Chapter 463) Arrivederci Love

Villa Auditore 

Adrianna’s face lit up, as her mouth opened, and she clapped her hands together.

“Oh goodness, Ezio, look at you! All grown up, a grown man! Last time I saw you, you were but a lanky teenager! You look absolutely amazing! Have you been working out? You have grown into a heartbreaker! Cosi bello! (so handsome!)” she chirped.

Nick couldn’t help shoot his wife a quick side-glance at the comment, since Ezio Junior clearly looked like he enjoyed the Tartosian cuisine as much as his and Addy’s late father used to. As someone who worked out a LOT, Nick didn’t like being tossed into the same drawer with that walking wine and pasta belly across from him. Grr!

Grazie Addy (Thanks Addy). After the latest growth spurt in my 4th semester of college I ended up like this. I have dabbled a little in the gym, and of course I swim daily, just like Papa used to. Come on inside guys, come come!” Ezio said, smiling at his older sister, then at Nick.

He turned and gestured into the courtyard, as he headed towards the seating area, where Ryan was, while Nick nudged Adrianna in the arm, grimacing.

“Hey, eyes up here, woman! Remember the ball and chain.” he grumbled, pointing at himself, then his wedding band.

While both were walking through the archway into the courtyard, where their son Ryan was already exploring and noisily commenting on everything, his uncle following him, responding to the boy’s commentary, Addy shook her head at her husband, as she whisper-yelled in his direction.

Oh dio mio, (OMG!) Nick! That is my brother! For heaven’s sake now! A little jealousy is cute, but this!?”

He whispered back in kind.

“Well … still. No need to lay it on so thick with family you barely see. And he is only your half-brother. Let’s not forget that.”

“Firstly, I am genuinely happy that he is doing so well for himself. Second, I haven’t seen him in a long while because he was away at college, or did you want to make one of our family vacations to a college town to see my baby brother?!” Addy replied, just loud enough for Nick to hear as they were following her little brother through to the courtyard.

“Baby brother, my ass! Bruh is a fully grown man, 22 going on 50!” Nick snarled back, before changing his angry face to a fake smile, just like Addy had.

They now reached Ezio, who smiled as well.

“Are you guys hungry?” he said in a voice much deeper than you would expect a young man in his early 20s. He looked older than his age too, ever since carefully grooming a constant stubble, after someone called him babyfaced a year or so ago. But he was a recent graduate of an exclusive Swiss University for privileged kids of wealthy or famous parents with a solid business degree in his pocket, now learning how to run the original, Tartosian side of Auditore Financials from the oldest sibling, Vittorio, who flew in from Oasis Springs frequently for this. He had to look – and act – mature enough to get the credibility to run such a big business at his tender age.

“I am! So hungry I could eat a BEAR!” chimed up Ryan behind his uncle, who turned to him, smiling.

“Well, I don’t think they serve bear at the ristorante, but I am sure we can find delectable things to fill you up with, ometto mio (my lil man)! Let me show you around the property briefly, and then to your private suite, so you guys can freshen up. The car will be waiting out front when you are ready.” Ezio smiled.

“I’ll get our bags then, I guess …” Nick grumbled.

“Oh no, Nicholas. They have already been brought to your suite. My staff are like ninjas, barely seen or heard. All you Adrianna and Ryan have to do while here is enjoy yourselves. Please, let me show you the way.” Ezio implied a bow.

“I am a ninja too, zio! (uncle) Check this out!” Ryan told his uncle and began making matching sounds and motions.

“Ooh, this is beautiful. I didn’t think I would like a remodel of my childhood home. I was wrong. I love it! Ezio has such great taste. Just like Papa had.” Adrianna swooned.

“Big deal, we remodeled my childhood home, and you were all over that shit without hesitation. No hint of melancholy there!” Nick grumbled, referring to the Senator Suites penthouse, which once belonged to his father who had gifted it to his son and family, where despite of their family’s many relocations through the years Nick and his sister Aria-Grace had spent the majority of their childhood years.

