you to get off your ass to buzz me in and then that damn elevator. Secondly, I don’t go to court every day, no lawyer does. Most days are office days, like today. And even when I go to court, I do not argue my cases – or anything – with the judge or you will be held in contempt. You never argue WITH the judge, but you argue the case, meaning you explain the side you want the judge and jury to consider most, the parts that help your position. Aside from that, what I am about to tell you has to stay between us, meaning you and me, not mom, dad – wait, nix that, dad already knows, so mom will also know by now – but don’t tell Max or the kids or anyone else. Not yet.” Nick explained.

“Okay – maybe we could look into each other’s homes, but I sure hope ‘we’ don’t, you perv! Secondly, what sometimes takes a minute for me to buzz you in is that this penthouse is big and 3 stories. I can’t fly, Nick, and we are working on getting a new system installed with phone apps, so that I could buzz you in from the toilet, if need be. But oh my God Nick, you are scaring me! Are you sick?!” AG’s demeanor turned from sibling tease to worried.

“No, unless you count me being sick and tired of some people’s bullshit, but physically I am fine. It’s about Rohan.”

“Is he sick!?”

“AG! Nobody’s sick.”

“Well, it’s not so strange to think. I don’t know if you have REALLY looked at Rohan of late, but he has been looking like shit for months. He’s lost so much weight. Natural to think he might be sick. I asked, but of course he just chuckles, kisses my forehead like a toddler and tells me not to worry. Which makes me worry more.”

“Yeah, I know. I have been through that with him too, minus the forehead kissing of course. Something has put him off his appetite, understandably so. Okay here goes: It looks like Rohan and Harrison may be getting a divorce. I am not supposed to tell, but I don’t want you get hit by it out of left wing. I mean, we all have seen the writing on the wall that things haven’t been great between them for a long while, but I thought it was just a hump. I also thought my best friend and I talked about everything, turns out after the SNAFU where your confessions of love went viral, he didn’t feel comfortable to share that his marriage has been on the rocks for a while. But it is and I think Rohan is fed up. From what he told me in confidence, I can’t say I blame him. I came here to tell you straight from work before going home.”

“Oh shit! Oh no!”

“Yeah. That is enough reason to lose your appetite and look like shit, as you put it.”

“Poor Rohan! Then again, something was always off with Harrison. Like Rohan and the kids are part of our family, but Harrison kinda never really fit it, never wanted to. And honestly, I always thought Rohan could do a lot better anyway than that wet towel Harrison. What he ever saw in that man … he can do a so much better! So much better!” Aria-Grace said, ending her rant with a sigh.

Nick gave her a look.

“Like with … say … you?” Nick told her dryly.

“Don’t be a dick, Nick! I am happily married, thank you very much! And I don’t go after gay men!” AG blew up at her older brother.

“Don’t make it so easy for me to be a dick, you are definitely extra-touchy about that subject, and you forget that dad and I were treated to the confessions of love between you and Rohan when we had to clean that mess up legally. I know you would never cheat, neither would Rohan, but I am pretty sure you still dream about what could have been. Well, anyway, I am writing up some preliminary papers to serve Harrison with, then he’ll have to get an attorney too, since there is gonna be a custody case attached to the divorce, which is probably gonna be real fun for everyone. Yeah, I am happy to help my man out, but not looking forward to all the fallout.”

AG took a drink of her coffee when someone was at the door. She excused herself, and a little later returned with Rohan in tow, who looked just as surprised at Nick as he at him.

“Ha – Fancy meeting you here, Nick. I feel like I literally just saw you at your office an hour or two ago.” Rohan said.

“Straight back at ya. You just made the adage ‘speaking of the devil’ really creepy. Your ears must have been ringing off the hook, with all the trash AG and I were talking about you, bro.” Nick teased.

“Did you … tell her?” Rohan asked sincerely.

Nick’s grin vanished as he nodded, which then caused Rohan to nod as well, before turning to AG, who looked sad.

“Well, that’s actually why I am here. Even though I meant it when I asked your brother the blabbermouth to keep it under wraps. Then again, I know you two never keep secrets from each other. And it felt wrong to keep it from you, AG, so I am here to give you the lowdown straight from the horse’s mouth.”

AG spontaneously hugged Rohan, a hug that was just a tad too intense and just a smidgen too long to be considered casual, which caused Nick to demonstratively clear his throat. He knew it was harmless, but others might not. Immediately, Rohan and AG sprayed apart.

“Oh, coffee Rohan?” AG glossed over the following awkwardness.

He shook his head.

“What kinda Cameron are you?” she teased.

“I am not one at all, AG, I am a Sharma. My skin is about 50 shades too dark to be one of your ghostly pale relatives.” teased Rohan.

“Nah, she’s right. You’re a Cameron, whether you want to be or not. And we’re not all pale. Give me a day, two tops at any beach and I could pass as one of Blake and Mila’s coffee-brown biracial kids, AG too! It’s just our family members with the fangs that are pale AF for obvious reasons, you dork! Plus, don’t think you got a choice here, you Indian stallion. AG, my man here will take a coffee. You will take it, drink it and like it, Rohan. Now sit yo ass down and let’s talk then.”

