Chapter 461) The Cool One

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.”

― Jim Valvano
Sulani, Lani St. Taz
Cameron Island Manion

Rod Stewart was wondering ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ from some hidden surround speakers somewhere in the background of the large patio, where a blonde man was sprawled out comfortably on a lounge chair. A handsome man, seemingly in his prime, it wasn’t until you inspected more up close that you would see that his light blond hair now had more and more silver streaks running through it, the tan hiding the lines of a life well lived, even though nobody would ever guess his age at the 61 years he was. The privileged life of a world class celebrity, most of it spent semi-retired when not jet-setting to Del Sol Valley to shoot a movie, usually as a director and producer nowadays making it a lot less stressful than when he was begging for roles decades ago.

Then again, having been born into an already well-established celebrity family had opened a lot of doors for him even when he was still starting out. And he certainly had opened a lot of doors for his children and grandchildren, paving their ways.

Without opening his eyes, he smiled now.

“Hey dad.” he said with the well-trained voice of an actor.

“How dafuq did you notice me? I am quiet and sneaky as a little kitty-cat! Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the occult here.” Blaine’s voice sounded amused, making Blake’s smile bigger as he opened his eyes, the man behind him who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere was his father, even though at first glance, they looked nothing alike. The dark-haired man even looked younger than Blake, which was easily explained when you knew he was a vampire.

Blake rose up from his lounge chair now, his movements smooth for a 61-year-old man, who called himself grandfather to 3 grown grandchildren and one teenage one as he hugged the new arrival.

“Out of the two of us, that will always be just you, dad. And yes, that was a big fat hint.” he said near the other man’s ear, making him chuckle, then punch him in the chest as they released.


“Yeah, I know, just thought I’d get ahead of it before you ask.”

“How did you know I was gonna ask THAT again?”

“Cos you always do. You used to make it a few months in between, but ever since Vivien and Liam got turned by Caelan it became every time I see you. And every time I have to tell you no. And I may not be a Spring chicken anymore, but I can sense your presence when you do your black cloud surprise visits like the creep we all know and love.” Blake smiled.

“How would I be creepy? In your face, maybe. Loud, certainly. Obnoxious, you betcha. But creepy? Nah, you got the wrong guy. That ain’t me. Creepy sounds like unfuckable. I am very fuckable, ask our mother.” Blaine smirked.

“Okay dad, I’ll just take your word for it.”

“You’re just jealous. If you were to let me turn ya, you could learn how to do that too. Just imagine how much time you could save, Blake, no more waiting for your flights … just sit on your tan ass until 5 minutes before filming starts, then casually meander to a good porting spot and ‘BAM!'”. Wanna see the grandkid that moved to DSV? Ba-BAM – and heeeere’s grandpaaaa! Sound good, don’t it? I am a huge fan of porting!”

“Yeah, everyone knows that, dad. Look, I know why you keep asking and why you want me to get turned, but I just don’t want to be anything but a plain, old mortal. Again, thanks though.”

“Plain? YOU?! HA! You came out of your mother already applying self-tanner and Q-10 face creams, wearing designer scarves and shit! You ain’t never been plain, son!”

“But mortal, and I prefer to stay that way.”

“Okay, I’ll go try your son and grandkids again. I’ll get someone to agree eventually, and then you will beg me to turn you too! Just you wait! I am working angles here.” Blaine snickered.

“Dad – please, keep your fangs away from my family. Isn’t it enough that all the rest of my siblings and their families are fanged? If for nothing else keep us mortal for variety’s sake.” Blake sighed.

“Not ALL of them are fanged. Vivien’s kids still aren’t. Just as stubborn as you. And the twins still have mortal husbands. Damn Bear is like talking to a wall, one that huffs dismissively but won’t say much. Can’t even argue with that guy! But the Kai-grandson is coming around though. Hasn’t said yes yet, but I am sure Blythe will have him there soon. She already asked your mother and me about how to properly turn someone.”