“Oh, it was nice before, but in DESPERATE need of an update, so quit being so growly my big bear. Our son might eat you; you heard him. I thought you liked coming to Tartosa. We have been coming here since before we were married, mio caro (my darling)” Adrianna smiled.

“I do love coming here, I get the best tans here, without having to worry about getting my ass extra-crispy like in Sulani if I forget to lather on that sunscreen. I am just not sure why we have to stay with your brother this time, and not at a rental home like we usually do. Lack of privacy aside, it’s just mega-creepy. Your brother looks almost exactly like a young version of your father, I feel like I am caught in some cruel deja vu from hell, this shit is creepy AS FUCK! Your overprotective misogynistic dad wasn’t easy to get along with, especially not for a teen boy who had been raised with very modern views, and who happened to have a crush on his favorite daughter, who was held hostage half a world away. And now I am here vacationing with his carbon-copy? How are we supposed to get frisky with him only some doors away, that’ll feel like I am bending you over the dining room table with your father at the other end eating his beloved pasta fazul, or are we supposed to be celibate? I feel like I have to ask for your hand all over again! Yikes!” Nick complained, making Adrianna laugh.

“Oh Nick. You make it all sound so much worse than it was. Sure, Papa was quite opinionated and in some ways an acquired taste, but he loved his children, all seven of us, no matter what Sandrine says. And he even loved you, because you were special to him. I wasn’t held hostage, good grief, look at this place, it is heavenly! All my dad did was move us back home after my mother’s tragic death when I was a teen, totally legit reason. None of us wanted to stay in the house in Brindleton Bay anymore after losing mom! Sure, being so far away from you was very rough, but you and I found ways to make it work. Your family moved a LOT more than us, inamorato (darling), for lesser reasons than that. It’s not Ezio’s fault that he looks like Papa. And Papa was already retired when he and Meaghan had Ezio, so he was around a LOT more than for us older siblings, so of course my brother emulates our father more than the rest of us, it’s what boys do, Ryan does with you, he’s a mini-Nick already. But all my siblings are scattered all over the world, none of them are here in Tartosa, so my little brother is all alone, ever since his mother moved back to Brindleton Bay to help take care of her elderly and sick mother. Povero (poor) Ezio.” Adrianna told Nick.

“I know all that, Addy, just still not sure why we have to coddle him. To what end? We’re gonna leave again and then he’s alone again.”

“About that. I didn’t want to tell you beforehand, but my siblings and I have a plan. Goes a little like this: While here, at some point I will invite him to stay with us for a visit, and YOU will like it, mio caro (my darling). My sisters and even our brother Vittorio came up with a list of some eligible bachelorettes for Ezio to meet, all in driving distance to San Myshuno. I know he has to be lonely. Us Auditores are a very sensual family, as you well know. He needs a partner. Pronto! (Quickly!) Slim pickings in Tartosa now, used to be different, but the whole royalty in and out thing made some residents feel like Tartosa’s future is unstable, along with its economy, we live from tourism and wine, part of the biggest attraction was the royals, well, even the government realized it, so they brought back nobility at least, we’ll see if that interests enough people to spend their vacations and money here again. Most younger residents left for greener pastures. Those who remained are either too old, way too young or already married. Poor Ezio. He has to look elsewhere for a suitable mate. And his sisters and brother will help.” she smiled confidently.

Nick grimaced.

“Goddamn, even Vittorio is in on this BS? Eeew. Who are you!? I want my cool wife back, not the scary housewife of San Myshuno, slash, Tartosa, who plots matches to be struck. What kinda medieval tactics are these now? Leave the man alone, Ezio is not a baby! He’ll find himself a girlfriend if he gets too lonely. I will admit he’s not exactly Quasimodo, and decent looking men with big wallets have never had to worry about their pants bursting for unsatisfied desires. He’ll find himself a girlfriend, or at the very least some pussy on his own, like any man would, it’s a kind of survival instinct in us. And why the hell does he have a private jet and we had to fly commercial? Couldn’t he have sent it for us? Would have saved me from murderous thoughts on other people’s crying babies!” Nick grumbled.

