Chapter 139) Painful Lessons

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

Steve Maraboli
Forgotten Hollow
Vatore Castle

“Hey handsome. Sorry for the wait, but our little monster is finally sound asleep. That girl inherited stubborn from both of us, and man, it shows! I am literally afraid of her becoming a teen one day, it just won’t be pretty! Anyway, enough about that. She is out cold, and now her mommy and daddy can do mommy and daddy things.” Scarlett purred.

“No problem. I am used to waiting for you – you gave me a lot of practice over the past 15 years – and you’ve always been worth it.” Blaine replied with a wink.

“Jab well received. Come here and kiss me like you missed me.” Scarlett replied and leaned in for a kiss

After some moments of intense making out, Scarlett laid down next to Blaine.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s eating you? Don’t even lie, I know.” she sighed defeated, after realizing his mind is elsewhere.

“Sorry, it’s Blake. I’m just worried about that whole new situation. Just dropped him off with his mother and her new surprise husband before I came over here. At least I finally got to meet the man. Seems like an okay dude at first glance, but I am just still not sure what to make of all that. When I brought Blake to her two months ago she was still blissfully single, last month she mentioned she had started seeing someone, now she got married in Las Vegas and is pregnant. That’s a bit much, especially for someone like her. Just really unlike her.” Blaine ranted on.

“Blaine, Blake will be fine. I am not Bristol’s biggest fan, but she isn’t a fool. She is a good mother, and would never do anything to negatively affect Blake. If she likes the man enough to have a child with him, and marry him, I am sure he can be trusted around your son. Besides, it didn’t take us long to know how we felt about each other, we both were goners instantly, just took us an eternity to admit it and live it out loud. She just moves quicker than us, I guess. Ex-spouses remarry and have kids with their new partners, it happens. I would know, my ex, Lorenzo, he got hitched and they are expecting. He was very excited to tell me all about that. And look, I am fine. Now let’s focus on us. I missed you, Blaine.” Scarlett said.

“I missed you too. I hope that man is not going to try and turn Blake against me. Trying to be a better father than me. Or whenever they have their kid, hopefully they don’t forget about Blake and prefer their mutual child.”

“Blaine! Enough! Stop this! Your daughter has had a step-mother all her life, Viv also has to deal with living in two places, and with her mother’s whole family being vampire – and she is fine, I am fine, so Blake will be fine too! Or are you implying your boy is weaker than our little girl?!”

“No, of course not! He may look like his mother, but has the Cameron spirit. It just pains me to think this may end up hurting Blake. He is so little and innocent. I don’t want him hurt because his father is a moron.”

“Listen moron, I’ll give you something to cry about, something that really does hurt – for a good reason!” Scarlett had run out of patience.

“Ouch! Scarlett – what the fuck! Watch those fangs, woman! Okay, okay, I get it, no more talk about problems, you got it!” Blaine yelped.

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1 thought on “Chapter 139) Painful Lessons

  1. I’m not surprised he’s worried about Blake. But Scarlett’s right, he’ll be fine. And I think it’s ironic that Bri is pregnant again and only because Scarlett gave her an ovary. Otherwise there would be no kid to worry about. I hope she doesn’t grow to regret that decision. I wouldn’t think so. Scarlett’s not the grid be holding type. Well unless you mess with Blaine, then look out.

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