“Kai-grandson? Wow. I bet Jensen loves it when you call him that.”

“Why, it’s true, he is Kai’s grandson. That’s something to be proud of, Kai was an excellent human being, one of the best to ever grace this earth! And Jensen looks just like Kai. Every time I look at him I get mind-fucked into seeing Kai. And then that dickwad goes and names his kid Cai, so it gets extra-confusing. Spelled with a C. What the fuzzies?” Blaine went off into one of his rants that usually were nothing but funny to anyone observing it. Blake chuckled too.

“Dad … it’s their kid. They can spell it with 3 Cs if they wanted to.”

“You sound like your mother. The dead one, I mean.”

“Aren’t both of my mothers technically dead?” Blake smirked, winking.

“Smartass. Anyway, I came here for a reason, not to listen to you backtalk me and be bratty, nor to look into those – oooh-aaaaaah- beautifully turquoise eyes, the color of the tropic seas” Blaine pursed his lips and blew a kiss at his son, chuckling.

“Someone’s been watching celebrity news channels.” Blake grinned.

“I ALWAYS watch that shit if my kids and their fam-dam-ilies are on it. You, your son, your grandson, Caitlin, 2Dark 2C, ViVa, AG’s classical crap, even watched the lame readings from the AG-husband’s books. Ha, years ago your mother and I even watched your brother Chase’s bare ass live on TV with breakfast back when he and Hailey were dating and some paparazzi stalked them during sexy time in some shrubbery in a park. He he he. If we’re not dedicated parents, then I don’t know who is. I am always watching them swoon about your tropical peepers for sure, every time! I think I may have a crush on you too… hahahaha, cos nodody can resist, NOBODY, as I have been told by tabloids.” Blaine laughed.

“Good to know. Next time I am on TV I will be sure to drop trou in your and Chase’s honor, dad. So, if you are not here for any of my physical attributes or to offer to turn me, then please lighten the suspense and tell me why you are here.”

“Right. You know your bro-in-law Liam has two sisters, one of them, Leonie has three kids, all grown, two are married, one isn’t, and that one now knocked up a girl with twins, and while they are chasing their own tails on what to do with themselves and their relationship before the twins hatch, she got fired from her job because of the pregnancy. She already moved in with him and his parents in San Sequoia, which is how I happened onto all that drama, when I was visiting Connor and Keira, so as I do, I offered to help out.”

“Cool story, dad. Want a cookie for being the example of humanitarian efforts?”

“Nah, I want you to hire her.” Blaine told him bone-dry.

“Do what? Hire her for what? I don’t even know that chick! I barely know that sister of Liam’s you are talking about, let along her kids and whomever they are married to or dating! Seriously dad! This request is outlandish even by your standards!” Blake ranted.

“Oh right. So, she’s an actress, and you are an actor and a producer and director … see where daddy is going with this?”

Blake frowned.

“Dad. I can’t just hire someone for something because you feel sorry for them. How would you like it if I dragged some rando into your studio asking you to produce an album for them or something because they told me a sob story and they think they have a good voice?” Blake tried logic.

“If my oldest son asked me for that favor, I would drop everything and help where I could. If the voice don’t hold, there’s always auto-tune … ” Blaine insisted.

“Daaaaaad! Fine, tell me about her. Please say that she is at least already somewhat established in the business.” Blake knew his dad wasn’t lying, he always helped out his kids if they needed help, so surrendering to that knowledge, Blake decided to at least hear him out. After all, his dad had already been in the entertainment business long before Blake was even born, so chances were that he wouldn’t ask something too unreasonable. Then again, this was Blaine Cameron …

“Yup, yup. Lucas – that’s the one with the overactive Cameron sperm – Leonie and Zeke’s middle kid, he said she used to be in some daytime soap. Forgot the name, your mother and I don’t watch that shit. Something shmaltzy, like ‘Dripping Panties’ or something like it.”