Adrianna was amused, knowing that her husband always got cranky when hungry, and they hadn’t eating since this morning.

“Nicholas! Watch your language, please. If Ryan hears your sexual references, there will be hell to pay when he goes back to school. He already picks up a lot of your cursing, and your dad’s and Lord have mercy when Blaine visits. I have gotten so many calls from his school about that, and about him drawing dubious things that looked a lot like … naughty stuff an 11 year old shouldn’t even really know about yet!”

“What? Jeeze Addy, I remember the dick-drawing, I was at the parent-teacher meeting too, the teacher blew that so much out of proportion. And why wouldn’t he know what a dick looks like, he’s got on! He’s a boy. That’s what we think about, especially when we get closer to puberty, and ever after. Food, fucking, favorite hobby, work and sleeping, that’s the basic anatomy of the male brain for you. Big deal.” Nick passionately explained, making Addy smile.

“We’ll agree to disagree, but that boy will have the same gutter mouth as you, Liam and Blaine if we don’t watch it! And I declined the jet, Ezio offered, because I know how you get about your independence. You put that above our comfort sometimes, cos you are stubborn, another thing Ryan inherited from YOU.” Adrianna told Nick.

“Oh, Mamma mia. (Oh mother!) have mercy on me! Sure, I was born a Cameron, so literally everything that goes wrong is my fault, kinda like an adaptation of Murphy’s Law, huh? But if you talk to Ezio alone, get him to have the damn jet take us back home when the vacation’s over. Fuck commercial flights, I want the luxury and I don’t care where that comes from. I was gonna ask mom for her jet, but she has promo tours and I didn’t wanna screw with that.” he smirked.

“Of all the times you could speak what little Italian you know, you choose now and THAT bullcrap? Besides, if I were your Mamma, you wouldn’t dare open that mouth of yours!” Adrianna motioned her flat hand at her husband, who smirked unimpressed.

“Hmm, threatening me, how kinky … kinda hot, my blue-eyed angel. I am sure we have time for a real quick quickie. I don’t need more than a few minutes, bella mia (beautiful). See, I know my Italian when it counts …” grinning and wiggling his eyebrows, Nick moved in, pulling Addy close, at first, she resisted a little, but then melted into it, making out with him, right when their son noticed them getting cozy.

“Eeeeeh, are you kissing again? We just got here, and you are already doing THAT?! Oh man, do you guys have to do this stuff even on vacation? Uncle Ezio is ready… and I am starving! Can we please go and eat now!?” he whined, grimacing in disgust.

Frowning, Nick shrugged.

“First of all, young man, same rules as back home apply. We wash up before eating. So, we’ll go check out our rooms, where you dirty birdy can hose down and then we can go, sweet child o’mine.” Nick told his son, who was just as confident, quick-minded and outspoken as he had been at that age.

“Okay, but just so you know, I am calling dibs on headphones now. If you guys are kissing already now and down here, I am gonna need the headphones later!” Ryan sighed theatrically before skipping towards the stairs to follow his uncle, whose eyes got big at the little boy’s words. Audacity like that would have gotten Ezio spanked at Ryan’s age, and probably grounded for a week or two.

“Ryan, baby, slow down and watch your step, angioletto(my angel) Oh, that boy is gonna break his neck!” Adrianna called out.

“Nah, he’s athletic like his dad, he doesn’t fall off stuff and if, he’ll just walk it off. But if he keeps up with that big mouth, he won’t be able to walk or sit after the spanking I’ll give him for being so obnoxious. His butt will be swollen and glowing red, like a baboon’s! His rear will glow in the dark!” Nick chuckled amused.

“Oh? Where do you think he got that obnoxiousness from, hm?” Adrianna winked, then passed her husband to follow her brother and son to their room.

“From you! But don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you.” Nick deflected laughing as he followed.

“Yeah, sure. Don’t worry, I won’t hold you being delusional against you either, amorino mio (my love).” Addy told him over her shoulder, winking.

The visit to the local restaurant turned out fun, Ryan and his uncle got along fabulously. And even for Nick the remainder of the stay was relaxing and fun.

