Chapter 119) Wedding of the Century

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale.
It’s a choice.”

Del Sol Valley
Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort

On Valentine’s Day the following year the Cameron family celebrated the wedding of another one of their own.

Blaine and Bristol were tying the knot on Valentine’s Day, exactly one year after Blaine proposed to her on that very day.

And what a wedding it was, an event nobody would ever forget.
The location alone, an exclusive hotel right across the street from the Starlight Accolades Awards Hall, right by the Walk of Fame and near the park dedicated to Blaine’s namesake, his late great-grandfather.

Final touches

Isn’t she lovely?

Welcome to our happily ever after …

To our friends & family,
It means the world to us to have you here today
for being our support system, our encouragement and our partners in crime.
For loving us through the ups and downs
For being our mentors, teachers, and friends
Thank you for all the love and laughter you have contributed to our lives.

Everett as the father of the groom and Maeve as the mother of the groom took a special place, since they are so famous. Kai was the best man, and Cheyenne the matron of honor.

Bristol’s dad officiated the wedding, he got the license specifically for his daughter’s big day to make it even more special.

You may kiss the bride, son.
Don’t mind if I do!

An entire fleet of wait staff tending to the guests’ every need.

This signage behind them gave them their very own couple combo name: The Cameron B & B

Cutting the cake

The first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Cameron

Soon, everyone joined in and danced the night away.

“Man, guys, I am really married now!” Blaine muttered as the realization hit.
“Yeah, welcome to the club, you’re in good company.” Kai conformed, while patting him on the back.
“The best!” Everett confirmed.

“Will you look at that rock! How can you even still lift your hand?!” Cheyenne muttered amazed at the new and even bigger former engagement ring, which was now a combo with the wedding band, sparkling blindingly in the light.

“I know … he went all out.” Bristol sounded almost embarrassed.

The evening climaxed with rooftop fireworks, followed by a laser show painting beautiful images and the bridal couple’s names into the nighttime skies before the couple was whisked away to their honeymoon.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 119) Wedding of the Century

  1. Well, well…. I guess I was way off base. I hope B&B are able to keep this euphoric feeling going and things don’t get messed up in six months, a year, two years from now. They both seem very happy. ❤️ I know Ana tried the same thing with Chase. We know how well that went. I’m hoping for better with Blaine. 🤗

    That said, I do feel awful for Scarlett, I can’t help it. I know she loved Blaine very, very much and that’s why she pushed him away. I hope she finds happiness somehow with Ri. Maybe because they’re vampires, being related is a non issue. Or maybe they don’t plan to have any children or even consummate their own union. I know they said vampires don’t have to do the mortal wedding, can’t really. So the engagement ring she sported – was it for show? Or is it simply an indication she is ‘taken’ when they do the vampire ceremony? Sorry. I know this chapter was about Blaine but Scarlett will forever be linked to Blaine, the two of them loved each other more than anything. 😔

    The wedding was amazing and over the top Blaine style. And the friends are all married men now. ❤️ I continue to be amazed by your gorgeous venues with all the details and your awesome shots. And that cake! Wow! And it doesn’t take you forever either! You know what you want and do it. I’m impressed and jealous! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and for acknowledging all the planning and hard work that actually goes into staging such things. It does help that I build the characters to a degree that I have a pretty good concept as to what things like homes and weddings should look like for them, but it still is a lot of intricate work.

      As for the Blaine-Bristol bond, it is the real deal. He loves her deeply. I know many assume it’s a rebound, but especially after Scarlett hurt him so, she turned him away. He would probably not want her not, even if she came back. And of course he is taken.

      As for Scarlett’s wedding band, yes that is a token signaling among the vampire community that a lady is spoken for. It is always the same ring, all females the world over wear a very similar style and always with a red “blood diamond” in the center as vocal point. So no, the union is real as is the ring.

      Some hinting as to why all this may come in the next chapter, but that will be in several days.
      The continuation chapters are written, but there are no images, the chapter marathon was exhausting, especially since it required building, decorating and dressing of a ton of Sims, plus posing large groups (up to 30 at a time).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your settings are always so well planned out. ❤️ So yes, she hurt Blaine badly so I do hope he and Bristol make it. And that we can get closure for Scarlett too. I don’t dislike her. She tried to do what was right. I feel your pain with 30 sims! 😬

        Liked by 1 person

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