Blake suppressed a cringe as he grimaced.

“Assume you mean ‘Restless Hearts’. Wait, that Lucas isn’t dating Coralie Beauchamp, is he? I heard her contract wasn’t extended due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. She’s one of the show’s moneymakers, so them releasing her just like that is highly unusual and sent up red flags in the industry. An accidental pregnancy would definitely be an explanation.”

“Yeah, that’s her. Pretty lil French thing. Lucas is easy on the eyes too, his daughter with his first runaway baby momma is gorgeous, so those twins are gonna be something to behold.”

“Liam’s sister’s son is dating Coralie Beauchamp … and having kids with her?! Holy shit! How in the world did that nobody get onto her radar enough to be able to knock her up? Now I really heard it all.” Blake shook his head, watching his dad grin, knowing he won this battle.

“Okay, all right dad, I am actually interested. That girl has potential. She’s an audience magnet. Now the pregnancy is a bit of a bummer, but if she can get back into shape quickly after having those babies, I may have something for her. She’ll be working with my grandson Chandler on a spy thriller, I wrote it myself together with Chandler’s dad Reed specifically to highlight Chandler’s talents. We have been racking our skulls about who would be a good female protagonist and Coralie would be a fantastic fit. Have her contact me and I am sure I’ll get her squared away.”

Blaine smirked triumphantly.

“I told ya, I wouldn’t come to you with shit. I made my baby boy happy, and I helped Liam’s family out. Win win.”

“I don’t know about happy, but you might be making your baby boy some serious cash. I wouldn’t hate listing Coralie Beauchamp on my movie credits. Enough for me to ignore your self-righteous grin even.” Blake winked.

“You are adorable when you are trying to be mean, pretty boy. Gotta go make Lucas’ day now, he is sitting on a ring thinking he ruined the girl’s life, so Blainey is gonna swoop in to give him the good news and he can propose with his ring in one hand and your business card plus already scheduled audition in the other. I am the cool uncle for shizzle, even if I am not technically the uncle.” Blake said, then kissed Blake on the mouth, purposefully wet, leaving him to vicariously wipe his face afterwards, while only a black cloud was left where Blaine had stood.

With a deep sigh, Blake couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I have the weirdest dad, but I swear, he’s the best of them all. Crazy man. And at least my search for a good actress is over. Coralie Beauchamp has a good fanbase, just like Chandler does, so my movie will be something for everyone. Just hope anybody will actually pay attention to the storyline too and not just stare at Chandler’s abs and Coralie’s boobs. Oh God, I literally sound like dad now.” laughing, Blake went inside to make some calls.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 461) The Cool One

  1. Loved this chapter, as always! Blaine is such a hilarious piece of work. LOL! And I’m glad things are working for (almost) everyone now. Won’t say too much as I don’t want to spoil anything for others. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888 May 8, 2023 — 3:26 PM

    Love me some Blaine! He’s such a sweetheart, this ruthless vampire Teddy bear… On that note, I’m gonna be sad as hell when Blake kicks it. I don’t think Blaine is going to be able to change his mind on turning.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Blaine is a (very foulmouthed and occasionally crude) Teddy Bear!
      Don’t worry about Blake-y yet, he is not even an elder and with my settings, he’ll be around for many many more RL months.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The exchange between father and son was great and fun to read. Dang, Blake still has it. I’m happy that Coralie was already gaining a fan club and Blake wanted to use her to star along side Chandler. Awesome for her and him too. Blaine always figures out the angle with his super extended family. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Blaine doesn’t seem it, because of his Blaine-ways, but he has always been very sharp. Maybe it’s his tactic so others underestimate him, who knows? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No doubt others tend to underestimate him. He is sharp and has ways to see through all the BS muddying up the issues. Maybe because of all he’s experienced in his long life. Love him to pieces.


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