Addy did invite Ezio to return home to San Myshuno with them over dinner one of the following evenings, supposedly to check out Adrianna’s branch of Auditore Financials and just enjoy some big city life, obviously not mentioning her and their other sibling’s plans of playing cupid for their youngest brother, and he accepted the invite.

Brindleton Bay 
Near Ezio's mother's home

While there, Ezio borrowed a car and drove the 45 minutes out to Brindleton Bay to visit his mother Meaghan, who had moved in with her ailing elderly mother Lana and stepdad Eric. Eric was significantly younger than his wife and still worked full time at the local police station, Meaghan had her routines with Lana, so Ezio went for a walk along the bay just taking in the sights.

He didn’t hear or see it until it was too late, but out of the blue something hit him straight on, the sudden impact was hard, taking his breath away, he lost his balance and footing, so down he went, taking the obstacle with him.

In an instant reflex, he caught himself before hitting the pavement face first, finding himself staring into a sweet face. His heart skipped a beat. He realized the something that hit him out of nowhere was actually a someone, and he was staring into beautiful eyes, warm brown, like molten milk chocolate, he saw the most adorable explosion of freckles, kissable lips, all framed by long, coppery red hair framing it all like a halo, especially when the sun caught it just right.

After a moment of shock, he started getting up.

Signorina, stai bene? Are you all right, Miss?” Ezio had accidentally defaulted to his mother tongue, but quickly corrected to English, receiving an unreadable glance.

She just continued to stare at him, puzzled, shocked.

“Let me help you up.” he smiled gallantly. holding out his hand, which she took, allowing him to pull her back into a standing position, when she finally spoke.

“I am fine. So very sorry about this. Mom always says I have two speeds, asleep and running, unfortunately often into things – or people. You’re clearly not from around here, the way you look! Are you lost? Never seen you here before either, so not a visitor. Bit early for tourists. Are you hurt? Don’t know about you, but I feel like I ran into a brick wall, you are hard as a rock … ahem … oops, that came out all wrong, I didn’t mean … I meant .. ahem … you know …” a vichyssoise of verbiage engulfed him, until she had talked herself into total humiliation and stopped talking, her cheeks flushing more and more red.

“Umm, ah, no. I am not from around here, nor hurt, but I am visiting. It’s fine, really, Miss. Mi scusi (Pardon!), for not being a more softer target. Mi dispiace. (I’m sorry.)

“Oh, you have an accent. Sounds so pretty! Spain?”


“Ooooooh, Italian! How cool is that now!? Mucho ahem … bene …” Emilee tried, but frowned.

“I think you mean molto bene (very good). And thank you. Glad you endorse my heritage. You are a local, I assume.”

“Yup. Bay-born and raised. This is where I live. You wanna come inside? Wait, I wasn’t … you know … suggesting stuff to a perfect stranger. I was … you look a little shaken up and I could make you a Cameron-coffee. Oh, sorry, that wouldn’t make any sense to you …” she chatted eagerly, fidgeting, apparently nervous, as she pointed at the home right behind them.

“Are you a Cameron? No, that couldn’t be, although you do look like Eric. And I do know what a Cameron-coffee is, I have been treated to plenty of them of late, for I am visiting with my sister Adrianna and her husband Nick, who is a Cameron and quite proud of his deep dark strong broth.” he smiled.

Her mouth formed a surprised ‘oh’, while her eyes matched the surprise, but clearly, she wasn’t able to say a word, just staring at him, so Ezio spoke instead.

“I am here in town for the day to see my mother, Meaghan Auditore. She lives .. ahem … somewhere back that way, I believe. I must admit I am a bit turned around now, after hitting such a lovely and unexpected obstacle. I am Ezio, by the way, and honored to meet you, even though I wished it would have been a little less tumultuous.” he took her hand and kissed it, which made Emilee feel a different way.

