My SimWorld Map

So, this is my after several updates significantly improved map, mostly intended for myself and readers of my story.

It is as logical as it can be with the in-game limitations.

I removed references to real world geographic locations, instead restructured the system to accommodate the in-game limits.

The largest country is United Simdonia, a democratic republic, governed by the highest elected official (Politician career) from the capital of San Myshuno. The other cities have mayors, who combined make up the governing parliament. While this is the largest country/continent of the world, it is very much possible to drive by car from one coast to the other, however, in order to do that you would have to go through the mountain passes of the Simdonian Black Woods, and rumor has it that IF Vampires are really real, that’s where most of them live, along with Witches and Werewolves. It’s safer to fly, takes a few hours.

In addition, there are five independent self-governed city-states (Sulani, Selvadorada, Henford-on-Bagley, Tartosa and Mount Komorebi).

Batuu is still a theme park (immersive, like Westworld, rather than DisneyWorld, etc.)

Official language for all of United Simdonia is English (the US kind, cos guys, I am so not rewriting every one of my almost 400 chapters!!!).
English is also widely spoken and understood in the independent city-states, even though the City State Kingdom of Henford-on-Bagley has its own Henfordish dialect.
The main language in the City State Kingdom of Tartosa is Tartosian, which is very much like Italian.
In Selvadorada it’s Selvadorian, a form of Spanish with Portugese influences.
Mount Komorebi’s official language is Komese, a mixture of several Eastern Asian languages.
In Sulani they usually only speak English, but have their own language spoken by the indigenous among themselves, both language and natives are called Sulani, but they are very stingy about teaching non-natives.

Most visitors to the Batuu theme park are fluent in nerd. 😉 Just kidding, but usually only my nerdiest Simmies even go there.

As for the climate, unlike our globe, for the Sim World it gets warmer the further West you go, and colder the further East you make it. The Southern Seas Ocean is the one you want to swim in, the North Ocean will cause your buns to insta-freeze the further East you go. 😉

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