“Fine, I’ll take that coffee, but only if you got something extra-strong to put in it.” Rohan added.

“Whoa! Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?! The guy who only drinks anything stronger than a sippy sip of fine wine at gunpoint after severe threats.” Nick joked, then looked up at AG, who understood and pointed at the globe bar with her chin while pouring a coffee for Rohan.

Nick generously splashed some hard liquor into Rohan’s cup, after a moment of deliberation into his as well, when AG pushed her cup closer and gave her older brother a hand gesture, which he obliged after arching his brows.

The treesome toasted silently then took healthy sips.

“He cheated on me, AG.” Rohan ended the brief silence that followed.

“WHAT?!” AG’s face showed clear upset.

“Yeah. Not just once either. I now have officially checked off all the cliche marks for the average gay man. Been confused as a kid without ever realizing why, was probably in deep denial as a teen and young man, tried the hetero route, fell in love with an amazing girl I will probably always love till the day I die, had a crush on my straight best friend for as long as I can remember. Just after college I had an oopsie kid from a casual one-night-stand relationship with a woman, trying to ungay myself that way, which failed royally. Then I got married to the very first man I have ever been with, even though he never managed to bond with my daughter, I still had a kid with him, after which he completely ignored my first kid to dote on the one we had together, and because I wanted to wear the dumbass crown I then attempted to patch my meanwhile seriously failing marriage by having another kid, which of course fixed nothing at all, only dragged innocent children into this relationship mess that can’t be fixed anymore, so three kids will grow up in a broken home and two households. I caught him cheating so many times in so many ways, but when yesterday I literally walked in on him with another man in our shower, I had enough! I kicked him and his lover out, then called Nick to make an appointment, and we are going to get me divorced as soon as somehow possible. Now you know. All caught up on the whys.”

“Oh my God, Rohan. Do you want to grab the kids and stay with me for a while?” AG offered, visibly shaken up and deeply concerned.

“AG! Seriously?! You do realize you are the girl he was talking about, the one he will always love? Harrison knows that, so how do you think that will look before a judge. If anything, the kids and Rohan come stay with Addy, Ryan and me.” Nick decided.

“You live right next door to him! The problem wouldn’t be fixed at all! Every day when the kids go to school or come back, Harrison will be there like a spider in a web. That’s doesn’t help them!” AG argued.

“Guys! Stop! I already kicked Harrison out, made him leave the key, I am not a complete fool. The penthouse is in my name only anyway and Harrison was an asshole to me, but he is not a monster. He may not be a picture book father, but he would never hurt the kids. His relationship with Aryelle is just tense on both sides, she’s a teen, so there’s that, and for Harrison it starts with her being mine with a woman from a time before him, Elle is fine, she always had a village raising her, so she was not desperate to connect with him, as she once put it to me that one guy trying to be her stepdad was plenty, meaning Michael, but two was definite overkill. Harrison is kinda passive-aggressive. This is purely a Rohan-Harrison problem, not the kids. So, my children and I will remain in our home, while Harrison can crash with whomever will have him.”

“Passive-aggressive, my ass! Superb parenting by Harrison, screwing some rando in your family home! That is just disgusting! Any of the kids could have been the one walking in on them! EEEW!” AG said.

“Yeah, AG isn’t wrong and that will be one of my arguments in court to get you full custody. But I can’t help but wonder if the constant moving has to do with it. Wondering if this break is partially Cameron-inflicted.” Nick sighed.

“Nick, no. You and your family are not to blame! We didn’t have to move. We made the choice ourselves. Truth be told, your parents offering to buy that house for us in Del Sol Valley, something we could never afford, and then when you all decided to move back here and we were offered a free two-story penthouse, that is not something Harrison or I could decline! He and I and even Aryelle all agreed that Del Sol Valley was a great experience, but it never felt like home the way San Myshuno does. Honestly, those nice perks are what Harrison will miss more than he will ever miss me. He loved the things we got access to because of you guys’ famous mom, which will now be closed door to him again. Can’t help feeling a little gleeful about this.” Rohan admitted.

“Yeah, I know he loved strutting his stuff on the red carpet with the rest of the famous people in our family, so obvious when you guys went with us for mom’s award things a few times, he was just living his best life being a total diva. Just like that one time when Max got his award for his tell-all bestseller book on royalty.”

“Say – wasn’t he gonna write another? I’ll admit I bought it in support because he’s your husband, but once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for more.” Rohan said.