“Ezio? YOU are Ezio? THE Ezio? Meaghan’s son!? I thought you would be MUCH younger, like a young teen or something, you are on those pictures she has hanging up. She’s been so wrapped up taking care of her mom, Grandma Lana’s health hasn’t been so good, so she couldn’t leave to see you. So, you would know Eric! That’s my grandpa! And I do look a lot like him! Thanks for noticing!”

“That would be me, what a small world.” Ezio smiled, then gestured at her front door and they started walking there together.

“I am Emilee, by the way. Emilee Cameron obviously. Are we related then? I am so confused.” she said, leaning against her front door.

“Sadly, we are not. Or maybe I should say luckily we aren’t.” he flashed a charming smile, which made Emilee weak in the knees.

Their eyes locked and neither could deny the chemistry.

The sparks were almost visible, tangible.

And then suddenly he took her chin in his hand and both knew his lips were gonna meet hers, the suspense was exhilarating and painful alike.

And she let him kiss her.
She didn’t flinch, didn’t pull away, didn’t stop it. She put her hands on his upper arms, pulling him closer yet, and kissed him back.

Two total strangers kissing, two people who never met before today making out. It was surreal, but oh, but it felt so right. And soooo good. SO good.

He smelled so good, felt so good. It made her feel so good. Butterflies in her stomach good. This was crazy, but it was so good. So worth it.

He felt strong, muscular, manly, warm to the touch, unlike …

…unlike Noah! Her ex, the vampire! A hot flash washed over Emilee as if someone had poured a bucket of hot water over her head.

For a split second she could have sworn she saw him, Noah, felt his presence, but when she opened her eyes during the still ongoing kiss and peeked past Ezio, the street was empty, save some cars driving by.

Like electrified, she stiffened, pulled away, staring wide-eyed at a discombobulated Ezio. He mistook her reaction for regret and said.

Perdone mi, (forgive me) I overstepped. I didn’t mean to. Scusami, scusami tanto! (I’m truly sorry)” Ezio gallantly bowed ever so slightly, and Emilee’s heart skipped a beat.
WOW. This man was … everything! WOW WOW WOW!

She shook her head to respond.

“No no, not you. I … there is … ahem … I … it’s complicated. I am SO sorry!”

“No, it’s me who should apologize. It was presumptuous of me to assume that a beautiful young woman such as yourself would be single. Che presuntuoso, (how presumptuous) very foolish of me. Forgive me, I should leave.”

Emilee was so shocked that she couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. Not until he was already out of sight. Then regret filled her.

This feeling was familiar. Almost like when her then-boyfriend Noah had revealed to her that he was a vampire. She had been in such a shock then. And then she felt guilty for not being okay with that new fact. Complicated was putting it mildly. Now what?

San Myshuno
Senator Suites Penthouse

The next day, Adrianna came up the stairs at her and Nick’s penthouse, where Ezio was watching TV.

“Hey batuffolo, there is someone here to see you …” she said, winking at her younger brother, then she went back down the stairs immediately, leaving the coppery redheaded girl alone with him. (batuffolo = kinda means something like ‘dumpling’, a sweet, fun nickname for younger siblings).

Ezio rose up off the couch, staring at the visitor as if she was a mirage.

“Emilee!” he breathed, clearly surprised.

“Hi Ezio … Sorry about yesterday. I went to ask your mom where you were staying. Hope this is okay. I had to see you again. ” she said, the way his smile got big confirmed that it was.

Ciao mia bella ... Che sorpresa! (Hello beautiful, what a surprise!) I did not think I would see you again.” he responded.

“I was hoping I could maybe get a Mulligan from you. So sorry about yesterday, I kinda just … froze. Total brain malfunction. Look, there is nobody else, I am as single as they come, things are just a bit complicated with my ex, I am trying to be just friends with him and he wants to get back together, so we occasionally clash, and it is super-confusing for everyone, so I spooked for a moment. It’s not you, you were a perfect gentleman. It’ all me, all in my head. That’s why I am here, to tell you that. I really would like to see you again, if you’re not totally over me. Wouldn’t blame you.”

“No need to apologize. None at all! You are here now, that is all that matters. And you are perfect, Emilee. Very clever to figure out where to find me and brave to come here. I feel impressed and honored. I would love nothing more than to see you again … and again … and again.” he beamed.

