Chapter 367) Safe Haven

“The only guy you need in your life is the one that proves that he needs you in his.

Del Sol Valley
Budget B&B outside town

Unlocking the room door took a few tries, the lock was rusty and the door was misfit and got stuck all the time. Bianca had to throw the weight of her body against it until it finally gave way, she entered, tossing the keys onto a shelf by the door, before noticing movement by the window.

Her scream was instantly muffled by Gavin’s hand on her mouth, as with Vampire speed he had reached her, and she calmed upon recognizing him, so he removed his hand.

“How did you get in here?!” she demanded.

“Is that a real question?”

“Right, never mind. How did you find me?”

“Again, is that a real question? Did you forget who, or better, WHAT I am?”

“I haven’t forgotten. I thought you hated me now.” she said, while reaching behind her trying to shut the door, first with one hand, then both, then by pushing with all her might, unsuccessfully, no matter how hard she tried.

With a seemingly small gesture Gavin shut it with one hand on the first try, without even looking at it, his eyes remained firmly focused on her.

“Why would I hate you? Because you played me like a cheap violin? I don’t hate you for that. You know why? Because fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, thrice, a million times, shame on me. I let you do that to me. That’s on me. But maybe you feel you deserve to be hated because you never had the balls to own up to our relationship. Or maybe because you married some tool instead of being with me. Maybe I should hate you because you ghosted me after fucking my brains out at some park, and even more warranted, when you found out you were pregnant and it could be mine. I am beyond pissed at you for all that. Very much so. Bitter, that is what you made me. The irony is, I tried everything I could think of to forget you, but I am just not as good as you are at forgetting.” Gavin pushed away from the wall he had her pinned up against then punched an adjacent wall with his fist, repeatedly.

“Gavin, don’t say that, it hurts … and stop punching the wall. You’re scaring me.”

“Oh, well, we can’t have anything scare or hurt YOU, can we now?! And I thought I was a scary, evil Vampire anyway, the way you treated me like your dirty secret. BOO!” he said, bringing his face close up to hers.

“Gavin … what happened to you? I hardly recognize you anymore.”

“YOU happened to me! YOU made me this way! Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself anymore. Anyway, I heard about the divorce and your … shall we call it ‘hasty departure’. What happened? Did your wonderful mortal husband whom you served me off ice-cold for find out you have been defiled by a monster and kicked you out?”

“There were some irregularities during the last checkup. The baby is fine, just the blood tested strange, inconclusive every time, they did a DNA test, and … you can guess the rest.”

“Ah, considering you most likely didn’t move into this ugly ass shoe box for the fun of it, I assume Carson didn’t test as the father?”

Bianca shook her head.

“Be honest with me now, Bianca. Who? How many possible fathers are there? I can forgive a lot, but not if you were to lie to me now. The absolute truth, for once. We can rule out Carson, but who else is a possible maybe?”

“How could you even ask me that, Gavin?”

“Tell me!”

“It’s yours. I felt it from the very beginning. I just knew it. Everything I did I didn’t do for me, but for the baby. I wanted him so bad, and I wanted to make sure I can give him a good life.”

“How far along are you?”

“38 weeks. Close to full-term.”

“So, what’s your plan now? Have the baby in a gas station restroom and leave him there?”

“How could you say that!? I would do anything for that baby! I love him already! It’s because of him I haven’t given up yet. Do you think any of this was easy on me? Do you think I would have let you go if I felt like I had a choice? I made mistakes, I know that, and now what I was so afraid of, happened anyway. I called my dad and he just hung up on me when he demanded I give the baby up for adoption immediately after birth and I told him I would never agree to that. He’s afraid my son could be … not normal. It scares him, and honestly, me too a little.”

“Not normal? Not NORMAL?! WOW. Just say it. Say that he’s afraid OUR son could be like me. A nasty, disgusting, ‘unnormal’ Vampire. Just like his sperm donor or whatever the fuck I am to you these days. And shouldn’t the baby daddy have been who you turn to for help, rather than sitting here twirling your thumbs hoping for a miracle?! Do I really matter THAT little to you?”

“Gavin, … please don’t.” Bianca pleaded, then started crying, sobbing hard.

Gavin calmed down and relaxed a little, rubbing his face between both hands, before looking at her again.

“Bianca, don’t cry. We’ll find a way to deal with this. Somehow. For now, you’re coming home with me. I know nothing about pregnancy and babies, but I do know that stress is bad for mother and child, and you had too much of that already. This place and area of town isn’t safe for you to be in and there is no hospital near or far.”

“You think your parents would allow that? They probably hate me for all I’ve put you through.”

“They do NOT hate you. And of course, they will allow it. You’re carrying their grandson. That’s what family is, a real family anyway. Food for thought for you, regarding your father and his reaction to this, considering it’s still his grandson, regardless of who the father is.”

“Do you hate me?”

“No, I do not hate you. Like I already told you.”

“Do you still … love me? Even a little?”

“Bianca, don’t push it. Don’t push me. I am offering you an olive branch here, offering you a hand and a home. Don’t ask for more than I am ready to give. It’s too much right now.”

“You’re right, I am sorry. And thank you. For everything. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. Or how I can ever make it all up to you.”

“I don’t have those answers for you. All I know is that I won’t abandon you and our son now. Cameron Mansion has a ton of empty rooms, you can take your pick, and there is even a nursery still fully furnished, because my mom is nostalgic sometimes. I know porting can be bad for a baby when you are as far into a pregnancy as you are, so let me text Fallon to have her pick us up in a car.”

“Gav … were you always so mature? You seem so different to me.”

“All I know is that you better pack up your crap. Fallon drives like an executioner and she texted she’d leave right away. She’ll be here quick, and I am not packing your panties and lipsticks or whatever. If it’s not in a bag, suitcase or box, it stays.”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 367) Safe Haven

  1. Bianca is right, Gavin has grown up. I’m proud that he finally stopped trying to get her out of his system. I suppose he had to and when he learned she divorced I guess he had to find out why and if the baby was indeed his. He was understandably hurt when she didn’t come to him as soon as she knew the baby was his. I’m not sure he can forgive or trust her for a while. She’s going to have to earn that. I was trying to like her dad, but after what he’s done to her, I’m not so sure I can. I wish Nick and Addy could talk some sense into him, but I’m not so sure he’s ready to compromise his ‘principles’. ☹️. At least Bianca is going to be well taken care of.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Gav is a mature young man now.
      In an upcoming chapter Bianca explains a little about why her dad is like he is now, maybe it will (or won’t) change your take.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I quite like the ‘take charge’ Gavin. I’m glad he can put aside his feelings enough to offer Bianca and his little son a safe haven. Where this leads, only time will tell.


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