“He is writing it, and it is gonna be another bestseller from what I have read so far, now, I admit I am biased, but it’s definitely good, it’s kind of a slow progress and a little on the backburner now. You both know that Max was offered a spot as a city councilman here in San Myshuno. We were both not sure if it would be something he’d like, well, few weeks in now and he is loving it, crushing it, the breath of fresh air they needed, since that’s what he studied all his life for, royalty is nothing but politics and diplomacy at the core. So, our plans changed, he and I sat down together and talked. And here is another secret only Max and I and now you two know, he wants to tell mom and dad at Thanksgiving, but he’s preparing to run for mayor of San Myshuno. The elections are coming up early next year. And if he gets elected and does well, we’re gonna run for president in a few years when elections are up again. That’s gonna get intense. If we do it, I am gonna have to put my career on hold again, most likely, so I can focus on being first lady for Max, but I love him, he lost so much, basically his entire family history and all he was prep’ed for since he was born when royalty was unanimously outlawed and instead of being a king he was almost an impoverished pauper, or would have been if it hadn’t been for me and my wealth. It’s been a struggle for him to find his way again, so if that’s what he wants, to be a mayor of the country’s capital and eventually president, both are pretty big jobs, but I’ll do anything I can to support him, he deserves it, and I will do anything in my power to help him get there. Especially since we won’t have to move if he were to make president. San Myshuno is the capital, everything begins and ends here.” Aria-Grace’s tone reflected awe and pride of her husband’s plans and accomplishments.

“Ha, I can see it. He’d be great at both. San Myshuno hasn’t had a decent mayor in a long time, and United Simdonia could DEFINITELY use a better president than all the lame duck lushes we had over the years. He’ll have Addy and my vote!” Nick told her.

“Mine too.” Rohan nodded, smiling.

Silence fell for a moment, while everyone gulped down their laced coffees. Nick was done first and then looked up.

“Guys – I have an idea! Depending on how fast Rohan’s divorce goes through, we are gonna do something really cool. Of course, I need to get a hall pass from dad and Addy and AG from Max, but we should go on a divorce celebration in Sulani. Just the three of us. I think we could all use it and we could also use some time to just be Rohan, Nick and AG again, together. If only for a week or so.”

“Oh my God, I love it! Max would never tell me no. I am totally in! I’ll go plan my packing list tonight!” Aria-Grace’s face lit up and the excitement was undeniable.

“AG, slow your roll. The average divorce if children are involved takes many months, sometimes even years. Even if dad works his incredible legal magic and finds every possible loophole, I don’t see Rohan divorced for at least another 2-3 months. Minimum.”

“That’s too long. Tell ya what: we’ll take a week now as a pre-divorce celebration, just the three of us, and then once it’s final, we’ll go again!”

“Honestly, I do like the idea. It does sound great. Now that I am back at Willow Grace Memorial Hospital, we have a lot of good doctors who can cover and I can actually get some days off for a change. If someone will take the kids, I am in too. For now and later.” Rohan said.

“Works for me! I am sure Addy will support this, just gotta see if dad will babysit my caseload for the time I am gone.” Nick agreed.

“Of course he will! We need this! Sulani or bust, boys!” Aria-Grace clapped her hands excitedly.

“All right guys, I am in too. We’ll go to Sulani together, just like back when we were young.” Rohan said.

Chuckling, Nick nudged Rohan.

“Hey, just so you know, only gonna tell ya once: when we’re all playing on that beach wearing only the bare necessities to not be indecent, you are gonna keep your hands to yourself, bro, or I will rip them off ya and use them to stir my crazy-named cocktails with.” he grinned.

“Nick! What do you think of me?! I would never! You know that! I’d never risk our friendship and I know you’re straight! I would NEVER come onto you!” Rohan was beside himself, which only amused Nick more.

“I know! I wasn’t talking about me …” he smirked, winking then looking at AG, who swatted at him.

Sulani Rental Cabin
About a week later ...

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 452) Love & Friendship

  1. That’s rough for Rohan. He probably did fall for the first man he was with instead of taking time to explore his sexuality more. I feel bad for him. I just hope Sulani doesn’t prove to be a mistake and throw a monkey wrench into his divorce. The media is ruthless too and can throw Max into a bad light spreading rumors. Eeeeek. Btw – AG is gorgeous! So is Nick. Rohan isn’t so bad either. All your sims are beautiful!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for saying that, yes Nick and AG are so gorgeous, they got the best of both parents for sure.
      It is rough for Rohan, I think he matured a lot over the past years and realized he has made a lot of mistakes too, maybe that is why he is so quick on the draw for the divorce (another in-game interaction that happened when Nick was over visiting Rohan. Harrison came in red hot and just laid into him, not the first time, and I really don’t know why, but Rohan argued back, with Nick and two of the three kids present, then suddenly Harrison pulled the plug. Rohan was crying and I got the pop up that they got divorced. Well, even with a brilliant attorney as Liam and his son Nick I don’t think it can go that fast IRL so we’re gonna pretend some express thing in a couple months).
      Anyway, there won’t be any blowback from the vacation, it really was to get everyone less tense (Nick had a need a vacation moodlet, AG is stress with two kids and Rohan from the divorce).
      Everything else is on course. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe Harrison was so mean.

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