“Would you maybe like to go out to lunch with me? I am not too familiar with San Myshuno, but remember one nice restaurant my parents used to take me to when we came to town.”

Much to Nick’s displeasure, instead of the few days as originally agreed, Ezio ended up staying for a whopping month and a half, but luckily, was gone most of the time. Adrianna and her siblings never got a chance to play cupid for their youngest brother, he very much occupied himself with Emilee. They went on various dates, and it was clear to see that sparks were flying. By the time Ezio had to fly back home, he had invited Emilee to visit him there, and she had already put in her vacation request for it at work.

San Myshuno
Grainger Twins' apartment

Home at the apartment he shared with his twin brother Nolan, Noah didn’t get much coddling. A year or so ago, Nolan had been unceremoniously dumped by a girl, Danielle, whom he still to this day called the ‘love of his life’, but also ‘the one who got away’, he lost her to another guy, a mortal, whom she subsequently married, which was still a sore subject with him. Back then, it took him months of moping around, until the pain of the loss and rejection eventually turned him into a womanizing, careless young man, who no longer believed in relationships. Noah finally understood how Nolan had arrived at that point.

“Man Nolan, I just don’t get it. I don’t get her. I mean, if it’s money Emilee wanted so badly, she could have said something, she knows whom we are related to, I’m sure could have asked mom and dad for a part of my future ‘inheritance’, I am sure they would have given it to me, or if not, grandpa would have or they would have bought us a big fancy house and cars or something. She knew we agreed that we wanted to do it our own way, make our own money, or at least try. She seemed to like that back then. Or at least that’s what she always said, until now. I thought we were rebuilding a real relationship, I thought she just needed time, I was so patient, and what do I get for it? Out of the blue I stumble onto her sucking some random dudes lips off his face on her doorstep, and now she gives me the pass to be with that rich poser rather than continue to rebuild a relationship with me, which was what I thought she and I were doing? What the ACTUAL fuck?” Noah ranted.

Nolan just shrugged and told his brother

“Word of advice from someone who’s been in your shoes and learned this the hard way: forget that bitch, Noah! That’s girls for ya, no dude will ever be able to make sense of their crooked logic – or lack of logic. They reel you in with a smile and a bat of their eyes, slowly killing you with all that female sweetness and eventually nookie and all that shit, and once they have you wrapped really tight around their little finger, they dangle you over the next cliff and drop ya like a hot potato cos something shiny and new came alone, now you’re the unloved, boring old toy. And then they sit around in clusters complaining to each other that men are assholes. Ha. If we are then because they made us that way!” Nolan ranted.

“I wanna tell you that you’re wrong, but honestly, I can’t. Sure looks like you got shit figured out. And I am a dumbass for hoping, for waiting … damn this. Damn Emilee and her fuckin’ new lover with his deep pockets. She’s definitely gone for good now, I said some not so nice things to her at the end, even threatened that I’d turn her if she came here again.” Noah grumbled.

“Agh, we both know you would never. And if she doesn’t, screw her. Just means she doesn’t really know you or doesn’t care. It’s better if you don’t see her again, hurts less. Fuck friendships with exes, that shit never works anyway. And hey, you’ll always have me, and we’ll always have each other. That’s something I learned as well. No matter how crazy in love you may be, the reality is that women come and go, but family is forever. I got you man, got your back, always. Fuck Emilee, fuck Dani, we’ll find someone better. We’ll find some knockouts who love us for us, who don’t give a shit about the vampire stuff, and then we both will look back at this bullshit, laughing our asses off. More words of wisdom: until our Miss Rights come along, we need to have some fun, with rando girls, especially in the sack. Might come in handy when it matters, down the road, ya know, to keep Miss Right REALLY happy.” Nolan snickered.

The reason for Noah’s gloom and Nolan’s harsh but encouraging words were a visit by Noah’s ex Emilee earlier that same day, during which she had told Noah that she was in love with someone else. That was the biggest blow, as Noah still had hopes of getting back together with her.

The flashback:
Noah had not let on that he had already seen her with Ezio several times over the past weeks and months, including the day Emilee and Ezio first ran into each other, literally. Noah held on to hope, didn’t let her know that he knew, thinking she would eventually realize she loved Noah more than that other man, come back to him. Instead, this now. Her confession left him feeling numb inside.
Standing there, listening to her swoon about the other man, his amazing home in Tartosa and all the fancy things he had and did and said, his important job running some company he owned at only 22, which had been in his family for over a century or something, hearing her talk about a new beginning, Noah finally was at the end of his rope and interrupted her flood of words.

“No. NO! I can’t. Enough already! I don’t know who you think you are, or who you have become, but you are not the Emilee I used to know. You even look different most of the time, unrecognizable, I have seen you plenty, holding hands with that new dude, you in your fancy dresses and high heels, hair all done up and more make up on than a Sephora counter. I get it, you don’t want me anymore, but I am not sure I can do this ‘just friends’ bullshit with the person you have become, cos whoever that is, I don’t recognize her, not sure I even like her!” Noah roared.

“Don’t be so dramatic, I just changed my hairstyling and clothing a little for when I go out, jeeze, not that big a deal. And which 24-year-old girl doesn’t wear makeup on a date? I didn’t, cos I didn’t know how and didn’t want to look like a clown. Now that I finally learned what I am doing, might as well. Same goes for my hair. And what is wrong with the dress and the shoes? I feel so extra in them! Ezio bought all that for me, said they highlight my figure and complexion better.”

“Oh great! Now he’s already changing you, molding you into someone else, and you just roll with it?” Noah looked disgusted.

“He’s not! Don’t twist my words. I felt inadequate next to him, told him so, and he wanted to help. I didn’t have to take his advice, nor the clothes, but I WANTED to. He’s not like that, he’s very sweet actually. I want to look the part, for myself AND for him, because there is a chance that maybe one day, I may move there, to his home, Tartosa. I don’t want to look like a thrift store reject among all those beautiful stylish women there!”

“Oh, now you want to move there now too, without even speaking a word of their language? What about your job? Being a cop was oh-so important to you all this time. As was your family. What about them? Just gonna dump them too?” Noah ranted, while adding in his mind ‘…and what about ME?’

“They understand, they want me to be happy, even if that means moving away. Most kids move away from their hometowns at some point. It’s normal. You and Nolan did. I thought you’d be happy for me, we’re still friends, aren’t we? I thought we were. I get it, you want us to get back together, but sorry Noah, it’s just never gonna happen. I tried to get over the divide, but I can’t, I never will. We are not the same, you and I. We have no future as a couple, because a future with you would end with me having fangs too at some point and I really do not want that. If you and I ever had a child, it would probably be like you. I don’t want that! I really don’t. I want a regular baby with a regular man and a regular life!” Emilee ranted.

“Regular life? Puh-lease now, either you are seriously gullible, or you think I am! You think you’ll have a regular life with Mr. Moneybags?! He’s a fucking millionaire businessman and you think you would have anything average in your life with him? HA! Give me five thousand breaks! This has NOTHING to do with a regular life. You are blinded by the bling! Totally blind! You’d probably even marry that dude if he were to ask you right now. You have lost ALL touch with reality after getting a taste of life in the fast lane. There is a reason my mom and dad bowed out of the life of fortune and fame, they deliberately chose a regular life in the suburbs. You can have one or the other, the fancy shit, fame and wealth OR a regular life, Emilee, never both. It does NOT work. Being wealthy comes at a price too. Ask my parents. And all that for a man you just met!? What the ACTUAL fuck, Em?!” Noah argued back.

“Maybe I like the luxury. Maybe. But I don’t have to know Ezio for years to know he is a good one, I have a beating heart, that is more than YOU can say, and mine is telling me Ezio is ‘THE ONE’. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I like his wealth, there, I said it, I admit it, I like to be courted, wined and dined, told I am beautiful. When he says it, I even believe it. He is so romantic, sweet and generous. Ezio is showing me how to be truly beautiful. I like that. I never felt so much like a real woman, then when I am with him. I don’t want to be this tomboyish country bumpkin anymore, that was fun as a teen, but now I am like an actor, typecast into this role I don’t like anymore. I want to be the lady he treats me as. I feel like a princess when I am with him, I feel special around him, and I have NEVER felt special a day in my life until now. And as for time and knowing someone, I have known YOU for many years before I ever found out you are a Fang! How about that? I don’t know how you hid it, or why, but you did hide it and I was too stupid to see the signs. The time you know someone for doesn’t mean ANYTHING, Noah! I have known you for a long time and still feel I know NOTHING about you, I have known Ezio barely two months and feel like I have known him forever. I have realized this, and maybe, hopefully soon you will too, but I am not the right girl for a vampire and never will be.” Emilee countered passionately.

“Fine. FINE! Go throw yourself at the rich mortal, throw your life away and be a breeding mare for his rich little mortal Tartosian asshole babies until you both rot away and die! Cos you know that’s what he wants, right? He’s from an old family with an endless family tree, he’s gonna wanna pump out babies to keep that shit going! Hope you’re ready for that. Throw away the life you built, your career, your family and ME to change diapers until you hit menopause. But don’t come running to me when he breaks your heart to moment you tell him you don’t want what he wants! Oh – and also – FUCK YOU, Emilee! FUCK YOU! And get the fuck out of my home! Get gone and stay gone, I swear, if I see your treacherous user ass around this place again, I may well fuckin’ turn you, only because I know that is the very last thing you would want! Fuck this friendship bullshit! Fuck EVERYTHING! And above all, fuck YOU slut and your new rich lover! I hope he fuckin’ breaks your heart so you know what that feels like!” Noah yelled empty threats, his face a mask of anger.

With one last angry glare at Emilee, he ran into his room, slamming the door.

Emilee fought back the tears and shrugged, while heading for the apartment door.

“I wish you would have understood, but if not with, then without you, Noah. Maybe our time together is just up. Was good while it lasted, but we’re just too different. Bye, sweet Noah, my first ever love. Or, as they say in Italian, arrivederci. I’ll miss you.”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 463) Arrivederci Love

  1. Man Ezio does look a young version of his father. And Ryan! I think it’s cute how he and Ezio hit it off. Also, Ryan’s mouth and the dick pics! Lol. Typical of a Cameron kid. He’s really cute too, but I think he looks more like his his mother than Nick.

    Now Ezio is handsome, even with a pot belly. I think it’s funny Nick was a little jealous. Poor guys and their egos.

    Emilee and Ezio make a cute couple. I guess they just clicked. I’m happy for both of them. Not so much for Noah, I know he’s hurting. He told her off big time, but he does need to move on. At least he has Nolan to help him out.

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    1. Ryan IS a real Cameron for sure! The ‘dick pics’ thing was actually an in-game call we got about him from his school just before the vacation in Tartosa. LOL
      He does favor his mom, at least now. We’ll see what he turns into when he hits the magic 13.
      Ezio is a copy of his dad, no wonder Nick was tripping out big time. While he got along with Ezio Sr. surprisingly well, Senior was no picnic. And now he had a Xerox-copy at his house for almost 2 months. LOL Oh, Nick has his mom and dad’s temper for sure, and their jealous tendencies. No matter which male Addy compliments, it will upset him. 🙂 So much like his dad, Liam was/is the very same way.
      The Emilee twist was a surprise to me as well and not planned in the least. I guess it makes sense they would eventually meet, so why not like this. And I was surprised that they were each other’s types but bells went off big time. Noah wasn’t the only one who had hopes they’d get back together … I’ll admit. Doesn’t look like it. Emi is over the moon about her handsome Tartosian god, pot-bellied or not (funnily enough, Senior had a dad bod belly too!).
      Oh well, maybe Noah should take his twin brother’s advice, play the field a bit and then wait for Miss Right to stumble into his line of sight. Being vampires, he shouldn’t be in a huge rush.

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